Funniest Unboxing Fails and Hilarious Moments Reaction 4

July 26, 2019 posted by

let's get to work what's up everybody my name is super and today I'm going to react to a unboxing fail compilation provided me by yes epic yes make sure to subscribe to your channel let's get into the video who shouldn't it for a MacBook come in and those are cold yeah but again cords little yellow but everything will be in tension so it makes me actually gave her just books because of Mac oh no no way oh my god oh alright ladies and gentlemen I've been waiting for this thing for about three weeks now almost a month and I finally got it in the mail let's check it out it's a microphone on the best microphones I ever seen so now I'm about to open it I just got it I'm about to have a good time my trusted package opener what did I say what did I say feel to you use it to new come on peas and the bees in here you never just go like this we denied it also no microphone you can get the microphone oh my god the puffle trigger well that's your fault day like you came really blessed but no microphone is still better all obscenity there's seems very light though house kitchen where's the phone oh my god it's just paper oh no not like this like this it's just paper oh my god walkie talkie iPhone what today is excited to see I was waiting for 2 weeks well next pretty good it's a big package where's the iPhone no one's gonna book interesting with the bible's vibe all we hold up what was it actually a Bible damn oh so the gate oh my god well a walkie-talkies not bad like you can see the problem it's just it's just one I mean if he wants to it's least like you know gets gotten the price but it's just one just use this I'm boxing a high-tech robot and that looks like a high-tech robot box I mean you can try using like a knife yeah fingers one really and somehow you so I cut with a knife though all right I mean a little bit aggressive there all right a stick you sure think the lack was fun what all right that's uh and I was just you know that the dye wait for the bot whoa hold up it's a high-tech robot you can't just and not what are you doing I have her now well doing worse than the guy with the knife with work you get the ball field red same girls did you like oh my god another oh my god oh the knife the hammer just sprang at him oh yeah they're all right I mean whatever does job for you don't complain after that thing is damaged if that's your method of opening it what what in the world isn't in this tool I mean he open it so I I guess didn't y'all do some climbing alright I mean why not right why not yeah I destroyed the wall at that thing I'm gonna help yeah of course brick yeah I mean that high-tech robot should be really high-tech to survive that that's me oh yeah there it is yes uh you know you don't need to literally unbox the high-tech robot you just need to remove the box it's now owned oh my everything's gone actually gonna send it back that's one way to do it you know we don't like you to send it back Thanks oh yeah an idea it just get I all run them stuff so like connected to it but like broken it's just random stuff I mean there's no need to ask for it they need to clearly see don't scare me well you've angry yo guys baby all right this one could even see through it it's still that's portable guide you can see it three what is like it's very hard to describe it's a convention to see what's inside which is pretty good this guy might have gone lucky but I'm still really curious I've seen their own way it's just a picture of a dude no way hey what's up guys it's just a picture I had this package in the mail today I bought this online like another Mike this don't go with the night egg you're gonna just get about it or don't do with you guys this package is a professional studio microphone professional super excited to see it so let's open the package together no I you see your knife it is a professional microphone let's open it what the fuck is this there is no microphone there is not only a stand again no microphone this new companies just don't want to send Mike replacing his broken no alright so that was it I was pretty fun not gonna lie it was pretty fun so all this said of the start guys subscribe to the channel hit the notification bellow if you liked the video hit the like button also and uh have a nice day


7 Replies to “Funniest Unboxing Fails and Hilarious Moments Reaction 4”

  1. Tsvetan Gadzhev says:

    Never forget to the trusty knife!!

  2. Russnizah Harun says:

    YEY ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚.nice video friend

  3. Seif Al-hinai says:

    Your vids are always the best

  4. Serafin de jesus says:

    Nice vid๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Fight Light says:

    These reactions are awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€ Plz do more ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ˜

  6. Abel Da Legend says:


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