Fallout 4: Frost – Permadeath {Akira} | Ep 101 "Birds & Bots"

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28 Replies to “Fallout 4: Frost – Permadeath {Akira} | Ep 101 "Birds & Bots"”

  1. Penelope Jenna Hensley says:

    The ending almost gave me a heart attack :')
    Will be buying myself my very first piece of YouTube merch, an Akira shirt. Been waiting for this piece a long time!

  2. jon hillman says:

    akira lives on the edge.

  3. Birth Right says:


  4. Mr. Natural says:

    that was a close call 😉

  5. R4msden 2K19 says:

    Are we near a military establishment?

    Better eat some blamco…

    A Rycon original ladies and gentlemen…

  6. Duke Domo says:

    Being on the road and not taking all the food you've found with you… arrrgh. Also Bubblegum drops your hunger level and counts as food

  7. Mistah Bryan says:

    @19:01, I support that decision,if any MAJOR fan wants to find out how many bottles Rycon has lost during Akira's play I think it'd be quite amusing 🙂

  8. Mistah Bryan says:

    1 Ghoul dislikes this video

  9. Sunset Rider says:

    “What’s the deal with all these assault bots?” – Jerry Seinfeld, 2288 @30:18 LOL

  10. Agrona says:

    Uh oh… Is your power armor using a Stealthboy? LOL Welcome back Rycon and Akira!! 🙂

  11. John Gleeman says:

    Akira literally seeing a burning bush in this episode. XD

  12. Clamantstone says:

    you should have a custom companion of a skyrim version of Kira from fallout frost

  13. David Rice says:

    Totally can see Akira just smashing the bottle on the ground like Thor, “BRING ME ANOTHER!”

  14. xgauge x says:

    Anyone notice akira looks like doom guy in the thumbnail?

    She basicly is doomguy alternate universe

  15. Impfist says:

    I bet that command note that talks about King Arthur is a reference to nuka world. I think the transit station is not to far from where you are

  16. Laura Adams says:

    This looks and sounds like an actual war zone. Incredible.

  17. Markus D says:

    I think i saw Buffjet in your inventory, could be something to think about next time Akira gets cooked 😉

  18. Sunset Rider says:

    The artwork in the thumbnail is amazing! Why isn’t your recon scope tagging hostile targets with a red diamond above their head so you can see them moving around? It worked several episodes back

  19. Paul Mab says:

    love the artwork!

  20. gmeyer1324 says:

    I don't think you need 5 fusion cores at a time. You have maxed out cores and they last forever now. I think you have only used 3 or 4 for the entire run in total.

  21. AppalachiaNord says:

    Remember to update the honour wall, Imperator. 🙂 I'm proud to announce you have a new Optio!

  22. Evil Taco says:


  23. TheJackAtk says:

    Being cautious is completely fine by me. I do wish that you wouldnt give up on Akira's sanity though, with enough booze and mentats anyone can come back. Just craft 1 spare antibiotics, eat all the mentats, drink from the river, use the rad arch to remove the rads and then antibiotics at the end.

  24. xxZombiePANxx says:

    Have you thought about doing a New California play through l?

  25. Keir Tyson says:

    Holy crap!!!

  26. Camden Barron says:

    holy, great video, I just wanted to say I love the new cover art, if anyone's earned a more personal cover art its akira and her record survival time

  27. Crispy Bacon says:

    Don't do that to me Rycon! Don't change the artwork on the thumbnail like that, I almost missed out on another great episode!

  28. JTanic Production says:

    Nice video rycon 👍🏾👍🏾 can you do a permadeath gamplay of project zomboid ?

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