getting CRAFTY with ANIME CREEPER… | Minecraft "Lovecraft" [#2]

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44 Replies to “getting CRAFTY with ANIME CREEPER… | Minecraft "Lovecraft" [#2]”

  1. king smith says:

    It's leather chain Iron and gold and diamond those are the main materials if Minecraft

  2. Gamer Pizzachu says:

    Please make more

  3. clbrewdad says:

    Bruh… Just looking up this game led to me finding some… Let's just say "fan art" especially on dat creeper bae.

  4. Cosmin250 says:

    Oh, I see Mairsu doing the zoom into character's so us people with no volume we can't read the text at the bottom, just great!

  5. Show me what you got says:


  6. Fortnite Rose says:

    Minecraft… Its…. Ruined…. FOREVER…

  7. Zaster zario says:

    Me: sees thumbnail welp…HERE
    WE GO!

  8. Hunter 198 says:


  9. Jack H says:

    Tbh I'm more confused as to why there's only female mobs because evolution normal needs both genders also cupa best girl

  10. Dracoknight 24 says:

    When will there be more?????

  11. Cyber Blackout says:

    Tell blazette don’t break the fourth wall like she did years ago

  12. Aidan Curry says:

    You cant really make that kind of armor without mod's

  13. Magic Dirt27 says:

    Hey dude remember me from like two live-streams

  14. Marsmello Mastercraft says:

    New minecraft 2020

    Minecraft dungeon

  15. krindlled kev says:

    I think it's pronounced Q-pa so it sounds a lot like creeper

  16. TheTwilight Gamer says:

    It is mods

  17. Baptiste Moy says:

    texts are done

  18. Johnwon Arjona says:


  19. Baptiste Moy says:

    We all know the legendary BallBag

  20. Baptiste Moy says:

    Ok … This maybe not the best video to put it but i made a Deltarune Chapter 1 Level . I'm Working on the texts right now . Sooooo yeah :I … The ID : G6P H71 DWF

  21. Victorious Wizard says:


    Did anyone else see the guy on the tv

  22. River Vandever says:

    Mairusu with the most convincing giggle he can muster 6:26

  23. Nicholas Bui says:

    I like it how everyone else began to play Minecraft until I've gotten to Mairusu's channel.

  24. Antonydabossman says:

    10:10 Hitman referance in case you didn't know.

  25. Antonydabossman says:

    Didn't zombie commit die in the original game because you (The legend himself ballbag) cheated on her?

  26. Furqan Hakeem says:


  27. Zygarde365 says:

    Mairusu: can you make magnesium armor?!?
    Me: Somebody get this man an account.😤

  28. thea end says:

    Am i a time travveler or something i remember seeing the last episode like 2 years ago

  29. L015 says:

    If she doesn’t play the craft,she don’t get the shaft

  30. T-34-85 tank 1944 says:

    I remember this series of the amazing ballbag dating whamen for free but most of the time the MC is always being pushed around

  31. zachari uzumaki says:

    i love your videos in a year

  32. Cereal Cereal says:

    The level of of otaku tho

  33. fallen.angel 22 says:

    Love your videos you are the best i look up to you ….
    Ps im 15

  34. Ronald Cult says:

    Wanna know Cupa’s age? She’s 14.

  35. Eevee God says:

    Like four or five years ago

  36. Eevee God says:

    For damit mairusu i left the channel a long time ago and you're still doing this stuff

  37. BlackDavid lol says:

    No you kenn not craft det armmor it mus be a mode

  38. GracesCovers UK says:

    HELLO guys Grace here and…


  39. NathanTheMan says:

    I like how they added the Tinkerer's Workshop mod to the game.

  40. Oscar Conrad says:

    The mining materials you can get in minecraft is coal Iron Gold Diamond Lapis Emerald and you were intended to originally be able to find Ruby

  41. RWBY Beowolf Gamer says:

    Are you sure you say Cupa name as Cupa ( cupa ) and not Cupa ( keew-puh ) and love your vids

  42. {ร๏гг๏ฬ คςє} says:

    I remember this game it’s old but good

  43. Julius Paiz says:

    I don't know about you, but that part of the video had an interesting portrait.

  44. TacT1caApp13 says:

    This game is like Doki Doki Literature Club.

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