Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures | MoMA EXHIBITION

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How do you tell
others about what you think is worth telling? [SLOW MUSIC] No one was ever given
exact directions. You were turned
loose in a region. And the assignment was,
see what is really there. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What actually is
the human condition? It’s hard to get by. Between Buck Creek
and Whitewater Creek, nobody can make a living. I remember when the
Yankees came through. They, a whole passel of them,
hollered and told the Negroes, “You free.” I don’t know whether that
drought was the devil’s work or the Lord’s work. In three days,
everything wilted. This country is a hard country. They won’t help bury you here. You die, you’re dead— that’s all. This life is
simplicity boiled down. Yessir, we’re starved,
stalled, and stranded. Living a bum’s life sure
makes a bum out of you. I was born and
raised 100% American. It seemed like people
here is crazy— I couldn’t do nothing
if I went back. —about California. They go in droves. Them men that’s doing the
talking for the country is the big landowners. A human being has
a right stand— We can work this land
as good as anybody. —like a tree has
a right to stand. They don’t stop
to shut the door. They just walk out. A picture of me
can’t do no harm. The human face is the
universal language. The same expressions are
readable, understandable all over the world. It’s explosions out of
emotion and passion, all concentrated on just this
part of the human anatomy. One day I was working
here, and it came to me— the deprived and the dislocated. And then the word came to me— rootless, the walking movement. There’s another phrase
that was in my mind— the last ditch, the last ditch. [SOFT MUSIC] [TYPEWRITER CLICKING]


8 Replies to “Dorothea Lange: Words & Pictures | MoMA EXHIBITION”

  1. m g says:


  2. Paulino Varela says:

    Very deep thoughts expressed in pictures and words. Congratulations for the message.

  3. Joseph Bayot says:

    Wish I were around to see this. Hope it travels to Europe sometime!

  4. Eugenia Bright says:

    Them's iconic pictures, good for MoMA!

  5. Henry Firmanto says:

    Amazing wing sibil nice

  6. Martha Friedlander says:

    so happy I' coming to NY and surely to the MOMA for this

  7. Edison Jr says:

    I am Brazilian and I was in NY and I had the opportunity to get to know MOMA. Simply amazing

  8. Edison Jr says:

    It is always wonderful to review the past

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