External GPU Gaming on Mac: RX 580 on Macbook Installation and Tests | Apple Arcade Ep. 6

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so hello my name is life Johnson I’m your host of Apple arcade is their sixth
episode I’m here with my co-host and myself okay well everyone hello and so
last week you might recall we showed you how what rise of the Tomb Raider a new
game looks like a new old game yeah a new old game that was originally came
out in 2016 on a console then it came out I believe last year on it
you know I’m who is it was a 2015 no but but the point is it’s an old game it’s a
really great old game and we’re just now getting it on the Mac thanks to the
efforts of a feral interactive but you know you might have saw that we had a
hard time running it last week we prevented on a MacBook Pro we ran it on
a Mac Pro the old one for 2013 and you know what we’re gonna try to do now is
because this is a new graphically intensive game a new for Mac we’re going
to try to hook an external GPU to this so we’re just doing let’s show it off to
everyone right off the box so what it is just in order to do this so we we I’m
basically just using stuff that we have here in the office so it’s not ideal
Apple has its own ideas for the chassis’s you should
we included those in the announcement for the show here and I’ll be writing a
write-up about it afterwards as well but it has a very small set of cases that it
wants you to use for your GPUs and then it has a very small set of actually
supported GPUs it actually prefers AMD above all else so what we have here is a
power color Radeon rx 580 AMD compatible and the thing is you know I play a lot
of PC games and NVIDIA is the fav here so apparently this is not supported so
you know if you wanted to use your badass excuse me
GeForce GTX 1060 you can’t really do that but we’re gonna stick it in there
later on towards the end of the show and see if it works anyway well Jim Apple
has always had a very good relationship with with AMD Radeon so and that’s a
nice surprise that’s what the discreet card in this machine the 15-inch MacBook
Pro whiffed touch bar is it’s a it’s a Radeon 550 I believe and but yeah it’s
uh so yeah here we go it’s the Radeon Pro 5 5 5 excuse me
and it goes up to the 560 I’m currently but you know this is what I have is the
5 4 5 so that’s what we’re using and so yeah as you can see it’s similar to it
so what we have here that I brought up earlier was that is actually not there
in a second don’t look to the screen yet and I made it let me know and I’ll
switch over let’s see so yeah here we have the Radeon fire rx 580 verses to
prove 555 so as you can see it is a where we will be seeing a boost today
but it’s not fantastic and here matter of fact just by convenience is the
GeForce GTX 1060 right here which shows that it just blows these out of the
water which is the reasons that you would like to have Nvidia for this type
of thing so but what we’re going to try to do is bring up the performance of our
MacBook Pro just something there’s a little bit more nice for playing a game
like this right here as what you said you know the best thing to play it on
right now is a 5k iMac which is what our staff writer Jason Cross has and I
believe senior editor Roman Loyola has one I actually use this my
butt probe right here but give you an idea of why we want this I have this
cranked up to the highest settings so you can switch over the to the sir here sounds good
and so we’re gonna start a benchmark here we have it at very high graphics
that’s right let’s do that yeah this is very high this is everything cranked up
and I ran it a few seconds ago just to see if it will work and me it was kind
of awful so what we have you know just like we had last last week you know it
goes through a series of environments you have up here in the snow with you
know the wind blowing the snow blowing around beautiful lighting and stuff
later on your switch to a desert and indigo looking through this you know
jungle scene and very different frame rate comparisons on these you know this
you can you can see already see that it’s kind of fighting you know it wants
to really do more in AK and and what doesn’t matter what were we playing on
it last week to get like around 20 frames you remember what we were you
know we cranked it down to high I believe it that’s we’re talking about
on this one and you the Mac Pro the old one the one that every got he complains
about was actually doing better than this one and so even though it’s 2013
even though it’s a little trash can it’s annoying and stuff and you can’t really
mater that much it still does well like five years later so that’s impressive in
a way but and Sophie who’s actually in the studio right now but you can’t see
far off camera it posted to our chance at what’s your favorite part of the game
my favorite part you know the thing is that they did a really good job you know
I wasn’t fan of the original tomb raider when it I mean you know the they
rebooted it I believe that might have been in 2013 two very years that the Mac
Pro came out but I love the way that it captured that sense of adventure but at
the same time this open-world environment its everything suddenly
seems more real and there was meaning to the exploration you know it’s you know
Tomb Raider but you know there’s a degree of archaeology and stuff in that
but the sense it gave you the sense that you were actually exploring stuff well
of course beating the bad guys and stuff so hey this isn’t
that bad I was looking at two frames per second earlier I don’t know what was
going on with that but here so yeah the mountain peak that you saw we were
getting twenty four point sixty three frame for a second Syria fifteen frames
per second and a geothermal valley 20 frames per second this is pretty bad
okay yes and like we said but you know you play a Mac you used to doing some
sacrifices so let’s see if we can put some adrenaline and understand yeah so
what we have here is in a kikyo anode Pro chesses and this goes for three
hundred and fifty nine dollars on Amazon right now our Radeon rx 580 that we’re
going to be using sales on Newegg for four hundred and fifty nine dollars so
as you can see if you want to do this you know you’re already making a bit of
investment and then you have you know the cost of a MacBook Pro and iMac and
everything to begin with but it’s nice because you know we here at Mac world
know that max a really dependable devices for you know a lot of things and
stuff and not so much for gaming and stuff so this allows you when you bring
you go home and stuff in Technic you in theory to plug in a big GPU in here and
be able to play games like a normal gamer and but while having a very
dependable machine that can do almost everything else just as well so here we
go so who makes this external housing and is it officially supported this one
is actually not officially supported so it’s gonna be a very big adventure if
but but there are some official ones yes there are some casual ones and how much
does this one cost versus the official ones okay so that’s not me me me oh it’s
not nothing because it’s not including a video card so let me figure you you know
what’s the best AMD card or I should just say what’s the best card that you
can throw in there right now I mean that you know support you know is
I don’t know when I was there I wish there was somebody else over from there
the the way on 5a do we have here is actually pretty darn good it’s you know
you’re not gonna be spending a lot of money but you’ll be also you know have a
good bit of performance here so so yeah as you can see we’re already getting big
here this is you know and if you have any query one watching live you have any
questions just throw it in chat okay so a little a little carrying box but what
we’re doing that I’m gonna crank down here and you see what we get on just so
yeah something else to look at here we’ll do a bit of seeing what this looks
like hi all right so you just win that
benchmarking background right yes so so let’s go the graphics is it all tooless
or do you need a screwdriver can you do everything by hand
I’m hoping it’s all too loose so far it has been all but they’re not they don’t
like make any claim like you know on the on the packaging or anything like that
no and currently this is all it is and from the what I’m looking at it looks
like this is all I’m going to need is everything’s in here it’s very twisty
okay and did you buy this on like Amazon or you could buy it on Amazon but I
picked it off a PC world advance in the back that’s where I got it okay so yeah
we are lighting your discount yes we are literally just using what we have here
in the office suite you know because the PC were we have quite a bit here in the
office so listen this is Mac relief yes in order to talk about one you have to
be able to talk about the other so that’s why I had that great exciting
information on the best graphics card for a and D so anyway so here we go so
here is your Radeon 580 and once you before you throw it in there can you
just give us a side shot of well looks like inside the box yes sure sure pick
it up and give us a little look what we’re gonna do here is you see that you
see this slot here slot that in sight like that it looks very simple it’s it’s
totally simple that’s just a PCI Express slot Rhino do you do it you’ll plug it
in here and plug it in there we’ll screw it down so it doesn’t come out put the
top back in and that’s basically it alright seems pretty simple do you have
to plug in that box as well I imagine you might yes dude do we have an extra
I’ll get you over now she’s used to working with Gordon who just you know
mingles everything so but it’s fine I always works out so if you can you slide
that the whole thing over to the center just a tiny bit there we go yeah that’s
better let’s just explain what you’re doing okay so you’re adding the power supply
to us okay so you put in the card you screwed it in
you’re adding just connecting the power supply yes takes lots of focus so the important
thing to realize this is a really important point you can only do this
officially support it if on a Mac that has Thunderbolt 3 supports and that
basically means you’re using 2016 mac books or you’re using 2017 IMAX anything
after that so unfortunately this really limits you to what you can’t so if you
have an older machine you’re not gonna have a very good time with this there
are some very hacky ways of getting around that and before Apple officially
did that that’s what you had to do but it’s complicated but you’ll see why
because the graphics you know are much better for it because the Thunderbolt 3
supports about 40 gigabytes of gigabits per second whereas a Thunderbolt 2 could
only get about 20 so it makes a big difference and that’s one of the reasons
why Apple supports it that way so so here we go here’s our actual and in
theory all you have to do is plug this in
there’s no no restarting or anything like that you’ll see a an icon pop up at
the top of the bar and that’s all you have to worry about but no driver is
there anything like that no it’s in that that’s the thing about the support
especially for the car it’s already built in now the weird thing is is that
I hear you know it works for some games that work doesn’t works for others
doesn’t work for others so and the weird thing is it seems they have pretty good
performance with games but actually using it for final cut
you know what you would you know Apple would seemingly want to do it for video
professionals okay it doesn’t apparently export using okay so can’t use the
encoder really for a content creation it’s only really just for outputting
video yes okay and real quick I guess we see the the new benchmark you just did
yes yes so this was high and it’s not that much okay so 20 was at 24 25 yeah
it’s very close and now it’s like 23 yes okay so yes now and another important
thing you can’t we will not be able to see the graphics through here on the
actual MacBook so you lose the screen on your MacBook and then we is replaced by
this one card right well yeah yeah and you you would have the card only you
know does its display on the external monitor so that’s another price you’re
looking for so it’s not dual display yeah you’ll have a dual display but you
know I would put the game on the other one and that’s where you would see it
okay yeah the external card repowering you’ll see I say so you don’t get the
benefit on your MacBook screen it’s only out of the external box so like like
here’s my about my Mac so when I switch over to that you’ll see you got the
built-in display and the external display so when I switch over to that
you’ll see the new graphics card the 580 pop-up over there alright let’s uh let’s
see if it really works let’s do some swapping around so actually I need to
where’s the power supply right by your feet on your left foot cool thank you so
yeah let’s plug this in we see your butt so okay so alright so we’re gonna flip
it on okay silent that’s a good thing I guess and
you if you want to Squatch swap each team there yes well I was making sure
okay so see I’ll have oh that’s right I unplugged my mouse so I would have room
it goes MacBooks of so many ports and so so now what do we see so yeah you can
see that it is access so that that’s it so you Sarah says disconnect AMD we’re
gonna that shows that it’s actually working over there
so okay you wanna swap ax and let’s see so what so watch this that you want to
say here you say you want me to swap over here so I’m gonna switch the HDMI
cable to let’s see how would this work I’m gonna go offline here yeah alright
and we cross our fingers we see some uh I see something there we go okay so now
let’s you won’t be able to see my Mac I don’t think yeah as it gained mirrored
is that what’s clear it is so see on my my native one two built-in display yeah
once you smooth the curse over there and point it out yeah it’s it’s showing that
it’s running on both phone but you’re only getting the effect of it over here
and so yes we are since we acquitted since we plugged into the external
display we now get it the art up the RS 580 so let’s try this again I’m gonna go
ahead and restart the game just so you know start off on a fresh foot alright so yeah I’m gonna shut this lid so we’ll
get the full full effect of it hobbies no there that’s okay yeah and so
back to steam so let’s make sure that we’re actually here so yeah only shows
one display now see that I need some more room yeah that’s it so okay so
let’s so this is is this the first benchmark we did or the second one this
I’m gonna start it off on very high okay that’s the one we did first right the
one we did first we’re going around like 24 25 frames per second so very high
that’s what we’re and that was a default by the way that’s what jumped to so and
by the way with this one as we were if you were watching the last show it was
kept at 30 frames per second so keep that in mind too so 30 is our max yes it
was on the old one no matter what the situation is but with this card I think
we might actually get up to 60 so or close to it so this is really only for
gaming right like why would you technically Apple wanted to do it for
its creative professionals okay that’s what a lot of it you know but that’s why
everybody’s mystified that you can’t even use it for rendering yet for
rendering for video work and you know some you know Apple ostensibly makes
itself a creative product and you would think that that would they would root
that would be like an obvious thing to do but it doesn’t even work that way and
what’s that well I just kind of think do you think that’s just like a current
driver you know will they shoot official support for it and if there’s any single
thing that they should have started off with it would be that that’s kind of it
what I’m saying if you know it’s an official you know if we’re if we’re
talking about it just a little display fix that should have been the very first
thing out of the gate an official release and the other weird thing is is
I’m taking this onward honestly I had problems installing windows on here the
other day for some reason it refused to do it
so when I was using bootcamp but apparently you can already if you’re
looking at this you can already tell us it’s a lot better but but the thing is
when I was trying to do a bootcamp on here the thing is is apparently you
can’t even use this card with Windows if you’re running for bootcamp so you know
that seems like that would you know that would make all the problems go away I
could hook up my g-force gtx 1060 yeah you know and run it through windows and
stuff and use my Mac for everything else and bringing problem solve but
apparently you can’t even use these external GPUs if you’re running Windows
through boot camp which is stupid so look at that that’s a massive
performance game okay yeah so we’re very high yeah we were getting fifty seven
point 30 frames per second above 50 all across the board compared to where we
were struggling with the native one I’m very high before this is very hot yes
the people I mean I probably would be in the camp to say though one was
unplayable and sixty is is very playable yes I like you know the low 20s that’s
not a great gaming experience to be honest and I’m sorry I need to access my
keyboard someone I have to make this that’s fine
that’s why it’s cuz like it so I can actually use my keyboard I assure you
giving you an external one so yes exactly and let’s see so go back in here
and what I’m going to do now is I’m gonna run it on on high settings and
let’s see how that goes so same thing but yeah that is a massive performance
increase but keep in mind it’s a very nice thing you’re still the problem with
this is even though it’s really good and it’s glad to support here it’s not
really gonna magically solve a lot of your problems in my game you’re still
limited to the same really small library of Mac yeah compared to the rest of them
so your Mac games run better yes even on a MacBook but you’re still really stuck
with the same light library this isn’t like a massive thing but wow I can run
two witcher 3 on my Mac but now it’s not that because that’s still designed
around windows and so any game really though that now is out there for the
the math yes it’s like you can you know like you’ll get a good experience or
what is out there and it’s very nice to you know and if you’re like me you know
and you we’re interested in PC gaming for ages and you have a couple of you
know spare AMD graphics cards lying around you know you could use them for
this provided they’re not that old and you would get some performance games and
so but you know if you’re actually into PC gaming I’m you probably have an
Nvidia card I mean but it’s also showing I guess that like you know like the real
handicap is is the video card yes so hmm especially the drivers and sit because
otherwise it’s a fantastic machine and that’s what we always you know we were
talking saying in the last show is you know it’s not as true anymore I don’t
think but there was a time when people actually said the best with the best
machine for running Windows is actually a Mac so hey pinky on YouTube is asking
can somebody use new graphic drivers for the GPU or do you have to wait for
special ones which will probably never be there that’s a thing you I think you
know there there are people have been do using external GPUs for a while now but
you have to get really technical with some of the stuff and believe it or not
the most technical part I hear is actually getting these to work through
on Windows through a Mac through boot camp and that’s apparently a pain but
there were people that were actually used you know using it for this purpose
running good you know graphically intensive games and things like a
MacBook for a while you just had to do some you know coding work and yeah but
just to Claire just to clarify you did not install any drivers and it’s not it
was plug and play and keep in mind that this is not a supported chasis either
and so yeah so but if you are running Windows then you would have to install
some drivers yes you have to do some yes and this is what it’s meant by it is
actually supported now and Mac OS ten point thirteen point four is that you
can actually just you saw it we we took it out of the box we took it out of the
wrapper and we just plugged it in and it showed
up at the top of the bar it is officially supported and that’s because
it’s an AMD GPU versus an NVIDIA GPU which are not supported right right no
no and nothing from Nvidia right no we we just you know I just ran the high
test and I think we actually saw some performance drops there I wonder what
caused that but this way around two screens now right thank you think that’s
it that is it yes that is it so yeah I was because I was using my keyboard
let’s try that again but it was but yeah that that that is
the thing is the drivers seem like basically like they’re built in and
that’s the way a lot of Apple does a lot of it stuff and it’s uh it’s good
because everything is right there it give you an idea when I say that the way
Apple does a lot of it stuff would just sell it on the App Store
rise of the Tomb Raider you know the file size is about seven gigabytes
bigger than it would be on Steam because I’m steam that can separate the external
language packs for different languages and stuff different audio but they
actually have to bundle all that in for the whole world if they sell it to the
App Store so but the nice thing is there’s no matter where you are in the
world it’s already in the game so that’s that’s kind of what I meant when Apple
usually does that where it’s all bundled in together and you were saying earlier
that it’s your you have to use a thunderbolt
what kinda Thunderbolt about three something about three you don’t happen
to know like what’s on like a MacBook Air it’s a venerable I was doing that’s
probably Thunderbolt 2 or what yeah that or even that yes I’m gonna guess the
Thunderbolt 2 but this is me just mouthing off don’t it’s nothing yes and
so that information is in your article yeah okay but right now I just have a
preview of it but basically based on what we saw here today and you know I
would do a little bit more tinkering so the details will be an article we’ll put
that link into the description yes if you’re watching on youtube and so
yeah we’re doing this again lift the lid properly shuts and you know and as you
can see here so once you actually finally get all this going you so you
have this external and if you you have this and you have a mouse and you have
an external keyboard you know keep in mind that too if you’re
doing this you gotta you know hook up all this the rest of the junk for this
the tour are fully in it but it’s beautiful this would be the proper way
to play this game if you were going to be playing it so you know did you know
this is this this will give you a lot better experience with a matte book then
you’ll get straight on it but again keep in mind the price investment and so yeah
do you know how much that card runs well there’s inflation right now because GPU
is bad so 459 plus $300 for the for the enclosure yes so you’re talking about
almost 800 bucks yeah and then keep in mind that you’ll probably want to if you
don’t have an external monitor lying around you’ll have to put in money for
that too so at 2 Bogut on Twitter’s asking that
big silver box is an external GPU it’s a chasis for the external GPU is the
actual GPU the graphics card and stuff so put it put all together with you know
you take here’s like so it’s a loose graphics card you stick inside that box
so yeah if you’re just now watching so yeah like this this is a gtx geforce gtx
1060 so you would plug that in and see if it works and yeah that yeah that
that’s what it is if you’re taking a pc graphics card that would normally be in
the tower and you’re putting it in here and piece you know these were originally
made for pcs where you know you needed a little bit of extra graphics power and
that’s exactly what we’re doing here but that’s you know that’s one of the
reasons why these exist in the first place but now yeah it makes sense for
you know for laptops which have limited internal expand abilities and Max and
Max this is like thicker than a non and non cheesegrater max but maybe Hoonah I
mean who knows what the next one oh it would be alright so what do we get
so yeah we did get better yeah a couple frames better a couple of frames better
but yeah we almost hit 60 the mountain peak so that’s pretty
impressive and I’m sure it’s capped at 60 with this car yeah you mean as it’s
like not like cap cap but like theoretic it like 60.1 or something well I think I
know Jason his iMac 5k and that in mind on his 5k from last year 2017 was
getting over 60 frames per second to Rana benchmark and you can see I took a
couple of screenshots if there was a results and for the last video but yes
I don’t because I think that the one here was hard you know you know with the
built-in card I think it might they might have hard capped it at 30 I could
be wrong but you could be just be interesting that he gets so close in 30
but sometimes they do the hard caps okay so now what so you were see what you’re
saying is is this MacBook with a 580 external GPU is getting close to what a
Apple iMac 5k gets yes exactly yes 17 that’s a very good way to put it exactly
so yeah some substantive Utley the price comes to about the same once you’re in
all this and to Bukit is asking so apple produces this enclosure no no this is
external and it is may wear support even though apple doesn’t list this as a
supported one when you sell it when they sell it they say it is you know
supported by Mac OS who makes this one that would be a key TL and do you know
any other brands that are our official note Pro we’ll see here they have it
listed and I’m sorry okay why my my my it’s not coming coming to it well the
link for the floor article the you know will be in the youtube link and then on
Mac world if you you know to kind of get the full details if you’re interested in
doing yourself so here’s a question what you like to put this in video yeah yeah
let’s do that so what you need to do here let’s see what happens when you and
by the way this thing is starting to run hot
so I can hear now – yeah so so what you do is you go up here and see this will
right here so just connecting it I know I don’t see in the screen anymore oh oh
you don’t really yeah anyway up on the top bar there it says
disconnect ID AMD Radeon alright I click that and so they think of it like a USB
stick yes exactly that’s exactly how you’re doing so I think it wouldn’t
inject because that’s the game ring but yeah there goes so let’s uh let’s put a
different card here alright now we are doing something that is not supported by
Apple technically we’re already doing that by using these choices and you’re
welcome okay this that’s what this show really is is exploring kind of all the
gaming aspects around the map that we can so whether it’s you know like
hardcore gaming you know casual gaming in this case you know gaming enclosure
unreleased you know and and you know beings are not come out yet so we’re
trying to explore all the all the issues are on gaming formats if you’re curious how much so happy now what’s the ten
diversity say ten sixteen yeah how much does it cost I and the reason I say I
would normally say it’s about four hundred dollars but I think that’s
because you know when I say I have no idea it’s because of the Bitcoin stuff
going on how many gig card of that you know
memory Ivy League board and just gave this thing to me but I guess it’s about so currently looks like it’s good sell
for about $350 any on the size yeah so sensibly this
should be just a simple take it my HD like over here we can kind of see it
through the grate a little bit too and there’s only slot I imagine for one
right it’d be funny if you can like do it like the two in an SLI it how popular
I guess are you are you giving this thing I read are you gonna be giving
this a review or no okay what’s it give me give me a rating on it if you had to
give it a rating what you’re doing see this is to be the problem a review of
this it’s limited not some of the performances then I believe is great
it’s just exactly what it’s supposed to do yeah the problem isn’t Apple’s angle
you know it doesn’t it doesn’t support it through windows it doesn’t support
you know it only supports AMD and stuff but as far as this thing actually
working to five out of five I’ve been impressed so it’s perfectly
saying it does its job yeah so so yeah let’s try so go ahead and turn this on means electricity like the internal
power supply yeah want to plug it you go turn off the power
okay do they say I mean are they saying that
this I are like whatever the brand is did you are they saying it works with a
Nvidia yeah because it’s theoretically you’re the first or PC yeah that’s my
okay somebody’s running yeah it is okay so what we’re going to do is basically
just see if this pops up so give United now we’re not even
showing up here so I think that’s proof enough that’s there again so let’s see
if that shows that so now it’s not even it’s not even going so when Apple said
this wasn’t supported name like mysterious like unknown device or
something right no it’s they remember when I plugged into the AMD card it just
immediately popped up in here on the top bar I’m seeing nothing here so that
gives you idea No so yes you’ve confirmed that and video cards do not
you’re not are not working are these this one that’s probably not all yeah
the big focus is on AMD just unplug play everything back into heaven yeah No give you an idea everything applies
oh so you’ve lost the screen but I mean it’s sort of saying that it’s
recognizing that you have maybe it’s like right let me try one more time okay
I want to keep it on with the screen on so yeah it starts it starts charging
career you know so that’s your thing and that’s one thing they play up through
that’s an important point you can actually charge you know your MacBook
through here so you don’t you technically don’t need to have it
plugged in you know I just lean hard it yeah three Thunderbolt 3 so it would be
just like charging and you know putting in a regular charging port good
so no everything is done right now yes so do you think Apple will support that
external rendering on it for content creators they should they need to
eventually I mean is it seems like especially with you know trying to fix
all the bugs that big yeah push that they’re going toward especially when
they’re trying to rein in creators again content creators I think they’d have to
I think this is something that be really important for Apple to focus on in that
regard so that would that would make it a lot more simple but it’s uh III think
that would you know they probably wouldn’t do it for gaming or anything
even video stuff like that but for their their crowd that focuses on actual
creative work yes I think this needs to be done especially if they want the game
that argument do you think this kind of a solution is also worthwhile for people
who just want to have a lot more screens – yeah yeah and I believe we haven’t
have any able to do it but I’ve read somewhere that it actually can’t support
up the two extra for Big Springs through this with with this this MacBook so yes
that it would be definitely good for that there is that so do not look at my
screen all right I’m not even gonna look at it from over
here but yes I I have to admit I was really
impressed with the performance gains I actually wasn’t expecting that good
especially based on the benchmark page that I showed you earlier
it didn’t look super impressive and stuff but in practice it was actually a
big it was actually a big job so yeah there was a you know I didn’t actually
play the game but based on what we knew from the last year I could definitely
tell you that yeah it would have been a lot more smooth in practice and here’s a
question on Twitter from coral reef is Apple fundamentally like and steaming on
its max I you know there’s a real there’s a there’s a book that came out
recently called the secret history of mad gaming and it was pointing out that
a lot of what we associated with PC gaming and gaming in general I
originally grew out the max because they were they were the ones that actually
allowed a lot of that creativity and you know them on the Commodore 64 and it’s
sad but it never really has been a emphasis for Apple in recent years and
Apple has traditionally aimed itself as people will who do like video production
graphic design back in the day yeah it’s that kind of worried enough
it’s sad because a lot of that goes hand-in-hand with gaming gaming often
drives that type of technology and so you know at one hand it’s like cool
graphics and stuff but it also allows you to do all this other stuff for you
know video Virender yeah it all goes hand in hand so gaming is
not really something that you can ignore and but the Mac is traditionally
understood as a machine that does all things pretty well yeah and to book it
is asking do you think that mfit emphasis on being is gonna change in the
near future we know there’s a rumor this is what I keep trying to ask developers
what they think and nobody wants to talk to me tonight and I know that they’re
kind of scared they don’t you know it’s an awful but I’ve asked them you know
there’s that rumor floating around that Apple is gonna start making its own
chips and you’ll have to break away from Intel and they’re gonna be on base so
I’m sure there’s gonna be some compatibility there but I’ve been
wondering and it’s kind of beyond my wheelhouse
I’ve been wondering wanting to know from the developers themselves how this is
going to affect gaming you know people are currently afraid to
give me some clear answers because it’s also just a rumor right now well I mean
because because when we say Apple fundamentally at least something and
called it sale next because of iOS yes like doing is you know so which does it
like is that and I have no clue but can you look this up to like an iPad the
best you can do with an iPad right there there there’s a program that allows you
to like use your iPad as a secondary screen for your Mac you can’t use this
external GPU with say light no no I don’t think so I’m sure there’s some
hackers out there that can do this but as far as you know what would I try to
focus on in this show is what you can do with your Mac and you know there there’s
always where there’s a will there’s usually a way and people love trying to
hack these things that you don’t know what they’re supposed to do but yes then
there’s a good point i OS gaming is key and that’s what I’m focusing on there
but until recently you know iOS games were kind of simple that’s that
URI like with civilization 6 did it aspire did a really impressive ports of
a it is basically the same game as the PC version – a couple of character
animations and stuff like that so you are actually starting to see on iPad
some impressive games and so there there’s a case that’s you know people
are actually starting to take that’s medium seriously and Apple needs to keep
that in mind there too so it’s not just the you know the Mac being really tough
it’s also this so the sunnat e GFX breakaway box is the chasis and that’s a
Apple itself has been playing up there are a couple now the OWCA mercury helios
FX power color colored differ box and it’s that fired gear box and those are
the only ones that supports there’s there’s the sonic EGF X breakaway box is
the one they’ve been reliving playing out and 350 watts 550 and 650 and the
dis did fine the Kyoto Protocol what it did even though we could not run Nvidia
at all on here so I’m still hooked up to that by the
way but yes well but yeah that’s it so basically the idea is if you get an
external chastised get an AMD graphics card you hook it up and you know make
sure it’s a good one at least the 580 here and you can get a lot better
performance for gaming on your on your macbook especially if that’s all you
want to do just keep in mind that you’re gonna do that you’re gonna have to get
this Chasse this is about $350 the card itself which you know if you’re going
for a good one is gonna be about 400 or something like that
you gotta have an external monitor and looks like you’re gonna have to have an
external keyboard and a mouse as well you get the full yes of fun trying to
process that second screen and that are both the 3.0 yes it has to be supported
yeah Thunder blowing great that’s what it needs so that means you’re gonna be
working with a 2016 MacBook Pro or a more recent or you’re gonna be using an
iMac from 2017 or more recent so your options are really limited but it’s good
to have this officially supported now well so what’s the link
what’s coming down the pipeline do you have any idea what I might do next week
currently I do not all right yes always a surprise been that you know that’s one
of the things with Matt gaming is it’s very much always a surprise but I would
always like to hear what you have to offer so if you want to drop me a line
on Twitter at Lake Johnson that’s LIF Johnson jo h NS area just let me know
and I’ll try to work it on the show I’d love to get developers and the San
Francisco Bay here area here on the show sometime unlike maybe this you know show
off games on an older Mac we I know we have one over here yes vintage game you
see how people really did it not through an emulator through the actual machine
so all kind of things any kind of thing whether its iOS Mac gaming or something
that’s what we like to focus on yeah and tomorrow at 10 a.m. we will have a macro
podcast so you know kind of going to be on the gaming world obviously yes and
yeah I think that’s about it right that’s about it all right well thank you
everyone thank you late thank you everyone
see you next week


7 Replies to “External GPU Gaming on Mac: RX 580 on Macbook Installation and Tests | Apple Arcade Ep. 6”

  1. GoGee says:

    Fun watching a live demo in putting this all together. Apple's implementation of the OpenGL standard is so poor which also does not help with Macs trying to run games. No chance for SLI as SLI and Crossfire support for games are falling, even for Windows. Having said that, the GTX 10 series graphics cards are so powerful now that a dual card may no longer be necessary. GTX card won't work as there are no drivers to link it into the OS, thats why it's not supported.

  2. Phoenix-2063 says:

    The summer refresh for 13inch quad core & 15inch six core will make gaming through an EGPU all the more viable, if you plan on upgrading i'm sure allot of people would be very interested to see you benchmark for the comparison

  3. GameyStew2 says:

    Does anyone know if this will work while using windows with bootcamp?

  4. Mr. Harris says:

    Hi, I have Late 2013 Mac Pro Quad Core with dual AMD FirePro 2Gbs running Mac OS X 10.13.5 I ran the Tomb Raider Benchmark on the machine without the GPU connected and got an average FPS of 59.0 and then again with the Sonnet eGPU with RX 580 connected via Thunderbolt 2 (yes, I know) and got an average FPS of 48.9. This is just an FYI for those interested. The only benefit that I can see that my eGPU setup has given me is the ability to preview on FCPX on my HTC Vive.

  5. Ian Holland says:

    45min and you only find time to test one game? Also vsync was on and skewing your results.

  6. Seraphim Dunaway says:

    Anyone else get bad audio at 31 minutes?

  7. 傅伟恒 says:

    Sorry to ask question here. The rx580 keep crashing and freezing up my MacBook Pro. I connected the rx580. Via a thunderbolt3 cable. The system will just work fine for some time and it suddenly freeze up. Did any one have the same issue and have any solution? Thanks in advance

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