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I’m the best. (Gun clicks) You are obviously not the best. – When I saw him it was like I was seeing a ghost. (Gunfire) (Gunfire) Like every trigger I’ve ever pulled. – How’d he start you? Hunting birds, rabbit? I’m guessing 19, 20 years old the first time he ordered you to shoot a person. – 25 years ago he took my blood. He made you from me. He’s been lying to you the whole time. He told you you were an orphan. Of all the people in the world to come after me,
why would he send you? Because I’m the best. You are obviously not the best. You’re just trying to rattle me. I’m trying to save you! You made a choice to do this to me! – The whole point of this thing was to give you all of Henry’s gifts
without his pain. I don’t want to shoot you! Mind if I shoot you? (Gunfire) (Explosion) – Henry, has this ever happened to you before? Your own government trying to kill you? (Explosion) No, that’s new. (Gunfire) Everything that we’ve worked for is at stake. ♪♪ (Engine revs) He has to die. He’s your darkness, you have to walk through this on your own. I love you, Junior. ♪♪ – Look what we created. You were the inspiration for all of this. Why not just make a whole army full of them? Why not? You should be flattered. You should be dead. – This has to be stopped. (Explosion) (Gunfire) Because what if somebody actually knew what we really are?


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  1. David Curry says:

    Paramount is a bomb factory, Terminator is next on the guillotine

  2. 1lapmagic says:

    Please stop wasting Ang Lee and let him make Taiwanese family dramas again

  3. Ameera Sharif says:

    Can I Know. Why the title is gemini man? Is it because it relates that will Smith is bring an actor of gemini characters just like the horoscope said about gemini?

  4. LITTLE DOG says:

    Lol changing car color不不不…. Magic car…. Cut that scene… Or u won't get oscar不不不….

  5. Pana Alin says:

    does anyone where can i find the "Icon" version in the trailer?

  6. Chih-Chin Yang says:

    This is good for one more award.

  7. Just Less Name says:

    isnt this jaden smith song ? icon

  8. sandipan sarkar says:

    everything is goo but vfx kinda 99.9% fucked up….. what the hell is this…. its too bad vfx….

  9. giacotubo says:

    Hollywood is pushing for human clonation…

  10. Marte Ss says:

    I Will go watch this movie tomorrow on cinema.

  11. Blackbeard 9292 says:

    Can i watch this Film on Netflix?

  12. Lord Megatron says:

    When the people involved started talking shit about how this was technology and effects nobody had ever seen before, I'm sitting here like "Clearly you clowns didn't see Rogue One, or you DID see it and somehow didn't realize Peter Cushing has been dead for like 2 decades".
    This isn't new tech or new effects in any way shape or form, they are IMPROVEMENTS, not innovations.

  13. Dillon Thompson says:

    This looks horrible

  14. Joseph Wood says:

    You broke even on this movie. Better than I expected.

  15. Food Mood Kitchen says:

    Will Smith punched himself with a motorcycle. Yeah I gotta see this movie

  16. Jeff Green says:

    My review…

  17. Music Station says:


  18. Ramesh p. says:

    Smith vs Smith!!!!!!

  19. Tadic Sulivan says:

    政ull'M0VIE – 儭 Gemini Man

  20. Jimmy's Movie Drawing says:

    Ann lee can film all kinds of movie
    Welcome to see my Will Smith as aladdin genie drawing儭

  21. Pepe The Sucker says:

    so its Agen J versus Henry Brogen

  22. Panda Powah says:

    i t ' s r e w i n d t i m e

  23. ET Data Base says:

    I took my family to this today, it was so cool. Best gun fighting and chase scenes I have seen in a long time. Even better than Fast and Furious last movie. Better than Once upon a time with brad pitt, it was just lots of action. Like mixing pubg into a movie. Gets a 9 out of 10. Can't believe he played 3 parts!

  24. your help says:

    Now search in google world best action movie….searching

    gemini man

  25. Ketan Awale says:

    This movie was dope it's like metal gear solid plot when bigboss sends younger solid snake to terminate older venom snake .. just loved it !

  26. Sherifah Owolabi says:

    will will will the will to will

  27. Phainess obeid says:

    Will has it all

  28. Sai says:

    Well. Here is Gemini man kinda ripping off Metal gear Solid.

  29. Ed General says:

    Boba Fett

  30. afroula21 says:

    First GENIE now GEMINI man,..Will Smiths big come back!!!

  31. frozenchicken says:

    or you and nickelodeon make the trailer when you star spongebob and juilanna gamiz (with a tomato sauce and wet hair) so she can chase him

  32. frozenchicken says:

    and yeah i'll let you do that mr paramount

  33. YouTube City says:

    Looks like Shah Rukh Khan's movie "FAN" Part 2

  34. 19shiloh says:

    Why does younger Will Smith look likk he bout to cry

  35. sean02080 says:

    Go fuck
    yourselfs paramount pictures I was watching the fucking movie asswholes so dont copyright claim me I was putting a movie on for people for free because you don't fuckers!!!!!!

  36. I dont like Lgbt people says:

    If you want to feel disappointment then spend money on this movie. I saw it for free but still feel disappointed

  37. Raymond Johnson says:

    Fresh Prince vs Mike Lawry

  38. Raymond Johnson says:

    Fire at Will

  39. Rohit Gaming says:

    Superb Movie!

  40. Mickey 303 says:

    Good Movie…..

    John Wick 3, Rambo last Blood and Gemini Man…….

    The best 3 Action Movies of 2019……

  41. Nic Tanghe says:

    plz dont advertise as sciense fiction. that's an insult tothe genre advertise as action movie.

  42. C S Yatan Kumar rao says:

    Will Smith's fan like here

  43. Gemlover Allday says:

    No dull moments in this movie at all I loved it

  44. Tropical Aussie says:

    Silly Hollywood movie.
    A trained killer does not need to hit targets from a far. You must understand that the best compromised target is within.
    I suggest ALL you young generation research "The Ice Man"
    Listen to the old tapes. Old school stuff.
    Not your garbage out today.

  45. Sugar Show says:

    Do young Will smith gonna occupy Jaden place from now?

  46. piranhaful says:

    Cheap movie and lame acting !!
    last good movie i watched was bourne legacy.Jeremy renner was the best bourne..

  47. Hamza 媢塈堛 says:

    This is a full movie

    Enjoy watching:

  48. Anthony Bourdain says:

    The title should be C.G.I MAN, not GEMINI MAN.

  49. VinnieDC1501 says:

    This movie bombed so hard there's already a really almost Blu-ray copy of it on torrent sites! XD

  50. Bryan Hackett says:

    Whats the song in this trailer?

  51. mrriffraff2009 says:

    Gemini Man is simply Will Smith vs The Fresh Prince

  52. Light Screening says:

    Interesting premise. Not at all fulfilled though. Sorry to say. I reviewed it in my channel.

  53. darius antonio says:

    1:46 young deadshot

  54. AMEN-RA 1st says:

    4 the 1th time in years Will Smith made an excellent movie樹樹

  55. varsha rajamudi says:

    Hollywood version of 'Krrishh 3' … hahaha..

  56. Unknown Unknown says:

    I seen this kind of movies Double impact jean Claude van damme.

  57. Elx Well says:

    So they're just basically twins

  58. kishan singh says:

    Bullshit movie

  59. Krille Krille says:

    The bad CGI team in I am legend got new jobs in Gemeni Man i see. Terrible to be 2019!

  60. sonya kelly says:

    WOW!! I can't wait to see this movie looks amazing and a perfect cast…

  61. Santiago says:

    I just watched this movie and it had me sitting at the edge of couch the whole time beautiful

  62. AKO ay PINOY says:

    Full movie download GEMINI MAN direct download to mediafire

    How to download?

    click link below> check I'm not a robot> continue> Get link(wait 10 seconds)> download

  63. HARISH chidambaram says:

    that bike scene looks like Ramoji Rao film city

  64. Tayyab Amin Teja says:

    1:36 thanks me later

  65. Danis Yein says:

    Low CGI, do one thing why don't you guys work for MARVEL studios

  66. Mrfuel Chamo says:

    Good vs evil

  67. Sawyer Ramos says:

    it was the stupist movie I ever saw. The CGI was pothetic. But never mind that. This is their way of telling us they are cloning us.

  68. TATENDA Y GATSI says:

    The Matrix of Will

  69. Dakshil prajapati says:

    That bike scene was from different world

  70. Suleiman Solz says:

    Why does will smith choose shitty movies?

  71. sanepurplecat says:


  72. KNChoudhury says:

    The movie is Metal Gear Solid, but Angleecized

  73. desi gamer boy says:

    Well he is my fav since mib 1

  74. Kevin Langie says:

    What a stupid ass movie. Trash

  75. Pretty Ugly says:

    This movie was so predictable & poorly written + one third of the movie is clearly a sponsored commercial for Budapest.

  76. Pretty Ugly says:

    This movie was so predictable & poorly written + one third of the movie is clearly a sponsored commercial for Budapest.

  77. Pretty Ugly says:

    This movie was so predictable & poorly written + one third of the movie is clearly a sponsored commercial for Budapest.

  78. Toni Velkova says:

    The perfection can only be brought back, never replaced. Welcome back Fresh Prince

  79. Abdussamad Advocate says:


  80. Shakti bhooshan says:

    Grt movie
    Will smith,

  81. Sihle Mavuso says:

    Gonna watch this no ways!!!

  82. Akash kris says:

    What's the name of music in this trailer (especially at 1:11)

  83. Underdog Straatbrak says:

    Film mentions the terrorist Nelson Mandela who was also a killer

  84. 堛堥堬堥堥 奡奡奡堹堥堬 says:

    Half of the movie shows young will smith crying and young will smith like the old one are fucking war mechines not bitches

  85. Best Friends says:

    Video games have better graphics than this movie

  86. MrGabeanator says:

    i liked the addams family better

  87. Lord Tricky says:

    Will smith and his black acting is getting annoying now. The guy is washed up.

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