Editorial Design with Bárbara Abbês – 3 of 3

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hello everyone welcome back to Adobe live I am your host Christine art than I am here with barbara ibis hi we didn't eat breakfast today again we're crazy we're gonna ever stomachs growl but we do have a lot of cool things that we're gonna do so welcome out there chat say hello to us and say hello to Barbara Barbara's gonna be focusing on lost-and-found editorial design so she has a plethora of amazing photographs that she is found from flea markets and the sort we'll be putting those together on day three but first let's take a look at what we have in store for us today this week on Adobe live we have Barbara here right now with me and she'll be on until 10:30 after that we have got Kendall Henderson hosted by Kathleen Martin at 10:30 to noon and then Stephen Xue will be here hosted by me at noon and then at 1:30 we have Auslan on a busier with Kathleen Martin I was like um actually yeah Gus Martin will be hosting then so pretty awesome we will have Gus pot in the house alright so we also have some pretty awesome challenges chat and win is a challenge today so if you chat you have the chance to win we're giving away a new hardcover notebook but also today is portfolio review so it's pretty awesome you get the chance to actually have Barbara and all the other guests later today give you big things like tips on what you're doing that you get to have a critique and you know pretty much you get your work scene on Adobe live so it's awesome um so we'll be going through those two lucky people will get their portfolios chosen all you have to do is submit and go to the challenge tab and you'll see the portfolio a submission statement right there so Barbara now that we've gone through all of the housekeeping let's go through what we've done Oh actually there's one that's right we have a winner from yesterday I almost forgot oh my goodness so Robert vid soiree he was the winner from yesterday with his Kyoto poster is pretty amazing yes congratulations Robert you have won a year subscription to Creative Cloud that means that you get all of the apps and all the fonts and all the friends some lucky you that's pretty awesome and we love your poster we love the simplicity and the little patterns for the dots on the cherry blossom tree was just beautiful we were just talking about that this morning before we before we kicked off so awesome congratulations all right now Barbara the show is yours all right so let's do a quick recap of what I'm working on yeah yeah from day one – all the way through yeah so I'm just gonna open everything so um as Christine mentioned I'm working on the scene call it lost and found and I'm using photographs that I found on thrift stores and the way I started it was just like setting up a very simple straightforward grid and just placing everything here in the file so I can see it and then I slowly started moving around and adding stuff I'm using some copy that I got from carl martin's counter print book that you know intro then by PO Elliman who is also a designer artist yeah a really good one yeah so I'm just gonna go through the things that I've done already so it's kind of like well do do the preview right yeah oh I love this looks so great oh my gosh so everyone's like yeah so it starts kind of here that's when start things started getting in the groove yeah yeah in the group and then I just like started placing things and using the different tag faces that I had know in my fun fact I don't think I'm gonna be able to use all of them because I think it's gonna be too Rosie but I'm trying to mix and match and have some different things awesome and I'm also incorporating some of the elements that I had on my phone back illustration like the hero image so cool and I try to group pictures by how like what made sense mm-hmm just like beautiful and we have a couple of pages to cover I love it we need to like figure out some spreads that are still not sorted out yet but I think we can do it I think we can do it yeah we're gonna do it right here we're doing it dad Oh amazing so you guys ready yeah I think we're ready chat are you ready they're like oh we're ready so out there in chat definitely ask Barbara your burning questions while we have her here it's our last day with Barbara so say hey Babs and let us know what you what you're curious about hi Tim obese welcome whoo Carolyn Haynes ty Harris Julia Butch sa is back Andreea Anita Alexander nice monir I've got a lot of got a lot of people back this is great I love it VanDam what's up yeah I'm kind of like I had this coffee on this date but I don't think it's really working so I'm just going as I said I'm a sucker for a big type and I love that I since I'm my own you're going boss yeah I'm just gonna you like I do what I want yeah I'm like editing things down moving things around so it's just like I'm just gonna do what I wanted to I said he sang welcome hello Christopher Cologne oh they're just Silva your back what's up get all the good questions the other day yeah right yeah yeah I'm curious what you guys think so far off the Zeen what you feel like it's missing not that I'm gonna do everything you're telling me I love it yeah you're like gonna do it I just some curious I'm curious maybe yeah it's always good to have like a fresh set of eyes you guys are seeing me work on some yeah yeah no that's perfect yeah awesome Jim good all welcome Ismael you Jeff welcome Marie Lockhart hello just jumping back in I saw you yesterday welcome back yeah I tell it is always the nice choice you know Carolyn chat is busy today this is awesome I love when chats business yeah I like them people are participating it yeah me too there's like some interaction even though I'm working yeah yeah you're like there's some interaction going on amazing uh uh Equipe was a is asking what's the size of the zine Babs is working on uh it's 11 by 17 nice well the spread is 11 by 17 oh it's like 8 and a half you know 11 so that you could like print it out pretty easily and find a good paper that you can use yeah that's great it's kind of weird like thinking in inches yeah I understand you can totally go back knitters there you know metric that's totally fine but I like to I like to stick with like whatever I'm like it's gonna be easy to find 11 by 17 paper yeah yeah yeah tie Harris is asking in your editorial designs how do you make the determination of how much white space to use or how much to allow mmm that's a really good question yeah yeah I think I really I'm a sucker for a white space but I also I think there's something to be said about busy layouts hmm I think it really depends on the project and the content and I think with this scene I'm just like seeing what makes sense with each image which is like I'm not really helping here mm-hmm I don't think there's a solution but I think like white space is always a yeah yeah and just like even though clients kind of hate it okay they want to cover everything I know they're like put something in there and so make it yeah like good question guys this is keep them coming this is great I love all of these like very specific question yeah just fun I kind of like want to stick to their palate so I don't I'm curious Barbara did you always know you're gonna be a designer even when you were a kid no no no I I was all over the place I I like drawing mm-hmm but when I different from the us here that came Brazil you kind of like you apply for undergrad dick for a specific career right yeah yes I kind of know what you're doing yeah so it's not like oh I I got approved lick to the school right I'll figure out what I like so I remember when I was applying for schools I was just all over the place I did stage design like sewing it was theater women stage design and then graphic design and also filmmaking yes so it was kind of like you get a taste of everything and then did you realize that the whole 3d element was that way you're like I wasn't for me I was just like a bit stage design for like almost three years and at the same time that I was doing graphic another school so it was kind of like a crazy thing and I was just like once I had to start building sets and doing stuff I was just like really what I like yeah I can answer it was really fun but it was and it was interesting but it's just like I feel like the theater crowd was also like very passionate about everything they did and I'm like this is cool but it's I don't you're like I just want to get it done I don't I don't feel the same way as you guys do you know yeah um Jim Goodall has a question what about full bleeds are they good or are they overused I think we it depends depends yeah but I see what you mean I feel like when they're some design trends that you start seeing everywhere it's just like it just becomes like you suffocated by it yeah totally and even when it makes sense you kind of don't want to use it just because you've seen everywhere yeah hello early welcome welcome you Nina welcome Pamela yester mariana whoo-hoo Caroline's asking how do you bring clients round to your thinking if they are not sure mm-hmm I think we as designers we have to kind of like educate the clients a little bit and show that things are like of course they look nice and pretty but you need to make them understand there's a logic and there's a thought process and yeah concept behind it and I think if you just kind of like walk them through your process and your way of thinking I think it's way easier to sell it just sell it and to navigate this whole thing and like completely and they they really embrace what you're doing once you explain and they're like oh yeah this is my logic yeah make me feel empowered because they understood what you're talking about you don't treat them as like idiots yes oh you don't know you don't like this because you don't know what I'm doing you know totally hello Alvia and and Tony welcome Tony's like the party started Oh totally I'm with you Tony we were already partying in the lobby while we were waiting for the guys up we're like well they can't start party without us yeah we left behind man yeah right um what do you guys think of italic here do you think it's fine no yeah guys tell us what you think chat I tell like no way no italic oh great question it's a little bit of a leg so we might get it in a second I'm not sure about this color hello Milan I lost Mong Mohammed Mohammed oh these people oh you Nina yeah italic Tim obelisk italic alright and danila says hello from Guatemala hi welcome back danila Van Damme says it's very nice hmm maybe italic italic yeah we're feeling the italic yup Christina loves the italic Robert loves the italic Robert I was like Robert Robert Robert he was our winner today we he won I have a special thing for their wieners this is for Michael Shay's you know like he's always like you have a beaner I know my lameness comes out someday yeah dad jokes everybody loves italic yeah what do you know not sure if we need color here I don't know ooh wow I really like that yes a nice banana like tropical yeah that's cool so good look at them this is 78 or six hard stuff hard at all yeah baby 70s oh wait 78 yep 1776 Sonier really it's in the 70s the mid to late yeah yeah and I think know how many pages I have tweeny do you have another chance to chat and wean fourteen minutes you guys and then as long as you're in chat and you're participating then you have the chance to win a gift from Moo today we're giving away a bull Moo's giving away so graciously a hardcover notebook so definitely be in chat okay i couldnäôt enough and you're like I told him not to I'm sure he's there oh you're like he's there he's lurking yeah hey Eduardo if you're out there say something calling you out maybe we're calling you out it's right mmm this is cool yeah I'm trying to be mean good hat and weiner Audrianna that's funny these photos are awesome oh yeah that's the the two they are just like slightly different yes however you call it I call it good so great I call it gift – yeah Jeff is like peanut butter that's the peanut butter why because choosy mom's choose Jeff and if I was my own mom okay I would choose that it's just so good I love this chat dad wean peopie excited oh they love chat and win and they win it didn't they want to see this I know right that's what they well we have I have decorated it with stickers from one of our Adobe residents she she designs these really great illustrations Oh Mon ears got a question do you use a specific system while designing an InDesign is there a is there method to your madness that's a good question good question Mounier yeah and if it comes out and you know over time maybe ya notice you know yeah I think there's a method I just don't know if it's like like something you write yeah instruction yeah I feel like in general when I'm designing something nice my structure is kind of like I love making lists so I like if I need to read the content or go over a design pre I just take notes of what I think make sense then I do some research get some visuals and try to get stuff that is just like maybe just cool not necessarily just design stuff and you're like come here lady I want you in this bread bowl haircut Ryan Freud's like I just got out of a meeting what the what what are we doing when we are here with Barbara Davis and she is creating day three spread for her zine called lost and found and it's all using found photographs from flea markets that she's pretty much collected from all over the world amazing I had a friend I used to buy keys he's oh so so he would go to a country and spiky that's so funny um I did not do a rough sketch Brian for this I'm just playing it by year nice and then Pamela's asking do you prefer putting imagery for content I think because this has less content I'm just like I think image is being kind of king here but in general kind of the center of attention yeah that's your whole brief for yourself yeah I want to showcase them it's just more than I want to like I think having typed is good there because I think he needs two powers but I just um I think image is what its dictating Siobhan suck use grids make me anxious because they don't know how to use them but I love what I do be like you and you just it just takes a while to get used to it yeah start start with just like grids on the edge you know yeah add more in and then you look like get used to them just have margins set and slowly create a system but it's like it's hard oh cool Tony Lopez just chimed in and said I love flea markets I collect old film cameras oh cool so cool yeah I'm curious what do you guys collect out there yeah there's so many cool things that people are really into that you just don't know about yeah I have like I have a couple of cameras but I I barely used them yeah I have a few old ones my dad used to do a lot of like photography and development and darkroom in our basement growing up oh that's fine he was getting old and he gave me his cameras and I'm pretty excited yeah I'll throw some real film in there sometimes but it's just so expensive to develop now yeah that's the problem yeah but I have one of those Instax so great I have an old Polaroid that was- has her name like engraved it by hand it was like don't worry no one's gonna steal it this guy your name it's okay yeah welcome Olga whoo miniature cars christina collects miniature cars no wait Julia does julia collects miniature cars Hot Wheels yeah Christina collects erasers Oh fun Dan ugly business cards that's amazing I've all been a victim of that oh yeah yeah I've had so many ugly business cards uh yeah I mean like early ones that I've designed for myself when I thought I was a designer but I was really just a student I'm like you're so cool yeah it was like here's my card my oversized square card that won't fit in your wallet or you just say Oh teaspoons Ryan he's asking if your grandparents ever collected teaspoons no nope that's really specific though yeah I don't my grandparents collected anything really yeah it's so funny my grandma was an antique dealer so she kept everything that she knew what she was buying oh yeah oh yeah mm-hmm when I go to flea markets I'm like that's a good deal yeah pick that up um owners asking how do you get mentors when you get started designing like head did you have mentors when you started out and do you have mentors that you like look to you now I think one place that I worked I in Brazil was like instrumental and the way I work and like the way I approach design like it was one of my internship I did a million internships but one that one I ended up like staying there for three years like I did the internship I was done with school and then they hired me and then I was just just kept going but the way they thought about design was very related to process and how things work yeah they were kind of like more artsy yeah and more maybe more strategic yeah yeah I think that that's and I think they had a lot of the cants on approach to everything so there's just like if we want I don't know type to be written on sand I wouldn't just like try to find a photograph of that I would just go create grab a box of sand and just do it and put a camera on top totally and just scan stuff and do try things out you know yep so that I think it's very good yeah I like the it's kind of I mean people just say it's the grass roots or the scrappy you know mentality and I still think that it doesn't really matter how big an agency gets or how you know much money a client has there's still things that are are said when you can create it by hand yeah and it's you know sometimes actually easier to just go do it and create the things in real life than it is to like Photoshop it all together you haven't seen found objects I mean that takes so much time too yeah and I think like someone asked me if I had sketch and I was just like I didn't but I feel like it's very helpful especially when I was doing book covers writer friends yeah covers I think yeah yeah it's a one thing yeah but I think it's easier because it's also you're not like sometimes we don't know how to do something on a program yet but it's just like we have this idea so you can put that out there and you're not I feel like with your start on the computer straight away you're just trying to make it perfect to underline everything and just like if you're just sketching you get the idea across yeah yeah I have to sketch a lot for my work mainly just because like logos I yeah I want to get things out on paper so that I know if they're working before going in and wasting oh yeah I'm in the computer because yeah I could finesse on something for hours so yeah I was up too late last night doing so this is not great yeah but I think it's difficult to like if you don't have a culture of like sketching I did I'm gonna have it before I used to just go to the computer yeah forcing myself to try that out that was important for me I think he really hoped yeah it was kind of weird in the beginning okay mustafa welcome yeah I collect the cats cats no good collects cats so this Bush has a big country house so that that way okay you know as long as you're not collecting cats in a weird way creepy so funny oh hey Kevin you're back hey what's up yeah so we've got about four more minutes until chat and when countdown is finished and then we start winning and chatting ah so cool oh equipos de has another question is baseline grid good or bad in editorial design baseline grid is good but I not always ultra necessary that makes sense I think like um if it's like a longer project it's helpful and it's just like everything is aligned and like a lot of the work is kind of done for you mm-hmm ooh good question by Tony what inspired you for this project and how long did it take you to curate your collection of photos before you decided to make a book out of it uh okay what is fine I have these pictures so when they call me out to do this I was just like I don't know what to do it's like it's so so many possibilities yeah and like it's your choice – you're like ah I have two shoes so I was just like okay and then I had these pictures like for a while but I have good pictures and bad pictures sometimes I just buy Oh a lawyer then I can sort through so I just selected a couple of pictures do you have today but even here and now I'm looking and I was just like I don't think this is a great picture so it was just like I'm not gonna include it poor woman but sorry we've got to be you know selective yeah yeah I think it's important you're trying to haul a story yeah when you're trying to make sense of things and but yeah it took a while to get these pictures but I try to do it in chunks nice and then I know that they were curious about like did it take a long time to do it did you curate it cuz did it take months to curate or oh no it did take hours like it was ID there you go cool cool we've got some new people out there hypu jhana for those of you who are just joining us we were here with Barbara Davis and she is working on an editorial design called lost and found where she is curating and collecting her own photographs that she's found from flea markets from all over the world and yeah she's creating really cool spreads right now and you're like and I'm putting it all away no I was like she's doing work I swear I'm gonna do I'm gonna do my mess file oh I love mess file yeah so on day one Barbara showed us her mess file which is called mess and it has all of her odds and ends that she collects and has made over time to work with so pretty fun yeah so I'm just gonna grab some stuff second welcome Mateus welcome Racine welcome Olivier know lots of new folks they're not new to chat but they're new today we've got it a little under two minutes until we can win I know right yeah my notebooks pretty good huh there's too much here yes I think it's nice but I don't think it's talking to the other pages you know does that make sense mm-hmm yeah it does it's yeah it's Wilder Ryan fourths those nice artifacts Tony Lopez asking his mess file for a specific project or for anything or anything I love it mess file it's just sick just wings that I know that I'm gonna go back to like I mean I have you like yeah like these color I'm gonna be bad with colors so I just like once I found one that I liked I was just like okay business it needs to be safe somewhere yeah like I don't want to have to recreate this yeah I don't want do you think again what colors mm-hmm Oh Roberto for Dwyer says Barbara you've designed some beautiful book covers how do you approach designing a book cover Thank You book I think like it's important to read the book it's not always possible but it's important to read the book and try to try to do like three or four options for each book and just try to get like I want to tell you about the book but not necessarily spoil it so it's just like you need to be excited to buy this book and not exactly know perfectly what it is about Oh delicious I cannot necessarily put a lady on the cover all right it's time I'd win guys I like to do is chat and we can win what do you collect go hello guys we are back so we're talking about what we what we collect and I love that it says that right under my name I'm gonna take a photo of that so as long as we've got a winner we're gonna have to say their names and that winners gonna get a Moo notebook so I'm pretty excited oh man stamps Oh pickles let's get pencils books this is great I love seeing this yeah pins new pins yeah mechanical anything mm-hmm nice yeah it's so fun to see this Oh vinyl yeah yeah I collect records totally oh we've got a winner ready Rowena Greg's breaker you have won a mu hardcover notebook but don't worry guys if you didn't win today MU makes it really great and simple to create beautiful things and they're giving everyone 15% off at muqaam backslash Adobe live so get your business cards get your stationery and get your notebooks created by mail awesome yeah so that was a quick Chen win yeah as we're telling us all sorts of cool stuff yeah we're going wild yeah we were it's amazing but it's cool someone said bottlecaps interest loan may be a companion to your quarks totally I know companion piece yeah I hope there's a bar in the city that has bottle caps that have been like embedded into the bar top mmm okay and I like porta you know I guess it's like a like a lacquer so that they're set inside of it clear it's pretty cool oh good I think we should start designing the cover right let's do it even if I don't finish this thank ya you guys can check it out later some at some point yeah totally oh yeah Robert was robear I keep seeing Robert Robert Robert was at max and he says the MU boost was super cool I agree they had a lot of cool stuff there I'm just sick Craig Springer's like I'm the leader now I love it you are the Wiener guy like shiny lights telling you that I know right let's get 20 pages in yeah and I'll just keep this forever Oh Noel clucks foreign currency that's cool I have the little coin collection of places that I've been and I've had too much change coming back it's kind of fun yeah but he's like do you ever like grab your wallet and they're still there anything make you give it to someone and they're like we don't think yeah yeah these happen a lot in Michigan because I grew up there and we were close to Canada so we would go over and we would get some Canadian coins and then come back and sometimes they would accept him just cuz the border was so close and it's just like it's okay uh I'll use it at some point totally there was a one coin called a loonie because it has a loon which is a bird a duck on it okay I mean they call him loonies and we thought it was so funny when we were kids were like we're paying with loonies guys are wild yeah that's pretty great it is um what are you guys saying do you think is you having a photograph on the cover photograph or no photograph we're like photo or no photo yeah just like I'm kind of curious with all of the cool graphics that you made for the funds mm-hmm I don't know I would love like it's just such a cool I want to see them somewhere yeah I'm like it's such a big awesome like really amazing graphic yeah composition let's put them here let's see what we can do man oh yeah funny Siobhan says I collect unfinished projects we are yeah we all be with a lot unfortunately a lot of people are saying no photo new else's collage of graphics Karen says yes photo vendôme says photo gives it life okay this is tough a lot of no photos a lot of photos so really I think the choice is yours okay Oh Alberto so this is something like the page of Lost and Found would be yeah cover yeah that's what I'm thinking yeah maybe that is your cover yeah you've already designed your cover maybe I'm done guys yeah you're like I'm gonna go I'll see you another time um Roberts asking where do you find your fonts where do I find my font well I I a huge sucker for fonts in use so it's just like you see those things actually being used on yeah you had mentioned that yeah so they like basically you can go in and see how pit Gogh did stuff yeah and do you ever submit on there as well yeah nice it's cool it's fun to see your stuff out there but I think it's interesting to see like something in context instead of just like nice pretty design thing yeah I think I started using Adobe fonts when I was hearing this I thought it was pretty cool too you yeah it's pretty amazing yeah Mon sir available well and I noticed I was digging around last night and there's all sorts of font packets that you can download from Adobe fonts where they'll put together packages of like the best things for restaurants or the best fonts for designing something political or the best values for designing something for a wedding they have all these little packages that have been curated by other designers and Barbara has one up there right now for a lost-and-found yeah it's called odds-and-ends which i tried to make the title I'm like no it's okay man I know I know I love that yeah right yeah and maybe I'll put a different picture here and that's that's all good gravy guy sometimes here's the solution is right there totally and it was just one of you that told me mm-hmm yes it's Brian the solution was there Alberto Silva with all the good questions from yesterday yeah he's like I know why don't you yeah I think it's done lady Yeah right he's like you got it maybe we'll put this other family here beacon oh I love that because it's such a rich deep pink and it's pulling out the pink and yeah yeah that's nice Christina if you go to Adobe fonts on the website you can type in Barbara's name or type in odds-and-ends package and that should come up with Barbara's font pack oh that's really pretty I love that family photo yeah I know they're so fancy yeah I know reminds me of my parents like my mom's family I love that here yes this lady yes it's so shiny yeah like how did he get their hair so shiny and like even her shirt yeah yeah everything was just like using oh so good fancy fancy yeah I know well you guys have about 20 minutes for submitting your portfolio so if you want Barbara to review your work and give you expert advice all you have to do is submit your portfolio in the link on the challenge tab and yeah today it's a portfolio review yeah pretty cool on the back I'm gonna incorporate the elements Christine yes I love it oh hey Eric C welcome back yeah yesterday all I kept thinking in my mind was that Eric Sue rhymes with Stephens ooh yeah Eric Sue at one point I was like Eric you're like oh Anna crowd oohs like perms and beehives yeah yeah I know I love that we haven't had a good like the Beehive has never made a comeback whoa anyway no yeah that's true she did yeah but then she yeah really then she's never gone but leak I don't see it out on the street yeah I kind of want it to have like a big resurrection of like we just show up one day and we're both like hey like yeah no big deal yeah we're like wearing our t-shirts and we rock and beehives no big deal like that that would be funny I might do my best for that next time I'm on I'll really try rocking a beehive so cool you know this is really nice I really like this it's fine eats you see you don't scream like yeah right because you get double vision yeah for those of you I think I should show them so that they can see yeah I'll throw the GoPro on pretty quickly and you can see the Barbara's here but oh there we go Barbara's here hi and then she gets to also see that's us over there there's like hi so it's pretty cool yeah see what Barbara's seen she needs to see double screen yeah you probably got to see Gus spot in the back there being like doo doo doo yeah robot yeah yeah Tim obese is like goo Bob all right so maybe the back has a little quote oh yeah and some elements here flying around I love it yeah cuz then when you do want to use them in your book now you've got like oh yeah those are on the cover so it's okay we found the place Christie was like that's so cool yeah it reminds me of those mazes that used to draw and like placemats as a kid I love those one of my first jobs I was creating like games for kids huh so I would constantly have to like draw mazes and then I'd have to figure them out and if I could like figure about too easy I would have to redo them yeah it's just like no yeah seems pretty fun yeah I'm like oh if I can do this the kid can do this this is good yes Anna cubot does let out random beeps while he works and Christina says she just edit all her fonts to her favorites I'm gonna add all of our response to my favorites too yeah wanna see what you guys do with it yeah also like hopefully maybe we'll see some of them in their portfolios who knows yeah you guys have chat you've got 16 minutes to submit so you get your portfolio's all gussied up and pop them there yeah and you guys you can see that this sake there's a little white line here I'll fix that later yeah that's later don't worry mm-hmm it's gonna look good guys I probably I love it yeah you think racine that it would be better if the photo was black and white no I don't know I like the yeah I think it adds some depth to yeah the life of the book Oh Roberto or Robert is asking favorite Brazilian graphic designer I'm like Babs I think I think um Louise Umaga lanes was like a huge figure and it's like he has really cool stuff and I I mean I'm I have friends do you have that do amazing work mm-hmm everyone that worked for was like an IEP which is a publisher this beautiful work my friend Teresa de Diez then this beautiful work it is a bitchin idea it's like beautiful work there are a lot of people doing cool stuff that's so cool yeah Alberto Silva says bounce he's like now I'm I'm the only Brazilian you know so it's just like it gets easy mm-hmm good yeah it's hard I haven't really dug into Brazilian graphic designers because I just haven't thought about it yeah I mean there's I guess I never really put the place with the designer unless it's like Bauhaus because I'd not – you're like oh okay like you're obviously very German and the style is coming through but that's an interesting way to think about it like look up designers just by geography yeah I think it's interesting too I think like once I moved to New York a lot of people were like oh you use a lot of color and I'm like really no I never well especially in New York I be doing everything in black and white and I'm like oh really I never in those like do you think it's because you're Brazilian I was like I have no idea maybe it is maybe it's just like yeah I like the use of color I really find it to be more lively and you know I think it's becoming popular right now in some ways that colour will always be popular yeah it's just what you're using it for I'm just like it's interesting to see like these things that are just embedded in your system just because you're you grew up in a place yeah completely I think it's it's the opposite of repression you know it's like excitement I think it's fun to think about I don't we don't get too married like oh if I'm sure my name is good sign like this or you know Chinese I think you say like this it's just like okay cool I like to try all this style yeah you know depends on what the depends on what the client is calling forward like what they need now what they're asking for but what I think they need yeah I usually don't do what they're asking for you know better Yeah right like now you guys don't want that you do but it's not what I'm gonna do Robert says Alexander Wallner is 100 yeah he's awesome No pretty cool yeah he died not long ago so it's just he did a bunch of huge rings mm-hmm and also aiming like there's a lot of stuff that we didn't know it was designed like we don't consider it beside and then it's just like oh you're like that's design yeah so fun hmm I really do love that it's just really coming together nicely yeah I think like merrily you need something yeah it's like a little like description or something yeah hi Tom welcome love seeing some new faces if you're just joining us we are here with Barbara Avis and she is designing a zine called lost and found using found imagery that she got at flea markets all of these different old photographs that are coming together in this almost 20 page spread pretty cool Oh Fortuna he's asking Barbara do you illustrate oh very little I do like very little good like I got to negative for too nice I do collages these are like simple like victory like yeah intense stuff but I would love to I would love to I I took some watercolor classes with an illustrator friend of mine cool but just like your fun fun yeah it was just like I want to do something creative that's not necessarily in my work mm-hmm so just like to just get out of my head for a little bit so it was nice totally I had to illustrate these things and she would make me just draw and paint without looking like the paper so that was fun things look funky yeah super cool let's pick a typeface you like which one yeah I think I'm using mainly three things and that's great is this big castle yeah nice big castle tiny tiny copy yes big fun small copy hey Kendall Kendall in the house what's up Kendall mone yours asking what are your favorite designers that impact your design style you guys are just hitting me with a hard question right that is a hard one favorite designers I know man I know I really just all over the place I think that's hard that is a hard one I'll think about it and I'll answer in a minute nice Oh Paul design is actually from Brazil hi guys oh hey nice van damme says or is asking when should you use modern fonts such as century gothic and when should we use serif fonts like castle I think it's up to you and it really depends on the project sometimes you're choosing certain typefaces for a reason just like maybe it is you want to do the book like if the book or whatever you're making it relates to something of a certain time period anyone I have a face that relates to that that's fine if not you can go like in another direction I think there's no there no rules just like just go rogue there's no rules then damn you rule this going rogue over here yeah Kevin's asking what are your top tips or advice about editorial design for students I think look at a lot of stuff all the books just go and even if you want to try to replicate try to replicate those things because you're learning while you're doing and you're gonna figure out your own process and how do you think about it I think like you need a vocabulary in order to be able to create things so it's just like if that means looking at tons of images and like things that you've seen out there go to a bookstore and just spend some time there it's really helpful you're like that's where it's at yeah music you're gonna see good stuff and bad stuff and take notes what do you like what you don't like it doesn't make sense I feel like she's looking at it yeah you know even though it's over the photo I feel like she's reading it that's great yeah he's gotta see you guys in the process it's the method of madness I do like that's what happens that's how I worry yeah I'm like oh oh that worked out yeah I just think you just yeah did it I think the one page that kind of looks odd and standing out for me it's this one I think it's not a completely solved yet hello Alex welcome same as Oh No Brian Taylor you better plug in your computer five percent huh yeah it was like that's not he's not alerting us that were five percent oh yeah like looking at your thing I mean you've got enough power okay good who's gonna go get power back up we're gonna survive I love it me it is a mix of oh I kind of like this here because it it goes movie out oh yeah it's that's perfect Eric C says there's no incident for me everything is planned and boring funny he's like lol a Kevin's gonna ask the hardest question that there's no answer for what's the future editorial design in the creative industry I feel like editorial design is always gonna be there like tangible things people are always like prints dying prints dead and it's like well you're still holding a piece of paper so yeah it's technically not I think what it's gonna do is just become more of a collector element where people who really want to utilize something or keep something it's more for collectors and then that raises the price which is a good thing yeah I feel like also it's just in general is I think about it I have a Kindle at home and it's just like if there's a book that I want to read but I'm kind of like I don't care if I have this book in my house it's fine it's just like the person still needs design yeah yeah so it's maybe moving more digital but I think again the the idea of people collecting things it's a certain subset of of an audience yeah it's always gonna be there and there are all these other interesting ways of getting like a book like do you have audiobooks that it's just like fun inducing and it's like growing like crazy and then we're gonna start experimenting with that and it's just like I feel like editorial design is always gonna be there but it's like you can be paired up yeah I can be paired up with other stuff completely Kevin's asking if you weren't an editorial designer what would you be if it didn't exist as design profession I feel like in general just like I do editorial because it's something I like but I I like design in general just like I think if I wish I could be a chef oh cool yeah I'm a good cook but not a chef yeah yeah you'd be back there in the kitchen you'd be like you're fired yeah good Ramsay steak exactly that's just me aggressive yeah right be like why are we playing Radiohead in my kitchen yeah that would be I see that yeah totally you'd be like no one serves anything about water three minutes guys three minutes – I love this yeah you're like see you saying I knew you did yeah sure we're going to karaoke after this date time karaoke how awkward would that be funny oh yeah Kathleen if you didn't tune in yesterday we discovered well actually day one we did yeah Babs hates radio yeah but her husband likes it I like it so it's okay yeah it's okay we have our differences plaid design is saying Barbara some Brazilian fonts for the win next time yeah yeah sure so you know those guys I don't know them personally I know yeah I know you but they've been some really cool stuff there's one like typeface that I really like I think it's under iris um posters mm-hmm that are really cool I don't remember the name but you guys can remind me like I don't know but you guys know they're really they're really pretty and they also did the typeface the custom typeface for the biggest TV network in Brazil Kathleen's on my side she likes Radiohead yeah all of you guys really this should be like eh I know right you're like yeah just like Radiohead fan Oh Klaus says didn't know you until now but already like you that go oh great I love that that's what chat does this is what a dhobi live is they bring people together that's right every every week tune in there's always some really amazing designers I mean like there's never not a good designer I gotta tell you everyone is like top-notch Michael che is and Leigh Cooper SAMSHA Shari's that done a really great job of curating who comes in and who's on live because we only want the best you're like yeah that's me you're like [Laughter] yeah that's right we've got about a minute left until portfolio submissions are due and if you don't get your submission in during babb session today you have three more chances this afternoon so take a look as long as it's in before 2:30 you've got a got a chance to get reviewed by these fine talented folks I'm hating this page now like yeah like sometimes it's like that you just can't figure out there's something wrong and maybe just like you just need to slip on it yeah sleep on it I like that those slip on it yeah I have a hard time with the EE mm-hmm oh I think um oh I can't I couldn't see who wasn't chat but someone had asked Brazilian food would it be would it be that you want to cook Brazilian food oh no I I'm okay with like personal food but I like cooking whatever nice but I do make black beans here and there without a pressure cooker which makes it take forever but it's nice when it's cold in New York yeah right yeah it's really nice so good well we are at submission deadline for portfolio reviews that means that we are going to hop out into space and we will be right back in just a few minutes of a few seconds I guess yeah we're gonna take a look some portfolio reviews all right cool I love we're back we're at Mars because that's where Babs wanted to go amazing we have two really awesome portfolios today to review first we have Christina reverte whoo and then next up will be Yanina cast and Lola so stick with us this is amazing we can keep this onto your space or we can take it off this is really up to you XO I kind of like can you guys hear me oh yeah I want to make it home gonna chat and win you can chat and win with it all right so let's take a look at Christina revertas portfolio she's a student at ie D Barcelona in Spain oh cool and about her she's a 22 year old graphic design student graduating this year this upcoming year and she's doing an internship at DDB Spain cool congratulations that's great all right so let's take a look at some of her work and Barbara is going to give you some thoughts yeah all right this first one is cause life imitates art personal project that merges key scenes from popular films into foreground of some of my favorite paintings I create the images by choosing a painting that fits perfectly to one of the film stills interesting yeah moonlight The Truman Show oh this is very clever yeah I love that with the Edward Hopper yeah look at this Breakfast Club Santiago Rossignol yeah this is very cool yeah Oh to Frank yeah and it's pretty interesting yeah 50 shades of grey these are really funny I love it it's such an interesting parody on like the the idea of putting a character in something that's two to three well known things together this totally makes sense oh I love that movie call me yeah yeah I like the car use of color like she understands like what's gonna go together and what is it and she's they keep like some are like work better than others these are funny nice job yeah all right so which one you want to look at next thinks they don't teach you in school all right yeah things they don't teach you in school all right this is a compilation of information articles stories and facts about the Forgotten part of history everyone should know and learn no personal project okay Oh interesting so you're bringing me like five facts about school yeah oh it's medet oriole design in there yeah I like the type joyce's you made I like that it's very like blunt and just sake I think it kind of goes with this theme that it's just like listen they're all these people who were overlooked and things that we haven't well heard about that is you say because we're horrible people sometimes but I like this this like very in-your-face big type some images and like actually just like naming names and oh you're liking it so I think it's really interesting I feel like it at times like I think this page that is like the fully justified thing I think the second yeah this this one this one yeah I think just I know because you're like why you did the food justify thing but I I think it's not working as well as the other ones it just like you start seeing those empty spaces in there and the rivers yeah and you just you just start kind of getting distracted by it rather than trying to meet it but in general I like I like doing you you said everything else I think it looks really cool and consistent nice job all right let's take a look at something else which one you want to go to oh you have fancy yeah Earth lab branding packaging and editorial design earth lab is a modular shop in Mars that will provide Earthlings with a wide range of items and well-designed products that do not forget where they come from oh my gosh our suits yeah totally I have a friend that really wants to populate Mars and you know he's a designer in his right in that space area so I think this is the brand for him yeah this is great yeah I like that you have like a clear structure to how you're showing this branding project mm-hmm you have a color palette your tagline I love that it looks like a fancy hotel yeah which is like maybe if you're tired of Mars yeah you like remember Earth it was so great why don't you ever leave but I like the topographic maps that you're using there I think they're all very interesting in the idea of this being like an old stamp where it's like sending back something that we remember but yeah very lovely I love the stickers and everything you just I think this project looks really cool you nailed it yeah yeah I love this the color palette yeah just tying things together I think it's also interesting because like she's pairing with these images of Earth and kind of like the golden record yeah just like the chili my friend designed that oh so cool no we just I kind of like showing what was like and here some of the things I think it's really cool this is great now we're getting into some package yeah yeah she's a very great detailed project yeah Wow things that you want to smell again rainforest sea City this is almost making me sad because I fear that someday we're gonna not these smells on earth you know it's funny when I moved to New York one of my friends gave me a little box they had the smell of the mom the smell of Rio which is basically I don't know like sunscreen beachy snow so she's like every time I would open that little matchbox I could smell it would just like brought me back home so I think that's an interesting project and a cool idea it totally works and it's one of the senses that you remember the most because it goes straight to your hypothalamus yeah totally sucks completely yeah this is cool yeah I like the whole presentation I think it looks very professional and yes even if it's not real I think in some times it should be real yeah even if it's not really looks real yeah and I love this yeah I'm in love with this project yeah this was very I want to go to Mars now because I know earth will still be there yeah in my mind yes very great yeah really cool yeah good job all right let's see I think we have time for one more and then we'll move on to Yanina yeah which where do you want to go nothing you pick I wanted that one so you pick 25 years okay I was like no you pay yeah oh okay I like what you're doing there already like super it's just like comforting the time into a different unit yeah I think it's interesting so it gives you a more I think it's easier to understand that 25 years is over maybe a long time you make in minutes so nur festival oh no need to cry Christina this is great yeah I feel like this is oh I like that you have your inspiration yeah yeah just kind of like your research and where you're pulling my knees from very nice whoo sonar through the ages yeah very cool so this is a collection of everything this is yeah that's pretty nice and clear yeah I like this I like the table of contents yeah I think my people started experimenting with table of contents lately and we just yeah it's pretty fun sonar too much of a good thing oh I like this connection of the line this is interesting it's a it's yeah it looks like it is this a different typeface or at least more bold yeah and this which is a little bit it makes me stare at it too much cuz it's just slightly bold mm-hmm there's not enough of a differentiation yeah this is great yeah okay nice layout yeah I think like that there's a nice distribution enough like figures I like these super busy ones because it's also like music festivals I like the just like tons of tech stuff tons of images and you're seeing people when hearing all these different things so I think they're good to be overwhelming at times I think that's a good idea to visually translate that to design this is fun with this collage heads this one feels like a different magazine yeah I think everything works until we get to here and then I'm like where are we yeah are we in an architectural magazine yeah I feel like it's very structure and like new yeah these feel different this one as well yeah because of the entry of script type and cut out I would maybe just remove those too yeah I feel like in general like the other things were working better for you yeah these last this last four don't feel like they belong in the first set of images yeah so this is great I would probably remove those and then he'd ever really strong yeah piece of work nice job Christina yeah thank you so much for submitting your portfolio this is incredible yeah all right next up we have Yanina cast on Yola she is from Buenos Aires Argentina cool and a little bit about you Nina she describes herself as an artist graphic designer getting into some illustration and lettering design and curious about animation amazing she's very passionate about what she works on and she's genuinely looking forward to developing a creative and effective solutions for projects so that's awesome wow there's a lot in here yeah so overall this is a lot of work yeah I feel like this is also important if there's something that you don't don't think it makes sense anymore just to deteriorate yeah edit it down I think it's important too I know they were closely attached to a lot of projects but maybe they don't reflect what the kind of work you want to do anymore exert the kind of work you do anymore yeah and you can also combine stuff yeah exactly what do you want to see first what do you want to see first okay parler social this is neo ragtime all right get it on yeah she presents like she has yeah right like just like the little details details are everything let's get into this yeah neo ragtime a concept design but you need us very cool yeah I see there yeah I think this part just doesn't go so much with the initial sly it's like I don't know the hab just kinda like looks a little bit off yeah I'm not sure what happen is like this is nice yeah I like that she's using like good eye lyrics yeah lyrics yeah the hep hep part is almost it feels more like a like it wants to be a little go yeah parlor too so yeah it's almost as though either Hepler parlor one of them yes take precedence but I like the colors I get the mood especially in the first slides that you had you really get the mood of the place that you're talking about and yeah yes actually this layouts great yeah and I think like I would consider like introducing more of the like the little wavy and more of the dots like the wavy L that you have on parlor hmm just like throughout yeah I think like these make more sense even though the image is very contemporary yeah I think the hep is just distracting one because it's hard to know if it's an acronym for something or if it's the logo yeah this is great yeah I think this looks really nice I think like the dots I move are very strong as a visual element just like to help you out yeah yeah I feel like the Hat it's just like I don't know if this is parlor social or if it's like they're two different things for me yep exactly nice great job okay what's next here's illustration there's print design we've got graphic design digital art music yeah let's do it which one okay music artwork rock your life oh cool some lettering cool yeah yeah I would say maybe give a little description yeah we could go down to the bottom and see if there is one sometimes there's one at the very bottom no basic description is lettering and printers yeah I would give a little description yeah I you chose to do this and you know what it's about and yeah the meaning behind the project yeah because it looks cool yeah but it's just like I think as we were talking earlier it's just like how do you convince clients and people would net what you're doing makes sense is just like you need to throw them and sell them on it and just like the code explain the context yeah the lettering is really nice my hair is all funky tell me earlier yeah good guards hair going on really boy that's what Mars yeah let's let's look at another one yeah cool let's go back up to some of the newer ones let's take a look at this animation force this female this is an iconic Air Force one nike invites artists from around the globe creativity to bring the phrase the forces female cool cool all right let's take a look at this oh so it's an animated poster I see yes that's great that's cool be brave like a woman mmm nice layout I think yeah I feel like you don't need maybe the lettering the extra yeah yeah I think I'm like it's just trying like too many design moves at once yup yeah yeah this is cool yeah let's see we probably have time for just one more and then whoa yeah maybe yeah all right per design okay oh so this is lost in translation a poster did you pack oh cool osode lost in translation oh it's called lost in Tokyo absolutely lost in Tokyo interesting interesting take on the movie yeah I think it's interesting like I'm wondering why you chose these images hmm I think of course there's a lot of like bar scenes but for some reason I just Kate keeps me it doesn't sound like it's an American person oh yeah I think it gives me an idea that it's a different movie this is beautiful that I think maybe thinking about changing the whole subject and putting something together with this idea yeah you know cuz this could be a very beautiful tea house yeah and that's the thing I like sometimes you do a lot of projects that they don't get approve or in something and you think that's gonna yeah just change the theme for the project is stronger just just use it somewhere else you know I think it is interesting and visually beautiful yeah awesome well you Nina Kristina thank you so much your amazing works that you guys have done and this is awesome yeah so let's hop back onto your computer we will go out of space yeah thank you Mars so let's see we've got oh we've got about ten minutes okay well not like seven minutes okay yeah I get a minute so we can go through what you've doing and take a look yeah I feel like let's do this let me see cuz yeah goodness let's save so I guess we kind of decide with your help we decided let the cover make sense you have visited this little family here and just you have like a small quote just to counterbalance in the back so this is like front cover and back cover I'm using tons of color and I replaced that image with this one which I like I like keeping all these funky details that is just like this was folded and just I would probably just space out the lines here a little bit now that I'm seeing you big that's great though because we'll still have about seven minute check not if you want to this is perfect I had to see things for yourself yeah and I think looking at this now is just like trying to see the rhythm the rhythm and some of my decisions and what goes together I feel like I love this page but I don't know how it's going from one place to the other and this I still think it's not solved but I want to have this image big mm-hmm I want to do it and like maybe there's no copy or maybe but like now I think this go really got improved once we yeah copy and it was a happy accident yeah looks good in that big casts on right no that's a great view yeah yeah yeah that's beautiful yeah I think I got me using a lot of it like I really like this page now yeah I do too the combinations wonderful with the color palette just pulling the yellow out from the coat yeah yeah and this one I'm having a hard time sorting it out but I think yeah I think it might be the little image in the corner it's hard to work with yeah cuz it's different than everything else yeah and I also knew like there's a a lot of black and white yeah maybe that's it that's it see there like one or the other yeah yeah and it's new yeah I feel like these we're black and white but they have a sepia tone right they have a bit of a tinge to yeah bring some color in warmer and also like they're the same thing the same structure I know that it it just like it sounds like I'm just not thinking about this but I all right it looks like you are and it yeah like sometimes you just don't know why it's wrong but do you know what's wrong right and you're just like until you figure it out it's gonna take a while but I think like there's a lot of black and white I think like here you make sense yep and still has a little bit of a color to it like you know nostalgia yeah that's got that Cpl like you said and then for this one I just think it's very raw and just maybe it's just because it's like a big white page yeah they might be just too high contrast yeah I still like this guy I do too I love that I love how proud he is yeah how excited it's kind of like the photos we were talking about where the guys in front of the car and you know your family's showing something a lot like it's just like yeah we did it yeah we bought a car yeah totally now that's starting to go together nice yeah they're wearing almost the same shirt yeah partners in crime yeah yeah I love that she has like a very intense look I know they never smile and there were a bunch of pictures of this lady and I was just like poetry through the years but I was just thinking no I'm just gonna think this one this is so the best yeah totally this is great oh well thank you dear us yeah thanks for joining us today thank you guys so good yeah Siobhan's like word respect for keeping the helmets on during the whole yeah it is like I'm super guesses right yeah we're serious about the Houmas I wanna I want to take it home I like their like you think you can find them on Amazon I'm not sure about it you know I don't care I don't know what I want this yeah I know I can't believe it's the third day either I know I'm me I I feel really tired I'm like I've been working really hard you have been working really hard it's hard you guys this is a hard work to talk and work and things all at the same time while talking to chat Wow yeah but a lot of mad respect for all of the guys but it's like I kind of want to finish for you guys this is for you guys we're doing it for you yeah but I want to try to have this finish and like up on behance so people can see what it looks like totally something and make my adjustments without you hover yeah right the hovering art directors the whole millions of them once you say so funny hi Michael Wong Wong welcome oh we've got Ariadne and Kendall in the house what's up Eddie hey what's up they're getting ready for being up next it's gonna be pretty good yeah and they're gonna finish up their stuff yeah yeah totally yeah we're like maybe just like I don't want anyone to finish if I'm not gonna finish no one else gets to yeah we don't no one will haha so good I don't want to be that person Yeah right thank you lazy Brazilian didn't finish her stuff hi Mendoza Pato welcome we are we are nearing the end were actually we're just wrapping up right now and Barbara ava's we've been here for three full days yeah and Barbara has done amazing work on her zine called lost and found using really cool old photographs from flea markets that she got from all around the world so definitely follow Barbara and this project will be up on be hunts once she's finished and put her fine-tune touches on it Barbara thank you so thank you sweet here perhaps I'm gonna miss you yeah that's about everyone take what those Kendall is up next bag

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