Get a Job. – Radeon VII Review

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you know what Andy fans I actually feel bad for you for ten years you’ve had to give your hard-earned money to either Intel or Nvidia or both if you wanted to build a top-of-the-line gaming r8 AMD just hasn’t been able to get both their CPU and GPU business units firing at the same time but perhaps that all changes today AMD stunned the industry as a whole when they unveiled their GeForce RTX competitor the Radeon seven one month ago and then they stunned me in particular when it arrived in our office on time for their target launch date of February 7th it isn’t it beautiful it is and it’s got RGB but is it good enough to pressure Nvidia to lower their higher than ever prices for enthusiast gaming GPUs well we’ll find out soon thanks to war thunder the realistic free-to-play online game for sponsoring this video check out the link below to get either a premium tank or aircraft and three days of premium play for free [Music] let’s begin with the bad news for those of you who like living on the bleeding edge AMD 7 nanometer Vega offering has no support for ray tracing nor does it have any kind of equivalent to invidious deep learning optimized tensor course now AMD has said that they’re looking into implementing something similar to D LSS super sampling in the long term using Microsoft’s new direct ml API but only time will tell if they get that done and what kind of performance hit we’d be looking at what we’ve got here is actually if you look closely it’s right in the name basically a die shrunk and optimized Vegas sequel but that’s not necessarily a bad thing let’s take a closer look right out of the gate it’s clear that AMD considers cooling to be of the utmost importance while the previous gen Vegas 64 used a blower design the Radeon 7 3 cooling fans on a large not to mention heavy vapor chamber cooler just like it to our TX competitors speaking of which not only as the Radeon 7/8 taller card than the RT X 2080 that AMD has positioned it against it’s also got twin 8 pin PCI Express power connectors to allow it to suck up more juice come to think of it that’s kind of weird normally die shrinks come with a power savings ah right so as far as we can tell they basically put their entire power budget savings towards cranking the clock speeds up on this thing interesting so ok then an overclocked and evolved Vega I can dig it did they do anything else to differentiate it from last gen oh right yeah they did how does double the HBM 2 memory at double the bandwidth sound to put that into perspective the Radeon 7 has faster memory than any of the GTX Titans or r-tx Titans for that matter but will that massive memory bandwidth and significant core clock increase make up for the loss of a handful of stream processors and will its resulting overall performance make up for the lack of rate singer/dancer course at this price to find out we’ve brought out both our Intel and AMD gaming test benches to pit it head-to-head against not only the r-tx twenty eighty and twenty atti but also the Vegas 64 to see just what impact those compromises had on the cards performance so as is tradition by now AMD seems to do worse and DirectX 11 titles than Nvidia but maintains an edge or trades blows with team green whenever DirectX 12 is in play which extends to Far Cry 5 and especially csgo where our RTX 2080 gets beaten by a pretty significant margin when we throw synthetics into the mix we see a reversal of the DirectX 11 and 12 performance from earlier which come to think of it is why we stopped using synthetic benchmarks years ago I mean this isn’t even this isn’t even representative of real-world performance Anthony was the one who brought them back I think I’m gonna have a word with them when we’re done this video about just killing them again once and for all anyway moving on to productivity we’ve got more tradition with AMD’s Radeon seven-pole ahead of even the 2080 ti in longer blender renders while falling far behind in v-ray in Lux mark the seventh straight up embarrasses Nvidia across the board but then inspect view perf which gives us a broader look at its workstation chops we’ve got a game of leapfrog going on so workloads that are particularly memory hungry like katiya energy medical and siemens NX show pretty strong wins for AMD but in some cases again eclipse even the 2080 ti while nvidia takes the crown in workloads that require raw compute strength sometimes again by broad margins when we look at thermals things get a little interesting now traditionally GPU temperatures are measured by a sensor at the edge of the die and this is the temperature we’re showing you guys right now but AMD has actually doubled the number of sensors on the radio in seven and both the fan speed and boost controls are mated to what they’re calling the junction temperature with a target of 110 degrees Celsius so the TLDR then is that the junction is highest reading out of all 64 sensors and they claim that by doing things this way they can squeeze more efficiency out of the GPU unfortunately that also means that the fans begin to ramp up much sooner than you might be used to at a junction temperature of 95 degrees and he does say though that you can increase this to 105 in their wot man software without any risk of damaging the card speaking of wot men we found that we couldn’t really push the core clocks up at all without running into issues with either early thermal throttling or general instability so this supports our pre overclocked hypothesis but we will have to wait for more mature drivers and for partner boards with more robust power delivery before we can say anything conclusively so verdict time then given our results and the Radeon seven 700 dollar price tag we’re kind of inclined to agree with Nvidia CEO and curiously dr. Lisa Seussical Jenson Huang it’s a bit underwhelming yes for the same price as a reference RT X 2080 you get similar performance in traditional games but and videos overall feature set is simply more robust maybe you don’t care about real time rate racing or maybe you don’t care about GeForce experience or maybe you don’t care about Nvidia superior Hardware h.264 encoder but take it all together odds are you’ll care about at least one of invidious features so in our minds then the Radeon 7 to beat the RT X xx 80s price not match it and the frustrating thing is that if it weren’t for the massive HBM 2 frame buffer they probably could have the word on the street is that just shy of half of the cost of this card is in that 16 gigs of memory that depending on the game might never be utilized more than 75% now if we had to guess we’d say what probably happened here was that rather than re-engineering a gaming tuned card with eight or twelve gigs of memory and I don’t know more stream processors or something am recycled their enterprise compute card the radio and instinct mi 50 which would also explain the excellent productivity numbers whatever the reason though that compromise means that while the Radeon seven is an excellent maybe even ideal card for content creators by day gamers by night or really anyone who uses OpenCL a fair bit the value proposition against team green is merely okay for peer gamers don’t get me wrong this gives us a choice in the market for sure and I’m I’m super glad that AMD released it today it’s just not quite the price or performance disrupter that we were all hoping for in the wake of invidious stiff r-tx tax and as it stands it looks like we’re just gonna have to live with digging deeper into our pockets for our graphics cards from now on thanks to war thunder for sponsoring this video war thunder is the realistic free-to-play vehicle combat game and you can fight with millions of players from all over the world in combined arms battles in the air over land and at sea it includes 1200 historically accurate tanks aircraft helicopters and ships from the 1930s all the way to the 1990s it’s available for PC ps4 and Xbox one and you can join the battle today by clicking on the link below to get a free premium tank or aircraft and three days of premium time as a bonus for registering so thanks for watching guys if you disliked this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description also down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum which you guys should totally join even AMD’s uncle doesn’t like it


100 Replies to “Get a Job. – Radeon VII Review”

  1. One Taker says:


  2. Concept Uno says:

    "You were supposed to Destroy Nvidias Price tag not join them!!!!"

  3. Wifi says:

    Great video! Linus, do you ever get any sleep? Even at 1080p youtube resolution, below your eyes look a bit red

  4. Snowypillowhead Dk Craft [owner] owo says:

    I feel that the radeon will be stronger with new titles

  5. TheGuitarsWill says:

    omg why so much dislike 😮

  6. 3polygons says:

    Content creator here… graphics worker… this is MY card….is minnnneeeee…. Geez, 16GB. The GPU renders for large 3D scenes……

  7. Marc Wager says:

    Why did he run the crappy AMD CPU for the benchmarks? Shouldn't he have just ran both GPU on the Intel Test Bench?

  8. louis bảo says:

    in vietnam they sell the radeon 7 about 150 dollars less than the rtx 2080, is that a cop?

  9. Game Time says:

    I find it weird that raytracing is an nvidia/microsoft thing right now, but the xbox and ps5 will support ray tracing and use AMD hardware.

    I feel like there is a huge conspiracy here. Also, fuck, man Im just confused at this point. Fuck it Im going to bed

  10. ninjaa22 says:

    I have a ryzen 5 1600 that kicks ass!

  11. 07wrxtr1 says:

    Still leaning on Nvidia even though I roll with an R7 1700 because:

  12. HVTGamer says:

    RADEON VII It’s worth it’s price RTX Not so much since only 3-4 games has real time ray tracing

  13. Ahmed Alqabandi says:

    4k is no longer something to be slept on anymore. It's been there for quite a while. And they need to realize that. How could you advertise your product to run 4k games when the latest titles won't reach it with yor latest top of the line hardware. Any one could get their hands on a 4k monitor only to realize that none of his games could run smoothly and he has to upgrade. Only to realize that he has to pay a premium. 4k is everywhere.
    One more thing. They shouldn't encourage overclocking on these products I think its an immature move whilst i still think they should keep the overclocking potential for everyone. But advertising it is immature because that's their business. Not the consumer.
    I just can't stand how expensive it is to build a 4k gaming rig.

  14. fidgett says:

    I want to buy this card, but NVIDIA has the better video encoding and many other features that I really like. I have an AMD CPU, but I think I will pass on Radeon for now.

  15. Andrew Triforce says:

    finally a good sponsor

  16. Subdistinction says:

    5:18 A very close call

  17. Ryan Carter says:

    Absolutely silly that they reduced the number of compute units and therefore stream processors compared to Vega 64. At the very least they should have matched Vega 64.

    With Vega 64 being available at $300 now, the VII is impossible to recommend. Stunned there haven't been any price drops in the VII, surely they want to sell at least of couple of these things before Navi, right??

  18. B-Rai87 says:


  19. survivormon says:

    LTT you should revisit this card, the updated drivers have really increased performance on the VII.

  20. LORD ODIN says:

    Wtf are these charts

  21. Donald Trump says:

    The board is made for miners, 16gb is more money to be made

  22. PEARL EMERALD says:

    So, Radeon VII is better

  23. Trip says:

    why does the Nvidia ceo look like the Amd ceo’s evil brother.

  24. Vladislav Kurashov says:

    You probably want to say
    "Sleepers by day, content makers by night" xd

  25. TheStaniG says:

    US folks complaining theyre the same price, meanwhile over here in Australia the VII is $1200 dollars and the comparable 2080 is like $2400 dollars.

    Fuck our electronics pricing, but yeah, that makes the VII a no brainer.

  26. Farnsworth says:

    Ray tracing just kills your fps at this point and is useless.

  27. Shemsy says:

    7:00 does Linus not know that an equivalent of shadowplay exists on AMD called ReLive?

  28. the normal-one's in tg says:

    hey maby if you want to get a gpu on time just wait till 300 thousand people pre-order it then get it its better than waiting another month for the gpu

  29. CB Anime says:

    laughing in T-34

  30. Spykerhond says:

    R16000 it make a good anus plug for AMD.

  31. Spykerhond says:

    700 $ + R6000 stealmoney they sell it here . mining still rules the value of such cards.

  32. Xabier Granja says:

    It was worth to re-watch this video just for GPU/Riley's rage fit 😀

  33. Annoyedspartan says:

    It’s funny to read the comments about people arguing who’s better Nvidia and AMD, lets take that anger somewhere else like I don’t know….Epic store exclusives.

  34. Luke Duke says:

    Thank you thank you for shouting out War Thunder

  35. CinoBro says:

    Well it's nine months later and only three games have ray tracing…

  36. Mentoriii says:

    2:46 i lol at that for 30 min

  37. Pradnya Gurao says:

    I play war thunder.

  38. Alacrity intrepid says:


    Warthunder: Free premium play for 3 days

  39. metalperslfx says:

    I'm glad for this card just because it can be a versatile gpu for productivity and gaming. Like it doesn't always be for gaming gaming and gaming.

  40. Anakin Skywalker says:

    Time to unsubscribe this joker who has been buttfucked by jensen :V

  41. FILIP HEDMAN says:

    2:03 MIND BLOWN

  42. captainVR says:

    No clue where your benchmark scores came from but they're not accurate, I ran both a Radeon VII and 2080 together, Since they cost the same, And tried about 20 diff games, All running in 4k and max settings, But 2080 was always in front by 5 to 10% performance, Also the Radeon runs hotter too, Also noticed many others reporting the same.

  43. Sarat Kumar Behera says:

    Thanks bro love from India. But I never give a dislike ur videos bro .

  44. Eero Rantala says:

    I use it mainly for mining and get 80 Mh/s ETH 60C and silent, I can run it with 85/90/95 but not so silent, my 1080 Ti's run at 51-54 MH/s. Not many cards beat it in ETH mining.

  45. muklis alisyahab says:

    Novideo is ded

  46. Tony Boss says:

    Re do this with the new amd drivers

  47. Craig Jones says:


  48. kurt says:

    Glad to own a 2080ti

  49. Kaptainxd says:

    Linus: "we are going to be digging more into our wallets then.."

    Me: lemme just get my pickaxe then

  50. Frank Martinez says:

    The Radeon Vega Frontier Edition was Complete trash. Do you guys recommend upgrading to this one? For both Workstation and gaming usage.

  51. Wei Chan says:

    All I want to know is this card PCI-E 4.0 ready?

  52. Jack The toilet bowl gamer says:

    Looking back at this after purchasing a gtx 2080ti and a radeon vii mmmm they are both fucking great the radeon vii is a cheap rtx 2080ti without rtx features of course lol. It also doesn't look to kool and it heats up pretty good but I enjoyed it.

  53. Musical GUY says:



    where can I get the stand with the chip in it. I need that!!!

  55. Aamir Farooq says:

    I think raedon 7 is the better choice :
    If u get rtx card u have to get gsync monitor which will be twice the price of freesync monitor of same features (1080p 1ms 240hz)
    Also ryzen CPUs will be better and cheaper than Intel
    16gb vram will also be future proof just in case
    Nvidia's rtx feature gives u serious frame drops and there's still not much support in games
    You can also wait for Navi

  56. Mansoor Mughal says:

    what is that monitor at 6:15?

  57. rudy issa says:

    I used to think AMD sucked but then I picked up a fury for $275 and had very close performance to my 980ti which was $730. Ive been an AMD fan ever since. Shit you can pick up a Vega 56 for $300 right now. Best value I feel.

  58. Bilal Alhendi says:


  59. Gallons Of Milk Gaming says:

    Alex should have his job title changed to sound effects person

  60. Rafael Atempa says:

    Yes! it's a beast for productivity! Especially when career is first and gaming has to take a back seat.

  61. dimebagdavey says:

    You touch Anthony and we're gonna have a problem Linus

  62. khrom says:

    back to confusing graphs again i see

  63. Antonio Alejandro AA says:


  64. Sherudons says:

    I find it funny when linus says dig deeper into our wallets…

    Up next check out this $10000 monitor/tv that beams the games direct to your brain.

  65. just a random guy who likes stuff says:

    And now, amd has a solid gpu lineup and beats intel in the cpu lineup. Amd forever.

  66. M C says:

    The radeon vii will become better with the driver updates and the falling price.

  67. rsx123 says:

    So 3600 and 2070

  68. rsx123 says:

    Hey would the AMD card be better for flight sims? Those require a ton of memory.

  69. John Henderson says:

    If they made an 8 Gb version of this card I would buy it. Priced around $599 would be an excellent value over the 2080.

  70. Rohan Poddar says:

    Linus predicted the GPU name way back in February that Apple was going to use in their Mac “Pro” 2:03

  71. Zeek M says:

    Maybe you don't understand me Lambo.
    nVidia have to be punished for the 6800 series. "It's a VPU not a GPU" nVidia  🖕
    I was a die hard nVidia user up until that point. There are many other reasons why nVidia have to be punished.
    What I'm saying to you is I will not buy another nVidia product no matter what the situation.


    Stunned the industry in the hole. Yes it did

  73. One Zero says:

    Linus is a tool

  74. Lubomir Ivanov says:

    You didn't test 4K gaming right? That's why you don't see the use of 16GB HBM2 😉 I guess nVidia pays well 😉 hah

  75. BldgWha7 says:

    Your an idiot if you go with anything from AMD to build a gaming rig CPU or GPU. Enough with the “but it does more than gaming” excuse. Intel and Nvidia beat out AMD in every single price category. The best AMD has to offer the 2700x is bested by an average run of the mill i5 9400f from Intel at $100+ less. Nvidia’s 3 year old cards still beat AMDs newest offerings at every level in performance and price.

  76. Josh Green says:

    csgo in 2019 lol

  77. sasa ha says:

    Classroom Vega 64 3:27…how???

  78. Gil says:

    2:35 " æĞäñsT "

  79. Wade Is Legit says:

    0:23 Classic. lol

  80. Malcolm Reynolds says:

    Nvidia employee of the month

  81. Aqua Sama says:

    7:39 word on the street linus has a massive co- mputer

  82. Samurai/ Xx-xX says:

    I love the competition just because nvidia going to be better and cheaper

  83. Umut Alptekin says:

    0:22 will be my new alarm sound

  84. 24Ufa says:

    Rip Radeon 7, killed off by RTX Super

  85. Ray Johnson says:

    Before that, notice I'm a hugh AMD fan, but… Really… What is it looks like is… AMD : pfiou… Finally we build a mining GPU for all of thous idiots… // People : GPU mining is finish now… // AMD director : I PRESENT YOU THE RADEON VII… xD

  86. Navigator Rock says:

    Linux Performance DAMN YOU!

  87. Steve Levario says:

    This card is trash

  88. Ablute Google says:

    when you actually expected your free gpu to arrive early

  89. AwesomeFrost says:


  90. ShadowWalker says:

    Hey,.. pls review Radeon VII vs RX5700 and XT

  91. Os cria do comando Sancto says:

    In my country the radeon costs half of the gtx 2080 price…

  92. michael lehner says:

    The radeons job is to compete with the rtx 2080 and it does that well. It offers the same performance at the same price with better reliability.

  93. JOJO fan says:

    4:15 looking at it the rtx 2080 ti does better

  94. Derek Addy says:

    nope dont care just got a vega 56 for 350 new so i really could care less XD

  95. Rob Jackson says:

    radeon selm was just priced really bad.. i got one of these bad boys and im enjoying it

  96. CjWrecks says:

    Is anyone concerned for Riley?

  97. Kunal Roy says:

    It isn't Radeon "7"….It's Vega 2 (V = Vega ; II = 2)

  98. Johnfuse says:

    Radeon 7 is compared to its performance waaaay overpriced. I bought my 1080 for 450€ I think about 2 years ago and the Radeon 7 costs now at least 630€. Performance gain about 15-18% compared to the 1080 but price goes up 40% and higher…and this is compared to a card which I bought "2" years ago. GPU market right now is if you want a good price/performance ratio, really shitty. I mean the same overpriced shit is on the Nvidia side with their 2000 series. Performance gain? Slightly increased. Price raise? Fucking huuuge.

  99. Hero Zash says:

    I'm pretty sure that they would cover up most of these problems in the in thei up coming rx 3000 series

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