Fan noise level and GPU temperature of the 27″ iMac 2017 i5 with the Radeon Pro 580

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Hi guys welcome to the world of Pierre, I
am Pierre and today I want to talk about fans okay not these fans, the fans on the
iMac 2017 actually one fan! So I did a few videos on gaming on an iMac and I
got quite a few comments people asking about the fan noise and also the core
temperature of the GPU so take off your shirt it’s gonna get really hot in here!
So fan noise it can be very distracting when you game on a laptop especially
there is a dedicated graphics card it will get really hot so a few months ago
I bought the Dell XPS 15 and it comes with a gtx 1050 and i tried to play PUBG
with this and after a while the fan kicks in and it’s very very distracting
so i had to return it. And let’s be honest you will always hear the fan when
you play some heavy games on the laptop but there is a difference between
audible and distracting. The iMac is not a gaming laptop but because there is a
lot of power crammed into this small chassis I understand what a lot of
people have been asking me, actually two people [Beep] two people have been asking me about core temperature for the GPU and also the fan noise on this machine. And before we talk about fan noise, they talk about temperature because the two
are linked. So to get the temperature I installed two free software the first one is
called Open Hardware Monitor and the second one is called Macs Fan Control. But I still have my 2012 iMac with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 MX so I used that model as well, I did some tests on that model to give you a bit of an idea and
compared the two and show you how the 2017 model is doing compared to the 2012
model. So for the ambient temperature I mean the temperature inside the chassis
the new iMac runs cooler on idle the latest iMac runs 10 degrees cooler in
the same room with the same fan speed of 1200 RPM.
As the difficulty of the task increases the RPM rises but the ambient
temperature barely changes. And by the way 3000 RPM cannot be right since the
maximum speed is 2640 So it must be a bug.
All I can say is the fan is at the top speed when I play PUBG. With the GPU it
gets really hot! The temperatures are quite low on both
machines when watching movies or normal use but as soon as you start gaming the
GPU gets hot and reaches around 91C You can note that the
temperature of 2017 are quite similar to the 2012 but at a lower RPM and as you
will see there is an impact on noise. There are not a lot of information about
what normal temperature is for a GPU for that model in particular, there is not a
lot of information. I found an article about Nvidia cards and they talk
about a maximum of 105 Celsius. So I would say 91 is not ideal but is
acceptable. So before I join to the fan noise level, here comes a few slides in
Fahrenheit for my lovely u.s. viewers So for the sound level, I use on a free
app on Android called Sound Level, so take these stats with a pinch of salt. So
when the Mac is of the noise level in my room are 23 decibels. You also get 23
decibels when the iMac is on idle and when watching Netflix. Both iMacs are
completely silent. When gaming the fan of the 2012 model has to spin way faster
than the newer iMac to keep the GPU cool hence a higher noise level which can be
a bit distracting. So the bottom line is on a 2017 model the fan performs much
better than 2012 and manages to cool the system at a lower RPM and keep the noise level to a minimum even under load. The fan is very quiet when you’re on
idle or when you watch a movie so if you hear anything and there is something
wrong with your iMac and you should go back to Apple and get it fixed or get a new one. You can only notice the fan when you play some very demanding games like Witcher 3 or some poorly optimized game like PUBG. Voila I hope you enjoyed
this video as you can see the cooling under 2017 iMac is pretty good even with
an 8GB Radeon Pro 580. It will keep the card cool…ok not cool but you
know, not too hot so it’s pretty impressive and it doesn’t make a lot of
noise. If you want to cool down GPU even more you can install Macs Fan Control and increase the RPM of the fan. You will cool down the card but you would get a
higher noise when you game on this computer so it’s up to you.
Thumbs up if you liked the video, let me know if you have some comments or if you have some questions and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I’ll see you
very soon. Bye bye so I bought a Dell XPS a few months ago
and I tried to play some PUBG and I had to return it it was too distracting and
it sounded a bit like [high pitch sound] when the iMac is more like [low pitch sound] you know…that’s not weird at all.


21 Replies to “Fan noise level and GPU temperature of the 27″ iMac 2017 i5 with the Radeon Pro 580”

  1. ThePilou007 says:

    Excellent merci

  2. Juha says:

    In addition to macsfancontrol it's also possible to use "radeon chill" setting, which helps somewhat with heat issues in games.. only works in bootcamp and with drivers from bootcampdrivers though.

  3. Mr_Iraner says:

    Which one would be better for playing games?
    Imac with:
    i5 7600k + Radeon Pro 580
    i7 7700k + Radeon Pro 575

  4. Jose Garcia says:

    Gracias por la explicación. Saludos.

  5. Bretel Julien says:

    Bonjour Pierre ! Thanks for the video. In my case, I've the i7/RP580 5K iMac version and the i7 is really hot ! If I don't change manually the fan' speed it will hit regularly the 100°c. It's less often with Mac Fan Control but it still happens overall with the game loadings.I went to an Apple Store to know if it's abnormal but they tested it and said it's normal, the i7 is a "deep fryer"…. (on the other hand, the GPU seems to be cool enough). I don't know how to prevent it.
    It happens on MacOS (Sierra) but on Bootcamp too. I really want to keep away high temperatures but not by loosing the guarantee… Side effect is the wear of fans but it is better than the CPU burning ^^. If somebody found a way to reduce temperatures, I'm really curious to know how :). Merci ! Thanks.

  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, is there a difference with the 2017 i5 vs i7 fan noise? Which one are you reviewing in this video? (I need something quiet for studio recording, most of my software recommends i7, but if its louder that will be problematic when recording) ~Thanks

  7. Joshua says:

    Woa! I play some heavy games and I haven’t reached those high temps. It did get hot before, but after reseting the smc and installing monity to view fan and temps it has been running good and staying under 114 F . I think it does get hotter running Fortnite for some reason, but not 191, that is terrible and not good. 2017 imac Radeon 580

  8. Shpend Mula says:

    I don't see a problem with fans kicking in when the machine starts getting hot. That is a completely normal behaviour, fans should kick in! The problem is when fans kick in with delay, allowing the logic board to fry for extended times. And especially it is worrying when the fans are unable to cool the logic board enough. That shows that something is wrong with the way it has been designed. High temperatures are not a good thing. In a couple of years of heavy use there can be problems with chips needing to be reflown or reballed or replaced which is a risky fix that can destroy the logic board.

  9. A S says:

    3:06 – 3:18 cracked me up xD amazing videos my man. I was on the fence, but you've convinced me about the iMac.
    P.S. I make videos for the American audience but luckily they are high school chem videos – so Celsius works mostly, which is why I had to add this comment 🙂

  10. A S says:

    Also, I love the framing in all your videos. I gotta practice standing still in my videos, I am crazy animated usually cos otherwise kids will sleep is what I used to think. I am gonna try your approach, I find it to be impeccable. Short, crisp and clear sentences, and perfectly centred videos, really like them! I am guessing when you talk it is impromptu?

  11. h34p says:

    So the whole world goes crazy about 32db… wow..

  12. Resurrtronics says:

    Hi, at what temperature does the fan kick in? I have the i5-7600k version and I cant seem to get the fan to kick in even under full load. I’ve tried running benchmarks non-stop, and still can’t get the fan to kick in. The cpu hovers at 80-90c at full load and never goes over 90c, but the fan does not turn on. I’m starting to think my fan might be broken, because I have never heard it kick in before.

  13. TAPP Channel says:

    are you getting that fan loud?? It was quiet and quick for the first 6months and now fan turns on even when I watch youtube and my FCPX is so slow! I Can't edit anything without making an optimized media!! Previously it was going smooth straight from the external hard drive… Any suggestions???

  14. The World of Pierre says:

    Hello mate, no my fan is quiet. Go back to the Apple store and tell them to look into it, that's not normal.

  15. techsimmons says:

    If I base fan speed on GPU diode with a 55-95 range, my temps rarely get above 75 no matter what I'm doing.

  16. Restelo 2009 says:

    You should state that you are reviewing the i5….fan noise is a problem for the i7!

  17. irshaid tayyeb says:

    Hi, do you recommend i7 7700 without the "K" it has lower TDP, i have iMac 2017 27" with i5 7600 "without K" ,, i already teared down my iMac. i do video editing " Not 4k" , will i notice the difference.

  18. Jeff Jones says:

    Hi Pierre, I am considering buying the exact model you tested. Have you played the division or the new division 2 on it? I’m upgrading from a late 2013 i7 iMac with 4G video. If so what did/do you think of the performance? Merci. Jeff

  19. lova368 says:

    I was about to buy 27"imac model that is upgradable to i7 but seeing the fan noise problem i guess i'll get the non upgradable i5 model instead.

  20. Andy Imrie says:

    2640 is not max fan speed, 3600 is.

  21. Shawn mars says:

    hi. I use my 2019 imac 21.5inch, i5 RX560 playing Overwatch. Is it bad for my imac in 80 ˚C or 85 ˚C when I gaming?

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