eGFX Breakaway Box + RX560 GPU – Mac Gaming Benchmark

July 30, 2019 posted by

– [MrMacRight] Today, we’re going to be looking at the benefits of using an external
graphics processor on Mac, which allows for improved
gaming performance. In this episode, really benchmarking games
using the eGFX Breakaway Box, which has a RX560 GPU card inside. A big thank you to Intraware,
Australian Sonnet Distributor and AMD Australia for their eGPU loan. Please note, all these games shown
today have been played on a 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro and are all playing at the
same graphical settings. Anyway, let’s begin with our first game, Divinity: Original Sin II. So this game has official eGPU support. Based on my testings, running Divinity: Original
Sin II without the eGPU, we are seeing an average frame rate of 17 and when the eGPU is connected, this increases to an average FPS of 45. I was hoping that this game
would see 60 frames at a high, but it doesn’t. However playing at medium
will allow for 60 frames Next up, we have the best
action adventure game on Mac, Rise of the Tomb Raider. Here is another game with
official eGPU support. Without the eGPU, we’re seeing an overall FPS of 14.39. And with the eGPU connected, this is pushed up to 14.32 on average. Playing at medium would
increase the FPS closer to 60. Up next we have the newest FPS
game for Mac Black Ops III. This game is very well optimized
for AMD graphics cards. So it runs great here. Playing at 62 frames per second. Quite impressive as compared
to without the eGPU, It is unplayable at 15 frames on this Mac. As doesn’t have an AMD
graphics card which is required to play Black Ops III on Mac. Coming up next we have the
latest Mac OS racing game Dirt 4. This game runs really
great here, with the eGPU. So for example we are seeing
around 22 FPS without the eGPU and when it is connected, it is going up to about
62 frames per second. Not bad if you ask me, not bad. 62 frames is very playable. Next, here we have the most
popular Mac game, Fortnite. Why is this still so popular? Anyways, Fortnite isn’t
very well optimized for Mac. So don’t take the
performance of this game, as an example of this eGPU. Anyway with the eGPU connected, we are getting around 35 to 45 FPS. And without it, it is 15 to 20. 35 to 45 is perfectly
fine, like that’s playable. But closer to 60 frames
would be much better. You could obviously play at medium and it would hit around
close to 60 frames though, so that is worth considering. Next up, we have the really weird game, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. So this game is an early
access so keep that in mind. Which also means that
the performance here, should increase when it fully releases. It’s also worth noting that
when you add lots of units, onto the map at the frame
rate can drop somewhat. Anyway we are getting around
20 to 30 frames on average without the eGPU which
was actually not that bad. But when the eGPU is connected, we are getting around 60 to 67 frames. This is not bad. This game is pretty well optimized for Mac so far, in my opinion anyway. So here we have Rocket League, one of the most popular
multiplayer Mac games. Rocket League runs great for
Mac as you’ll soon find out. Without the eGPU, it is running
at 35 frames per second, compared to around 55 to
60 with the eGPU connected. Without the eGPU though, the game would sometimes
see random lag spikes. But anyway I’m surprised, how well this game runs on
integrated graphics cards anyway, anyone else. Our last game here is CS:GO. While CS:GO is an older title and it also doesn’t utilize
Metal it utilizes OpenGL, it is still very popular
and it runs it great on Mac. Without the eGPU it is playable
at 45 frames per second and with the eGPU connected, it usually stays around 100 frames. Not bad if you ask me. So what can we take from all this? This eGFX Breakaway Box is
the perfect gaming solution for low end Macs and in
some cases, high end Macs. Since you can place a
compatible eGPU inside, such as the RX560, for instance, this allows you to play
most games at 1080p high and in most cases close
to or over 60 frames. So it could be compared to
playing games on console for instance, but what do
you guys think of all this? Are you gonna pick up this eGPU? Let me know in the comments below. Anyway, thanks for watching.


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  1. Alex Weinberg 1 says:


  2. Gilbert Sauceda Jr says:

    Nice Man !?!?!?!?!? Been Thinking About Getting One

  3. janzi p says:

    How does RX560 eGPU compare to RX560x in 15 inch Macbook Pro?

  4. TheWeirdWolf Music says:

    oooo more egpus

  5. Irinaeus says:

    It is Possible to plug a Sonnet EGFX Breakaway Box to an iMac? Wich port'? Thunderbolt? Many Thanks

  6. Anthony Nguyen says:

    Where can u buy it? And how much would it be?

  7. Akrylic says:

    With eGpu gaming, does your mac require external cooling? My friend's MBP overheated so much playing PoE that the colors became distorted on the bottom of the screen

  8. Pixel Gamer says:

    Hi, a nice one! Still suprised that in some games it can't even reach 60. Can you make a video, comparing the gaming perfomance with and without egpu on 13" mbp with i5 and i7?

  9. Hero Lee says:

    MacBook Pro 15 inch mid 2015, tell me I’m not left behind

  10. Maiko Wapstra says:

    Im on a iMac MID 2011 🙂
    Nice video !!

  11. Riccardo Merlo says:

    Awesome! I have a Radeon VII on my eGPU 😉

  12. Tornadolph aka King gryph jr says:

    can you make your own eGPU for a lowered price?

  13. G-Man Gaming says:

    finally someone who shows actual gameplay not stupid benchmarks thanks alot man!

  14. Mathew Johnston says:

    Modular ftw

  15. UdderDisaster says:

    Very helpful video, I was afraid to buy one thinking the RX560 wouldn’t be much better than the integrated graphics and I’m not paying $800 with tax for a Blackmagic 580 one. Looks worth it after all!

  16. Charles Yamut says:

    Does this eGPU support steam games. Dota 2 to be specific. Thanks!

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