100 Replies to “DIY paper baby breath flower from tissue paper, SUPER SIMPLE and REALISTIC”

  1. Lu Xavier says:


  2. Elle Yam says:

    Awesome idea! 💛💛💛

  3. Penny Silvey says:

    Is this tissue paper that is used for gift wrapping?

  4. Christine Stafford says:

    where do you buy fancy tissue paper? And did you use glue to make the flower stick? Sorry, thanks for the great tutorial..

  5. Shynishaji Shaji says:


  6. Aloma Fernando says:

    Thanks for the quick way to make beautiful flowers

  7. Aloma Fernando says:

    Tks .Its a gift from above GOD BLESS YOU for your work

  8. sara Afghan says:

    sehr schön

  9. Melina Jara says:

    muy bueno

  10. Melanie Perez says:

    I'm gonna make this for my mom's bday it's coming up next Monday and I need a gift and

  11. Asim Shaikh says:

    Sir this is absolutely beautiful and looking natural today I will try for my home. Very nice sir I m always watching your video… 😇

  12. Kristy Rowan says:

    Hi, when i go to dreamposy.com i am unable to find the template

  13. Elma Selviani says:

    nice tutorial, I'm planning to make cotton flower combined with baby breath flower. Gonna practice it soon.

  14. Danielle Louise says:

    Amei! Qual o papel utilizado neste diy?

  15. Alicia Asensio says:


  16. Hadadelcerezo says:

    Siempre todo hermoso, me encanta tu trabajo.

  17. Anjana Kandulana says:


  18. Emily Bernstein says:

    Great tutorial, thanks, I needed this desperately for upcoming wedding…I learned something new today….look forward to future videos…

  19. Rumble Slush says:

    Please make it with a paper

  20. Sandra Martinez says:

    Would it be possible to make larger blooms with the same technique?

  21. Bhowmik Pinki says:

    It is lovely

  22. Bhowmik Pinki says:

    It is lovely

  23. Michelle Siew says:

    They are so beautiful.

  24. kirak nizambadiz nzb says:


  25. Anu Tyagi says:

    God bless you nice flowers

  26. التعلم والمعرفة says:

    Nice please make another one with out music because music is harmfull for body

  27. prakashbagade278 says:


  28. Magda Cavalcanti-artista plastica says:


  29. elizabeth lambe says:

    Give a like if this is good

  30. Ar Abeed says:

    That was cute I 😍

  31. Vovó Marli Moreira says:

    Beautiful beautiful 👍👏👏🌹😘

  32. Baskaran Ramasamy says:

    Its an awesome idea… Very pretty and beautiful and I saw other videos of urs it's also very superb and thanks for those free templates. 😊😊

  33. candace Phulsingh says:

    Cam u please tell what are the stems made of

  34. Gillian Blackburn says:

    Thank you very much for taking the time to do this wonderful

  35. Lord Humail says:


  36. Lord Humail says:


  37. Sreyorna says:

    good idea

  38. LoneStar says:

    oml These flowers R SOO CUTTEE

  39. Vicki Noble says:


  40. True Pakistani says:

    simply gorgeous and beautiful!!! great job!

  41. sweety Anaya says:

    love your videos

  42. Pusheen Lover says:

    Where did you buy the green tape?

  43. Rajalaxmi Prusty says:


  44. Sufiyan Khokar says:

    Wow 😍🌸

  45. Shaikh Muskan says:

    nice flower

  46. Calia Vang says:

    Cute and simple

  47. Priya Shishupal says:

    Have u put glue while rolling it.. instead of music pls put the voice to explain

  48. Sonumalik9 says:

    very and very pretty,thank you for sharing.4.4.18

  49. Clara Alebrook says:

    Ok.. you have some skill…

  50. jin says:

    What song is used?????

  51. qiqi nightstar says:

    it looks so cute!!

  52. Jorge Uresty says:

    Bootiful 😍

  53. Ashiwini Gond says:

    Very nice and natural beauty thanks for idea

  54. witchapparatus says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been wracking my brains on how to make small flowers for a sculpture I'm working on and this is so perfect… Thank you thank you thank you. 🙂 God bless you and your family.

  55. Pb2H says:

    Oh its so tiny and so cute!!!!!

  56. archana auti says:

    So beautiful flowers 😘😘😍

  57. Rumki Paul says:

    so sweet 👍👍

  58. CRAE isme says:

    so creative
    Thanks for the lovely tutorial ^_^

  59. Bava Tharani says:

    Amazing flowers thank you to help me

  60. Priya verma says:

    Super osmmm……

  61. Fathima Shara Ajmi says:

    Super …nice

  62. Fathima Shara Ajmi says:

    Super …nice

  63. Michelle Angento says:

    I love these flowers sooo much😍❤❤

  64. Ditto says:

    Tissue paper in UK relates to the thin shiny paper used in wrapping delicate presents. The paper you use here is from boxes of tissue handkerchiefs…that's why some people are confused. Lovely flowers.

  65. Pina Pina says:


  66. Mithi Seth says:

    Pretty easy but very beautiful love it

  67. Sandra Philip says:

    Good work…. Pls make it more clear….

  68. Rohini Kk says:


  69. Vera Ferraz says:

    amei muito lindo parabéns

  70. Jasveer Sidhu says:

    Very niceeeeeeeeeer

  71. Cristina Feitosa Barreto says:

    Beautiful 👏👏

  72. Swathi Dasari says:


  73. NvrMissBravo says:

    What is the black paint for and I have tried all day to make them. I have two pieces right now ! Lol you are good !

  74. Paper Flowers in Towcester says:

    so delicate and beautiful work, hardwork but you've made it look so easy..well done! x

  75. Majbatune Jannat says:

    U r nice

  76. Ayaat Vision says:

    ❤️ from #versatileayesa

  77. the barkadas vlogs says:

    What kind of wire did u use?

  78. Sahul Hameed says:

    😙😙😙😙wowwwwwwww i really want this

  79. Rupaly Akter says:

    it is so nice

  80. Farman Alam says:

    I try so beautiful

  81. Haridas LIFE says:

    Это что же из обычной салфетки такая красота получается! ?

  82. riawaty nugroho says:

    So cute,i want to make Tiny terrarirrums,but i dont have baby's breath flower then i found you,thaaank's😍

  83. Princess Dua says:


  84. Tagi Ehmedov says:

    Gozeldi ama bu nedi kagizdir yoxsa salfet anlamadm

  85. Saba Akhtar says:

    Tiny cute roses

  86. Vickie Doyle says:

    These are awesome tfs

  87. PaperFlowersProDiy says:

    Fantastic craft

  88. Cookie Puff says:

    I don't think I have the fingers for this 😅

  89. Mirza Shujath Ali Baig says:


  90. Art Lover says:

    EXCELLENT really clever and very realistic

  91. Video Dude says:

    Beautiful 👌

  92. chandra bhan yadav says:

    Thanks 😄

  93. Golden Fiber Crafts says:

    So Nice!

  94. Sangee's Corner says:

    Name of music used?

  95. lil bat says:

    So good . A lot of work though

  96. lil bat says:

    Thanks for this only baby’s breath diy I’ve found

  97. kupila says:

    baby's breath is my favorite flower, and id love to try this sometime!!! ♡

  98. M Afnan says:

    Masha Allah Ammazi

  99. jothi raj says:

    Vere nice chanal

  100. Sandi Govoni says:

    Definitely going to have to attempt this. I’m not very good with paper crafts.."but with tissue paper? I’ll give it a shot

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