Final Fantasy 15 / XV Benchmark Tool – GTX 1050 ti – 1080p – 720p – i3 6100 – Windows Edition

July 30, 2019 posted by

hello everyone I’m Cindy Rosendale entering gonna be testing Final Fantasy 15 windows Edition benchmark on the geforce gtx 750ti for performance monitoring I’ll be using cam if you want to download the software those lengths down in the description and if you want to support me there are humble and Amazon affiliate links down in the description as well so Final Fantasy 15 benchmark I’ll be doing in 1080p and 720p explain why in a second to skip down at those sections of the video check the description below so well first of all I’m testing these two resolutions other than 50 Ti and I explain each of the quality settings plus some of the stuff that you should know first of all what I would recommend if the final game runs like this is to use 1080p standard quality or jazz 720p standard something like that but I go directly into what you want to hear about the options menu watch each option does so we can only choose three resolutions 720p 1080p and 4k you don’t have any other resolution options then on the quality options you have light quality standard quality and high quality so light quality is the lowest setting and according to the website from Square Enix is this is a reduced graphical setting that disables light reflection and anti-aliasing calculations the resolution for the shadows will be low the resolution for the level of detail distance and textures we also be reduced so light quality is the minimum settings for saying it’s a weight under standard quality it says this is the standard quality setting for a PC that means recommended specifications so we have pretty much standard quality nothing else it looks pretty similar to high though and then on high quality it says this setting will activate the Heian graphical features incorporated into Final Fantasy 15 such as a myriad of effects Nvidia hair works Nvidia flow etc the resolution of shadows and textures as well as the LOD distance which is level of detail distance will also increase under this setting a graphics card with a significant amount of B Ram is required to use it so in a nutshell high quality means NVIDIA game works features higher resolution shadows and textures and you can see more interest level of detail distance is very increased and it says studied uses a lot of erm so yeah I highly hope that this is not what the final game will have only three presets and three resolutions to choose from it will be very disappointing if you ask me because you cannot tweak the game how you liked you only have three options and three resolutions nothing else so yeah this is a side-by-side comparison I’ll compare different resolutions on high standard light so you can see the performance differences of each but you guys that’s pretty much it I hope you keep enjoying the video thanks for watching and hopefully the final game has more options see you next time this is a new one you’re good you’re good you’re good and stop see you around ready for more you bet let’s hit it [Music] easy now [Applause] [Applause] thanks for the ride nice riding with you hmm it’s show time this is a new one [Applause] [Applause] [Music]


100 Replies to “Final Fantasy 15 / XV Benchmark Tool – GTX 1050 ti – 1080p – 720p – i3 6100 – Windows Edition”

  1. Happy Life WISH says:

    Already played this…… Sadly there's no reply value😰

  2. MARWANZ says:

    this game requires a 1080 ti as a recommended gpu

  3. System Tankian says:

    el simulador de pesca luce genial

  4. Harshit Varma says:

    Wil You Do the Same With R5 1400 ?

    Edit: Great as always And Btw You Own A GTX 1080 Ti ?

  5. emerson henrique says:

    santiago the best 🙂

  6. Ghanou Amr says:

    I3 4160 and rx 560 4gb,what i might wait for as a result?low or standard??

  7. sensei168 says:

    Espero la versión con el 750ti

  8. Miguel Maningas says:

    Can you please do it with i3 6100 and 1050 2gb? Thanks.

  9. patataman •_• says:

    it looks like shit though

  10. ArtifiShuL Instinct says:

    Interesting how the lite mode seems to use more CPU a lot of the time for some reason

  11. ArtifiShuL Instinct says:

    So you think 1080p standard is a playable smooth enough framerate? Some games have a horrible 30fps while others are ok like ryse.

  12. Discord says:

    They want it labelled as a benchmark similar to firestrike for example. I'd strongly believe that the game version is nothing like the benchmark in terms of quality tweaking. To be honest, they should've called this something else than what they did as it kind of confused people as I've noticed. Bottom line is: don't freak out about the port just yet.

    Ps. Oh and great job on the video as always Santiago. Stellar quality

    Edit* I was right :)))

  13. The Gintama6 says:

    Cannot wait for the game's release… HYPE!!!

  14. CrissCHG says:

    Acaba de salir ff xii en steam lo vas a probar ?

  15. Ak47 says:

    Pretty sure its the hairwork thats holding it back

  16. Mauky says:

    Parece genial el juego, yo lo probe en mi PC y me anda en "lite" a 30-40-50 pero no baja de 30, con eso me basta y me sobra, no seran 60 pero con tal de jugar esta preciosura no tengo problemas

  17. Davis1337 says:

    Wtf is this game lmao

  18. Subi_fan says:

    Looks a lot like GR Wildlands and runs just as shitty.

  19. thekntmovie says:

    Seems like it's not using too much RAM so I guess that 30fps would be pretty much stutter free. Still hoping for more customization because I really want 60fps

  20. elyes neffati says:

    this benchmark required internet connection ?

  21. Артём Артём says:

    any game ff series on pc have shitty optimization so 3 graphic settings is the norm for square enix XD , console port

  22. scythe says:

    why don't you use the g4560 anymore

  23. Hxsher says:

    how do u download it its asking me something about disk

  24. The Gintama6 says:

    So standard setting would resemble what ps4 version looks like?

  25. misterPAINMAKER says:

    Very good optimization.

  26. ShigeryDingo says:

    ryzen next please

  27. NND says:

    Rip ps4 pro haha

  28. Uragan5 says:

    ran like shit on my PC, that is all I can say. Frame rate all over the place and major stutter, I tried the demo on an SSD.

  29. kertasputih says:

    I'm gonna buy this game 😀

  30. Shiro Gintoki says:

    Please, GTX 1060 6GB!

  31. Reign Of Dubstep says:

    pretty bad optimisation like any japanese games…

  32. Jared Van Cooten says:


  33. zman2748 says:

    ooooooooooooooh I cant wait to play this game again!

  34. Giang Meow says:

    Fastest benchmarker alive

  35. MateoDeBonis says:

    1080p High Settings
    Lock 30fps with RTSS finalfantasyxv.exe
    Add motion Blur to the max
    Set half-Rate V-Sync in the Driver Settings
    Play FXV like PS4 with better graphics and smooth 30fps

    or just buy a monster pc to run it 60fps 😀

  36. Chaidir Chalaf says:

    Thanks Santiago, I don't have to download the benchmark tool 😀

  37. Samuel Puenteblanca says:

    Saw this benchmark tool just earlier, but was too lazy to download it coz file size. Went here and saw you already have a video for it. Thumbs up for fast video upload and benchmarks dude.

  38. Papu Firion says:

    El juego de los Korea Street Boys pide bastante PC al parecer… pero se ve bien 😀

  39. rkdheewon says:

    Nice vid as always! What's the reason behind choosing i3 6100 over g4560?

  40. Raging Doge says:

    can u try gtx 1050?


    Sir please makes Gtx 960 2 gb benchmark of new games

  42. komail ahmed says:

    Do u think this game is unoptimized

  43. Martin Av8 says:

    1050ti standard 1080p lock to 30fps seems the sweetspot in this case :'D

  44. CrissCHG says:

    Se podrian ver mismos resultados con el g4560? Se que hiciste un vs con el i3 pero digo a vos que te parece

  45. Gauranga Banerjee says:

    Ryzen 3 1200 plz test

  46. Nick El Sword says:

    Momento, sos de Uruguay?

  47. LOOK ARIAS says:

    Cuando sale el juego ?

  48. Take Hiro LOL says:

    If you have a AMD card, do not even try it at High. Don't do it!!!

  49. RedLife 26 says:

    Good Job. Thx you for this benchmarks.

  50. Alvaro Costalago says:

    Como has conseguido que te funcione MSI Afterburner en la prueba? En mi caso, si lo tengo activado no me carga el benchmark.

  51. FdPros says:

    I was just about to ask how my gtx 1050 ti 4gb would run and then i saw this

  52. alian ollo says:

    and the 1070 oc?

  53. Bloodwynn Toadstool says:

    I got a score of 8900 with my 3570k & Strix 1070 on standard quality & on high a score of 6471. both on 1080p resolution…

  54. osama ali says:

    optimization ?

  55. Maratuer says:

    WOW i didn't expected at all this level of very poor performance . That's ridiculus!!! This time they haven't done a bad work of optimization , No. Instead they consciously tried to make the worst optimization possible and so the better unoptimization on the market !!! ARK now have a contestant for the throne.

  56. Cristian D says:

    Happy to see 1050ti can play game like this at standart setting.

  57. Gamesfan34260 says:

    1080p low on a 1050 Ti and not even getting a minimum of 60?
    Square, what the hell man?

  58. Ay Gallino says:

    Hazlo con el ryzen 1200

  59. Ghost Assassin says:

    standart settings is better than ps4, good job 1050ti

  60. anthonyorm says:

    do you have amd cards to test this with?

  61. Bakuhaatsu says:

    guess i'm playing on standard preset at my 1366×768 resolution…

  62. GAMESPLAY GTX 1060 EVGA says:

    me da 6500 con mi i7 2600k y la 1060 de 6gb en standard

  63. Derek Ariel Calderon says:

    30fps on standard good enough to enjoy it imo

  64. Childish Sadbino says:

    What settings do you think I’ll be using with my rig? 2GB GTX950, i3-3240, 8GB RAM

  65. Shin Renzoku says:

    My spec is
    i3 4170 ram 8gb, gtx 1050ti 4gv. Can i play it?

  66. Large Dong Mirag3 says:

    Won't like it still looks like shit at High Setting

  67. jose jurado says:

    desde hace tiempo que no sale un cutreport con los malditos ̶s̶h̶i̶t̶w̶o̶r̶k̶s̶ gameworks

  68. Bochi says:

    For some weird reason i cant get the Benchmark to open.. any ideas? anyone else have this issue ?

  69. Joe o_Ø says:

    can i play it with
    gtx 1050 ti 4gb
    8GB ram?

  70. Renaldy Kuan says:

    Increíble Benchmark sería bueno que las de más compañías lanzaran este tipo de herramienta

  71. Mr X says:

    I'm so hyped up right now, just pre-ordered the game today. Can't wait to play it in 4K high settings, it's going to suck that most people won't be able to experience gameplay in 4K.

  72. Detmer says:

    Once again Nvidia got caught sabotaging the performance using Nvidia GameWorks:

    Publication needs to be rectified!

  73. nikolygtx says:

    Another fail pc port, that i will ignore for sure

  74. Ghoushick Ashok says:

    Do for g4560 and 1050 ti

  75. stephen plays says:

    Will I have a better experience cause I have 15gb of ram free but still have a 1050ti

  76. apalanke99 says:

    Alguien sabe porque no me habre el ejecutable para configurar??? El que dice " ffxvbench"??

  77. Cheap Game Deals! says:

    Is it worth upgrading from 2133mhz RAM to 2400mhz? Will there be any noticeable difference? I have a G4600 and am getting a GTX 1050ti soon. Cheers!

  78. Jesse Cameron says:

    HELP ! the benchmark tools ignore my external GPU and use the integrated graphic card instead. What should i do?

  79. Zxaccel says:

    Santiago porque el uso del CPU es mayor en la calidad "lite" que en las otras 2? Acaso es porque tiene una mayor tasa de frames? Saludos

  80. Ghost Assassin says:

    Santiago is no 1

  81. DO NKenta says:

    See this video before make conclussions about FF XV benchmark perfomance. Gameworks……

    and the article:

  82. Russia Good says:

    lol the game runs worse than the standard PS4 even on a GTX 1050ti

  83. Shiro Shunsuke says:

    I keep hearing him say Santiel Santiel

  84. Sparky NovantaNove says:

    Does Ryzen 3 bottleneck or will it run like this?

  85. Scarface RGF says:

    I got a score of 6000 with amd rx 480 black edition and amd fx 8350 at stardard

  86. Diego Fernandez says:

    Santiago el juego en PC tendra mas opciones a como de lugar de forma oficial o con mods (lo hermoso de tener un PC) jajaj

  87. Andrei Delgado says:

    Hi there, mind if I ask if it will it work on a 940MX and i5 7200u? Thanks!

  88. Eeiiaane says:

    Damn, even at a 720p resolution, still can't handle this game on high on a GTX 1050 TI, this is quite sad for me too..

  89. Kriz Kuervo says:

    sabes que tal corre final fantasy xiii y sus secuelas con esta configuracion?

  90. Exzo Bree says:

    I'm never get tired by your "I'm Santiao Santiao" during the intro!

  91. The A Designer says:

    about i3 6100? =D

  92. Tresna Aji says:

    Looking forward for your gtx 750 ti benchmark, and if it playable im gonna buy the game and play the shit out of it, thanks mr. Santiago!

  93. Mazhaa Secondary says:

    I have an AMD Ryzen 7 1700 , 12Gb of RAM and GTX 1050 Oc I got 40fps in 1080p high graphics is it good ?

  94. xxxstubiguyxxx says:

    I'm actually getting a solid 60 on 720p, standard Settings on my i5 6400, 8GB RAM, GTX 1050ti.

    I'm getting 35-40 on standard settings and 25-30 on High in 1080p.

  95. Santiago Santiago. says:

    UPDATE: Testing the Playable DEMO at the game has options there, finally!

  96. Santiago Santiago. says:

    Full game test here:

  97. outSider Cain says:

    I'm so f*cked, my 970 just burned on PUBG and I have to buy a 1050Ti because of miners…
    I'll update my comment for ingame result. (970 was on high [email protected]). Got the 1050Ti in 1 hour.

  98. khai nur says:

    Gtx 1050 ti 2g? Is that. Ok👌

  99. Emroze says:

    I love you, thanks so much for this benchmark!

  100. Y2J Only Pablo says:

    Wtf you are argentino?,i mean your acent dude its weard ah hahaha xD

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