FNAF SISTER LOCATION SONG | “You Can’t Hide” by CK9C [Official SFM]

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CK9C Presents… “You Can’t Hide” Bring you down here, in the dead of night. Keep you working, try to survive! We are secretly watching you… too… Trying our best, To Get At You RUN! ♪♪♪ You can run, you can’t hide. We’ll always seek, we’ll always find! You can run, but you can’t hide. We’ll always seek, we’ll always find! You can run, you can try. You can run BUT You. Can’t. HIDE. You can run, you can try. YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE! They’re laughing while finding (finding), I’m hiding, I’m trying (trying), I feel like she’s lying (lying), I feel like I’m dying (dying). She’s guiding me quietly (quietly), Instructing me blindly (blindly), Afraid of what might be (might be), I feel like I’m dying. HIDE! ♪♪♪ Funtime Freddy: I hear a sound. Bon-Bon: It’s prolly just a mouse! FF: I see them in the dark! BB: I only saw a spark! FF: I know there’s someone there! BB: Not as far as I’m aware. FF: Why don’t you believe me? Maybe you’re right… BB: It’s just another night. FF: But I heard a creak! BB: Just go back to sleep. FF: I’m always quick to rage! BB: So go back to your stage!… Wait… now I hear it! RUN! Funtime Freddy: What’s that sound?! I know someone’s there. Hiding in the shadows, thinking I was unaware! Well… Who’s that I see? The Birthday Boy-To-Be? Well let’s invite him over, hurry up before he’s bolder! Oh, Bon-Bon! Let’s make this FUN! You can’t deter me this time. No, I’m done! I won’t go back to my stage, It’s my new trend. Well, let’s go say “hi” to the new friend! ♪♪♪ ♪♪♪ Funtime Freddys Kill Mode ♪♪♪ Funtime Freddy: I knew I was right, to think I would find you over here… *Laughter* … Well isn’t it intriguing that. You seem to be just, a little bit wary. Of Bon-Bon and me… Well there’s no need… ♪♪♪ Tuba ♪♪♪ We know you want to deactivate us. But we just can’t let that happen! ♪♪♪ Tuba ♪♪♪ Every night ALWAYS it never changes! But we can make… … Accidents happen… ♪♪♪ Tuba ♪♪♪ We can make…accidents happen. We can make…accidents happen. ♪♪♪ Tuba ♪♪♪ We can make…accidents happen. We can make…accidents happen! Thanks for watching! Captions made by the community! Funtime Dance Floor: ♪ Funtime watching you at night! ♪ Funtime Foxy: ♪ Come here, never fear our bite! ♪ ♪ Don’t scream, you’ll just make it worse! ♪ Lolbit: ♪ This dance is our undying curse… ♪


100 Replies to “FNAF SISTER LOCATION SONG | “You Can’t Hide” by CK9C [Official SFM]”

  1. [CK9C] ChaoticCanineCulture says:

    Have you heard our latest and greatest FNAF song yet??? “They’ll Keep You Running” – https://youtu.be/EMLwtpuccLM

  2. macky abaton says:

    cool song you can't hide

  3. Christian Gamer Duck says:

    omg KENZA WHY WHY HI ALL PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS KENZA WHEN YOU GET IN TO SCHOOL WE OUR GOING TO TALK uh sorry people in the comments shes my friend from school but i have a youtube chanel

  4. Kali Warner says:

    Fun time freddy:you can't hide.
    Me: hides outside
    Fun time freddy: damnit

  5. Joshua Thomas says:


  6. Сергей Перцев says:

    Cool bars near

  7. Purple Girl says:


  8. ROBLOX ROBOT says:

    2:24 my favorite part

  9. Amanda Bernal says:

    What in the you little monster !

  10. Nacho ZTA Loquendo 908 says:

    Epic 💪👍👏👏👏👏

  11. who cares says:

    This song is pretty dope just saying 🙂

  12. tita lopez says:

    Funtime freddy

  13. Ka0skid 5 says:

    * I didnt hear a sound,*

  14. Dakota plays says:

    This is not your it's try hard ninjas

  15. Kenny is The king says:

    I haven’t seen this song in so long xD

  16. МухамметАли Zeynalovajzjwnchdu says:

    20:00 23:00

  17. Rayden Cristini says:

    2:37 funtime freddy is out of control

  18. Rayden Cristini says:

    3:11 is scary

  19. Rosa Flores says:

    Dale like si hablas español ,si te gusta FNAF y si te gustó la animación

  20. Godzillafan6398 King of the monsters says:

    wait if funtime Freddy has to skins in the face does that mean his face is extra protected? jeez I'm starting to wonder how hard it took the scooper to scoop up his face.

  21. Victoria Brito says:


  22. Ruth Galvez says:

    La canción la canción fue fascinante sube más videos por favor si sabes yo mi mamá se llama Ruth Ya mi amor ya no quiero que me estés escribiendo porque bueno no me creas Dame un mensaje algo porque eres mejor mejor Bueno no sé cantante o sea videos de su impresionante las canciones que ponen son impresionantes quisiera que pongas así que

  23. Water Malone says:

    Funtime Freddy:I hear something non non
    Bon bon:probably a butter fly

    Funtime Freddy: sees night guard running with cupcakes


    BON BON:it’s just a cup cake

    Funtime freddy:*slaps bon bon* GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF

    Bon bon: OW

    Night guard:*running under the elevator but gets hits by hit*

    Bon bon:welp to late stupid

    Funtime Freddy:I’m not stupid that was the night guard!

  24. gm marroquin says:

    i totally nailed the couras

  25. payton soltys says:


  26. nahh YURIO'S says:

    I may be yuri from ddlc but that doesn't mean i cant have good taste in music!!….

  27. Hadi Rahimi says:

    ummmmmmmm ck9c freddy

  28. gail anderson says:


  29. Erdbeere sein Vater says:

    I love 3:13 he is like 👽☠️💀

  30. Sr. Jio says:

    For me its great 1.25x speed

  31. construcciones sercom says:

    Too you present you can run

  32. Caah Gacha says:

    Odeio está

  33. Carlos Duarte Ramirez says:


  34. Carlos Duarte Ramirez says:


  35. dewayne lee says:

    My favourite part is 2:00 to 2:47

  36. esdmklmny doğruk says:

    Omay gat

  37. FRED DE FHS says:

    Canción shidori :v

  38. Killbuzz says:

    Oh bon-bon

  39. Cosplay_girl Uploaded_Alter-ego says:

    1 Like= a free bonbon puppet

    1 Comment= a free F. Freddy toy

  40. Darniesha Cooper says:

    Good vid! I loved it

  41. Хиаоми Ноте 5 says:

    @'#,?#! Божию

  42. Хиаоми Ноте 5 says:

    Чё аа понел

  43. Lily Seegerts says:

    Who is watching this in 2019. My friend:hey what type of games do you play??? Me:….. Eh umm f-five nights a Freddy's my friend: and I opp- dies me: :I

  44. Lily Seegerts says:

    Lol who thinks I'm crazy my favorite part is the time he turns evil

  45. Ugh Why says:

    This was uploaded on my bday 🤪

  46. Brooke Stringfield says:

    3:09 best park periodt sis 3:09

  47. Zamira Astorga says:


  48. La fan numero 1 di FNAF Pieroni says:

    I love fnaf ❤❤❤

  49. Maria Leonor says:


  50. Aiminath Faruha says:


  51. xXRayRay_GachaXx says:

    What do you think would happen if they saw a kid walking around the placr

  52. Juli El troll Master xD says:

    nostalgia 🙂

  53. Honey and Lemon Tears says:

    YEAH I can run so that means I can escape-

  54. DARK GAMER says:

    (Canción shidori) :v xD

  55. Carlos Duarte Ramirez says:


  56. Carlos Duarte Ramirez says:


  57. Carlos Duarte Ramirez says:


  58. Abraham evolution says:

    Me gusta

  59. Gabriel Silva says:

    Funtime fredy mito hoje

  60. LiyahBear1207 • says:

    2017: *me and my weird siblings singing this song and my parents thinking there is something is wrong with us*

    2018: ew why did we like this we were weirdos this song is creepy.

    2019: tRyInG oUr BeSt To GeT aT yOu

  61. Usuario Libre says:


  62. Crazbii YT says:

    I remember me and my friend used to sing this song together but now he moved away, so every time I hear this song I cry 93% of the time.

  63. forever halo says:

    Canción chidori : V

  64. Shelko Tornado says:

    Why now i m not scared to fnaf thats weird

  65. Anna Kronawetter says:

    Please make more this is so cool

  66. Lyann Eunice Isaac says:

    I haven't watch this one 2 years ago

  67. Злой Арбузик says:

    Я: * убегаю от проблем *
    Проблемы:* до самого конца меня находят*

  68. Злой Арбузик says:

    3:18 тот момент , когда после 30 минут игры в прятки нашел друга

  69. miluska zuñiga says:

    Hola adoro tus vídeos tengo 8 años y adoro fnaf! Te quiero ❤️

  70. Melissa Jones says:

    Did you know fun time foxy is a boy

  71. •berru •cakes says:

    R.I.P bon bon trown like a poke ball I choose you bon bon

  72. Reboot Master says:

    Why is Afton walking away from Funtime Freddy on 2:47?

  73. Aili says:

    oh this feels like nastoliga. But it’s only been 2 years.

  74. Let’s PARK JIMIN says:

    I’m selling replay buttons 🙂
    0:00 4:49
    0:00 4:49
    0:00 4:49
    0:00 4:49
    0:00 4:49
    0:00 4:49
    Your so very NOT welcome 🙂

  75. Bernie Addit says:

    Five Nights at Freddy

  76. Bernie Addit says:

    Five Nights at Freddy

  77. Hau Mung says:

    Funtime freddy:What a party potter

    Funtime freddy in this video: What?

    Funtime freddy:Thats not my voice and i don't sing like that

  78. Tariq Tanimoun says:


    Ff: opens face:

    Me: NOPE

  79. Sante Barley Europe says:

    is dis. real

  80. Lliam Jolley says:

    Awsome music

  81. ChimChim_Gaming YT ØwØ says:

    Who is scared? Probably Minors are watchingi remember Watching this 2 years ago i was so scared at first

  82. Maryam Alieva says:


  83. Mr Purple says:

    When im slepping at my friends house im freddy and my friend is bonnie 2:00😂😂😂

  84. 「 b q b y c l x u d 」 says:

    2:00 to 2:47 just reminds me of my dad hearing a sound and my mom just saying oMl shUsh iTs nOthinf, the she hears it, and it’s me like sneaking ice cream, but then my dad comes down and starts yelling freakishly cause I have ice cream, and then I genuinely hide-

  85. GoodGuyPurple says:

    this made funtime freddy my favorite characther lmao

  86. Purple peppermint says:

    This sfm is amazing!

  87. Nicolas Mendez says:

    Que buena canción ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ)

  88. Jeffrey Rincon says:

    Que pro es la mejor cancion

  89. daydream lol says:

    Best song ever bro ✌🏻😌



  91. LuckDaGamer Videos says:


  92. Hyunjinnie's _Baee says:

    Im legit bonnie tho at 2:00

  93. phonegirl 965 says:

    Who's still listening to this in 2019? Only me? Okah :')

  94. BRAYOT Койот says:

    Я один тут русский?

  95. manny Little says:

    I love this song

  96. Laily Candy says:

    1:59 to 2:23 my preferred part 😀

  97. Oneoff inmobiliaria y proyectos says:

    Me: Poor Michael, he’s just a poor night guard.
    Animatronics: ╮(╯_╰)╭

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