Fuzion Frenzy – Graphics Comparison: Original Xbox vs. Xbox One S

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100 Replies to “Fuzion Frenzy – Graphics Comparison: Original Xbox vs. Xbox One S”

  1. Death Man says:

    Can we get jet set though?

  2. gus ramirez says:

    Soooooo many good memories with game!!!!!

  3. RAGiN CRiNZ says:

    Love this game so much

  4. David Fermin says:

    I would like to play dej jam fight for ny

  5. DW_Drummer says:

    Please add online support to this!!!!! I need to smoke all my friends in that mini game!

  6. SoldierGryphon says:

    That's a pretty impressive upgrade.

  7. Gungi The Wookie says:

    I need burnout 3 tho

  8. Smoke says:

    “This looks exactly the same lmao”

  9. InsaneK plays says:

    Games look sharper and cleaner

  10. VizZzion says:

    This game was such a classic. Cant wait to get drunk with this and some friends lol

  11. Celso Daniel Paez Pedrozo says:

    SILENT HILL!!!!!

  12. BCO Halo Clan says:

    Bring Shrek 2 the video game to original backwards compatible please

  13. Laurens Vanhoutte says:


  14. Reep says:

    Yesssss I was trying to think of what this game was called for years it was one of my favorites

  15. Rodrigo Smith says:

    Graphics PS 4 Pro 0:16
    Xbox One S 0:19 😂 😂

  16. D21Exclusive says:

    Give us simpsons hit and run, spongebob battle for bikini bottom, nba street series,and gta games next please.

  17. CorrosiveGamers says:

    Does the standard xbox one support Original Xbox games as well?

  18. Videogameapprentice says:

    Please bring Halo 2 and GTA San Andreas 🤞

  19. Nate Smith says:

    I used to play this mini game all the time

  20. Vladolf Hutin says:

    Hell yes I love this game!

  21. Am Faggit says:

    Please add the Xbox original spongebob games omg id love y’all please

  22. Might says:


  23. Clyde Spight says:


  24. GhettoPharmacist says:

    thank you for supporting these older games too!

  25. kevinwoolford123 says:

    Please do castle wolfenstein and add online play again 😀 good old days playing that with mates

  26. MARCKO 200 says:

    When is halo 1 and 2 coming? I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!

  27. Rodrigo Gtz says:

    Bring Conker Live & Reloaded too 😱

  28. Dylan Rutland says:

    WOW Will it look even better on the X? If not that's fine because it pretty darn good 👌

  29. Pulled Taffy says:

    Nostalgia trip!

  30. i Outlaw says:

    Def Jam Fight For NY please.;)

  31. MPORTtheGOD says:

    Hell yeah!!!!

  32. Gio Trujillo says:

    This game was my life tho!!!!

  33. Roboboit formerly Chipperowski says:

    So, is the graphic overhaul only for digital purchase? I still have this and many other xbox discs.

  34. itzkev0 says:

    the game mode where everyone was in a caged ball was the best 😀

  35. hicks184 says:

    They cleaned it up go xbox

  36. pablonso12 says:

    Great plz castlevania curse of darknes

  37. albozru1e says:

    How will it look on the OG X1 model?

  38. xxHighRiderzxx says:


  39. Acuravigor47 says:

    This game was great with the Duke controller!

  40. EinAkira says:


  41. pablonso12 says:

    Bloody roar extreme castlevania curse of darkness fatal frame silent hill mk shaolin monks prince of persia trilogy crash twinsanity

  42. AZMasterGamer says:

    Yeah The Old game looks better

  43. Rave Smoove says:

    They re making games on Xbox to Xbox one s they better remake the warriors and make the graphics different I want it on Xbox one s and Xbox one X also regular Xbox one too

  44. William_BroBrine says:


  45. Weeb Boi says:

    Child hood

  46. SeeNoEvL65 says:

    This one of the OG games I couldn't stop playing

  47. Faulk Smash says:

    I'm still in awe this game is going to be playable on Xbox One… I played this when I was like 6… I'm 22 now. It's hits every single nostalgia note perfectly…

  48. VjOnItGood81 says:

    This looks like a great game to play.

  49. Grizzlycougar says:

    Nothing was better than going over my neighbors house and playing this game with friends, need more games like this

  50. Omega Actual says:

    What black magic is this?! I didn't even know that you could even get it that sharp! That's incredible and I'm looking forward to installing this stuff! Good time to build an OG Xbox collection!

  51. son of mann says:

    And I was about to go get an og Xbox to show my kids some of these games
    Good lookin out Microsoft.

  52. TheDeathVendor says:

    Isn't it terrific?

  53. Flyersfan5896 says:

    So… We ever gonna get a third game of this?

  54. Luke Althaus says:

    Will we be able to purchase these games without being connected to another console

  55. Lwbop says:

    They're clearly not using component cables on original xbox. The picture quality looks way better than this!

  56. Cyberbrickmaster1986 says:

    This game was like Mario Party on Xbox. I haven't played the original, but I wasn't too impressed with the sequel. But hey, it could be better than the 2nd one on Xbox 360 for all I know!

  57. HYPERSONIC4199-Panzoid Designer says:

    Does anyone remember jet set radio future bundle that came with that racing game?

  58. Marukosu Franzack says:

    ¡¡¡Genial!!!! Ahora hagan eso con Blinx 1 y 2¡¡¡¡por favor Microsoft!!!!

  59. TheRoyCruzader says:

    Wow! nice improvement. FORZA MOTRSPORT 1 please!!

  60. Canal Ducraniano says:

    Crash Twinsanity! Pls Microsoft <3

  61. Georgia LPS says:

    How'd this get in my sub box and when was I ever subscribed? Hhhhhhhh

  62. retrostansolo says:

    Blown away! Please don't forget RALLISPORT CHALLENGE 2 for future original Xbox back compatible awesomeness.

  63. RushMyPancake says:


  64. TYLERMARTIN says:


  65. Exit Humanity says:

    Give us Whacked!

  66. That Guy says:


    Be sure to restart your XBOX1 to make sure your Xbox1 is ready for the original xbox games. If not, the system might say it's not playable and you will jump the gun like I did and says it's not working on the original Xbox1. #mymistake

  67. InfiniWolf says:

    The title makes it sound like it won't work on my Xbox one.

  68. haloRoXaS117 says:

    okay. release date please. I want my Fusion Frenzy, My Mecha Assault we'll be set.

  69. Filipe Farias Da Cruz says:

    Xbox please bring stubbs the zombie for the backward compatibility of the first xbox to the xbox one

  70. TomClacy5871 says:

    Can we please get Def Jam Fight for Ny and MK Shaolin Monks. Please Microsoft. Make it happen

  71. Daniel H says:


  72. Anthony Espar says:

    I don't think it's the consoles it's the tv

  73. Rose-shrouded Confessor says:

    Fuzion Frenzy came as a demo for Project Gotham Racing and Halo Combat Evolved. Even if it wasn't the full game, it still felt like a complete experience.

  74. TAURASII says:

    I hope they make all Xbox Games Support 1080p60fps

  75. xSlushiixMellox says:

    All I said with excitement was "Wow" just amazing how they fixed so much in the graphics just amazing I was blowned away just can't wait for the other set of original xbox games to be released I heard in spring of 2018! 💯🔥

  76. Alex Jales says:

    Forza 1 Pls Microsoft

  77. mR. iNSANITY says:

    Jesus… Never thought I'd see this game again… sob

  78. TMNT 1984 says:

    Will all original Xbox games be in 1080p or just certain ones? i bought Black and it doesn't look sharp like this does.

  79. Chopped Up Cow says:

    1 word: BLACK

  80. p0tent says:

    Why do they not make games like this anymore? This game was amazing.

  81. Ganta Kanata says:

    original gamrplay is like me when i play without glasses

  82. Beefy Legs 420 says:

    Wow it’s like it got remastered

  83. ahsndidn bsbsjdbd says:

    Childhood is coming back

  84. wonderous man says:

    Would've been better if it had online

  85. Isai Torres!! says:

    Def Jam Plss!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Billy says:

    Battle for Bikini Bottom please😃

  87. Endar says:

    Jet Set Radio music. Yes!!!

  88. LTM says:

    Yes Bro Yeah!!!! Now all i need to To see Whacked Gameplay Thanks Xbox!!!😆

  89. Ryan Good says:

    Back when Xbox was still relevant. Oh how times change.

  90. Cholo Andrew says:


  91. Korean Takeout says:

    Some of my favorite games ever were on the original Xbox. I love this, spongebob battle for bikini bottom, GUN, Prince of Persia, lord of the rings the twin towers. Medal of Honor frontline, and more.

  92. Kevin Josa says:

    Only difference is the picture is more clear. No noticeable difference other than that

  93. Luis Pablo Juárez says:

    The Warriors please.

  94. Mr. SEA says:

    Analogue signal vs clean digital…amazing really.

  95. xNoItsGodx says:

    Please put DRIV3R, Tony Hawk Underground 2, GTA 3, Dragon Ball Z Sagas, and Counter Strike

  96. Lachie Reynen says:

    i play this game with a good friend of mine and now im
    gald that fuzion frenzy is now on Xbox one and xbox one s

  97. Donovan Douglas says:

    Why won't you guys make a third game?? Please! Y'all have nothing to play >_>

  98. Speed UP says:

    framerate also improves

  99. Chris Visci says:

    LOL I'm sure it looks just as good on the OG Xbox with component cables.

  100. Cesar Cardiel says:

    Try Xbox original with the component cable

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