GRAPHIC CONTENT Police Officer Involved Shooting Body Cam Video

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27 Replies to “GRAPHIC CONTENT Police Officer Involved Shooting Body Cam Video”

  1. AlphaProjeKt says:

    Damn, dude got dropped with the quickness!

  2. CashRulez Dollas says:

    Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

  3. jesse saunderson says:

    that cunt kick him on the way out the door

  4. jesse saunderson says:

    any excuse to kill some one fuck you cunts are nazzi scum world wide

  5. Johnny Mak says:

    Excellent shot officers. The lady should be slapped for lying about the gun. Maybe even close fisted.

  6. Lafawnduh 1 says:

    Three warnings and that's a wrap. Dead guy had a rap sheet seven miles long involving murder.

  7. Ranger says:

    Cop did it right, its just not safe with 300 million weapons out here in NRAs america.

  8. Elix Tido says:

    One down several hundred thousand to go (as a minimum)

  9. Eric Davis says:

    The cops when knocking at the door should have identifide them selves. They sure don't want to talk either let just shoot first and say we give them opportunity to drop gun.

  10. Dusty Roads says:

    Rule number #1
    Don't answer the door with a loaded shotgun in your hands, and expect a friendly handshake.

  11. Ninja k says:

    They did the right thing. No options. A child is involved. Man refused to follow commands. No choice.

  12. robo painter says:

    Anyone defending the guy who was shot is not a law abiding citizen. Your criticism and disapproval of police is a dead give away. By aggeeing with the criminal, you are only trying to justify your own criminal behavior.

  13. robo painter says:

    Room turned upside-down with a child in it and you're holding a shot gun? This self entitled, non-compliant pompas ass has only himself to blame. If he dropped the weapon, he would still be alive. Better those who don't listen than the cops!!!

  14. Ken Wilshire says:


  15. Hugo Suave says:

    Fort Collins Police have identified a suspect in the death of Sherri Allman at 1601 N. College Avenue.
    Detectives located evidence linking George Randall Newman (DOB 12/3/90) to the homicide. Newman was also the suspect in the October 1, 2017 officer-involved shooting at America’s Best Value Inn. Officers were unaware of Allman’s death when they contacted Newman at that time.
    On October 4, 2017, FCPS officers responded to Allman’s residence to conduct a welfare check requested by neighbors. When officers arrived, they observed several suspicious factors and entered the residence to investigate. Allman was found deceased in her home. The Larimer County Coroner identified Allman and determined that she had been stabbed. It is estimated that she was killed on or around September 28, 2017.

    From <>
    On October 1, 2017, Fort Collins 9-1-1 received a call regarding a suspicious circumstance at America’s Best Value Inn at 1809 N. College Avenue. The caller said he heard a loud noise and a hole appeared in the ceiling above him. Fort Collins Police officers responded and attempted to make contact with the suspect, later identified as Newman. Newman opened the door wielding a firearm and an officer fired his duty weapon, striking and killing the suspect. The officer, Sergeant Justin Gallimore, has served with FCPS since 2009. He was placed on paid administrative leave in accordance with agency policy. FCPS intends to make body camera video from this incident available for public release once all investigative and review processes have concluded. The 8th Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) was activated to investigate the officer-involved shooting.

    From <>

  16. 1adam101 says:

    I don’t understand why he couldn’t just pepper spray him. 😏

  17. James Flowers says:

    7:19 inner tube with a hole

  18. Paul S says:

    all that perp would of had to have done is lowered that shotgun and killed the cop. Good police work.

  19. Dave Weese says:

    These cops need to work as game wardens for at least 6 months, since everyone they deal with is armed, and furthermore more heavily armed and have superior numbers since they work alone and backup is often he's away, knowledge of the area, similar skill levels, and dislike/distrust of gov agents. This means they use words not force to get the job done. Its the only situation where we are at a total disadvantage. They deal with serious criminals as cartels use federal land to grow millions of marijuana plants, thus they aren't just dealing with hunters but the most dangerous ppl on the planet alone with no backup, no witnesses and 100's of millions of reasons to murder them, and never get caught since just finding the body will be almost impossible.

  20. Dave Weese says:

    The day we allow cops to murder us just BC we are armed, and/ or don't comply instantly is the day democracy and the rule of law dies namely our constitutional rights aka the thing cops work tirelessly to get around, since the constitution's purpose is to protect citizens from exactly this situation. since 99% of police commands are NOT commands you're legally obligated to obey. Since until the officer has probable cause something cops normally don't have over 80% of the time thus they are illegal and he is not covered under the color of law and thus is legally no different the any other civilian. Cops have just gotten far too used to being obeyed without question and without cause, since many are TOO afraid that the cop who just illegally detained them, lied to them, threatened their freedom, and threatened to drum up bogus charges, all to try and force ppl to revoke their rights thus they comply under duress. Obviously, when cops act like this it insures compliance while also insuring ppl hate them, and they wonder why… Try using ur words not violence and intimidating ppl while holding a weapon which FYI is illegal.

  21. Dave Weese says:

    Wtf he wasn't close to aiming at anyone or thing, and he hadn't moved one muscle nor even said one word thus they could have given him longer then 5secs before shooting him in the face, or at least said drop the gun or I'll shoot, gotten on the horn and asked him to give himself up, since the mother obviously didn't think her kid was in imminent danger, or at least wait till he twitches before executing him, since there is a big difference between failure to comply or being slow to comply while in possession of a deadly weapon and being a deadly threat since if the mere presence of a weapon constitutes being a imminent and deadly threat, something required by law, and being armed with a deadly weapon, since being armed is NOT a crime, NIR is being slow to respond to commands BC if that were true, then why do cops continually only fire IF ppl are irrate and armed, fast movements, or when someone is threatening someone's life, . I assume this was all over a domestic dispute, since if it was a warrant they wouldn't know his location, but most importantly she'd have been inside or have taken her daughter with her if she was the source, that and if she thought her daughter life was in danger and he was armed she'd be freaking out. Plus what was up with the dude covering the camera TWICE, both times while discussing plans, plus why the hell did he have such a fucking attitude with the kids mother who apparently was supposed to know everything going on in the room. Frankly, I think the guy just couldn't be bothered, and was looking for a reason to shoot.

  22. Rev Walt Sierengowski says:


  23. James says:

    Lol let me just shoot in the ceiling

  24. Johnny Mak says:

    Shoot the dumb bitch that lied about the gun…

  25. deekamikaze says:

    The officers we cleared of wrong doing.

  26. jesse saunderson says:

    dont render any first aid ,not that it would be worth it you can hear the life drain out of him

  27. VoteDemocrat2020 says:

    They are RACISS

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