Fortnite on ULTRA LOW settings on Nvidia GPUs (GT 710)

July 31, 2019 posted by

So back in… last year. Wow. I really need to find a way to go through
my video topic list faster. Someone in the LowSpecGamer subreddit asked
if Lod Bias would work to reduce the graphics of Fortnite. If you are unfamiliar with that is or are asking why the game looks like this
welcome to the LowSpecGamer, the channel where I find ways of reducing game graphics to their
lowest and push low-end hardware to its limits. For this specific case, there are tools that
allow you to modify driver parameters to force the game to drop the graphics under what is
usually allowed. After all, if you ever been stuck gaming on
a low-end PC you will know that we all want to get the best out of our limited budget, which is a great segue into this video’s sponsor:
PlayVig. PlayVig is a service that allows you to earn
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you install the program, create an account, navigate to the game that you are going to play,
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solo. You then watch an add, start your game while the app monitors your performance
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coins that you can soon exchange for in-game items, steam credits or straight
up change for money if you so desire. So if you want to get more value from your
games, give them a try in the link the description. And thanks to them for sponsoring this video. So in order to modify driver parameters we
are going to need some tools. For Nvidia this is the Nvidia inspector linked
in the description and for other GPUs tools such as hialgo boost
and RadeonMod only work for DirectX9 which means games like Fortnite are out of reach. Let me know if I am wrong about this, I would
love to be wrong. You might be familiar with this Nvidia inspector
if you have seen some of my previous videos. Since we are limited to Nvidia I want to try
the game on this guy. This is GT 710. This GPU was released in 2016. At that point, Nvidia was already deep into
the 900 series and they released a 700 series GPU? Oh this lineup is never going to stop confusing
me. So this guy was introduced as a cheap low-end
GPU to compete with integrated graphics. There are a ton of variations of this card
that can be bought new all over the place. It is a really common GPU. Among those variations is this passively cooled
one and I will never get over how weird it is to have a completely silent GPU. Right, after installing the GPU and Nvidia
inspector you can get into the driver details over here. Enter the Fortnite profile, the one assigned
to the fortnite executables. To increase performances you can adjust parameters
such as maximum pre-rendered frames to 2 and power management to maximum performance but
if you want to go into a bit of an adventure you can enable changing the LOD Bias of the
textures. To do this you need to make sure that anti aliasing super
sampling is set to replay mode all and then change the load bias parameter. The higher the number the lower you will force
them. The lowest parameter initially allowed by
the program is 3. Going on that low of a level has dramatic
effects on the game. Every block of the map is rendered, well,
as a block from a distance which yes, does look a bit Minecraft-like. Every texture is significantly washed out,
the tress like any sort of detail and some objects do not render on its boundaries correctly
meaning that all-terrain in practice continues to be the same location but sometimes it would
seem that you are sinking in the ground. You might want to go a bit higher. Let’s ignore that impulse a go lower. Yes. Lower. The lowest value I have found is this hexadecimal
which you can copy from the description. As for the effect this has… well… (Laughs) Hahaha
Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhh no… no… we have gone too far. This is a solidly coded game. (Laughs) Oh no! What is going on? I’m really scared and confused. I have no idea, where am I going? Oh, o-ok! Alrighty then. After you get- well, the map is completely
us- unusable. Yeah well, that put me out of my misery. As entertaining as it might be I highly suggest
you do not do this as it does not only borders on what is accidental cheating but also makes
the game very difficult to play while the performance benefits plateaued long ago. Well, at least you got a kick out of it. Thank you to PlayVig for sponsoring the idea
and the Patreons for their constant support.


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    mai toaster:
    intel core i7 6500-U
    8gb of ram
    intel hd graphics 520
    Not bad but still crap compared to a real gaming computer.

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    p.d sabiendo que apareciste en un vídeo de Nate Gentile hablando español no deberías tener muchos problemas para leer este comentario así que me ahorro el escribir en ingles xd

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