Girlfriend under control ~ pencil Cartoons #187

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[Laughter] [Laughter] hmm it has but then it changed it what some of the same I can't believe it actually happened I don't think I can ever imagine that how it makes me feel so but you know what happened after that was kind of them better no definitely nothing to be bad it was hilarious oh just thinking about music got a laugh on and on if only it'd been great you know nothing goes on for it just has to see that tragic instance why oh I gotta have the sea bass hmm [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] hi I got you some food I'm sure you'll love it is that the one with the genie what is going on are you nuts to do that you supposed to Robert not to pair nets oh sorry I didn't remember whatever give me your sea wishes bliss this to tell me your speech something like my master I am the genie of the land you have rescued me what would your wish be Oh another Disney fade fantastic we don't talk like that you will know if you read read read what the freaking destruction manual Oh God why doesn't anybody ever eat Wow but not gonna read now I don't have the time for this you should have all the time for me I'm the one who frees you free what Oh for godsake and freer than you meathead now you're giving me your wishes or not okay okay door wishes damn Malian wishes that would be your first and it's refused what else you can't refuse my wishes I can if it's allegiance and it is it's in the manual the one you have it's red so let me read them okay read it's all from your time time what time the time you are giving for applying wishes it's ten minutes and your watch three already but you didn't tell me that it's in the book read it okay okay okay okay I want infinite money you have one is it accepted not yet we will apply a request with your wishes to the wishes company they will see what's applicable and what's not it's in there yeah it's in the book okay let me think about my last one I should have five minutes now aha make it quick oh-oh-oh my family how about world peace are you sure about this world it peace your sis tupid why is it illegal it's not a video it's only stupid you think you are a contestant of some kind of beauty pageant no boy forever dude sign here please sign what your application so it can be submitted to wishes committee that's it rub the lamp again after three days to get the results and if you ever use the file again I will burn your dumb how can I help you hello it's me you know my reply three days ago the selection Robin after three days now let me see what's your name it's John oh yeah I remember you set those bag who set me on fire yes and I'm sorry for that aha I found here you go what is this this is an infinite money this is what the committee granted you actually they granted $22,000 but after taking application fees and taxes it's only sixteen thousand seven hundred and fifty four dollars now give me back the lamb please be smart fair what about world peace they reject who would reject all its evils they accepted it of course it's amiable of you're like a TV but that's not fair if you have a problem into these addressed complains and suggestions Department now give me the lamp before I turn you to a chicken but it's not fair it's not free lamp it's not fair I hate this job [Applause] ah hi mate cerulean lutea swamp where you think you'll be going it's squiffy there'll be no way you can escape the Jolly Roger [Laughter] stop drinking milk and pretending it's wrong curses don't just stand there you do something a build right you ought to regret the day you were born yes scallywag Oh fire away your blundering idiot where the Canada fire ah [Applause] ah [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Oh you


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  1. Abu Talia says:

    awesome ♥

  2. Safiyyah Khan says:

    My name is Joey too and love this Joey too!

  3. ibrahim viola says:

    Joey is cool

  4. Dan Chavez says:


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