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So, last month Persona 5 pretty much consumed
my life, and if I had just one takeaway, it would be that it has the SLICKEST UI I’VE
VICTORY SCREEN! THAT IS SO COOL! Sorry. So in honor of Persona 5, I just wanna talk
about some graphic design. To put it broadly, Graphic Design is visual
communication. Applied to games it’s your menus, UI, camera
work, color choice, font choice, animation, character design, your presentation of information. There is a lot of overlap between graphic
design and art but graphic design is about more than aesthetics. Good graphic design in a game is like a good
translator where it seamlessly and stylishly communicates to its players and makes immersing
yourself in a game a little bit easier. Bad graphic design is like a bad translation
– an obstacle, making it more of a chore to get into and taking some of the shine off
a game. I’m going to highlight some great and..
well.. terrible graphic design in games. But before we dive in, here are some rules: These examples are chosen based on a combination
of style and practicality in their design. These aren’t ranked since trying to decide
what is “THE BEST GRAPHIC DESIGN” is… well impossible… (unless it’s Persona 5)… If there is an example that you are fond of
that doesn’t make it here, post it in the comments. I’ll probably do another one of these so
it may show up there. Anyway, first up – a masterclass in communicating
game mechanics through visuals. Good Design *Mark of the Ninja music* One of the biggest challenges in many stealth
games is a lack of clarity. Too often whether you can be seen or heard
by an enemy is a mystery. It can lead to some frustrating trial and
error gameplay. A good stealth game is like a good puzzle
game – they work best when you can see all the pieces in front of you, just waiting to
be solved. Mark of the Ninja is a game with some very
intuitive UI and visual cues to tell the player everything they need to know so they can confidently
plan out their moves. In Mark of the Ninja, visibility is treated
as a binary system. You are either hidden in shadow or exposed
in light. Characters and objects in shadow are nicely
defined by white outlines and are fully colored when they’re in the light. Even your own visibility is smartly indicated
by subtle changes in lighting and blurring effects. Any area blocked by a wall is darker until
it’s within the player’s point of view. Any rooms that you are adjacent to are blurred
and clear up as you peek through vents and doors. Sound in Mark of the Ninja is just as clear-cut. As you make noise, the range of each sound
is represented by a ring. The ring’s size is dependant on the sound
itself, running will produce medium-sized rings, and louder actions like breaking objects
will make larger rings. Every one of your tools is laid out in your
HUD. They are also conveyed through icons on objects
in the environment like bells or pots. These help make your tools easy to use which
lets you focus on solving the puzzle, rather than being caught up in the game’s mechanics. It may not make the game more immersive or
even that much more stylish but Mark of the Ninja’s UI is super practical and makes
playing the game feel like second nature. Bad Design *Super Smash Bros music* Now bad graphic design doesn’t make a bad
game. Smash 4 is great but the menus? Eh… not so much. Smash 4’s main menu represents the thin
line between success and failure in graphic design. On first glance, it looks fine, like a more
colorful version of the menus from Super Smash Bros Brawl, but as you start clicking around
you’ll notice a problem. The organization of the menu is strange, which
makes navigating the menus feel clunky. The menu elements have an inconsistent look
and aside from the giant SMASH button, there’s a serious lack of visual hierarchy. The objects in the menu aren’t arranged by
their importance. The Multiplayer is the most prominent option
here as it should be but the other options are all fighting for your attention. The biggest
offender in Smash 4’s menu is riiiiiight HERE! “GAMES AND MORE” That’s the vaguest title
ever. That’s like naming the button. ‘Here’s some more stuff, I dunno.’ Now Brawl and Melee had their priorities straight. You had Single Player, VS, Online, Vault,
Options, and Data. There you go, The essential categories are
nice and organized. But in Smash 4, Single Player, Vault, and
Options are all shoved into “Games & More” Other menu items are thrown around at random. Why is Trophy Rush, a single player minigame,
not in the Stadium option with the other minigames? Why is Challenges not placed in Vault or Single
Player? Why do custom moves have to be set in a separate
menu and not just on the character select screen? WHY IS SMASH TOUR ANYWHERE?!? Smash 4’s UI issues don’t stop there. The UI in Smash Tour is chaotic and overly
flashy to the point that it makes the game harder to play. Smash 4’s sloppy design is especially strange
– the designer worked on Kirby’s Air Ride and the last two Smash Brothers games, none
of which have these problems. But with the way the menu is now it makes
finding stuff a total pain, until you just memorize it. Good Design *Brutal Legend music* Brutal Legend is a game I DESPERATELY
want to love… but I only like. It’s one of those games that seems to be
going one way, but then it becomes something else entirely and it’s just kind of ehh. Despite that, Brutal Legend has 3 really cool
things going for it. One – The main character is just Jack Black
being himself and that’s usually a good time. *Jack Black singing* DECAPITATION! Two – Exploring the open-world and seeing
Double Fine’s vision of a crazy heavy metal fantasy world is amazing. And Three – The UI absolutely NAILS its theme. Designed by Joe Kowalski, Brutal Legend’s
graphic design proudly wears its inspirations on its sleeve. The type, especially on the headers, is very
similar to the bold, angular, and gothic typefaces of logos from iconic metal bands like Iron
Maiden, Def Leppard, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath. The in-game encyclopedia is presented in a
high schooler’s notebook. The start of every mission is the cover art
of a worn out album. Every UI element, tutorial, and even certain
cutscenes use a distinct illustration style inspired by medieval and Norse woodcuts which
mesh extremely well with the heavy metal fantasy. The interface also has high contrast with
the black and white standing out nicely from the colorful landscapes. I love Brutal Legend’s UI in general, but
the real standout here is the main menu. *Intro Cutscene* “Are you sure you’re ready
for this? Because what I hold in my hand is not just
going to blow your mind. It’s going to blow your soul.” The Main Menu is an interactive FMV that goes
through a custom made gatefold album of the game itself. Every option is on a different part of the
album. New Game and Continue are in the inside cover, Chapter Select is found in the back
where you’d find the tracklist, Multiplayer is in the record sleeve and options and extras
are the record’s A and B sides respectively. This menu oozes creativity and it also makes
a few smart decisions to keep the theme from getting in the way of this menu’s usability. In the raw footage, the type isn’t actually
on the album itself – It was edited in post to allow it to be made in different languages
and the footage is sped up to keep navigation from feeling too sluggish. There is a great behind the scenes video,
which I’ll link below, that shows the designer working on the UI of the game. It goes over some of the design and editing
challenges like matching different takes or editing out little mistakes. It’s great if you’re interested in video
editing. Overall, Brutal Legend’s menu is one of
the more creative uses of FMV that I’ve ever seen in a game. Bad Design *Mario Party 8 music* Let’s just get right to it. Mario Party 8 is a total eyesore in its menu
and UI design. It’s functional – barely – but this presentation
is just… really poor. Here’s a weird thing – the main menu is
at a 16:9 aspect ratio, but the game itself is shown at a 4:3 ratio. It’s jarring and unnecessary. The typography here is some of the worst I’ve
seen. The type in the main menu items are off center. The kerning, the spacing between individual
letters, is uneven in spots, but the biggest issue here is the dump truck of different
typographic styles in the menus. Most designers would recommend keeping your
different font choices and styles down to about 2 or 3 at a time. The main menu alone has up to 5 different
fonts and type treatments. Here, here, here, here, and here. This isn’t even the worst example of this
in this game. Mario Party 8’s typography inconsistently
switches between using multiple outlines, drop shadows, and gradients for contrast. Like fonts, it’s a good idea to use these
effects sparingly on text, but instead the game likes to use ALL THREE of these effects
at once. Look at the text that appears at the start
of someone’s turn. The font here has 2 outlines, one of which
has an ugly golden gradient, and there’s also a drop shadow in between this line and
the red fill.. this is a typographic nightmare. There’s NO cohesiveness between modes either. The menus, boardgame screen, minigame screen,
and the result screen all have something unique and terrible in their type. It’s just all over the place. Good Design *Dead Space music* I can’t say I’m really into the Dead Space
series because I’m what some may call… *clears throat* a big man baby coward. But Dead Space has some nice UI. It’s almost like a direct evolution of Metroid
Prime’s helmet HUD where the UI actually exists in the world. This technique is called Diegetic UI. In Dead Space, your character’s equipment
IS the interface. The RIG system displays your health on the
spine of your character with a distinct neon color that changes as your health changes. The RIG holographic menus themselves are beautifully
laid out, organized and intuitive with clean and easy to read typography and typesetting. The neon blue is a strong contrast against
the rusty and unsaturated oranges, yellows, browns, and grays that are common in Dead
Space’s palette. I also appreciate that because the UI is physically
in front of the character, it makes sense that the game doesn’t pause when you dig
through menus – which was a pretty rare idea at the time. The holographic design is also applied to
your weapons with your ammo count placed right next to your crosshair and dotted lines and
shapes appear to explain the dismemberment mechanic. The ideas here might seem simple, and visually
it might even be a bit plain but the way Dead Space makes a seamless and useful UI blend
into its world is nothing short of masterful. Bad Design For our final bad UI entry… ugh screw it
I’m going back to Mario Party 8 because… wow. This is just all over the place. And I mean that literally! Nothing really follows a clear grid structure
which is one of the keys to good UI design. Every element here is misaligned or haphazardly
placed. Most of the submenus are weirdly framed with
these checkered backgrounds. The menu elements don’t use this framing
at all, overlapping the borders. Menu headers have this strange ornamental
design that doesn’t really relate to any of the other elements. I guess it’s supposed to go with the carnival
theme but it’s not effective. On top of that, we have this faded black bar
with instructions at the center. Character portraits are compressed and awkwardly
cropped. And there are a ton of different button shapes
and formats throughout the menus with no good rhyme or reason. I’m sure some of you are asking “What’s
the big deal? They’re just menus and interfaces. They don’t really matter once you get used
to them.” And you’re not wrong. It’s easy to ignore a bad menu.. most of the time. Even great menus like the ones in Persona
5 occasionally have the same issues as Mario Party. I mean, you gotta admit, Persona 5’s menus
are pretty busy. An interface or menu is like a bridge. A well structured one gets you to your destination
with no problem. A rickety one can get you there too, but you’ll
feel worse about it. I’ve mentioned a few basic rules, but a
UI doesn’t have to follow all of them. You need to be careful, though – each rule
that a design skips increases the risk of the design totally falling apart. Persona 5 breaks a few of these rules in service
of its overarching theme. Mario Party breaks them for no real benefits. A UI designer needs to understand the rules
and why they exist if they want to break the rules effectively. *Chill vibes outro music from Persona 5*


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