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[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] hey everyone Sergei here from Ukraine Mediacom and let me show you how to use this motion graphic template for blender so the first thing you want to do obviously download a double click open it up in blender and we're gonna change the text first so we're gonna select this text press tab on your keyboard to go into edit mode ctrl a to select everything and then we're going to type something like blender once you're done press tab again to get out of edit mode into object mode and then we're gonna adjust this animated line as you can see it's kind of animates all the way through but you want it to be the same length as your text so you want to select this press tab to go into edit mode and it's a curve or what we call in cinema 4d spline so we have two points we have one point and then two points so you just want to make sure that this one it kind of lines up with this text so you want to kind of drag it out to the beginning of it and then the same thing for that one kind of drag it out and again if you're not seeing the move tool just press T on your keyboard and you'll see this toolbar pop up and that's the move tool alright so once you are done press tab to get out of edit mode into object mode so now we are in object mode and next what we want to do we want to change some colors so materials and the way it works is pretty simple so if you want to change this blue you just select it and then go into this material tab and in here as you can see we have it in there selected and the way it works is just one material kind of used globally so when you change this blue it would also change that one and that one as well so when you go to color and change it to something like mm let's do something like a red maybe one maybe green again as you can see I changed this one down changed and so is this one so it applies it globally and then if you want to change this red you selected and let's do something bright like blue as you can see that one changed and so did this line I believe let's try it yep and the last thing we want to do we want to change the last color which is this one right here at the light blue so select it and change it to something like yellow now let's do something bright red or orange orange is good so after that after we made all these changes you can also do whites you can select this white as you can see we have main color right here change it to something like maybe yellow and instantly we've created something different as you can see all the colors are updated and now we can hit render and to do that it's pretty simple make sure you go to output tab and here make sure everything's correct your path the file format and once you're done just go to render and then click on render animation and that is it again thank you so much for downloading this template and until next time my name is Sergey rock Nevsky and this is you chrome Mediacom [Applause]


13 Replies to “Free Motion Graphics Blender 3D Template”

  1. Blenderado 3D says:

    Good one!

  2. Utonna Udochi says:

    This is a very lovely template, i downloaded it instantly, but when i started working with it i found out that i couldn't save any work, image, or animation after hours of hard work. Is this a bug or was it designed that way,, cause it's very frustrating. i'm using blender 2.8. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  3. Ogat Ramastef says:

    thank you sergei!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahmed Younes says:

    Thanks man very much ❤️🌹
    I have one question please

    I want to change text to my logo
    How can I do that please?
    Thanks 🌺

  5. Memo Mind says:

    Create video tutorials please, step by step

  6. dommafia says:

    I have made my first improvement already. Make sure you guys go to the Object data of CIRCLE 1 and CIRCLE 2 (located in SCENE ELEMENTS collection) and go to the Bevel section and in Object Property select Stroke. This will make the 2 lines that circle around at 0:03 in this video actually show and animate in your blend file hehe.

  7. khalid Alamoodi says:

    Well nothing to say. Thanks a lot.

  8. ukrainethe future says:

    Отлично 👍🏻

  9. String Of Pearls 89 says:

    Excellent 👌👍💛

  10. dommafia says:

    Excellent, I will use what I'm learning from the paid mograph course to spice it up and see how it comes out 😎

  11. وحش الخدع والافلامVFX says:

    You can remove backgroun this video

  12. Ehab Esckondaa says:

    We want free mograph tutorial 😁 it's going to help us practice more 🌼

  13. وحش الخدع والافلامVFX says:


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