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today’s video is brought to you by the Corsair glaive RGB Gaming Mouse hey what’s going on guys welcome back to my garage here on Tekken tomorrow we like to do some videos do some building now we got the x-carve we’ll be doing some stuff with that you guys have to miss that video you guys should check it out man because we got this cool thing cut on x-carve and we’re going to be making a totally wooden pc case and we took some boats on and it’s kind of looking right now like the radio build is the one that’s like the most in the lead so I think that’s what we’re going to jump in and do now today’s video is about crossfire and a really over-the-top system if you don’t actually need but I didn’t want any bottlenecking whatsoever this video on to be just pure pure power of the card so we have two DS radeon RX 5 80s horse edition from gigabyte badass frickin card totally cool car we’ll have a totally dedicated video on that but for today we’re just going to bring you the crossfire results of these cards pretty much versus bump bump a bump a bump a bum the other rirs card the GTX 1080 Ti pretty much the bad boy of the bunch now these IRS cards you can get these cards for ply around to 69 to 70 apiece so for the entire crossfire thing you’re going to be looking at probably like just really like under 600 bucks now this card go however is like six hundred and seventy nine bucks around there so you’re looking at like you know seven hundred bucks for this or about close to $600 for this so real quick let’s just check out the test system it’s an over the top system I gotta admit it man 59 60 Intel CPU x99 motherboard lots of memory I mean where are we going to talk about the red suspects it really doesn’t matter it’s just a nice cool system it’s like one of the systems we use for editing before but now it’s just kind of which is kind of like just sitting there so I’d like alright let’s use the most ultimate system that we can get with no bottlenecking whatsoever so with that said with the system we’re using the absolute latest drivers that we can get from both Nvidia and from both the MB so that everything’s current with that stuff we’re not using any type of beta driver or anything like that but the drivers that are currently available that you guys can get out there it’s Windows 10 completely patched up with all the patches all the weird stuff a big moment on lately but now it’s completely up and going then with that said though let’s jump out let’s jump in rather and let’s rock out to the benchmark song and check out the benches [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] now as far as the tents go you guys can see that both cards under full load we’re getting around 80 Celsius and that’s kind of normal special and Carter just air cold with water you get a little bit better results but as it is it’s still not that bad and as far as the cards boost power we saw the cards hitting 1430 that was about the normal boost that we were seeing all right tech fans so before we bounce out of here and give you guys the conclusion now we all know we need a killer gaming mouse to play our games right so let’s take a quick look at course there’s Glade RGB if you’re a gamer who spends a hell of a lot of time and from their computer gaming you want a mouse that not only is killer for gaming but it’s also totally comfort and that’s where the glaive comes in it’s also got a lot of cool features like 6 programmable buttons 16 K adjustable dpi and it’s made for absolute comfort because you can change the thumb grips that’s right I said it the glaive features interchangeable thumb grips that’s right you can choose between three styles of snap-on thumb grips for the total tailored fit for your comfort style the glaive also features onboard profile storage for lighting effects macros and dpi settings so no matter where you go you’ll be up and ready to go with the glaive RGB alright folks once again special thanks to Corsair for break in today’s video possible now my total conclusion of this is if you really don’t care about 5 to 10 frames per second you can live with that with whatever your games that you’re playing and you go out and you look this is really important I feel pretty much the most important thing if you’re thinking about getting a crossfire system right the first thing you should do is look online and see how many games that you actually play take advantage of that technology I mean if you go online and you look and only like three of the games that you play take advantage of crossfire technology why would you even vest that much money because when crossfire works sure it works cool you get close to double the frame rates even sometimes it’s almost what seems like a wee bit more which is kind of strange but it’s there and you guys can see even against the gtx 1080i which is pretty much the bad boy of the single cards right now in the market when Vague gets here we’ll see what the hell vega adds up it’s three models but so far we don’t know what exactly that is there’s only been no matters when it gets here we’ll talk about it with you guys but for now you guys can see that with this system which is absolutely no bottlenecking what’s ROS system this hi the cards when they do compete you can see that in a few games they actually beat the 1080i now if you’re a person out there and you go wow those are the three games I play to most then you should say well hell then heck yeah me getting a pair of rx5 ATS is probably better than getting a single GTX 10 atti I mean that’s just the facts because the price is lower man and around the world we all know that pricing for some people is very expensive because the import costs knowledge they get screwed by the government or whoever mafia type are working there you know taking their money as it comes in the country and going gee the card costs 200 bucks so we’ll sell it to you for 400 I mean those countries are screwed Australia I guess suffers really bad from this – and we’ve already talked about certain countries being poor not being able to buy it so you want to get a system that’s really really competitive for gaming now if you only game I’ve said it before 1500 X is really nice if you’re going to do some streaming and stuff like that probably getting the 1600 standard you’re not gonna do overclocking is probably a better bet but there are a lot of people out there who just do gaming and with that you can definitely get yourself a be 350 motherboard you guys can cure self a 1500 X get yourself a pair of cards in crossfire and yet you are going to probably suffer 510 frames per second but think of all the money you’re going to save instead of buying that crazy $1000 CPU that we use in this build I mean this particular build is probably like close to like you know 20 to 23 hundred dollars when you can buy a system is probably buy eight under bucks then in gaming well you know almost be the same so I now hope you guys liked today’s video like usual all these cards everything will be down below that like button hopefully you guys would go Chuck Norris on that motherfrakker if you’re not sub K I wish you are because I like see here on the channel and look for single car reviews because we’ll be doing a full review on this card and a full review on this card here on ticket tomorrow coming up peace


100 Replies to “Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 CROSSFIRE VS AORUS GTX 1080 Ti”

  1. Native7i says:

    6:20 :p

  2. Its_Reckoning666 says:

    I have a rx 580 strix should i buy another and if so, can i buy the Aorus or do i have to buy another strix

  3. Lukas Tabery says:

    in germany a 1080 ti costs around 900 dollars, a rx 580 is 300 dollars… so for 600 dollars you get nearly the same performance… the first time in my life im on team red. what have i become…

  4. James Curtis says:

    Mafia fuckers? I had to subscribe after that.

  5. Stephanie Santelmann says:

    Guys there are Dell gaming pc's available prebuilt, that are a 1800X cpu, and a rx580 gpu for around $999.. you cannot build one this cheap. So owning, or buying a pc like that and simply adding in a another RX580 is the cheapest, fastest solution around..

  6. Dalton Mathis says:

    cards are 500+ now

  7. CrimsonDante Gamer says:

    Man I've been thinking is it worth for me to do a CF with RX 580 8GB for future proof? since I already have a rx 580 8gb

  8. Calvin Bottoms says:

    i got a 580 the other day and got it to 1450 at like 70 C for a few hours.

  9. XtremeConditions says:

    All this shows me is how much AMD fucked up the Vega series… Instead of having two full RX 580's on the card, which would have been a Vega 72, they used two RX 570's and pre overvolted and overclocked them to compete with a 1080, destroying all hope for reasonable power consumption… I love AMD, but they messed up bad.

  10. MrMiggoH says:

    As of today rx580 300 euros and a gtx1080ti 1200 euros lol

  11. CrimsonDante Gamer says:

    Overwatch WTF 0_0 LIKE WTF 0_0!!! Your telling me my RX 580's can do that much FPS 0_0!!! It seems RX 580's are more comparable to a GTX 1080 then anything else.

  12. David Escalante says:

    A single 1080 beats a 580, no reason to this

  13. m f says:

    $700 for a 1080ti. Oh it’s nice to think of the good ole days

  14. lance says:

    2 gpu= more fps 4gpu= more more fps I think I heard that from a gamer wannabe and he said he is a gamer because.he plays mobile legends

  15. devin erl says:

    Can I use a rx 570 and a rx 580 at the same time?

  16. ZanderLexx says:

    This 'poor optimization' is happening also on geforce cards. And it's not just the shitty developers whom, by now, after so many years of multigraphic existence, still can't develop a proper engine that can handle multi card systems. It's also the chipset developers fuckers . For example: Everyone thinks that Nvidia fucked up with the GTX 970 by not being a true 4Gb card. NO, totally fucking wrong! They gimped the card so it would not be to powerful when used in SLI. Nevermind the psu, who would want two cheaper cards to beat the top single chip. That top card would be useless. And so the history repeats with the 10XX GTX generation. This time they got it even further. The GTX 1060 6Gb has a weird NOT-GTX 1060 brother the one with 3 Gb. And on top of that Nvidia cut of the SLI feature all together. That crap 'it's hard to develop for multi card' is just a stupid lamer idea that lazy developers like to put in peoples minds. And still this is not a finished subject because I keep asking myself why ASUS MSI GIGABYTE ASROCK EVGA and other keep building these useless motherboards that support multiple cards,that most of them have DUAL reinforced pciex slots. Why power supplies have 4 even 6 8pin pciex cables for graphic cards. Why all this hardware development for almost nothing.

  17. MIC MUTED says:

    3:25 wut lol?

  18. Aleksandar says:

    Love my RX 580 XFX.

  19. dawidwsmole says:

    Why would I invest my money if only 3 games that im playing uses cross fire? Becouse I only play arund 3 games…

  20. mindrapeart says:

    What a head game. Movies are only 30fps…I don't give a damn what anyone says. You can't see 100 fps. You can't feel it either. You're delusional if you think you can. 100 in 1 second GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD.

  21. zaleha tan says:

    Benchmark animation looks mess

  22. Grey guy says:

    Tanos is you?

  23. VictorVGeiGer Streams says:


  24. luis hernando chaparro diaz says:


  25. DethronedSoul says:

    where the hell are you getting a 580 for 250-280?

  26. Hace says:

    gtx 1080 ti has 2 dicks and fucks both rx 580

  27. Megan Keegan says:

    interesting you say wee bit without sounding scottish

  28. Kamran Latifov says:

    What the F!!! is wrong with this music. watching simple benchmarks and there is some dumbass with guitar playing some crazy rock. wth….

  29. AleX d4m says:

    You will never get 59 fps in 4k on crysis 3 with AA off even, with 4x you will get like 30, nice try

  30. D tiger says:

    but the rx 580 radeon havent sli so how made crossfire please tell me

  31. Rom4850 Sandu says:

    gtx 1080 ti its the best chois

  32. David T says:

    I'm get a PC with i5 8600k 16gb ram 120gb ssd 2tb hdd rx 580 and later on I'm getting a second rx 580

  33. Tip Beast says:

    lol who care about fraps its depend on price see gtx 1080 ti price and rx 580 if amd want he released a best card which nvidia cannot beat

  34. Dorian Williams says:

    His hands lol

  35. Robert Galvan says:

    Next time use an MSI, cuz Gigabyte isn't the best aftermarket

  36. CrimsonDante Gamer says:

  37. Faoladh says:

    Fuckin Aye we get screwed on price in Australia. A keyboard that was going to cost me $8 grand in Australia, I could buy from Detroit, have it shipped and pay the import taxes, and have $3 grand change in my pocket.

  38. UncommonGaming says:

    Im am really impressed by XFire's power. Yet Im a nvidia fanboy. But I will have to buy rx 580 for future proof gaming.

  39. Hicham Gouchida says:

    Give me RX580 please. thanks

  40. nartin9 says:

    I love programmable buttons on mouse but I didn't use them most of the time. I have only used it all the time and that was on a a4 mouse so I could use my right hand for granades. The button was a 2nd middle mouse button. They called it a fire button.

  41. CrimsonDante Gamer says:

    Hello Tech of Tomorrow can you do a updated video of RX 580 8GB in Crossfire vs a GTX 1080 ti to see what the performance leep is as of right now since drivers massively updated since then especially for the AMD side. This is a fan request much appreciated if you decide to do it.

  42. Bob Burger says:

    Damn, been an amd fan boy for a long time and want a reason to get rid of my 1080ti, already ditched my predator x34 g sync monitor, got a 2700x CPU, but the hassle of crossfire and the worse performance compared to the 1080ti would just make it a money wasting exercise for worse performance to switch gpus. Come on amd, give me something!

  43. Niko Leven says:

    hmmm still don't regret buying my 1070ti, 17,396 with OC on standard Firestrike (haven't gotten 3dmark upgrade yet)

  44. breadface 202 says:

    Is it possible to have have two rx 580 (both 8 GB gddr5) from different brands in crossfire?

  45. Tekky Quickbits says:

    You could get two RX 580 8GB from the mines for $300 in my country and a 1080 Ti for $464 (Also used for mining) in my country….

  46. team fishbowl says:

    Sad to see so many games catering to NVIDIA these days. ah well.

  47. user 14555 says:

    do you guys believe crossfire will work better with games in few years ?
    Im willing to buy a new motherboard and if I do, I'd like to be sure a crossfire compatible one is a good option; I have an Rx 580 8gb.. when one card wont be enough to perform well on new games which I expect to happen by 2023 – 2025, I'd like to buy a second Rx so I'll go up to 16gb of vram.. Tho Idk if it is a good idea.. If crossfire never gets 100 percent compatible with video games its not really worth it

  48. Pedro Flores says:

    I didn’t know Goldberg does computer tech reviews

  49. Reuben Estrada says:

    lmao hilarious. and hell yea crossfire!!


    well this video threw me in the mosh pit

  51. Mitch says:

    What about Doom running on Vulkan

  52. Xydro * says:

    still you can better buy the GTX 1080 Ti because when the electricity bill comes from those 2 RX 580's you won't be happy

  53. Dadja says:

    Suriname is one of those country !!!

  54. Crashassin says:

    Pls help. Tell me whats the difference between RX580 cf and gigabyte rx580. Are they different cards

  55. Cornell Falconer-Lawson says:

    Just wait until your power bill comes in

  56. Chris says:

    It's worth it now.

  57. RV Life says:

    paid $160 each USED for msi rx580 8gb cards. running them in crossfire. HEAVEN! $320 total for heaven!
    cpu = amd fx8370 8-core / memory 16gb ddr3 / msi gaming 970 motherboard

  58. CountCarbsNotCals says:

    Title is "Gigabyte AORUS RX 580 CROSSFIRE VS AORUS GTX 1080 Ti" yet the video is about a mouse.

  59. Unfiltered Truth says:

    If you already own a RX 580 I'd say this would be a great time to get another one for crossfire because you can find 8gb version for around the $200 mark and with the GeForce RTX cards being so overpriced and the AMD RX GPUs having more mature drivers for 4K gaming I feel that could be more economical for some gamers.

  60. Dipak Singh says:

    Yes you are right. Here in India, the import duty costs over 100 dollars on MRP. It sucks buying these beasts in our country.

  61. Serko Kaya says:

    wow man i like your review style. you say it how it is. youre real class man. good luck

  62. Raging Tout says:

    Everyone ignores the obvious reason people run multiple GPUs….

    They bought one GPU a year ago and then found a second card for much cheaper and buy it. This is exactly what I have done twice now.

    No one should ever just buy 2 cards unless you can get them way cheaper.

  63. Peter M. says:

    I just picked up a Saphire Nitro on the cheap to add to my existing Gygabyte Aorus XTRA RX 580 — playing Sniper Elite 4 in 4k — scales very well. There is as AMD crossfire Wiki if anybody cares. I'm in for 450 dollars for the 2 cards. 850W PSU Card #1 is watercooled and Card #2 is stressed to about 75 degrees. It's interesting fun to say the least. Also, I didn't realize you didn't need to bridge crossfire setups. Overall, I'm a 2k gamer….so very happy with currend Gen cards.

  64. tigerbalm says:

    Not a Nvidia fanboy, but 590 for more than $200 is not a gud deal…I rather get a 1070 or Ti for $50-70 more. Even better, I got a used Duke 1070Ti for $225! AMD's poower consumption is ATTROCIOUS!

  65. Николай Дорошев says:

    It would be interesting to see crossfire rx590 vs gtx 1080.DirectX 12

  66. Jon Mikelson says:

    Just got a used rx 580 red devil for 165.. Plan to get another with a 2k monitor

  67. Kira says:

    m/ metal music yeah m/
    m/ you got my sub m/

  68. Kira says:

    well… I only need one 580

  69. This Is My Name says:

    Damn… I might just go ahead and get a second RX 580 when I'm finally ready to upgrade.

  70. Tandy Nuryanto says:

    CF not for noob and vanboy. do you understud…?!

  71. Aron Black says:

    hello im haveing troubles with my crossfire rx580 8gb primary card is using pcie 3.0 x8 but the second one is using pcie 3.0 x4 if i put only one card it shows me pcie 3.0 x16 so why is douing this why the pcie 3.0 is going down with two cards i have ryzen 7 2700 8 cores and motherboard asus rog b350 f that support x16 and x8 x4 help please

  72. Jason Hopper says:

    theres no way 1 rx580 performed better than 2 rx 580. your fucked lol

  73. Dennis AARON RC says:

    + benchmarks

    …and more hair

  74. j d says:

    if i have an i5 8600k would it be good with 2x rx 580 gigabyte?
    is that good or will it bottleneck

  75. Anukaran S. says:

    Can i use crossfire with rx570 8gb and rx570 4gb

  76. The CoolBoye says:

    Boyo that's a 1080ti not a 1080

  77. AO1337 says:

    Where I live two used Rx 580$ are like 250$

  78. just a random guy who likes stuff says:

    You can get 2 used 580 for 200 bucks.

  79. HawkFest says:

    A question, but first I must say that it's a great idea to test GPU against multiple GC card alternatives; a bit rare on YT as I was looking for this, thanks! My question is actually a suggestion: if you do other such benchmark, it would be nice to test with production software like Maya, Premiere, 3DSMax, Blender etc., for transcoding rendering and render+transcode (with CPU AVX turned off if Intel – and then turned on out of curiosity but not mendatory). Good stuff, thanks again.

  80. MistOriO7 says:

    i will go for rx 580 crossfire bcs cost now arround 540EUR and the benchmarks are very good 😀

  81. Alireza Asadi says:

    Include 1080p jeez we want to use 144hz monitors…

  82. HamLeg says:

    Lol now a rx580 is as low as 190

  83. KuebelHund says:

    Next time grab some Crossfire compatible games for a real test. (there were some with great support like GTA V and Overwatch)

  84. Lan Days & Tech says:

    "Mafia type fuckers" Just got yourself another sub sir.

  85. freethinker4liberty says:

    Wait, isn't Rise of the Tomb Raider an AMD optimized game? And CF made it worse? WTF?

  86. freethinker4liberty says:

    There's always mining, the games that don't support CF, just put the other card in mining mode, who knows, Ethereum could go back up eventually, or it could die.

  87. Jared says:

    After reading many articles and watching many videos about crossfire/sli and they all saying that its crap, not worth it, blah blah blah. I took the plunge and got myself another RX580 as I have always wanted to try crossfire but procrastinated with it because of all of these bad reviews on it. That and it wasn't too cheap. When an opportunity to pick up another rx580 for NZ$120 landed on my lap I took it. To say the least. I am very happy, shockingly happy. Currently running GTA V @ 1440p, max settings except for MSAA only on 4x. Vsync off I get around 80FPS. Vsync on and it's stuck at 60FPS but it's smooth as butter which is enough for me. No jittering or any of the other nonsense that I have read or watched about crossfire. So yeah, quite happy. I am yet to try out many other titles but so far I am pleased. If anyone is interested my machine specs are i7-5820k @ 4.0GHZ, MSI X99A Godlike Gaming, 16GB DDR4, Gigabyte Gaming rx580 8GB, Powercolor RX580 OC 8GB. Superposition score 1080p extreme single Rx580 is 2501(this is a typical score of the rx580), on dual GPU its 4943 with frame pacing enabled. Of course, this is not as good as a 1080ti but comparing the unigine benchmarks it's on a similar scale as the gtx 1080.

  88. Patrick Beaston says:

    Thank you for making this comparison! I'm stoked to buy another rx580!!

  89. Вадим PLN says:


  90. Drakilicious says:

    I've got a ASUS 1080ti and Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris 32GB) and to me in real-world they feel about the same. Sure it depends on application but spec wise the cars are similar and that's essentially the same as the comparison numbers are showing here as the Pro Duo is essentially x2 RX cards in one.

  91. Joss beer says:

    Games for Nvidia…….

  92. Aperture147 says:

    well not many games are optimized for dual GPU.

  93. Ziomek Games says:

    Rx580 CF wins!

  94. Na Qiong Trading LLP Na Qiong Trading LLP says:

    Vega 64 crossfire SGD$399×2=$798 Beats a RTX 2080 Ti $2300 : D
    Yeah… Vega 64 crossfire beats a 2080 ti.. ( Trash 2080 ti )

  95. Shawn Lee says:

    Tech how is 2 Asus strix r9 390 crossfire or gust one for gameing 100 dollars ech card for budget wats it stack up to graphics cards today

  96. Super Memeio says:

    Why is this guy so twitchy and hyper?

  97. Ahmet Omer Ozgen says:

    Nice music.

  98. yamaha r1 says:

    I only wanna buy the second rx 580 for gta 5 4k

  99. Crispy Chicken says:

    hello. could i crossfire two rx 580 from different brand for example asus and sapphire both 8 gb ? thx

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