Fortnite on NEW 2018 MacBook Pro (MacOS and Windows 10 Bootcamp Gameplay)

July 31, 2019 posted by

yo what is up guys Jamie here and we’re
back again with another episode so it’s no secret that Fortnite is one of the
most popular games on planet right now I mean if you haven’t heard of Fortnite
yet then you’re probably living under a rock. On the other hand Apple just
released a huge refresh to their New MacBook Pro lineup and I thought it’d be
interesting to test out if the new 2018 MacBook Pro can handle Fortnite. I mean
Apple even advertised the game on their website. Now the model I picked up is the
15 inch laptop configured with the mid-end 6-core eighth generation i7
processor an AMD Radeon pro 560 X graphics card and 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM.
Now I know Fortnite is not as well optimized for Mac than it is for Windows
so in this test we’ll run a game on the latest version of Mac OS and on Windows
10 through boot camp and without further ado let’s get started. Alright so
booting up the game on Mac OS I found out the game did take a while to load, it
took about 55 seconds to jump into the game after launching it but really
that’s not too bad I was actually expecting it to take much longer once in
the game I tried to find the closest possible resolution to 1080p because
that’s pretty much the standard resolution people play games at these
days. On Mac OS the closest possible resolution was 2048 by 1280 which is a
little more than 1080p but it’s close enough. Next I start to play around the
settings a bit to get the best possible frame rates at high settings I found
that the frame rates hover around the high 30s to 40 now this is definitely
playable but we want to shoot for frame rates around 60 to get more smooth
gameplay and after adjusting all the settings to medium and turning
post-processing to low we were able to achieve up to 60 to 70 frames per second on
average and I’m not gonna lie I was pretty impressed by the frame rates I
mean it is a Mac and Macs have never been known for gaming and the game
actually looks pretty good it didn’t look too far off on my ps4 Pro but I did
know some lag spikes from time to time when playing it on Mac OS and I’m pretty
sure this is a bug because I didn’t experience it when running on Windows 10
needless to say though you can definitely play Fortnite on Mac OS with
the new fifteen inch MacBook Pro all right so jumping into
Windows 10 through boot camp it took about 50 seconds to load the
game and that’s really only a hair faster than booting in our mac OS one
thing I noticed right off the bat however is that going from the lobby
into an actual match on Windows 10 took much less time than on Mac OS 2 to 3
times faster actually and I’m really not surprised by this because most games are
more optimized for Windows than Mac I decided to keep the same settings here I
used to get 60fps on Mac OS the only difference this time is that the
available resolution those closest to 1080p on Windows 10 was 1680 by 1050
which is a bit less than 1080p but it’s close enough and surprisingly it gave me
the same results on Windows 10 my fps stayed around the 60 mark throughout the
majority of the game while sometimes dipping down to 50 or even 40 during the
fight and again I also didn’t experience any lag spikes on Windows 10 whereas a
Mac OS I experienced multiple lag spikes throughout a match all in all the new
2018 MacBook Pro can definitely run Fortnite and it can run it pretty well
but if you do want to run Fortnite on your Mac I will definitely recommend you
install Windows with boot camp and play Fortnite on Windows 10 as the overall
experience is just much better on the Microsoft side of things
thanks for watching guys and if you like this video please give it a thumbs up
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100 Replies to “Fortnite on NEW 2018 MacBook Pro (MacOS and Windows 10 Bootcamp Gameplay)”

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    I feel like other people try to take away Apple’s fame, by saying it’s really bad for gaming, when it’s not.

  2. FrostySky1289 says:

    while im out here running my setting on low and getting 20 fps on my hp laptop xd

  3. Domas says:

    Fortnite is shit.Samp rule
    -Truth Teller

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  11. Jay Santana says:

    I have the new MacBook. I Bluetooth the Xbox controller but I’m having issues using it. Meaning it not the same button that says it is. Ex, it says A to start but I have to click B. How to do fix that. Do u have a video re setting the controller

  12. Steffanie Tang says:

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  13. Mikkel Dahl says:

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  14. Mooler says:

    Wtf this dude has 2k subs, I thought I was watching Austin Evans or something

  15. kamal455 says:

    better then my shitty laptop i get 12 fps to 20 T_T

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  17. G0D Dxrbyy says:

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  18. CJ YT says:

    Why pay $2000 when you can't receive equivalent fps rates from a gaming PC of similar prices? 😂😂

  19. CallMeWolf -_- says:

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  20. Classicss .-. says:

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  21. Fresh Snippets says:

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  31. Aiden says:

    wow im so surprised that the MacBook performed that way with fortnite… totally didn't expect that

  32. Sync says:

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    Impressed? Brother…. I play at 200+ FPS on max settings on my Alienware that costs the same as the 13 inch Touch Bar one…

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    Does boot camp cost ?
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  43. K4rnaL says:

    Nice vid and nice channel u got a new sub 👌🏽

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    Awesome channel tho! Can’t wait to see this guys channel get millions of subs!

  54. JH Gaming says:

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  55. Andre Bekker says:

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    if that was the gameplay then it was fake

  64. Legendary Gamerzzz65 says:

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  76. FREE FIRE says:


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    I'm running Fortnite on my 2018 MacBook i9 2.9Ghz 32GB DDR4 with PS4 controller. I'm impressed with performance in Bootcamp Win 10. Definitely recommend this over Mac OS.

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    $2800 for a macbook pro. Might as well build or purchase a gaming pc

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    1:59 he's actually bad lol

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    Is it normal if the macbook overheats like crazy when playing fortnite??? i have a macbook 2018 pro please answer if you know the answer 🙂 Ty

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    $3000 for a MacBook when I bought my PC and Monitor under $1500, yikes…

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    I play Fortnite on my iPad Pro 10.5”. However I just got a MacBook Pro 2017 (Core i5, 3.1Ghz, TouchBar, 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports) and I decided to run Fortnite on it. Well with all low graphics and 3D resolution all the way up… It wasn’t that bad.. But it wasn’t great. I turned the 3D resolution down to around 55-60 and it didn’t look horrific and played decently at around 30-50fps.. Then I went on Microsoft and downloaded the Windows 10 iso and partitioned it with BootCamp. I ran Fortnite on that with the same settings and oh yeah… We’re talking about 80-110fps… I turned up the settings a decent amount and I’m getting 50-60fps with pretty much no lag in game or in fights. Now all I have to do is play good on that platform…

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