17 Replies to “Galaxy Note 10 – First Look & Introduction!”

  1. Daniel Drag says:

    Superb. Dying to upgrade 😍😍😍

  2. Rafael S. Ribeiro says:

    Será que já é assim mesmo que ele vai chegar?

  3. Chirag Negi says:

    those colours

  4. Mohammed S says:

    The closest look so far of how the Note 10 will be.

    It's gonna be lighter, bigger screen, better battery, way better charging, reverse charging…..Everything you can imagine. It's gonna be a hit.

  5. Janete Campos says:

    I am happy with my note 9. This phone didnt impressed me. Also I hated the front camera on the screen. I will wait to note 11 😅

  6. Max Power says:

    Nothing new here tbh

  7. Undesirable Gaming says:


  8. Harley Hong says:

    after the s7 edge, i haven't bought a samsung phone. the curved screen is trash.

  9. Bushangels says:

    Meh…not impressed by the phone.

  10. Sonny Wolf says:

    Sorry Samsung I don't like the corners they are too sharp, my 5 years old might hit my 2 years old kids with those corners and kill him, think hard Samsung! those corners could cause law sue. stupid design.

  11. U X says:

    too slow for the music

  12. Duniani Freemason says:

    Comment l'avoir au rd Congo Kinshasa ? Et le prix

  13. Peepers 47 says:

    MTV wants your music videos.

  14. Naveen Parmar says:

    Nice phone

  15. borey daily life says:

    Great video . How to make this video?

  16. I_ am_ BLuR says:

    Your work is truly magnificent! I was hoping to see a red device in the mix, but I must say the coral color and the white are truly outstanding. You're such an amazing artist! I can't wait to get my hands on a Note 10+. Thank you so much for all you do!

  17. Elia says:

    Very very nice!

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