EVERY Top-Level Designer Knows This SECRET

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what if I told you there was one
specific secret to success as a graphic designer
and there was one crucial thing that every top-tier designer knows about and
actually uses to create functional graphic designs so yeah welcome back to
Satori graphics I am aware that it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of effort
and patience to become successful in this industry of graphic design I’ve
come to the age of 31 years old and so that means I’ve been a graphic designer
for around 15 years but you have made it in this industry I’ve made logo designs
for fashion labels I have also made loda designs for film companies and so much
more but I’m here today to divulge a crucial secrets if you will that’s
really gonna change the way you look at graphic design and change the way you
approach your own designs before I divulged the main secret for a
successful and a functional graphic design let’s quickly remind ourselves of
what exactly graphic design is how does most a basic level graphic design is a
creative process that combines the visual arts and technology to
communicate ideas it begins with a message that in the hands of the
talented designer is transformed into visual communication that transcends
mere words and pictures so graphic design is essentially a visual
communication which is in fact hugely important to keep in mind and we’re now
going to explore just why so if you’re watching this video there’s a good
chance that you are a graphic designer or you know a designer of some sort and
so with that being true what else is also true that goes with that statement
is that you are a manipulator yeah that’s right I’m not insulting you here
I’m just stating a fact you are a manipulator or an influencer you need to
create professional tools of manipulation you are supposed to create
a visual communication that influences people’s actions and also their thoughts
a stick around because this is important now I’ve just seen that graphic design
is simply just visual communication and the biggest secret in functional design
is that you want to manipulate an emotional response in the end user of
your designs now we’re going to soon look at different ways that you can do
just that but first why is that why do you want to emotionally trigger the
consumers of your graphic designs well because when people are triggered
emotionally to feel a very specific kind of way you can then drive their thoughts
and their actions in the desired direction the truth is that the majority
of decisions are made based on how you feel at the time psychologists have
actually found that humans think second and feel first so a large majority of
spending decisions are in fact impulsive and this is why companies like to tap
into the emotional parts of our brain and influence us in this way so now you
understand that as a graphic designer you do have the job description of being
a professional manipulator let’s take a look at some of the strongest ways to
cause a emotional response via your graphic designs so studies have shown that color
triggers a very specific response within a human brain and they know this and
designers and branding agencies have manipulate a consumer by stirring up
emotions when looking at specific products or designs now one of the
easiest and the most fundamental methods for manipulating the end user in a
subconscious way is through the use of color color has a strong psychological
hold on people and there is actually a definite correlation between color and
also feeling so for example a lot of designers will use greens and browns
when designing organic packaging or designs and this is going to make
consumers feel as if they’re purchasing a product straight from the earth you
know it’s something natural and untainted the color blue is very calming
and reassuring and this evokes a sense of security and trust within people you
see it and this is why you see so many financial companies utilizing blue as
the main focus for their branding designs it effectively just renders the
consumer feeling that their money is in safe hands on a subconscious level when
making a design always keep in mind the end consumer of the or graphic designs
and try to tap into their ideologies and how they think and then that’s gonna
dictate the color buy influences their decisions now we’ll leave some links
down below about each color and it’s psychological connotation if you want to
read further into this now one method for influencing decisions
its ruler design is to directly express a specific emotion this is often used in
things like advertising campaigns but it can actually be expressed more subtly
across other areas of graphic design so things like fear humor affection and
surprise rule strong emotional triggers that can be utilized within a graphic
design the designer needs to think very carefully about using this technique
because it is very powerful and it can give off the wrong message if done
incorrectly now fear is used in such things like drink-driving campaigns or
anti-smoking adverse they deliver a kind of shock value which taps into the fear
section of the brain of the person who’s viewing it so this can be done with
imagery itself but also more deeply than that the color choices of the design the
font selection and even the shapes used are all going to tap into the
sub-conscience of the viewer which then brings me on to the next point in
today’s video now typography is in fact a huge huge
pile of graphic design and talked here and experienced graphic designers know
this but why is it so important why is typography so crucial to the success of
a graphic design well the style of the font will evoke an emotional and a
subconscious reaction to the viewer every font has a specific look and the
ascetics of it give off a certain kind of vibe now just forget about the actual
wording and what it means for a moment take a look at the actual structure of
the lettering itself lowercase typography tends to be more informal and
more personal bold uppercase and seraphs tend to be more impacting loud as well
as being bold calligraphy key fonts can portray a sense of superiority and class
they’re also handwritten which comes across as more genuine and original so
my point here is that your choice of font is always going to impact the
consumer in some emotional way and that is if they realize it or not you don’t
want to give the wrong message with a wrong font choice just like with
choosing the color think about the message of the design itself and also
the end user and their ideologies I’ve gone over these things in videos
before but to quickly recap in this video and so firstly we have court
actions so this is where you emphasize a part of your graphic design in terms of
color shape size and so forth these are direct indicators that a consumer so of
course you say telling them to do a certain thing such as subscribing or
clicking something or just simply bring in their attention to part of your
design another method is to be consistent
throughout the entire graphic design people instinctively try to find
patterns in things including your graphic designs so you want to use a
running assistant theme throughout the entire design and this can be used
through color shaped layout topography and so forth but this is going to bring
comfort to the consumer because they can see and feel the consistent patterns
within your design now the opposite of this is called design dissonance and
this leaves a consumer feeling uncomfortable which is really bad for
sales and marketing in general you are a manipulator you are professional hired
influencer and manipulator you need to remember this because every single
design you make needs to go back to the roots of what graphic design is and that
is visual communication it’s not some fancy arts and graphics it needs to be
highly intelligent highly thought-out and it does need to tap into the
psychological regions of the human mind if you want to keep learning crucial
skills for your graphic design career go ahead and subscribe to my channel for
weekly graphic design content make sure you have a great day and do come back
for my next upload which often is Monday Wednesday and Friday every single week
but yeah take care and design your future today peace


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