Gears 5 Tech Test – RX 570 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – 1440p – Ryzen 3 2200G – Benchmark PC

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16 Replies to “Gears 5 Tech Test – RX 570 – 1080p – 900p – 720p – 1440p – Ryzen 3 2200G – Benchmark PC”

  1. ranjeetsingh jadon says:

    Gears 5
    Test is r3 1200 + rx 570

  2. COMP7EX says:

    Thanks dad

  3. HITMAGENT says:

    Ryzen 5 3600 + Gtx 1660 ti, Please..

  4. Alan George says:

    Everytime you upload, I repeat your first few words! Now I'm really fluent in Santiago Santiago!

  5. DannRoo says:

    can you please test 3400g streaming?? i am really interessted

  6. Ronnel Calagui says:

    hope i can buy rx570 right now

  7. The Shape says:

    I hope this has HDR on PC.

  8. T Damsma says:

    Still good a good GPU

    I have the rx 570 nitro+ 4GB pared with an i5 8400 with 16GB (2x8GB) and a Seasonic Focus Gold 450W and with the most settings at ultra and some at high (High Ultra) the system achieves around 69.5 fps on average CPU around 260fps, more optimisation will come, Gears 4 I was running with the same spec at ultra around 85-90fps, Really good optimisation in a DX12 game, which is quite unique.

    Keep it up, your videos are always informative!

    Cheers from the Netherlands, EU

  9. Xolani Macakela says:

    Worth a subscribe n a like

  10. Idrees 778/YT says:

    Finally someone i could watch who doesnt clickbait or fake benchmarks

  11. nathan hale smith patton says:

    Ahora con una 1050ti y el mismo proce

  12. Herambh Runthla says:

    I mean the difference is great if u compare it with gtx 1060 6gb 14 fps difference why is it so BCz it's Nvidia title is it so ?? Please let me know

  13. AnibalPty07 says:

    Prefería la combinación de rx 570 y el I3 8100 :/

  14. Abid ahammed says:

    is there any integrated graphics in Ryzen 3600 for normal computing??? Can it run without graphics card?

  15. Gameslord says:

    I don't understand Summary(I am a nob).
    I have similar problem when I watch FH4 Demo built in benchmark… .
    What does that mean 235.3fps average?
    I doubt even i9900K + RTX2080Ti would be able to pull it off.
    Well maybe…

    Can some1 pliz enlighten me?
    And as I said,I am a noob,so please go easy on me.

  16. Heliiel says:

    Santiago, cual piensas que es la mejor tarjeta grafica para jugar hoy de todo en 1080 a 60 fps?

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