Editorial Design with Kirsten Wolfert – 2 of 3

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good morning everyone good afternoon good evening Paul Trani here with the one and only Kirsten Wolfert I got your student Pearson yeah it's a tricky name it is tricky but it's a special name for special person wearing a special blouse today might I point that out you look great thank you so much Paul I always do you always do this oh thank you very coordinated even with the background that we have going on which is also your work absolutely well I definitely have a specific color palette I try to stick with the blacks Reds and navies see into it it's good knowing knowing who you are we want to know who you are watching see some familiar names but just say hello and chats we want to welcome you and say good morning or good afternoon and good evening wherever you may be here we are in beautiful San Francisco day two for editorial design which is happening all week long on Adobe live so thanks so much for hanging out with us Kirsten's gonna be with us for about 90 minutes this morning continuing her her design in InDesign Javier's gonna be up next for 90 minutes Julia Messala will be up and then Ashton Dewey is creating a design this afternoon with Kathleen so Kathleen is gonna be the over other host today and tomorrow all day long really hang out with this 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. will have a various challenges you check out that challenge tab I'll dive into that later but also we'll just have a random giveaways to so we'll have a random giveaway in about 30 minutes which doesn't really make it that random at least the time isn't random but who we give it to is unless they're yeah be ready just you know do what you put on your lucky socks whatever it takes that sort of thing so and also what will relieve you in a little bit is the winner from yesterday's challenge who want crowd I can't wait to see that yeah cliffhanger cuz we're not gonna reveal that just yet because one and welcome you an eery from india you can't touch me oh yeah from Ukraine awesome hi everyone julia is from Ukraine by the way so hang out with her later on today I think that's at noon one-thirty so li designer welcome probably the youngest viewer that we have how old's li I don't know I always get it wrong Li how old are you seven or nine or something like that so basically she's gonna be my boss on this starting young you know yeah so eat it go Baltimore's here Ellen Wow fantasies host UK luckily you didn't where do you live you didn't have to travel no no I live in Palo Alto so just down south a little bit my uber was a little late though so I was a little nervous Bao made it in time yeah and you were good and where do you work um I work across the street at Pinterest actually yeah so I'm really close just a few blocks away from the Adobe office it's really cool we always passed by it and it's always a really cool one of the best lobbies ever so yeah I guess she's 70 years old as well says keep designing yeah Wow at this rate again which is gonna be my boss from being a really nice door hi Eden from Germany me well fantastic yeah and as far away as Brazil of course cool it looks like we're covering most of the world so what kind of dive into this want to make this worthwhile to you or focus on the end at Oriel design what happen your gonna be using we aren't today I'm gonna be using mostly InDesign okay yeah cool you kind of want to dive into your project and I'd love to Alyssa oh there we go a little recap – yeah let's do it so I'm going to start with wedding my outline for today I'm gonna consider the pay scene that's always something really important to consider when you're doing editorial design and then I'm gonna flow in the rest of my typography check my hierarchy make sure that I like all my type sizes and my fonts and I the readers eyes are going where I want them to go and then I'm gonna maybe add in the Romanian photos and then maybe introduce patron numbers today yeah that'll be interesting which there might be a hack in there by the way like we don't we want to kind of test that out to see if other people do it the same way I know we're gonna need your help in hacks are perfectly okay you always think you're like an oddball for doing that and then you figure out everybody does that see well I always thought I was well until Paul just told me the same thing so I said yeah I said yes you are an oddball you around a lot of other oddballs too what's you know rollin what makes it okay yeah so I'd love to quickly recap what I did yesterday so this is my cover that I think I'm gonna wait to work on until date three till I know where the rest of the book is going I have a full spread image here beautiful this is my intro page talking about Palm Springs I feel like this will set the tone for the city guide make people excited to go when they visit and then I have a table of contents and then this I'd love to maybe introduce some other photography here maybe a multi image spread and then this is the start of my where to stay yesterday made great progress on this page and then the typography I had laid out and then that's as far as I got Lee and some other images then so let's get started yeah and you were just you were just getting down to work I think it's interesting like so we have Julia who's up later today she's creating like a little it's actually a recipe book and she kind of did the opposite of you in that she started with the cover oh she's kind of like figuring out a lot of those like decisions early on and then she dives into it and she later yeah shared it kind of knows how it all like she has the fawns and the colors already kind of defined but we're starting with the cover which is this kind of interesting to see that is really I always love learning other people's work process exactly can you expand out and design to make it a little more fill your screen here thank you for those my glorious InDesign users out there I want to know if anybody can out there considers themselves and InDesign experts I get a lot of smart people out in chat so let us know not that you have to be because the less you know the better we look so we're all here learning so I already know I yesterday late in this square rectangle here then I hurry no I want an image here so let's let go to my image folder and try to find something that feels right I'm thinking a palm tree but I'd love something that kind of balances out my typography on the right so let's get looking and this is always tricky like you you're looking for maybe something iconic but like you don't want to you know if you're doing a booklet on LA you don't do you want to go as blatant as as like the Hollywood sign for instance you do New York City you wanted to the Empire State Building like you know what I'm saying like you know what what what's iconic that is also interesting and not like oh like that's a beautiful that's it that's pretty good Conakry but big enough coming right out of my head yeah – yeah that's like boom excellent that feels really right to me I think I'm gonna leave this for now another part of my design process I mentioned yesterday was that I like to design a little bit on each spread and then jump around rather than just stick to one spread because as different spreads come together it starts to feel more right and then you could just get into that good work flow and then it starts to feel right in your gut and that's when that's when the sweet spot is where everything starts to come together yeah and you're working as if so people are saying you know some people are like a zero in design which is a great that you're here because it's just fun to watch somebody work like in InDesign in any program just to get comfortable with it okay but we do have some people that are maybe a little bit more in andra I'm so glad the technique for the column layout was helpful Ellen love which is an InDesign semi-pro Wow hoping to get invited up to the big leagues the semi-pro sure you are would you consider yourself a pro I didn't design call me no I I consider myself a hack and that can get by like I can do the basics of everything you know that's a good question having you know something like this I feel pretty comfortable I can put it together you know I'm trying to think of anything that would be if you had to pick one program to use for the rest of your career oh which one would you pay I personally would pick Photoshop because I think it has like the most flexibility yeah yeah followed by illustrator yes so this morning before we got on shot I was quickly reviewing that my mood boring just to make sure I was introducing some of the things that I was so inspired by yesterday and one thing that I notes that I wanted to be introduced see more of is this typography in photography overlay and then even the photo on photo overlay I think that's a really nice element kind of is appropriate for these colorful fun images so I'm gonna try that here yeah and I like this I've seen a lot of designers do this which is it's such a bold move to have this overlapping it's it's easy to put you know do columns of photos or rows or whatever but like this overlapping that people do and text is kind of intermingled yeah it makes it an interesting style and I mean again it's just like less like straightforward right so yeah so that's what you want to be Owen Owen says he can use it but maybe Mike might not be a pro like you can you can get the job done right and that's right yeah that's all you need and you really need to be able to know what it does like you're doing now it's like okay now I get a vision for what InDesign can do therefore when a project rolls around it's good to know a little bit about every program so that no matter what's thrown at you you're ready yeah exactly so actually while you're working I don't want to have a drumroll and I want to actually I want to do two things as you're doing that let's talk about the challenges for today and then reveal a challenge winner from yesterday so today it's all about creating an event invites so say for the holidays create an event invite right you can use InDesign or illustrator there is this template that you can access just download that and then you're gonna upload it to this link so you do that within the next you know hour and and create a design upload here and we'll review it in an hour okay but basically you have all day to get your submission in clear up till 3:00 p.m. actually 2:30 p.m. Pacific time and we will pick a winner okay so that's what's happening there and again you do have this template that you can use that I've already downloaded okay and you could win Creative Cloud that's a good price and I'm gonna about to reveal our winner from yesterday I know you've seen it but I don't know if they're here or not congratulations Bojana stupor whoo don't know if I'm saying your name correctly but I do know you are a winner and I'm following you so bujjamma stoop are you are the winner of the Adobe live challenge from yesterday that's beautiful Bojana I love that yeah it was all about just creating a holiday card we did give them a template I don't really see anything from the template in here by the way I don't really recognize anything from here but this style is really cool I love the 3d aspect but she added too yeah it's beautiful right it looks like a like a pop-up book I don't think it is I don't know if they're going for but in Buchanan's on I just saw in chat yay resolutions you just one creative cloud and if you have it extends it out for another year I will say one thing I would probably do is just put this s behind that I like that I get back to layering yeah expansion and as long as you show some of that character then that's good a great job it's a great idea that's beautiful into it so we'll post that congratulations you're amazing so one thing I'm doing now is starting to lay out the rest of my typography in the book and one of my favorite tools is the eyedropper tool to change the colors and match my font style so I'm going to use that right now just as I'm trying to pick the colors and the layout just to start to really get a feel for what's what it's gonna look like is that still there is hotel nope this is not idea that I need I copied and placed but tight from this page oh I see which is another one of my favorite tools so I copied this and press command C and then I click on the page I'm going to next and I do shift command option V and it pastes in a place okay shift command option options good yeah and then I dragged it over to my other spread first of all I like that all the way I will say that like I also like say Adobe XD when I do it when I paste on a new page it it does that I don't need to hold down something if I do a paste it's gonna paste in an exact same place on the other like layout I don't know Eckstein very well but that's amazing well trust me if you if you're if you know InDesign you can dive in the back seat okay yeah you would not have a problem thanks for the confidence booster that it's totally like I you know give you 20 minutes speaking of XD we would think like to thank Howard Howard Pinsky kicks off the day with a creative challenge of his home and ona at 8:30 a.m. so he is running daily creative challenges all this week and next week so get involved there as well because he's using XD as a part of his challenges there you go yet so Ellen Ellen love llege she said that she's at like a semi-pro in InDesign and she says XD is a lot of fun oh ok Ellen I'm gonna try it for you yeah thank you hard fill free Howard if you want to post a link to your daily creative challenge to kind of find out more about it I actually probably have it but since I mentioned it be nice to have a link so I don't have it off camera I've hand right now but really we're just looking at ways to get people involved like a reason to use the software to you know potentially build out a portfolio it's a free day to really just build build their own career like a career they love cuz I don't know about you I do this morning evening and I had no I have no other life really I should take up other hobbies but a designer's hobby is like more design pursue it's so true actually right you're just like 4 can let me get home and then your passion is to design somewhere yeah especially like working for Pinterest I mean is that's like that's a that's a designers like Haven you see so many different cool things there you're like I want to do that it's a very inspiring between Pinterest and like Etsy cuz I feel like I feel like there's Etsy items on Pinterest does that make sense I think kind of I'm sure they're like all these creative like applications of design uh-huh you know you'll stumble upon those in Pinterest but really you find it find really anything in Pinterest well I definitely try to throw in as part of something that makes me feel creative and inspired I also try to throw in cooking and baking in there just because it's something I can do off the computer that still inspires me ok but I'm curious if you one else does that any other designers out there how are you is like like a chef or when you're making a recipe are you are you like an artist you like do you follow the recipe I would say then I can follow a recipe but I can also add a few more things that I think that they may be left out yeah no I'm like I try to follow the recipe like to a tee first go-round and then the second go-round I'm like okay let's do this he's mix it up but sometimes I can't even follow that like why do I think I'm smarter than the person who wrote the recipe why do I think I can substitute like whole milk for coconut milk that's making pancakes it's not gonna be the same I mean like I do way too many substitutions turns out nothing like what the recipe what does it turn the pancakes Oh horrible they're like rubber and flat I'm like I thought I could change all the rules you should just be looking for a dairy for your recipe to begin with Oh a dairy free yeah well if you're right milk coconut milk yeah I wanted I wanted too low a low carb Oh you know and I was thinking somebody should really make a cookbook for maybe around maybe 25 recipes under 5 carbs would be something cool for someone to do you heard it here first that's actually that's that's Julia's I nee speaking of which Julia's and it's like five I don't fits under thought it's that is 505 Wow 2505 carbs I would like to buy that cookbook yeah and then totally add all the carbs that are missing in it it's like a you know what the salad needs steak I'm just gonna add one thing to the salad is a huge porterhouse steak what is the one meal you can't live without uh well I won that's a tough one but I will say here in San Francisco I'm like constantly ordering ordering Thai food oh yeah I loved it so Thai food what again I can't all right cuz the hotels just a little FYI SF I'd say a fair amount of hotels don't have room service anymore because of at least the largest one in San Francisco is the Hilton on O'Farrell and they just know everybody like uses GrubHub and those other you know ubereats great so they just have stopped doing a room service they're like you have your pick of all these restaurants you know that's so interesting yeah so yesterday as I was starting to lay in this typography on this page I really said I didn't have addresses and it can't be a Travel Guide without an address ah that's so yeah I'm adding it in today and I'm testy now adding an italic which I'm liking but maybe I'll try to change the location of it to be above yeah and do you are you are you going to introduce do you introduce a color or a shade of a color to introduce like hierarchy yeah yeah that's a great idea right now I was just experimenting if the italic was enough but I think you're right I think it might mean just a little something more right and is it just like a shade like what I'm thinking just like a shade darker for the titles that's all I have for you it's just a shade darker skin advice good direction whoa Andrew what oh Carlos likes to look up italics that's good me too okay Thank You Carlos we appreciate that seriously especially on the stream like kind of being able to you know read this I noticed you turned off the guides as well I did yeah what's that shortcut that is are you using this shortcut to do that I am that is w oh yeah and then sometimes I also do um command : and that turns off my guides okay cool or I can just press W and get into this presentation view okay I like it's a guy named W sometimes they're distracting especially when you're working on typography and yeah exactly and I'd say so so some of these shortcuts might be a little interesting like Photoshop it would be like command H does a hide um might be a little different than say illustrator or Photoshop I think what and I could be wrong but I think what we were trying to do is we're going after the QuarkXPress audience back in the day so we you know I did we created InDesign and so I think it adopted some of this or quark like sort of shortcuts or is my assumption basically to get that audience and in InDesign did within a couple years god bless quark like cuz that's like that's a denver company and does anybody know quark Xpress out there I don't anyone and does it I want to know if anybody's ever worked in QuarkXPress can you give us some background it was the page layout program for professionals before InDesign Wow yeah it was like the one that everybody used and we're talking I don't know it was like 2002 or something like that haha Paul is like pork was an awful program Allah I liked quark really Carlos used it for a school newspaper like four ages ago sounds about right sounds like everyone's really happy Adobe came along somebody's at quark PageMaker frame-maker yeah Guadalupe I work with quark ok PageMaker was the other one again everybody's kind of saying they're slowly kind of revealing their age when they say yes I'm with Suman I've never heard of yeah quark Express Corki yes expresses noe so yeah rxp ress Wow a little bit of history here oh you don't know quark I remember going up and I was presenting I was actually presenting InDesign at a conference which by then InDesign was for a couple years was the app of choice and then the poor court guy had to go after me and I felt so sorry for him like I just did my presentation I showed every all the awesome stuff like in InDesign Photoshop and illustrator like just killing it and then the pork I feel so sorry for the poor guy is that wrong I'm I'm sure he did agree no court had their right they had the wrong God god bless them and they're still in business to doing stuff but again this isn't a court stream so that's why we're not gonna talk about it food Deanna used into InDesign since 2004 nice I am gonna start experimenting now with a different color choice maybe I'll take inspiration this will be interesting which it's already a tough like yeah I know so hard using these currently it's a good color but you can look like easily if you veer into the yellows you're not gonna be able to read it no but that's kind of you still want that sunny vibe you know I am gonna refer to this some colors i pre-selected and see if any of these are feeling up right i like your idea of doing a darker orange so maybe or like a difference yeah just shift it can't shift it down a little darker let's experiment with that see if it gets enough of a difference i can't tell him to know I would County there but I was thinking for like I feel like the titles need to have I would cut I would cut the I wouldn't I would bring 50% black into the titles of like Parker Palm Springs let's experiment crank just crank it down and I'm you know I said 50 percent yeah there try it let's try it's pretty dark ah too dark too dark for me I agree I'm not Brown as a not my favorite color especially your Palm Springs okay let's try it now yeah okay tap to zoom in what you don't mind me like my head bright right on your shoulder like bone thoughts thoughts everybody what do we think chat and any other suggests we can compare that to a title underneath if we want to change the second one and I like that it says darker and easier to read personally I think since it's a book I think the goal is just to you know next one job is to be legible it's an important job yeah carries a lot of a lot of weight on it so I think 30 let's refer back yeah that's 30% black this bottom title is 10 percent black blue that looks good too and the thing is want like when it's printed like like when it's in your hand it's like how is it really gonna look you know I know it's good somebody says underlines oh that's a good idea if there was a little like a bit like a mine kind of stuck out like people love that this is a fun part of design it's just experimenting different ways because there's a million ways you can do something uh-huh a million or do you not check in okay I'm gonna open up let's experiment that and again as Tim says less than three minutes we're gonna do a random chat and win giveaway of something fancy Paul I'm really liking this this I'd call I think I'm liking to keep it I think and that this came from from chit chat basically she's if she's in the line and like that just you know it's like a brainstorming nobody really gets credit you know yeah except people do but leg this is a group rainstorm you know however who knows how we got here but somebody said an underline and this is the way to go I'm gonna change this back to let's get rid of that ugly color huh yeah some people don't like that you just be the host okay you like telling us about back in the day Andrew likes the knotch meet you Andrew I like the address – yeah how does that work does that so Josh I know you actually just changed it but hopefully you like the address now that feels feels very natural it's that the name of the place the address details on it the hierarchy feels better absolutely this chat agree yeah lettuce so dill me Silla Maine does not like let us know what you think is again we're just like working on this you're still the designer so everybody could say one way my design yeah there's so many ways to do something you're so in charge yeah ever ends up signing yeah I mean I like it I really like this one's really clean mm-hmm but I like yeah and then can you go full full screen with the whole thing like get rid of InDesign and everything there we go let's do that I do that between shift W that's my shortcut Carlos likes it some people like the title but not the address yeah and I'm kind of on Noelle's level like I think it's cleaner the second one it's it's almost like a quicker read that way and that's important because the travel guide should be quick yeah always thinking back to the purpose oh yeah and speaking of purpose the purpose of his fireworks is for the chattin win and we're gonna dive into that right now all right welcome back everybody this is chat and win I'm chat she's winch and windows give it away what is it ammu nobody knew nice open it up oh yeah think of all the ideas you can put in there and I love so that it's lined and then has these nice almost color that's like I don't know if that's like millennial pink over I think that's accurate yeah that's amazing I love the variety yeah that's very nice and that pink goes well with the blue on the outside it does if you'd call that blue okay good unless chat has another name for it what would you call this color yeah say what color that is or set your favorite color basically say anything in chat that is English that we can read like move wait Hannah move over say hello say you're your hair and you owe your blouse matches the background so nice you know at least when there's red in it but and we will pick somebody randomly and we will send this to your house not only this lovely book but the nice case as well it looks like Giuliano cha-cha Giuliano is our proud winner and new owner of this wonderful book that's gonna be filled with all these creative ideas so we'll send that out to you I think Gus usually hops on he has to hop on a plane right now and bring it right to you so here you go guys take it alright he's off he'll hand deliver that to your house congratulation then you just stand there and make it weird just kidding you're gonna love your new notebook I know it for everybody else there is like this link moo.com for slash Adobe live and you get 15% off just in time for the holidays I think there's still some time to get something printed that says hey Happy Holidays I appreciate you and maybe people can print the holiday cards that they did yesterday look at that hook good job print the holiday cards from yesterday and even the invite for the challenge today so excited to see that so if you didn't win the chat and win I apologize we're gonna do that for each segment so plenty of time to win just like three more times and then there's also the challenge in case you don't want to leave your fate up to chance you can actually enter the challenge which is about creating an event invite I'm very excited to see that you're looking for some inspiration right always for a holiday invite yeah I'm having like a little bit about like a holiday cocktail party and really I just set up that I just set up a Facebook event but for the header like I need something like a rig I'm a freaking designer original something special and that falls directly in line with what we're dealing and I think what you're doing here is solving like real world you know problems as deep as they get for us designers you know it's so funny as a designer I always just go but flip back and forth between like a point size or a thin font weight changer put those little differences make you know can change the whole design it does like even here cuz you do have more space between the pair between say this paragraph and the next title but you still have space between the title in the next so that enough space to you know to where you know which items are grouped that's what I'm trying to figure out right now is how much space I want between each separate paragraph just like what you said I want it to be I want you to know that they're different places where they want them to be relatable and this is what you even what you're doing here is really nice what what what is the size of that the body copy the body copy is 14.8 what if what if we cut that down to like 12 oh that and then gave all of it like a little more space and then my header copy is 11.5 yeah experiment the weddings a little I'm gonna tighten that up a little bit I think I'm gonna try 13 go ray in the middle between 12 and 14 see what that looks like and I think you're also like taking into account that the type isn't black so I think such a gun with a color you don't want to go too small for you can't read it yeah like a little larger I typically think 10 to 12 point is fine but I'm also thinking of myself as being always faking being a young person thinking I can read you know I'm saying yeah designers choice is always to make the type really small yep we're notorious cuz we're like a type it's just a design element when you're like no that's the most important part absolute like you need the sensible idea of this absolutely one shortcut that I love doing just to finesse weddings are the letting in certain places I highlight a line and then press option downer up just does that change the web that changes the wedding okay highlight one line option downer up the chances the spacing between the lines that's my quick hack just especially when I'm in the experimentation phase open to suggestions we are live designing here today and this is day 2 of 3 we have Kirsten here Wolford from Pinterest making a city guide for Palm Springs hoping that they call her up saying hey you know you did a great job there come on out for free and then you're top of the tower like limo shows up and this is like it's like party you're like Andy the key to the city it's a whole thing I agree with you so Paolo says he likes that he finds almost 12 12 point size too big for his would he'd be 9 to 11 I typically agree with you I'm just I'm concerned that that text is already a different color it's not black so that's why I like it I mean it looks good there everything you know the most important thing I find about editorial design actually is that it's always important to print it out yes just if that's our voice to think about the end result if I will be printed if it's gonna be on screen I just really like I think this is it a good place are you perfect good job thank rethought into it so matheus thanks for joining us welcome everybody who's just dropped in we want to give you a warm welcome aah hello Adelson good to have you here as well love your little avatar I'm not sure what it is there's Anita's and in the house she's also prefers nine to eleven and also I think it's good if you're like you are struggling with something and you're working on something like this will you sometimes just like ditch it like leave it alone oh I don't know when you tried things and then okay I need to go ahead yeah absolutely does anyone I mean I'm curious do you wrestle with designs or do you leave app and then come back to it or what do you find helps you um like like everything everything like I know I know I'll work on it and tell like oh it's just not there and then all usually it's been hours so I have to leave I have to leave maybe I'll go to I don't know maybe I'll go to Pinterest yep you know get some inspiration can't see what's on go-to Behance as well see what's out there but typically stepping away it's like I just need to come back on approach it with fresh eyes and I think it'll be very clear to me and it happens every time I kind it's fun knowing that I don't know if other people disliked I have enough design instincts to know when it's not there yeah and that's a good thing because I'm like I know I can get it to where I want it to be I agree that it gets a little discouraging when you spend all your time on something and then you're gonna bitching it oh I think we talked about that yesterday don't be afraid to scrap a design it doesn't feel right and I will reuse that design okay like what all my techniques there may be project works better for him exactly like I will find a place where because it's still cool it's just not appropriate for what I was doing absolutely so we will inspire something else yeah exactly and by the way we appreciate everybody is an art like we you know this is you guys are the brain trust as we're working on this you're you are the art director you are the boss here but I appreciate the brain trust chat cuz that's also a good way like we're lucky enough to livestream and tap into them it's very you know this cue me you're gonna miss it I was doing some other design work for freelance last night and I missed you guys already oh man I need a second pair of eyes on something it always makes such a difference just having an outside observer Simone starts with Pinterest you yeah me to some school I always mood board bear sometimes I made board in Illustrator if I want to print in our order Granny Freud says the by color frame is amazing the bicolor like I guess those frames and I love what you did down here look at that we're gonna take it so good I'm gonna and I'm stealing this I'm putting this bag my head like I want this the frame is half of another color what I haven't done that before just I'm stealing it oh I just wanna introduce a little bit more interest to this page I think this is gonna be my section divider so this will be the where to stay section divider and then I'll have one before the what to do pay section and then the note section and then the eat and drink section I think I want it to be really photographic again but I have just a little bit of design element to it so I'm glad to hear people like it wasn't quite sure I did it and then I was gonna move on ya know and it works it works with that photo as well so it was like has those same one top warm tones in this so that's that's a very good picture to roll with I'm really into this orange I will I'm into the words Noel says yeah I agree that the palm tree is off a touch like so you either a different image well I mean you could still move it over a little bit just because the is the palm-trees it's like it's right in the center of the page but like it's not so yeah it's not in the center yeah no it's not no it's not because that home from put it right in the right in the center right where the page folds let's see I'm gonna try the trip they showed me yesterday the content-aware fit see if that worked just adjusted a little bit yeah like there now it's in the central dead center yeah dead center which is such a horrible term yes dead center dead center is that better does that help you know well that's gonna be one of those things where it's just you're not gonna be able to unsee it until it's right but that looks bad I think that's good writer you constantly noticing those little things like if the lettings off if the careens off Oh Noel says oh now she's saying oh she likes likes it better off center if you know the thing is it's gonna be the thing is is if something is close to being in the center but not or like you know or it's like when a color is close to another color but it's not the same color you you want to make it the same okay so I don't know what I think I'm gonna take a break from it yeah it's it's a great it's a good stress it's not quite feeling exactly there yet I still love this spread that was really exciting to me all those beautiful colors I feel like it shows a good variety of Palm Springs like maybe what you can expect when you go visit and like about saying the tone for the rest of the book again if you are just joining us this is a Palm Springs City guide and what font are you using are you sticking with thee because you haven't really made the cover yet no I'm very toggling between you have a serif and then the sands all gaps so right now I'm using a quasi Mota okay my sans-serif and a plantain for my Sarah plantain okay and again I chose these fonts because I loved how classic they were I felt really strongly that they would look good with any City no matter if I expand this to include London and Santa Barbara and maybe San Francisco so I was happy with that and I like the legibility of um all things I'm looking for again thinking of the goal of the design where I want this to be and then and how I want to expand it thinking of all those questions that front will really help you down the line mm-hmm and I think you know I'm going to start introducing some page numbers oh yeah let's see what if the internet had page numbers oh I don't know five million two hundred and seventy nine thousand five hundred and twenty-one right and you just keep reading two million two thousand five hundred ninety two oh my god I can't even imagine it's like there is that one graphic or page that says you've reached the end of the internet oh yeah yep like that's that's what I need my phone to tell me sometimes you've reached the end of the Internet Paul go to bed you know you've each you yeah nothing new in what's how is your life gonna change based on that next image or whatever you're just experimenting with different font sizes but I think I'm gonna leave it at eight for now and then see how it looks in the spread hey Frank welcome good to have you here again we are with Kirsten Wolfert from Pinterest she's designing in indesign cuz it's all about editorial design this week and she is making a Palm Springs City guide hoping they invite her out there and give her the key to the city that's our endgame really well he said that it sounds really great okay so I did this in my master pages and now I'm going to see how it looks on the spread and so feel free to do just a quick recap of what you how you set that up so everybody knows absolutely so I went to my master pages which is up here on the top of the pages ladies do you zoom in thing oh yeah my new cool should be control I'll hold it down no two fingers oh nice let me start over so this and that's just for ya zooming up there zoom in right up there takes me in that so that's a master page for your like layout so anything that will be consistent on every page like page numbers folios you know little things like that yeah so you've just double clicked on that and then it's just gonna bring up this big blank page that you could do anything here on it and then since you've added you added the number or letter a so what I did was I copied this type font style from a previous page uh-huh because I think I want to use my sand surf for the page numbers and then I went up to type insert special character markers and then current page number okay do you see that so that's the that's how you do it that's how you make the magic happen insert special character markers insert page number and then I just copied this over to the other page would like minded yeah perfect it doesn't matter what's that what character is in there the thing is is like this is a it's gonna be a variable anyway yeah exactly like it's gonna change Josh good call yeah this is good we want to think about this stuff in terms of you know is it centered is it you know in the corners I really like the idea of centering that and these by default get covered up mm-hmm okay which I think I'm okay with actually I don't want I don't feel like I need page numbers on every single page so I'm gonna leave the page numbers that are already covered covered this is a happy accident I like that the page number does disappeared on this page like I say that um and yesterday stream because this is not gonna be a super thick city guide I don't I'm not super passionate about the page numbers I don't think they're super important I think that it's just a quick flip through you'll be able to find what you're looking for but I definitely want them in there I am going to try centering them I'm not great suggestion on a shot and see what how we feel about that and I think if they I wanna I wanna I personally want to figure out if we did want page numbers on top of all the photos how to do and it's that's something want to explore I wonder if anyone on chat knows I didn't I did some I did some googling so it basically says if you put the page numbers if you create a new layer on top of the stack move your page numbers there so that I guess the page numbers have to be on the top layer but I don't know we'll have to take a look at that sounds good okay let's see there's you know right now because most of my design is strong left align I'm not sure if centering is working for me yeah oh yeah mmm but maybe it's you know on the writer aligns with this strong grid yeah there's way too many interesting layouts and the the number in the center kind of initially thought is a great idea and it might be some for some pages but yeah I like it in the corner but I feel like I always have to just get that out of my system just to like see how it looks know that it was the right decision not to do it for this layout I'm also gonna try to use maybe a thinner weight cuz I don't want too much emphasis on my page numbers i'ma put it in the corner Thank You Josefina says you can override the master to move the page number to the top the topmost layer I like that's just so good an arene says the same thing good ok good so we'll work that out we'll work that out who took the photos nobody took him they're right here we have him nobody took him from us did it Julianna and then another life's I shouldn't take her out of photos yeah that's you Liam for her cookbook she and she was so it's for a cookbook so she's talking about how she had a team how she had to make each dish like multiple times I can't even imagine because she had to make one she had to make one more like it was like family-style maybe there's multiple portions like just like it sounded like it was a lot of work you know she's inserting cardboard and oh my god she's propping up any of the garnish for soup is sitting actually on on top of a cup that's flipped upside down there's so many hacks yeah it's crazy I've heard the hardest styling job is styling beds doing like pillows and duvet cover oh wow to not have any wrinkles in the sheets to stuff extra bedding in there really I know so next time you see now it's sounding horn it sounds like hey guess your job today is just to make it make I've had hard time meeting my own bed I know and you gotta like make a perfect bed that looks fluffing awesome I really like the thinner page numbers eugen coming in dropping some knowledge page numbers should be outside the live area they should also be called folio usually they're on a separate layer of it you can call folio or page furniture look at you dropping knowing his print business and then the same point size as body text usually and we're like yeah we're yeah we're not gonna do that that's a joke the integer like I know I know what other people say mine's gonna be my each one's gonna be on a flower it could be a palm tree yeah fun wouldn't that be fun how about that how about if it was like hmm I'm thinking about that I'm gonna let you noodle on that for a second I want it to be like us maybe it's a Sun that's setting and it's going behind a palm tree as you flip the book it goes down and down and down so you know when it says that's the last page of the book it's a variable that changes yeah how fun is it look in the corner that's maybe in the in the Sun is the page number if you care to know about the page number you know I'm gonna start adding some addresses to this I like that idea make sure it's consistent this is another thing I love to use the change case mm-hm type menu that's only super helpful I know man I want that in every in every app and it's not there you know it's uh let me check like Photoshop instance I think it isn't Photoshop it's in a different location I know it's I know you can change things to uppercase but you can't change things to lowercase I didn't know it was just one option and you may be an InDesign can you change things to initial caps is that an option maybe no actually let's look but this is really the power of InDesign because out of all the apps InDesign gives you the most control over to overtax uh-huh and which is ready for layout design editorial design okay let's see so you were seen title case oh yeah there's title case Wow yeah title kiss initialize the first letter of each word sentence case oh there's lots of options I always confuse title case in sentence case yeah that's so good Ryan Ford's into it good to see you Ryan oh yeah so keep in mind you have about five minutes to get your entry in for the challenge today which is all about creating a holiday advice for this big party that's you're gonna have at your house so excited that people are gonna talk about for ages hey man remember that party remember that party invite it was so amazing so I'm this is something I do I'm sure there are tons I love this I know exactly what you're doing does other people okay sure everybody does it every app it's a habit I can't break I just can't do it everybody knows what's happening here right first I just you know it's just something that I do know other people do it too I don't even have to explain it right everyone everyone does this so yeah there again the chat is slightly destroyed but Ryan Ryan knows what's up Andrea's you know those things that you do when you're designing by yourself and you're just like I'm sure there's a better way to do this but for now I'm just gonna keep up with this hack but I've been doing forever this is one of those things but you know it is amazing at least in Photoshop and in XD off check illustrator super smart cuz they have like smart guides so when you move something around if you move it down a little border will pop up in between those two say hey there's I'm the same space as this then I'll say have in the same space as this and I'll start recognizing see you in other apps you really don't need this hack and I need to get the address here so right now we're gonna do a placeholder that says me address here so I don't stop my design flow ah I love Jordan I love it I love that whole comment like hey it's not a problem if it works for you not a problem you know like Jordan other people have other suggested like I feel like you're getting paid it's like writing code you know me you can get really into like a technical you know what you're able to program the thing the clients happy who really cares you know yeah as long as you get it done right and that's good too Sarah says I get another tip just like grouping the elements that you want spaced out and then use the align tool totally that's another great suggestion thank you Sarah I'm really happy coming back to this now having taken a break from a typography and now coming back I'm really happy with what we decided to move the our titles over a little bit but I do think I just need a little bit less space between the title and the description and by the way that hack does and I know there's smart guys and some people use Sims looks like Randy Freud does it kind of also also kind of tells me like that you're a long-term user of a design because you learn this way cuz maybe there wasn't a future maybe sometime good point yeah like I never thought about it like that yeah interesting hearing I'm doing it again you do your thing we're just here to watch great I'm checking out the challenges cuz you have less than two minutes to get them in pretty hurry you just did find out about them today have you've already been submitting stuff yes it's usually like maybe not a lot of entries this morning because they just found out about it so and again I think people who do have suggestions about our mini well know just like is their is their concerns that's how earlier around the white working well on the yellow absolutely I'm so glad you guys brought up last night when I was reviewing this I thought the same thing then I'm maybe I'm gonna try you darkening hiding a little bit black see where that gets me Oh too much black that's not bad though yeah I mean already that little touch do you usually work this way do you jump in and mess CMYK yeah I do again it's one of those habits that I just started and it works free so I keep doing it how do you think just kind of asking how it reads on-screen versus how it's gonna print out what is your what are your what does your gut tell you um I'm deaf yellow is a hard color to print I think that I'm definitely gonna want to make sure that this still feels bright and not too muddy and I think that's my biggest concern right now okay since we're designing something for Palm Springs I want to be happy and lively and clean and fresh and so I may just have to I told someone on chat yesterday that I wasn't gonna change this yellow color but I might have to change yeah and then yeah do you change it maybe introducing another box of this maroon coming out of this is that a bad idea or I don't know if you introduce an element because I really like your style being very very clean and not overly designed but just because I really like the yellow too by the way I like I don't want you to like I mean that that's that's good there's work serine feels pretty heavy yes is just this top this box right here that color and then the rest is yellow or perhaps introducing just a white maybe what I did in another folio work you know splitting the yellow ending it somewhere bring up my guides one more time come in : that's how I got there let's see just immediately I'm liking that the yellow being the foot whatever color it will end up being I think I like it being the full spread but let's try introducing the color behind this yellow and Moon are not my favorite colors I have to but maybe we can try introducing a pink or something else it's interesting if you think back to color theory I think what I remember is that yellow and red together make you feel anxious and hurry through something can I try something yeah please dude you're on drink well yeah what if this is just my only suggestion cuz I really it's like really straightforward and since I loved that I was just gonna bring that down there like it's okay the where to stay is already on the previous page so do we need to highlight it is that a good like sort of like a tab sticking out I don't know press W yeah let's see that's working I like it now how do you how do you feel about the red end or the yellow and burn together ah it makes me feel anxious no no because I don't I don't think they're that intense of colors to make me feel that anxious like I don't I don't feel anxious with it at all right now come back to see it how I feel about it in a little bit if chat has any opinions on it let us know mm-hmm yellow and red equals hungry from Dawn Marie haha yeah that's okay pretty much any any color makes me hungry and I'm just like I just need to have lunch oh man challenge submission deadline is up Zero's can't wait yeah we I think this is my favorite part of the day cuz it's when we can look at everyone else's work and it's fun to look at this other work and then that that kind of knocks where I had and then we approach some of these other things and see how that like influences absolutely you know all right we can take a look now if you're ready let's dive into this so this is the challenge for today just you know right over here it is creating an event invite you find that under challenge you can still submit and we'll just review those in the next segment but hats off go to all of the people that have submitted already you know within you know 90 minutes quick arty yeah created some design so we have about seven of them here will dive into this first one it's the Grinch just-in-time knoll Gelles let's view this a little larger sorry clicking on it sorry there we go yeah I gotta zoom into this is behind my head very grand dress Merry Christmas that's cool it's an unexpected color which is I like mm-hmm I like it in the flourish next to Mary uh-huh I'm a little scared I like it it's not expected I love the border that you've the color that you brought from the front paint the front side of the invitation to the back invitation I'd maybe add a location time date yeah those are important things for a party yeah but maybe that's on a separate card I like that I almost want considering the copyright in here I almost want to have a little like yeah we're being Grinch but we're gonna have fun yeah you know some little like fun yeah a little playful no smiling I don't know I don't know what that is I'm not a nerd but I love this drinks yeah like it's like Christmas a Christmas card for those of you that don't like you know red and green yes or maybe it could be someone who especially loves the movie good yeah that could be it I mean well that'd be fun this illustration of the go-to is really exciting yeah it's a little different than what you're used to seeing but it's totally recognizable absolutely so good and I love the flourish next to Mary and the little change of the baseline for Grinch one yes a little you're smart yeah it feels like aligned with the movie in the story very good and bonus points for showing it be behind an envelope yeah presentation response oh good oh I figured it out what could you make this rhyme as if it's a dr. Seuss so that would be a good call so perfect great job man no job did great I love that I don't know if you're here with us but fantastic let's go to the next one by the way you can view these in the gallery on the submission page let's go to this next one Axl Zapata hello crazy Christmas these are fun parties oh yeah I'm crazy interesting love it yeah there's a 3d type element it looks like on the host home still like flat but yeah dynamic I know that's really exciting yeah really and really into this I could stare at this all day long I know do you wish that there was more of that introduced to the type or do you think just that one element I like vision this I think yeah I mean are you I would try it maybe you know would you over be overdoing it I like how it harkens back to this like flat paper type look yeah exactly those moves into it it's a great job I don't know what's going on with the slant I don't think it's necessary yeah what's going on here in the corner don't need it and I love I think it's smart to put the Santa's having them be grounded but I'm not sure if we need the snow and the disco lights and maybe simplify a little bit yeah that's a good question a design that's just a time and just and I would say just play with it play with it in you know whether it as I would have liked turn that stuff on and off and just see you know see what works I actually kind of do like the snowflake but yeah I would say because you're right I think I see what you're saying is there's there's so many layers disco lights rays and then snowflakes yep this snowflakes are really nice I like those I think the snowflakes are good I would say maybe not these I don't know play with it yeah you don't know unless you try yeah good job back so it looks great so good already like out of the gate Anthony is too this is Anthony Gonzales love that this is really exciting I can I'm Maurice tarting to get a vibe for it what each party is gonna feel like and maybe what kind of food they're gonna serve who's gonna be there which is really exciting I think all these invitations have done a really great job showing that the feel of the party yeah I would say no changes here yeah I think it's great I love that some of the foliage comes in front of the box yeah that's really you could almost over work this but I would just leave it as is I think it looks really clean and beautiful good job Anthony yeah good job my seat oh I like then should I like the candy the nod to Christmas candy yeah oh ho ho it is Christmas time grab here the holly Pops and get to her Christmas party Poland exciting will be the shoot its we better hurry it isn't Poland we're in San Francisco that's really it's this Friday we're gonna come right now anything as long as you look sweet in it oh I think it's great I would say even for this I know you blocked this out I'd rather you just eliminate these candy canes bring this one in and make it look more integrated I love that idea incorporate it more into the design mm-hmm the type and the illustrations yeah but a great use of color in illustration and illustrate oh yeah this is super tight yeah I really like that into it great job message we will be there this will try to see what we can do I want to be there sulmona countdown is on for dinner and drinks as we ring in the new year this is really exciting this vector art is beautiful yeah that's really cool I love the blocky 2019 I love the layers of the white outlines on top of the gold typography this is really exciting there's a lot going on but I think you need I love everything going on in the center oh and you said in the center I almost think it like that like these are different styles degree you this is so strong you don't even need this here be honest with you I think play up the center even more or maybe introduce um you know I even like how the top around the typography has the white outlines on that light gray color so you can introduce that again on the bottom yeah or extend the navy all the way on the top and bottom and have the ornaments hang down from the top this is beautiful that I really like this one yeah those are good and it's good too I mean there's some pretty good balance going on here if you do end up with two elements just keep in mind what you what they have to focus on so like you said what if this black is the top part and this is more integrated with the design at the top and then there's a print like those are the different ways you can you can chop this and on that note to me be introducing some hierarchy in the type yeah that's right maybe some different weight changes even you go the countdown is on that's like the header at the top yeah large 2019 and then some of the details Johanna drinks yeah no I think that would really help those are my go-to for hike um hierarchy is always thinking about font weight font sizes color I would try all those things and I keep experimenting and see whether that's right and amongst all those things you're just you're leading the eye through the design always remember what you want people to see first and to focus on first yeah don't feel easy cheesy encounter a party yeah who design this one I wonder if their birthday is really on December 14th John Jonas if it's your birthday Jen on Friday happy birthday yes Friday December 14th oh man oh we're supposed to be in Poland that day but what we can do you know we gonna make it work don't be lazy and come to my 30th party maybe adding a th on thirty would it be yeah thirtieths I feel like then people will know it's birthday um I think that adding I think I know there's hierarchy here but I I think a little bit more to be helpful the my is a little bit hard for me to read maybe separating out the different type of elements um cancer adding you know what the image choice like this image makes me feel like there's gonna be dancing so if there is maybe it's a good choice yeah yeah good call kind of taking a hint from kind of what you do in these these lines are all caps spaced out yeah I like a good call there and then pairing that with this you know fun font technically there's two right with the my in the 30th but I see what you're saying I like it maybe even it's as simple as making my white too so they're easier to read on that there I like you you said xxx but if you put the 30th it in there that will balance out the my own idea however however you do that that brush fonts really good and I love the large number 30 that's really fun and I would even play with even some of the copywriting – yeah thank you I thought cuz honest in general you don't want to put anyone down oh no oh yeah be like don't be a lazy xxx 30 year old like me come or whatever I don't know but just like I don't know what that means I guess you're setting the tone for the party see ya up yeah and happy and like you could say don't be lazy because I really want to see you or something like that like yeah I want a positive spin yeah yeah yeah it's gonna it's gonna be like you don't want to be the person to hear about it the next day yeah like you just missed an awesome party so don't be the person that mists the awesome party like that you know you were warned see your copywriting know you can do it I will say copywriting is huge for any design as you're trying to communicate as we're communicating visually mm-hmm what's visuals all this type like Sarah's degree Sarah this is Sarah Beckett's which is great so I think this is actually a last one this is so fun I really love this I just immediately bright and colorful I love the vector illustrations are on the edges featuring you this is my favorite this one wins I love it and he said soon we'll talk about knowing your audience know your audience love that I mean it just that little detail look at how excited my birthday's next week so you're hired to do my birthday invitation is it really it's the 18th that's on Tuesday any other December babies here Wow happy birthday 24 years old we're gonna tell everyone that yes we're you do the 24 times 2 or something like that that's what I mean that's what I'm oh but you do 22 for the 2nd time or something like that and that means like 23 it's I think that the hierarchies are really interesting I love that the holidays right down yeah look at how everything has rounded corners rounded rounded works in perfect this arch fun the fun the script font also reminds me of frosting which i think is really exciting and harkens back to the illustration like the scallop on the tree around the gingerbread man yeah I think that's a really good tie in together yeah I love that it's the hierarchy feels nice happy birthday early birthday to you Siobhan's gonna be 40 uh December 20th a birthday coming up Guadalupe Howard has four birthdays in this family this month holy cow that's so many Owens is the 30th – December 29th so I'm the day before Owens happy birthday to you – are you a–such Terry's I'm a Capricorn Capricorn okay yeah lots of birth like a lot everybody I have talked to lately it's like everybody's birthday's this month I know I'm so many people any others on shot happy birthday to all of you yeah happy birthday this is could we scroll down this great design I like that even has a website more good good good hierarchy here even you know it's it's the same font this is this is priority this is a little smaller and you know it's perfect and you're doing a good job of you you're what is being said because the goal is to don't tell them like what it is to give them a reason it's not your job you're like come have some fun like that's the that's the key takeaway and that's kind of what this says we're having a holiday celebration and that's what you lead with yeah that's good in one thing I have to say I love most about this design as well is the fact that my eye is being led through from the top to the bottom really seamlessly which is a great thing actually you know ever just realized the last thing I looked at is this bar oh so maybe do you think bold making the font way a little bit more bold would help you or do you like that that was the last thing you noticed no I kind of expected this to be like more of the details like this almost needs to go under here oh I love holiday celebration prizes great company bah bah bah bah bah giving people the reason – yeah it's like lead with the reason of like this this is why you want to do X yeah and then here's the details and there's too many companies lead with this is what this is what we do and not with the value they're giving the customer so this is the value pro tip right here from you know we're gonna provide this gonna be fantastic highly encouraged Thanks that was very fun yeah and not that it's an ugly sweater because thank you this is like traditional Christmas let me just confirm that yep that is all of them and if we did measures not to worry we'll review those in the next segment but how I got here just so you know is right over here through this challenge tab making an event invite we provide a template and click right there that's how you submit and that's how you view the gallery and I encourage you to jump out and let everybody know what you think of these various designs cuz super-strong like today very shunned right like that's gonna make it really tough so what we hear the end of the day is you have to pickle oh my gosh I'm glad I don't have to pick a winner good luck to you guys I know you're like I gotta go yeah like noticed and I love the variety I think in all of these yeah but from the holiday party invite to the New Year's party to the birthday invitations and then just a variety of design it just shows you there's more than one right way to do something yeah so many different ideas yeah everybody did a great job are you feeling I'm spired yeah I'm all super inspired and then and then that's what you do you look at the stuff you join us obvious it for there's livestream and then go back to kind of what you're doing I kind of want to look at your screen let's do it and it's just fun cuz all that stuff's kind of knocking down in your head and you're like wow that was a good break it was a good break like now I need to add some Christmas shine oh right palm trees make it a little bit more festive this is festive in its in its own right and I seriously don't have a problem with any of this I don't think anything is broken with this layout at all yeah I would just I would almost like move on and and work on something else I think I'm gonna start working on my cover that's gonna be that's father just in the last few minutes yeah start about five or less minutes I'm gonna start looking at some photography options this is fun maybe some font choices do you say Dobby stock I do I do yeah it's super helpful and by the way we keep on I thought oh gosh how many I can't remember how many like what we're quoted at how how many millions of photos just an absurd amount of photos are in Adobe stock Wow that way we've spent a lot of time on on doing the filtering in the searching because we don't want to have you scroll through so many pages it's gotten pretty advanced just so you know and I'm into it that's what I got to show you how'd you work on that and ask we only have about four minutes time flies and you're having fun okay Wow okay so Oh do some live time image searching yeah and I'm and I just grabs some imagery because I've set the tone for this my this strong border throughout the design I love the idea of introducing them into my cover maybe I'll add a background like a taupe or an off-white to it so it's not stark white that's something I really like to do as well it's a little unexpected that's not something different that no one's expecting is is adding a background cut border like that or no just adding an off-white color those are not using the start rings I'll show you what I mean ooh Robert says Palm Springs has a modernism week I think it's in February well you get a tour the houses and Palm Springs I've heard about it that's hopefully when I'll be able to go yeah Robert have you been to modernism week that would be let us know if it's if you love it Ryan for diagur at alliant like this photo is pretty good you know this one is inspired from my mood board I found this really great textured photo of a cactus and I thought that was really beautiful house close-up it was and can I show you something like how this is my two cents yeah real fast let's see so this is just a search I was doing because again so if you do have maybe a photo or even a color palette but it basically I'm searching based on this photo I can say search all attributes but I could say you know since this is the hero image I want other photos to match it I can say hey just take the colors of this hero image and by the way what's the subject Palm Springs to be specific so it's giving me these very Palm Springs II type images that might work based on these colors as well so again you can go like on and on this takes your image searching to the next one yeah this is another thing especially since we're dealing with like editorial design right over here the fact that if I want an image with copy space that's the game changer right that is a game changer Wow yeah look like boom we need to drop copyright you just immediately what's that a millennial pink background with the palm these are on the bottom right ooh oh this one just caught my eye BAM oh those are fun all these are so beautiful yeah ooh that one too with that huge palm frond is that what we call them these right here yeah and I'll show you one other thing real fast is like if you're determining the crop you could preview you like your own crop because yours is square so this works out very well so that's very helpful fun stuff I'm switching back to you and kind of wrapping up perfect what was that did you say there's one more thing you want show that was so that the crop the crop yeah and then you can also do depth of field like you could see that with a palm like and that works out great if you're adding copy you could have shallow depth of field search on that and then you can put text in there which I love this even has a little depth of field that isn't she I was just wondering if I should crop it out yeah but I like I'm super stupid yeah then it kind of harkens back to the layering that I was doing on this spread maybe but just not rather than doing it in the design it's actually in the photo and then you'd probably have to add like the text and all that like get all the necessary elements in there yeah and then and maybe the images swap swaps out a couple times maybe it's lots of little images who knows too many things to think about there's so many moving elements and editorial design but that's why it helps me to move back a switch around go from one spread to another spray yeah I always mix it up wrapping up day 2 by the way a good thing so yesterday is available in the replays tab we encourage you to check that out not not right now later on by the way because right now thank you so much Kirsten so much fun thanks everyone for your help shout out to everybody that's just been helping us with with the design seeing all these amazing like in the challenge pretty cool really cool I feel so inspired thank you for your participating in the challenge everyone yes super awesome stick around we're gonna have Xavier up with Kathleen as well and a full day full of awesome designers of course like Kirsten so stick around with us everybody bye thanks

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