Funniest Unboxing Fails and Hilarious Moments 13

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okay guys I'm really excited for this package right here I ordered myself an iPhone XR and it's in here I've had this for many many many years about four years so I think I think it is time for an upgrade so in here I have the iPhone xr2 without further ado let's get right into it so excited there it is that's there's no there's like literally no wrapping nothing no bubble wrap or anything to protect it so I mean that's kind of sketching you but 128 gigabytes are off the cameras focusing it out and the phone itself it doesn't have a plastic rocking about it but that's okay because it did say it was refurbished so here we go oh yeah I forgot the new iPhones and the old iPhones they used to have the iPhone on top and then they have all this packaging and stuff but now it's a paper so when I lift this open there's meat and iPhone xover dude what what the what is you got to be kidding me are you serious it doesn't even say se on the bag this is this is the iPhone 5s they really gave me an iPhone find this are you kidding me and there's not even any chargers in there there's no headphones there's nothing there's a little SIM card but and I can't even refund this because they're there things said no refunds not refundable so that's cool I screwed myself nothing hey guys hook real well just but today with an unboxing video I will hopefully be unboxing an Amazon echo dot I got it on eBay for 25 quid I got the package today and it arrived in a box like this I mean wiser it's disgusting he's like been gone by a two-year-old and they groped me a little message saying enjoy so I don't know if they're gonna try and troll me and say enjoy because it's crap or maybe they just want their maybe actually nice for once and they want meets you have that you code or I'm just enjoy it you know I see this they've got a lot of masking tape in this oh wow we've got a Nico doll it doesn't have a power cable does it so I've gone eco dot with no power cable so essentially I can't use it hey what's up guys is Josh here and today I'm gonna bring you another unboxing video so I picked up one of those Sigma seventeen to 70 F 2.8 lenses really fast got nice and nice and wide I can zoom right in for good portraits as well and I'm really excited to get using this too so without much further ado let's get straight to it the Box arrived today and look at the size of it I mean I know this is a you know a slightly longer lens but geez dude just just look at the size of the box I'm hoping that they've actually sent me like a 70 to 300 or something because this is just huge I really hope the lens isn't that big okay BAM here we go Sigma 17 270 oh this feels good this is my first sigma lens let's get going let's see what's in the box so first things first of course we've got the standard warranty cards as why expect sigma2 our valued customer oh that's cute stuff you shouldn't do cool whole manual I mean I don't know how much information you can teach on a lens in a manual that's a bit excessive but is the moment of truth let's get going my lens out right it's been bagged up as well this isn't the lens you know this this isn't a sigma lens this is a I can't even see that I don't know how you meant to pronounce that that that's Yong Yong Chinese 50 millimeter I mean it's you can probably hear that it's a fixed prime lens it's not a zoom lens that I wanted and it's a Yong Yong let me find out what the hell this thing is this is about 50 pounds to buy brand-new on Amazon they've set it in the Sigma box this was four hundred and fifty pounds I all right so today we have an unboxing video so here we are unboxing the new storage I got yay the reason why this is open is because a storage like a hard drive you know it's like the size of a foam it's not this big so when I got this package in the mail I was like surprised like it had my name on the box and it's like addressed to me but like why would it be for me if I never ordered anything like at all that's the size so I was like that's the only reason why this part is open but the actual package the hard drive is not and we're gonna open that together all right so it actually also has this thing which is really odd a lemon like on top of pasta and food or it's just like a toy like okay let's just put this on the floor that's what we don't need that okay I'm on mom iris I'm gonna open this with this pen because it works where is the hard drive the box looks like everything it promises and more but where the is my hard drive hey guys today I'm gonna be doing a video of me unboxing my electronic iron and he just got to me and I'm so excited I want to unbox this so Mike Mike Mike my ion just got to me it's all part in this Karen and I will be unboxing it I'm gonna be taking off this salad tape cover me I'm so excited I do hope it comes out the way why does it look so daddy white okay see first of all this looks good a lot of electric iron and give me a belt brush socks daddies some scruffy and some pail broken glasses Cosby stamp oh my god I was really excited my ion was gonna get here in one piece this is so bad hello everybody this today is quite a special episode if this item is as described this here is going to be our biggest save yet with a save of 330 euro what is in the box today I am unboxing an EVGA 1080 TI GTX now in order to the RT X 2 Series is iris but reading the reviews this here is your best value for money and if you can get it on an offer on eBay you say you're gonna save yourself a lot of money I'm sure that's how do we have so what does this support it's 11 gigabytes of virtual vram it is DDR x5 along with direct x12 you guys have obviously seen the episode where we unbox the 4k monitor I was originally gonna go for 1070 TI which is gonna do it fair enough so nonetheless let's go ahead and open it the box looks a little bit beat up but in saying that we don't mind as long as the item is in there so straight away I'm a little bit nervous about this because the eBay seller had a relatively low amount of feedbacks anyway I'm gonna give you guys the best angle that I can it literally is just the EVGA in there yep so DirectX 12 VR works turning it around to the back here settings and incompatibilities and whatnot you've got your GeForce it's in a video of course rice and unfortunately just or not rice and AMD should I say just aren't quite there 11 give you much gddr5 X so almost what I said all this looking good I'm very hyped up about this card because not only is it going to be able to almost complete our build all we need now is a stock CPU or CPU cooler because I don't want to is a stock nonetheless let's get into this this here is the 20 is it now it's the for the Winfrey card that's it and the EVGA line and you know I don't mind paying a little bit extra for better products okay so straight off the bat no the boxes and seals I was you pumped with my saw but I didn't really expect it to be we've got our EVGA pin adapter here another one on a few i/o shields you guys over here should still be able to see what I'm doing generally with the Bucs here and the movies editor way let's go ahead and get into this and that there's no graphics it's not what I honor


18 Replies to “Funniest Unboxing Fails and Hilarious Moments 13”

  1. World Wide United says:

    Thought he got dildos at first. Also that was fake. He got a free GPU. Haha

  2. World Wide United says:

    So many fakes lol

  3. gabriel says:

    11:19 i would have been surpised… If i only haven't read the comments

  4. gabriel says:

    9:40 "the ebay seller had a relatively low amount of feedbacks" by saying that, he agreed to be scammed

  5. gabriel says:

    7:05 electronic ion😂

  6. John Veinard Quintana says:

    kids: i love gadgets and so do other kids! mom: i love iron to kill my kids and so do the others!

  7. John Veinard Quintana says:

    0:21 he cant afford an iphone but can afford a pc -_-

  8. Silver Legend says:

    Four is 'many, many, many'? Weirdo!

  9. Richard Gregory says:

    "I bought an iPhone from a seller on ebay that was really cheap and said no refunds" and then acts shocked and confused that it was a scam. I mean, seriously? At least buy from a seller with high positive feedback. These scam sellers appeal to greed and it works. If it looks too good to betrue – it almost certainly is!

  10. Anonymous X says:

    Lots of bad actor

  11. Crazy Estel says:

    I don’t understand Why people are buying phones on eBay or amazon?!!’

  12. I'm B3to2 says:

    What if there's a channel called NoEpicNo

  13. Clayton Perron says:

    That would have been even funnier if the bottles were filled with pee

  14. CRAZY KITTY CAM says:

    8:12 I felt so bad for her

  15. CRAZY KITTY CAM says:

    Yeee yeeee neighbor

    How ya doing

  16. Lol Brandon says:


  17. Marco Gonangnan says:


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