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[Chill intro music from Persona 5] Second verse, same as the first! These are 6 more great and…not…great…examples
of graphic design in games. Just as a reminder: while graphic design might
seem like the same thing as art it’s really not. Graphic design is visual communication. It’s things like menus, UI, camera work,
color choice, font choice, animation, character design. The presentation of information. Good graphic design is a mix of usability
and style that helps you know what you need to know. Bad graphic design is anything else – style
at odds with usability, usability without style, or if you’re really unlucky, both
– making it harder to melt into a game. Good Design [Splatoon music] Splatoon is one of the most inventive shooters
in years and one of the major keys to its success is how well the designers at Nintendo
thought through the game’s use of color contrast. Splatoon relies on color contrast to guide
players to the game’s primary objective – paint the most terrain in your team’s color. As the match plays out your minimap will update
in real time, highlighting where your team is, where your opponents are fighting back,
and what still needs to be covered. Splatoon uses a few tricks from color theory
to make sure you can know all of that information with just a quick glance of the map. The key is in the color combinations of the
ink. If you’re designing a color scheme there’s
one thing that you generally want to avoid: color vibration. If there are 2 adjacent colors that are similar
in brightness, the colors can vibrate and blur at the edges. This can be a common problem with true complementary
color schemes like blue-orange, red-green, and yellow-purple. Color vibration is intense, uncomfortable
to look at, and even sometimes causing colorblind people to have trouble telling the two hues
apart. In Splatoon the two paint colors will be next
to each other all the time, just by the nature of the game. It’s unavoidable. So how does Splatoon avoid color vibration? For the colors to have a strong contrast,
the color combinations in Splatoon must be both different hues and values. Let’s see what happens if I take away the
game’s saturation. You can still tell the difference between
the two kinds of ink based on the difference in the color’s value. Some combinations contrast more than others,
but they all contrast enough to be effective. The highly contrasting colors makes it easy
to see your team’s progress, and even helps eliminate some of the need for voice chat. Even the color palette of the unpainted map
was designed carefully to work with the strong palette of the ink colors. The more washed out and neutral color palette
of the terrain contrast against the reflective and neon colored ink and makes it obvious
what is and isn’t painted. It’s clear that a lot of thought went into
the design of Splatoon’s color palette, how it impacts the moment to moment gameplay,
and how it fits into the world’s style. Bad Design Behold! Programmer menus! Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm. It’s got some nice character portraits and
it is functional. But these menus? Hoo boy. Alright. Rapid fire graphic design problems. READY GO! Arcade arcade. Key config should just be in options
Grammar check your menus. This main menu has no composition, it’s
all just centered type with no framing or additional elements to support it. In the character select, all of this text
is misaligned. All of THIS text is misaligned, AND they tried
adding spaces to cover it up. ThisCh
These gorgeous character portraits make the whole thing look like a bootleg copy of a
different fighting game. Announcers are digitized photos that look
like Mortal Kombat 1. Announcer’s names overlap other pieces of
text. What is this mystery smudge? 7 fonts
[popping noises] This speech bubble doesn’t know when to
stop. [sliding noise]
The TV ran out of toner. These hit sparks look… stolen? K comma O. K COMMA O. WHAT?! This was released in 2015. Hire a graphic designer. Good Design [Music from Danganronpa] You know if you’ve seen any of my other videos,
that I love me some kinetic typography. And Danganronpa, especially Danganronpa V3
has some of the most beautiful kinetic typography out there. In a nutshell, Danganronpa is a visual novel
series similar to Zero Escape and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. 16 hyper talented high school students are
forced to join a killing game where the only way to escape is to get away with murder,
or die trying. It’s high school anime Hunger Games, soaked
in a marinade of gallows humor, outlandish mysteries, and surprisingly deep characterization. Danganronpa’s presentation is striking,
especially for a visual novel. The cardboard cutout character sprites and
objects with deliberately incorrect perspective gives the game a distinct pop-up book style
but where the presentation TRULY shines is in the class trial segments. [Music from Danganronpa] Here, the surviving students must debate who
among them is the murderer. Fail, and the murderer gets away while the
innocent students are executed. This class trial concept presents a design
challenge: How do you turn a group discussion into gameplay? Danganronpa’s answer is what they call the
“Non-stop Debate”. During these debates, characters will speak
one after the other, providing their testimony and arguments for what happened, all of which
is presented in kinetic typography. It’s up to the player to see through the
chaos of the debate and literally shoot through the weaknesses in your opponent’s arguments
with your own pieces of evidence or ‘truth bullets’ in order to move the conversation
forward. Think Phoenix Wright mixed with a light-gun
game like House of the Dead. This whole series has some great presentation,
but V3 shows players this series’ style at its absolute best. I love the opening of every non-stop debate. The camera spins around everyone as your ‘truth
bullets’ load up, perfectly setting the stage. From there it jumps right into the discussion. Type comes in from all directions as characters
make their statements. The type itself is simple, bold and beautiful,
and is loaded with personality through composition and animation. Words will intersect, overlap, and fly across
the screen with key words being highlighted to help narrow down the number of options
the player must consider. This was all present in the previous games,
but V3 brings this idea further with different variations of the non-stop debate including
the even more chaotic panic debates where multiple arguments happen simultaneously,
1 on 1 debates where you refute your opponent by carefully cutting through their words,
and the splitting scrum debate where you match the arguments of the opposing sides. The composition in the scrum debate where
the cast faces off against each other in this profile shot just looks incredibly cool. Every version of the non-stop debate revolves
around the same core challenge of just finding the heart of the problem and the typography
plays well into that. It’s chaotic, but it’s not overwhelming,
and it matches thematically with the high stakes of the death game premise. Bad Design [Music from Final Fantasy VI] It can be easy to forget that Final Fantasy
VI was created for 25 year old hardware. In spite of the limitations of the SNES, FFVI
was extremely atmospheric for its time. The stormy title card. The use of Mode 7 to create that somber opening
of the Magitek armor trekking through the snowfield. The charming goofy cutscenes that would play
in the middle of boss fights,. The opera scene. FFVI embraced its 16-bit limitations in ways
that created its own personal style. Its sprite work is beautiful and the graphic
design, while not exactly a looker, did its job. Now enter the 2016 remaster. FFVI on PC is one of the worst looking remasters
PERIOD. They took a rough looking interface and made
it even uglier. The ATB bars are now bizarrely shown through
the menu panning up from the bottom. Design decisions made to work with a mobile
screen kill the experience on the PC, like these ginormous buttons that show less information
on the screen than in the original. The overly clean and basic looking typography
has no personality or tone, sticking out like a sore thumb against what’s left of the game’s
16-bit style. Even the localization got worse. The script got wordier without getting better. Even the title screen was butchered. Look at this! What’s this gradient? Where’s the drama? There’s no animation. The logo just appears. The work put into the game makes it look cheaper,
more like a ROM hack than a remastering, and it’s really tragic. FF6 is an all-time classic that deserves a
great remaster to introduce a new audience to this beautiful game. Good Design [Music from LittleBigPlanet] From the beginning, Little Big Planet has
always been about the creativity of its players. Its secret strength is how it makes a large
and complicated toolset easy to use with a console controller, and it does all this with
its ‘popit menu.’ The popit menu is your main creation tool,
used for things like character customization, decoration and of course, making levels. Little Big Planet has an extremely large amount
of options to choose from – hundreds of costume pieces, decorations, stickers, level geometry,
logic tools, cinematic tools, materials, and so on. It could have been a huge pain to sort through
all of your options but the popit menus are energetic, well organized and easy to navigate
with simple white animated iconography and clean typography. Objects are placed in a grid structure and
are sorted by category and nothing feels out of place. Materials, decorations, stickers, costumes,
and gameplay objects are all given their own section that you can flip through with the
shoulder buttons. You can hide entire sections quickly, and
get your more commonly used items in one place, so finding and sorting what you need is super
easy. All level creation, decoration, and editing
is done with the popit’s cursor. Pick your object, resize, rotate and move
it to where you want, and then just place it down. And you can even undo or redo changes with
one button press. Making the common things easy lets you pour
more time into the creative side of level design, instead of wrestling with your options. The Popit also has some really smart decisions
built in for multiplayer. Each player can use their own popit menus
without disrupting each other. The popit also shows you what other players
are doing, which lets you work together more easily. Keeping track of your cursor is easy as the
cursor itself has a string attached to your character, which lets you know who is building
what. It’s amazing how the developers of Little
Big Planet have taken level creation, something that drags down dozens of games under the
weight of its options, and makes it so seamless and easy without sacrificing the creative
freedom of its players. Bad Design Here we go again! Mario Party eiggg… yeah no it’s Battleborn. There is a lot to nitpick here but let’s
zero in on this. Battleborn has a problem with focus and how
it directs the attention of its players. Its UI elements are all very flashy, and there
are a billion of them. Battleborn is a busy looking game to begin
with – It has MOBA-style characters with crazy special attacks and tons of particle effects. Having the UI scream for attention on top
of all of that is just a bad choice. For this kind of multiplayer MOBA/shooter
hybrid the players attention needs to be on the action of the game, not the framing around
it. Battleborn’s contemporaries like Overwatch
and League of Legends understand this. They have stylish UIs, but the events within
the game are still the most important component of the visual design. In the UI for Battleborn, every element tries
to grab your attention by being as bold, vibrant and animated as possible. During big fights, your screen will be flooded
in particle effects, auras, light boxes, damage numbers, flashing indicators, cooldown indicators,
shield and health vignetting, player outlines, and status icons. Every time you get a kill, assist, or complete
an objective big or small, a fancy little animation will play in the upper left corner. All of these UI indicators pop off constantly,
and they cover a big chunk of the screen every time they play. Battleborn’s UI is so over the top that
it starts to look like one of those fake games built for a TV show. Good design is often an exercise in restraint
– just because you CAN design an element in a flashy way, doesn’t always mean you should. If there’s gonna be an animation for completing
an objective, it needs to be fast and out of the way. Important icons shouldn’t have to compete
for your attention with less important ones. Each element must harmonize with the rest
of the experience. Your UI should be a symphony, not a shouting
match. Good graphic design is not easy to make, but
understanding what goes into making it will let you appreciate their work just a little
more. [Chill vibes outro music from Borderlands


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