Galaxy Fold is FINALLY coming in September

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  1. bioroid09 says:

    This is essentially the Galaxy Fold S as it should feature the new SD 855

  2. Panayiotis Toumazou says:

    2000 euros phone to show off

  3. PickleKing says:

    Ill get one of these if they continue to make more folds in the future and would maybe buy the fold when the price drops

  4. Mishツ says:

    I like Samsung and all… but just buy a tablet 😂

  5. Zenata says:

    Imagine paying a $1000 premium for a gimmick that will never catch on, which has already shown massive design flaws prior to launch

  6. Carol Ward says:

    I find your t-shirt very distracting

  7. Jeff Davis says:

    I see no real reason to have a phone folding like this. What makes much more sense to me is Is to have the current cell phones folding in half similar to how the razor phones used to back in the day. Not sure what the attraction is to having your phone fold into a tablet just buy a tablet

  8. dimitri alexander says:

    I really hope Samsung makes the front screen BIGGER

  9. Ej Isloco says:

    Who then is responsible for allowing the fold to come out and not realising that the screen could come off easy?
    Does Samsung really need reviewers to check it out?
    I wish I was working with them in the quality assurance department.

  10. Elbert Lee says:

    They want to steal some thunder from Apple. But Samsung can’t even get an exploding battery right the second rime around. A screen that requires a piece of exposed Saran Wrap is is pretty lame

  11. Rahul Ravishankar says:

    Model seems to be amazing, but always flip phones or any phones that have foldable part has had problems with it's wiring. After few months the phones starts to give problems especially with charging. Is there any issues like that in this model, because Samsung fold seems to be super expensive.

  12. KELLOGR 27 says:

    I'm sure someone would still reremove the screen and be sad that it broke

  13. Eric Neely says:

    Do you want the Note 10 or the Fold? And why?

  14. Ryan Manton says:

    They need to launch it to t mobile or Verizon or sprint first

  15. Miss Lovely456 says:

    Hmmmmm🤔🤔 ill stick with the regular phones.⁷

  16. huecomundo911 says:

    Hope Samsung to launch the fold with upgraded sd855 + and at least 25w fast charge

  17. HuffmeisterFLEX says:

    The ASPECT RATIO is straight garbage when unfolded, as it is whilst folded. Based upon the screen dimensions although this is and may be a major selling point for many, it is certainly a deal breaker when it comes to not purchasing this product for some. (I use Note over Galaxy for reasons being.) They need to offer a product within this line that resembles the form factor of the Note as opposed to the Galaxy as well rather than just releasing the baseline Galaxy Fold. This is largely decisive based upon that.

  18. Kamikaze Hound says:

    Welp thats great, too bad I cant afford to buy the Mate X as well but that thing is the price of two galaxy folds

  19. A Guy says:

    Even if all the technical problems get fixed, at the end of the day this will still be a worthless gimmick and nothing else. Like something you use as a party trick to impress your friends then never use again.

  20. MHS says:

    If they slow down this phone after a year and ruin its camera with software updates I’m definitely taking them to court time!! They’ve done this since at least the S6 edge the moment the newer version comes out they ruin the previous one much like how Apple was doing it

  21. Antony Kabuki says:

    The truth is, Samsung had to release it in September to compete with the Mate X from Huawei lest if they dilly dallied they'd have a monumental task of catch up.

  22. MrParis22 says:

    And pigs are flying over hades

  23. Rudy Rodriguez says:


  24. Mohammed Mahmud says:

    So at the end this become Galaxy Fold 2

  25. you tube says:

    no one is buying this phone

  26. Aaron Gossage says:

    2 grand for a phone? Piss off!

  27. Blue Eyed Tech says:

    I was skeptical when the fold was originally announced and with those issues happened with review units my skepticism was confirmed but now that they fixed all the issues that plagued the fold before I have a little more of a positive view of its launch in September. Hopefully the people who buy them don’t have any issues.

  28. Anirban Biswas says:

    Yee… Excited To Buy The Galaxy Fold.!

  29. エヴァンゲリスタレイアン says:

    When the bleeding edge of technology bleeds too much… hard nope!

  30. vanvinos says:

    Lovely title. So… It's not here, right?

  31. Skywalker says:

    I won't believe it until it comes out and get properly tested by users before going anywhere near it… Surley it's the thing to look forward to but with Samsung you never know what will end up in your hands!

  32. talklein39 says:

    The galaxy fold looks very cool!
    Your finger nails looks very weird!

  33. Dan McLane says:

    "You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to "…….. What was that?…. It's been done before?……… Sorry.

  34. Karma 59995 says:

    Only to steal some spotlight from iPhone 11 and to fail again in sales..!

  35. GerardPedrico says:

    Also, the new bezel apparently has a thick protuding lip that borders the entire full perimeter/edge of the Galaxy Fold's hardware case, to prevent the crease of showing up (because the ugly crease slices the screen in a straight line all the way from the top and down the middle) on the touchscreen when the device folds shut from tablet mode to smartphone. Purpose? To give the Fold some "slack" so that the Fold doesn't fold-fully-flat-in-a-slice but has a curvy-slack like kind of appearance to allow some space for the screen to extend-contract at ease. The hinge probably uses a torque-power mechanism that is similar to the one used on Lenovo's foldable dual touchscreen computer…. I guess.

  36. Andy Martinez says:

    Two phone stuck together 2000 dollars lol 😂

  37. TJ Manou says:

    its hard to take this review seriously looking at his manicure

  38. Metal Head Hippie says:


  39. No Name says:

    Everyone laughed at me when I bought the note 1.

  40. Aaron Crawford says:

    Why you show a crease in your mockup

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