GLOBAL ILLUMINATION in Unity 2018.3! | Beginner’s Guide to Graphics

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Achieving realistic graphics for your games is not very easy. I know and especially when you need to optimize everything So with this series I’m going to extend my beginner’s guide to unity show and create a new one at the same time I love have I called up shows by the way And this one is specifically going to be regarding game development techniques and in this video we’re going to talk about global illumination or GI and how you can use it in your games and Specifically take a look at GI in unity. And before we get started this video is sponsored by Betty Oh, I think actually this is perfect timing because we’re talking about realism So Bethea recently released a new project called the hunt which is a next-generation Real-time 3d project for unity. The hunt is a project that contains more than 300 high quality models However, this is not just a model pack. It’s an actual idea with this pack You’re getting access to the idea conceptual work 3d assets level design animations scene setup music with sound effects and so much more the project scales over 4 gigabytes in size and is absolutely Massive this project was crafted during several months of five artists hard work at bevy Oh, I’ve used many of Betty us acid packs before and I’ve even got some videos on them But what I like about the hunt even more is the fact that it feels and looks so much like a triple-a The visual quality of every model is absolutely incredible And I think it’s worth getting if you’re making a game similar to this visual fidelity If you want to learn how triple-a games can look and feel in unity or if you want access to such incredible Materials for your own projects all of the elements are high quality, but still optimized to work in real time environment So optimization and performance won’t be a pain in the neck which is huge for a project of this size I’m going to link the hunt in the description so you can check it out for yourself and like I said before Personally, I think this is a perfect demonstration of how something so big and realistic can be built in unity So I really enjoyed my time using this and I’m looking forward to use it in some level design videos, too By the way for a limited time only you can actually get access to this project with a 10 Discount if you go to the link in the description, so make sure to do so I want to thank Betio for sponsoring this video and all of our patreon for making this video come true Just wanna give a huge shout out to Flo Joey Richard stands cupola builder die mecha game comm couch ferret in James Duggan. Thanks to your support I’m able to make these videos come true So if you also want to check out our patreon for more videos definitely check out the link in the description and also leave a like on this video and Obviously we’re talking about the hunt which is a realistic project. So let’s also talk about GI or global illumination So this has become a standard for high fidelity visuals and realistic graphics in game development so let us start by taking a look at what it is right and how we can use it and then Also, see how you can enable it and use it to the highest fidelity Inside unity, but now what actually is global illumination It’s a general name for a group of methods and algorithms to add more realistic lighting into your 3d games the word Illumination basically means sliding or light for those of you who don’t have English is the main language aka. Kme Just keep that in mind for now because it’s going to become more important later in this video GI Basically allows our games to take all kinds of indirect lighting into account on Top of the direct lighting in more basic words, though. What does that mean? So see this scene that I’ve just created in unity right as a visual demonstration It’s a room made out of cubes as well as ground and ceiling and we basically have three spirit Spears three spheres one green one red and one blue I told you English was my main language And remember when I said direct lighting in my previous statement basically If we call the light direct that means it’s a light that comes from a light source Somewhere in the scene for instance in most game engines You’ve got directional lights point lights area and spotlights and so on right? These are all direct lights because these are all light sources However, if we’re talking about indirect lighting that means every kind of light that’s not directly pointed anywhere from the scenes So it’s the light that doesn’t come from a light source directly But everything else surrounding the scene ambient light is actually a great sample of indirect lighting and so GI or a global illumination Basically takes into account. Not only the light that comes directly from a light source but also subsequent cases in which light rays from the same light source are Reflected by other surfaces in the scene and we’re not just talking about reflective surfaces like glass and mirrors but anything in the scene Really? This is why I said the meaning of the word illumination will become more important because illumination once again means lighting and global illumination takes care of direct lighting and indirect lighting that reflect from Surfaces meaning it helps illuminating the scene more realistically So now jumping back to my scene that I created in unity The current setup we have is that the game only takes into account the directional light that I have in my scene Which allows you to direct a kind of sunlight in one direction? that makes it quite dark in my room as most of the light rays are actually blocked by the Half-wall I have on the right side. However, what’s really putting this demo off? The realism table is the fact that we are not seeing any bounces of light even though the light source is directly Pointing at the objects that are colored to just quickly understand its technical background before we get into the demo We can take a look at this picture right here the way our scene works right now is this the direction light strikes into the room through the gap that I’ve left on the wall to the right side and then the photon that travels from my light source Carries the value of the surface that it hits to the next surface that way the light bounces around the room and we get this Color bleeding effect which reflects a little bit of the color on two surfaces that are within range And now that we know what GI is and what it does. Let’s also take a look at it in unity So basically unity provides two distinct techniques for pre computing global illumination These are baked global illumination and pre computed real-time global illumination. And you heard it, correct? You can also enable real-time GI however there are currently limitations of GI so both baked and real-time GI in unity have the Limitation that only static objects basically objects that don’t move can be included in the baked or pre-computation That means moving objects cannot bounced light onto other objects But they can still pick up bounced light from static objects using light probes Which I’m gonna make a video about soon to be fully honest This doesn’t really offer a lot of problem style, especially in interior scenes as you don’t really have to continuously move Furnitures inside a house or like a venue, right? So for instance going back to my demo in unity I don’t really need to move around the walls or the spheres spheres this time which means real time having to be precomputed is not a threat to me to enable GI we can go into your window and – rendering and go into lighting settings and in here we can see that we have real-time global illumination and baked global illumination so which one do you activate having both of these enabled will allow you to use GI for real-time baked and mixed light sources Disabling real-time GI will limit the GI to baked and mixed light sources only whereas enabling just real-time GI will limit that to only Real-time light sources and if you want to double-check what your light sources are set to you can simply press on them in the inspector And even change if they should be baked mixed or real-time I usually enable both real-time and baked GI options as it really suits my needs now that I got them enabled I’m going to highlight all of the environment assets in my scene and simply check static in the inspector This will now allow our light source to bounce these Objects colors depending on how we position it And now when we rotate our light source you can see that the room gets affected by the color of our Objects as the light makes their colors bounce off of them to the surrounding objects And by the way GI also works in runtime meaning if you have a time of day system in your game Right where with the Sun moving around you will see the colors change while playing the game – you can also edit the indirect intensity of your light source to play with the values of how much the light should bounce around and by using GI you can achieve Some astonishing realistic colors and lighting your scenes Let me know in the comments, by the way If you have been using it or if you’ve got any tips you wish to share with the others if you have any questions or In case you want to request any other tutorial and in-depth coverage of a game dev methods such as lighting shadows light probes Reflections and so on. So yeah, that is pretty much it for this video I hope you all enjoyed watching this short kind of tutorial aka in-depth coverage of GI I almost forgot the subject of this video And if you want to see more make sure to give this video a thumbs up to show some support and hit subscribe to stay Up to tuned for new videos and make sure you don’t miss out on new content Also, we do have a discord server with an amazing community of game developers So make sure to check it out by going to the link in the description that says Discord and if you want to support me further to see more videos in the future as well Make sure to check out our patreon page So yeah with that being said I’m going to be super active in the comments section of this video and in our discourse server So I hope to see you guys there. Thanks for watching and have a good night. Peace out


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