Disrupting Generations I Shawn Kanungo on The 2nd Floor

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well let me tell you something this is going to be the best podcast welcome everybody to episode 20 of the second floor podcast this is where we talk about how to survive how to thrive and keep the good vibes going I'm your co-host Kenny P I'm with my boy Omid and we have a very special guest to bring you today we have the one and only Shaun kanungo he to me is like the Tony Robbins of disruptive technologies he has been featured on the top 40 under 40 on Avenue magazine he is well has been on ynx top 100 influential leadership speakers he has also been featured on Forbes magazine from the talks that he's done such as TED talks and multiple other live talks that he's done on air as well as live performances I am very excited to have Shaun today talk about his experiences at Deloitte over the 12 years that he's been there and then talk about the transition that he's made from creating and being the CEO of his own company sober Shaun is currently dealing with disrupting technologies all the way through from the beginning conceptual stage to seeing how he can improve businesses and make them far better than how they're performing now as you guys know it's 2019 and we're living in an era where there's no better time to disrupt technology and we are sitting with the expert born and raised in Edmonton and he's ready to talk about what it's like and I'm glad like just I'm gonna I'm just gonna like put that as the intro to all my comedy that was amazing to listen just to start it off that was an amazing intro thank you so much thanks I'm really excited to be here today you know second floor podcast it's blowing up everywhere and so before we get into it I just want to say to them you know the people in the audience you got to subscribe go to iTunes subscribe rate and review also on YouTube you know hit the subscribe button and hit the like button where else oh man that's thank you let me know because I mean I've been following the podcast for last you know a couple months I've been really loving the content I want to ask you guys who has been the best podcast those so far or just like I guess the best best podcast guess we're getting in Assam this is what happens when you have shown the bill yeah that's true well do you wanna do the best we've had a lot of good guess you know what if this one person that comes to mind honestly who I feel like really took it home yeah it was mark okay be very honest I am article more he's actually somebody who's human sport of psychology consultant right and this is an individual who's that Hanny right he's a human non-taxable cool so Warren Kumar yeah okay he's actually located right up to the little physio okay okay arc which is an athletic recovery Center located right in evolve strength Jo downtown and I actually like I visit this guy at least two times a month and especially as an athlete when he gets you game ready mentally yeah that's half the battle so he was good well let me tell you something this is going to be the best podcast the best ratings and I love the other podcast I think all the other plugins been good I think my favorite podcast so far has been I think it was the the Prophet Graham King was pretty yeah most kind he was on fire yeah he was on fire you you know Raj Raj village he's like he's like the pinnacle of success like to me like that guy he is like he is just so he's just so with it yeah like he has everything figured out so you know you to me he's like just like listening and dissecting like he's not the most energetic guy but you know him like just him dissecting his day and and talking about what's born to him and that was that to me was important but this I'm excited to talk to you guys because you guys are I feel like you know you guys are you know the next generation thank you I'm you know I'm old now I'm a dad bought I'm gonna have another kid so to me you guys have to come up right and not that I've made it by any means like I'm still coming up to but you guys are from another generation where you're seeing things in a completely different light than I did right like I didn't grow up with you know social media at my fingertips I didn't I didn't grow up with all the tools and technologies accessible and building things you know you know can building building up companies you know from the ground up and now I'm now I'm doing that yeah but I didn't have that experience so it's just I love to hear you guys experiences also talk about Brown culture side hustles I'm excited as you be the best podcast I learned on the second floor podcast thank you so much that's awesome see I find like it's crazy because I know you're not used to this finding somebody who's a guest was more energy that's pretty neat well you know what Sean after after we gave like a brief introduction of me reading your bio on your website liam times over so I understand it's good how about you kind of pick pick pick apart everything in between the lines and give us like a quick synopsis outside of everything that I said for maybe the people out there who are listening to this who haven't had a chance to see greatness from Sean I couldn't go and I know about you and maybe just sharing a story your story a little bit and where your avatar is yeah I you know it's funny like I my story is actually relatively linear explain I was like I was talking to somebody yesterday and he's a young sort of brown guy just like you and he's like man like I'm just thinking about like my future and I don't want to be like you know mid-30s having two kids living out in Wyndemere and I'm like you know it's been relatively linear but there was there was moments in my life that really propelled me so I started my career had a company called Singapore Press Holdings in early in 2005 to the four 2005 you know working in the on the media side there then I started Deloitte you know I started in accounting at Deloitte I transfer out account and got into management consulting while I was in management consulting for about so I said till 8 to 12 years I was in management consulting for about nine nine ten years in between there you know we started a crimp creative film group we started building consumer based apps like building our own iPhone apps when people actually downloaded iPhone apps and Android apps and then you know I left a Lloyd about last year a couple things happening like I was speaking a lot I was doing keynotes everywhere around the world and that was like like really popping off I need to take advantage of that opportunity and also I was in the innovation space I was helping organizations around innovation and I wanted the opportunity to actually innovate on my own like build something or or help organizations take some equity out of them so we start another group called cleaner before trying to take some equity out of some organizations and I really wanted to help organizations scale and see that for myself like we'd help organization with strategy and then we leave and we go to another company for me I wanted the opportunity to actually like get my hands dirty and had the opportunity to do that and I think you know amongst all that like I think you know I'm a father of one going on to you know be married with my wife about nine 10 years so there's a lot of piece of my life that are very linear and but there's pieces of my life that are I guess exponential in the sense that you know starting this app company you know learning can I do the video and cut and edit and produce video that's been a game changer for me the the ability to speak and and and and learn how to do that and do that on on a massive scale so all these there's all these things that happen during my life and they've the big catalyst for me really was my father he passed away when I was he was passed away in 2008 so you know I'm still kind of in Universal I was finishing up University before that I was kind of I was sort of floating as I was playing hockey I mean I was going out with friends that was the real catalyst cuz now I had to take over a business I had to I had to you know take care of my family and so at that point that was like the light bulb because literally he was a tax accountant he had like 200 clients and the day that he died he died in April so like in Canada you know April the end of April is tax season so I feel it early going in the office the day after he died just like doing tax returns and like I don't even know how to do tax returns yeah so anyways it was a very pivotal moment of my life where I was like holy life is short and you know till that day like I never stopped like hustling and trying to get things that I'm passionate about and you know that's how I live my life and yeah now I'm doing things that I'm truly passionate about and loving and yeah it's been I guess that's the quick sort of backstory Wow let's not unpack there but yeah you know that's incredible so do you find that when when this happened with your family and you needed to take that step in the next day literally that's crazy did you feel like you needed to just be that much quicker to decide what you want to do with your life and what I mean by that is like take this into consideration let's say you look at a family and the parents are doing well they're working hard and the kid starts getting all the reason his 20s you still trying to figure it out but that motivation isn't there because something astronomical hasn't happened yet so he he he waits or she waits and they're just they're just kinda hanging out there they're going at a much slower pace then one let's say you know God forbid something very bad happens which is in your case or maybe just a wake up and now there's this urgency yeah to like get something done do you feel like like there needs to have something like that detrimental happen for somebody to like wake up well you know I never thought about it like that you know I'm hoping that this podcast is that moment but that people some somebody goes off and says oh my god I gotta do something with my life but you know I think the greatest the greatest just for somebody to overcome a tremendous obstacle or a tremendous tragedy that's when you can you can really see how somebody will really succeed right and it's when when you're literally in like the the trough of despair or you're like okay like how are you gonna get out of this and I think I think human human beings are very resilient and those moments are actually very important if you actually look at many entrepreneurs many success successful people it all comes from this moment of like they had a bad childhood they went through a bad divorce they had a bad environment that are the bad founder like there they went bankrupt something happened and that really was the catalyst for the loss for for you know really succeeding later so I don't think you need it but it certainly does it does help I mean this is like anything else like just just like the economy as well you know the best times to innovate is when there's chaos when there's terror when people want change you've seen this throughout history in Vienna of the 1900s the Renaissance Asian Athens Hong's dynasty sunk choong-soo like all these eras all these times were marked by chaos and terror and change and because of that you had all this innovation that happened and so I think seeing some of those strategies tragedies seeing you know maybe there's a loss in somebody's life maybe there's something bad that happened in something life I think it's always it's actually always good to think about okay so what what is the good that comes out of its how can we climb back up and this has been the story of human beings throughout history that we've always done this so it actually does help I mean this is why some people they will create war like countries have created war deliberately in order to spur their country's growth yeah I mean it's wild but we've seen it it's insanely you look at it like that here because I I can't help but look at it in that same light where it almost becomes your intrinsic motivation right where you you fuel off of that whether it's that hate or that pain or that heartbreak or or that feeling of loss you're just gonna make or break you yeah right and but did you guys have anything like that I you know whether in school or or you know in weather was you know when you form your athletic endeavors or you know from from wrapping or anything like that like was there was there anything that came out from you well I guess we're for me I there were a couple things that I really liked okay yeah you know that will do that wanted to this shit's not disappointing my parents is a huge thing you know coming from a brown family yeah high expectations I've did a lot of soul-searching during my undergrad because I wasn't doing well in my in my in my degree so trying to always think and always always I kind of spent a lot of time in the basement as they would say and trying to figure out okay what can I do on my spare time in my free time that I really really liked that I could see as a potential career and and try to polish my skills so I would sit I would sit after studying and I'll edit videos all day yeah I would sit and write poetry which turned into rap I would go have hundreds of coffees with random directors and producers and actors at Tim Hortons and I don't know these people in there to me that was like a really weird world that I just wanted to understand and figure out okay is there something here because Edmonton isn't a big film space yeah you know and then trying to figure out for myself but the biggest motivation was I wasn't good enough for a person that I really liked and then as well as I saw my cousin's coming up and I saw people around me that are just killing it in their own respective life and I feel like everyone who was just on 120 on the left lane on the hen day ya know and I felt like like what am i doing you know and so I had to die for me that's always been that intrinsic like I gotta go go go and you also had time as you were not with her anymore that makes a lot of sense what about you you yeah well for me Sean really it it's just seeing what my parents went through you know like just the classic story of Bambi migrating over to Canada and seeing how hard they worked you know like when my parents got married shortly beforehand in an arranged marriage shortly beforehand my dad was in a very heavy car accident and it was a motorcycle accident from that point forward my dad was never able to walk to this day sorry he can walk but he can't run so so yeah he just limps on his leg his his ankle can't move it's tight like this yeah when he had my brother when he had myself especially when he had my brother who's four years older than me they lived in an apartment with no furniture in it he was driving taxis 16 hours a day while his foots bleeding every day multiple surgeries he had to go through you know and that was something where he kneeled like he has this kid is mouths to feed my mom was working three jobs yeah three part-time jobs to just get different income coming in the way right and from there they had me my mom and dad said you don't want to live like this anymore we came to Canada for a purpose we came here for a reason of having freedom yeah you know what the hell are we doing and that's when my mom and dad decided to team up his business partners have my dad you know operate on what he does best is connecting with people making connections handling and outside of the business well my mom handled really like the expertise of what it's like to run a beauty clinic and she went in our business diploma she also went to California and did her certification as a laser technician Wow so she was actually one of the first adopters of laser hair removal in the city oven no way yeah okay and it was great because then when technology really wasn't so advanced as it is now yeah it was very easy to word of mouth and through through all these different ways to like get your business recognized so she won the consumer choice award like two to three years in a row and that was at the time between like 2006 2008 around that idea she opened up her business she franchised it with my dad they had three running at a time and things were going right they they flipped that coin honey because your mom was the boss oh yeah my mom raised by a years dominant life amazing mother who honestly like she she she has a pants man yeah and and she kills it and she's amazing she does and I got to see what that was like having my both my parents still work hard to this day still together and just going through a lot of those difficulties that came along the way yeah right there was never a single paycheck my mom cut for herself she just wanted to see her kids happy she wanted to see that heard my dad spoiled the wrong out of us yeah and growing up as a kid I got older and older and I went into business school and I I just took that bird's-eye view perspective and I was like my mom and dad came here 23 and had a kid and I'm that age now and they did what they had done in the past let's say just over 30 years and I'm here blessed blast like I'm not even talking about what they went through even back home yeah right like they made moves coming into a brand new country and if I don't double if I don't at least double or triple what they've done here then that's that's my like that's what the demons in my head yeah that'd go over your failure well what are you doing and I think that's part of the reason why Shaun with me I stay so busy and they do all these things in and I'm trying to make something out of my life because I see what my parents have done and Helena yeah you don't multiply that you don't you know it's funny because I had the same mindset to uh my goal you know my parents and you know your parents their everyone moved out to Canada to make a better life for themselves and you know your my parents were not as sort of ambitious like that my dad he had his own firm I don't think he was as he was hungry but he was in seventh I was as ugly as your family was but you know they just wanted like us to be really safe right so you know I I've thought about this idea of like oh man like they came down here they made a big risk so that we could have an amazing life like I gotta go out and kill it I got a crush and I got to do all this he thought back and then you kind of sit back and you know I do want to do that but I also I also want to have like a I look at my kids and I'm like I don't want them to all like I want them to do well yeah but I'm like I don't want them to kill themselves trying to crush it so so it's weird like I had that I'm set just like you did but right when I have kids I'm like wait a minute like is this what life is all about yeah like is this what we're here to do and you know it's having a kid has really flipped my mindset around what success really is because I had the mindset about I'm hungry I wanna kill everything I eat everything and then when you have a kid you sort of you kind of get a bit of better perspective of life you know it's fun of you you you had one of the garage doing on your podcast like to me that guy is like to me he's the epitome of success to me you know you know I look at a guy like Bezos or Zuckerberg and all these guys that people you know they fancy to me to be honest with you somebody who has you know amazing amazing fitness health well-being family kids like he's got everything he's got the balance holy man like if you talk to him he's got it together yeah to me that is success and I'm like you know I so like I'm just yeah I'm just shifting in terms of what I think success is is it really is and to me it's always been about and now I've sort of shifted my definition of success to just do things that I'm like really passionate about and I really love and kill it in those areas and and actually to me the greatest pleasure in life is to get other people connected to other to things that they're passionate about so the guys on my team that are working for me it's like a so what are you passionate about which space do you want to play in how do you want to grow this company you know even a Deloitte like people working for me like I said so what do you want to do what are you passionate about and just connecting those things like that that is important to me and that is something that my parents actually didn't teach me yeah and I don't know what you like to hear your guys thoughts on this because my parents they sort of in greatness belief that just like to end to dickfist to this day my my mother still says the same things like Sean why are you doing why are you traveling so much why yeah y-yeah why can't you just like tape you know just take it easy it's like mom I'm doing something I love and then I'm passionate about yeah and it it seemed it it's all that she doesn't she still doesn't get it although she is happy for me she she loves seeing all my achievement success successes but she still doesn't get it and and I'm interested in you guys because you guys are all doing some you guys are both doing things that are wildly different from probably what your parents wanted you to do yeah you know you know traditionally if you're brown you got to be a doctor an engineer Kalen lawyer right you know you you know you're you guys are both in marketing you know you're athlete you know you're doing you know video and music and this is wildly different from what a traditional Indian parent would you want you to do so did you guys get a lot of push or do you still get a lot of pushback from your parents today or they're like go do your thing kill it like not interested I don't see many old parents being okay with it there let's say they're adjusting to it I think now it's I've been a couple years into into doing video into doing the music stuff so when I first started it was even with friends and family was just like what you're rapping why are you picking up a camera like you should be picking up your books like why are you not in the library why are you playing around why are you on the computer editing videos of yourself or of other people like you should be this isn't a career this is just a hobby they said I dad would always like I actually would come home every single day my dad would always say so you're working on your hobby today right like you should be working on your career and you would always say that anyway it just it stung me because it was like I saw the potential I could see potential in this look and watch and see how well it is your hobby is your career I know and it's weird it's it's weird because my dad still doesn't see it yeah he doesn't understand it like he just thinks it's like oh he's just doing it for a period of time it's just a period he's going it's okay he's young you'll get back like I'm supposed to be an optometry school right now it's like it's okay he's working for you you like that Wow well you know what I always like to say my parents are like the heating yang right in a sense it's amazing how bucks that's a balance though cuz I go to my mom for advice I go to my dad for advice it's the complete opposite yeah but she's going up now it's starting to like really come to like a collective decision but uh for instance my dad he's more laid-back relaxed and he's like but do you know what a god will tell you everything he say like to advice my dad it's it's you know high importance that that we have to talk about it I'm like dad you know like this is going on next week we need to make sure we're there and I just want your advice on how I'm gonna make it and then how I'm gonna present this no probably just you don't need it you just need this that's it and you just need like spiritual and very just relax and it's worked in amazing ways in his life but I've also seen it almost seems like I'm like that we gotta like this is important we have the plant yeah one of my dad's favorite quotes oh they still say to this day and this just summarizes him is you can never plan to fail and you can never fail to plan yeah and that's like its motto he always said it yours chip to here and there and I just in a way and dachshund into that and for my mom or something but a drop of this drops old man bananas yeah right that's my mom but like that that's a lot she gives she wants everything to just be in place so soon but they didn't they didn't tell you to like you know you know follow a particular path like they didn't say exactly like with they kind of knew that with the crazy personality I have and how energy like I'm an energizer bunny they felt like whatever I fuel it in I'll be okay you know right and that's where like collectively they've come to the terms now and I feel like it it's with age too right like with everyone out there with your parents for like in their 50s or 60s they see you moving out of the house they see you going out there experiencing life on your own a part of them feels a little bit of a detachment from that right so now they kind of feel that go you know what son just got it figured out you are figuring it out yeah just you know we're here and and just live your life enjoy it because because then they're starting to realize my short like this yeah right and and that's where my mom is kind of like drilling out my head where she's like slow down cuz she does think of me too much so tell so tell me this because it sounds like you know you you you we sort of lived a little bit more of a similar sort of you know our panics of telling us is yeah you know if you look at other sort of folks in our community at your guys's age give me the give me the state of like brown men in like Alberta what it looked like where is it a lot of people on your podcast I mean this this is you know is there is there a lack of ambition is their lack of is there a ton of ambition is I want to hear this because you know I'm also I think everybody sort of lives in a little bit of a bubble I live in a bubble all of my friends and professionals you know I'm working with big organizations I you know I'm friends with people with kids and like I look at a mobile ah I'm curious from like the young hustlers that to understand what is this date I think this day for just from where I see from my from my circle everyone's kind of in their own bubble like you said and they're not willing to experiment as much right like I get a lot of people when I start all these things you know starting this podcast all man I was thinking of starting a podcast – yeah I swear I got so many messages every thinking about it I was gonna start a podcast – I'm like why didn't you do it oh you know this is this this you know something something's always in the way of starting that thing yeah when I started making music oh man I used to write rap songs I used to wear is it like why don't you take them to that level why are you still in accounting why are you still working for accounting firm like all the things that are outside what our brown perspective is yeah or just the perspective of the safe stable job nobody seems to be putting themselves out there god we're trying things and and at least putting themselves in the limelight and failing ya know what I mean so everyone's kind of doing their thing but nobody's really out there enjoying things as am I in my perspective same thing so I always talk with them if and I learned that both him and I like he will be like the borderline guy who's like man everyone's doing it all wrong and and this and that invisible people yeah I learned I have the more optimist like I'm like yeah it was yeah I'll be that guy to just level set and agree I do understand there are some people I notice who are bottom of the barrel they're they're just waiting for their white right moment to shine yeah they're thinking it's gonna come at their front doorstep I understand that I was stereotypically defined some of the South Asian community of men who are our age who are just chillin right yeah then oh I'll be frank there's quite the very opposite to me I don't see it in-between I look at someone I'm like man like you're you're up there you're doing big things you know you know your mom and dad your family did it a good thing with you and then even when you were out there and you're finding your circle and you're finding your friends you didn't let all that bad take you yeah right so I see either like top at the top I look you know up at them and I'm like buck I I see those people who are striving to be the best person that can every you know they're reading their writing they're watching they're doing everything they can't even put themselves out there rags are hungry for it yeah but then unfortunately there's the other side where you know they're still either just mooching off of Genoa their parents or they they feel like there's just no like there's just nothing to be hungry for yet like don't get me wrong these people they might have just gotten degrees they might have just just come married they might have were just starting to figure things out but it's at a very slow stage yeah they're really cautious right yeah like they don't want to take the risk right so let's kind of look at it that way and that's what we see yeah sure looks from your end uh no III think you know from you know my generation again like way more traditional like you there's people in in my generation that would never think about you know starting a podcast they would never you know go off and you know so rapping or or you know becoming an athlete you know they would never do that right they would stay in their Lane and and you know I was hoping that you've got added younger generation comes up and they see you know that the world is endless and you know there's so many possibilities I mean you can do to all these things that you know more and more people would do that but I mean that sounds like there's a you know it's happening but not as much you know you know it's funny because like you know I was uh I was checking out like some of your your some of your songs and like you gotta like you like you have a nasty flow I mean it was cool yeah no mama I'm a hip-hop head so you know to me like your song nasty is is is is like really great there's a line where you're like I'm the brown Chris your style is it's a little bit Nazish right it's not like the new yeah it's it's more got the it's kind of got like a little bit of old-school vibe in it yeah it's not like the designer like me goes future it's more like that nice yeah who do you who do you like Jake well Jake oh okay logic is yeah yeah yeah there yeah that's that's when I got into it I had this big fear too right like that's what's gonna ask you because you know you you you know yo that is you're putting yourself out there you know you're it's not a traditional thing that you know of brown you know somebody from this air this region does yeah I'm like for you to do it and do it so well yeah I'm sure I'm Pearson know like what people say to you yeah well but when I first started it was I if I wanted to get into it and I always try to make sure that if I get into something that I'm not half-assing yeah and if I'm like thinking about it and I'm gonna put myself out there that I do it to my beth the best of my ability so I would literally spend days in the basement trying to make sure my flow is right every word is on point every every everything that I'm saying has some sort of a meaning mmm because I had the passion I look at Jay Cohen a guy that just wraps his story a nas wraps stories yep that that feel now that was inspiring and listening I'm like you know like he's he's he's look at all these people with that go to the concerts and just and spit every word and they're just mesmerized by this guy right so it's like I was like I want to be able to do that with words but be able to do it well so before I put myself out there at all I made sure that my flows right so then when I put myself out there I had to make sure that I wasn't just like you know like I had to be way extroverted than I am because I like that okay I'm more introverted I'm very more like grounded so knowing that as rap you have to really express and really push yourself out there and really say stuff that really catches people did you just say that like you know so I have to really push that boundary of like okay now I have to be fearless like I don't care if I look like a fool as long as I look like a fool well like if I mean what I say I have to mean what I say so it was a very different transition just once I got myself out there was like BAM I can take on everything yeah I don't care anymore now that I passed the first couple music videos the first couple songs it was like okay like actually I think I do have a good flow I think I do have some good leads yeah I think we can really make a little wave here so what's the rap scene in Evanston is uh I don't follow it but you know we haven't had like we haven't had the the guys that come up yeah waiting the room is that people like now that rap changes into the home humble and warm yeah melodic producers are getting more recognition I'm trying to balance that too because I know that even with nasty like hip-hop heads will like that and appreciate that such as yourself such as Kenny but guys that are just listened to just melodic and just the beat God cycle you know kinda like yeah like okay yeah no it's true and so it's there are a couple guys I I don't follow them that much but there are guys here that do have that kind of style yeah but I feel like they're doing it wrong because they're there a lot of them are performing all they're doing is performing but when you try looking them up they have like two songs on Soundcloud maybe one music video that I posted they'll say they don't have a digital presence so for me I was like you know I got to get my marketing right I gotta get my Instagram poppin I gotta make as much content in videos like Russ I don't know if you know that Russ is Russ independent rapper who's selling out arenas man you don't know you don't even know who he is and people don't people don't know him he's not even a mainstream but he's making millions of dollars it's super content its new content because he said he's like man I dropped video song photos every single week he's like around my 9899 song was what that one was that hit the million dollars and it took me off so what and you know you bring up you bring up Russ this is not only happening in rap but it's happening you know in every industry right somebody that is you know creating their own businesses their own empires based on audiences that they're creating you know one of the things I always bring up in my own in my business dogs and usually when I'm speaking with audiences there they're normally you know leaders leaders they're you know leaders and business leaders and industry and one of the things I always bring up is uh is Kylie Jenner so I you know the thing that I always say it's like who has the best market cap or valuation per employee and they always say we were at Google uber or Facebook and I say Kylie Jenner and they're just like why and and you know most people would dismiss Kylie yeah because you know she's a Kardashian whatever she's she's built her fame off the Kardashian Empire to me what she has done is is really smart I think is a new blueprint of a new kind of organized in this era where you guys who have guys like Russ that can sell out stadiums she's like building she's she's built sort of an exponential organization by by just leveraging partnerships other people all over warehousing in manufacturing is done by a third-party company called see beauty all her PR and finances not buy to somebody else she's basically double down on when she's really good at is brand she they had been able to build a billion-dollar business with seven employees so it's it's it's a it's this whole idea of how can I have a very small footprint but I have an exponential output right and obviously she's been using social media and novel ways to do that and so you know a guy like Russ he doesn't he's on he's on the label he doesn't have you know he doesn't he doesn't have all these traditional methods but he has fans know and he can sell it arena yeah and you talk about partnership he's watering he's partnered with a label exam via records that is partnered so that's a difference it's not like artists who signed under the label who's just like essentially a puppet who gets a percentage and he you know yes he's a family he's a different relationship he's one guy partnering with many things and he's built a big business and so this is how many businesses I think startups are gonna grow in this era it's not about like I'm gonna hire all these people you know traditionally in the industrial era if you want to grow you would you and you want to be a big company you would hire everyone you would hire all these people within your team but today what you can do is build unique partnerships with people and really scale from there and I think in this era we need to be better at like scaling learning and learning from others and that's how we're gonna build things that are bigger and I love what people are doing like Russ like Kylie they're just doing a different way and you can see that in other industries too that's interesting you say that because this touches on a big point Shaun where I feel that a lot of people get misinterpreted in the deaf what self-made really means and I'm sure you've probably not asked this UI yet with it were people like oh well Kylie Jenner is is she even self-made that she deserved that Forbes title and then that front cover and I kinda want to pick your brain not really just what that one more from a broad perspective is what is your definition of self-made now in this generation where we do rely on partnerships and we do rely on realizing that okay well if we do want to expand and outsource our product in an exponential manner we kind of do have to you know reach out to another group of people or whatever have you to make this pop off yeah you know there's only one person that has ever self-made and that's the first like guy that evolved from a monkey to a human that's the only guy and then he created something because everything else throughout history is a iteration is a remix of something else like we as human beings have copy-pasted stolen ideas built technologies on top of other technologies to build what we have today nothing is self-made I hate the definition of some man I'm gonna write I actually write rather remove it nothing is actually something minted self-made everything that we have done throughout history is building on top of each other do you think Tesla is self-made yeah Elon Musk no Tesla is built on top of a computer which is made by somebody else and that was built on thousands of animations on top of GPS and on top of all the automobiles like all these things have to be made in order to get a Tesla Oh so to me something made is is we should just remove the title and just give people to do that they built a great business like what why do they have to be just because they're handy with something we're all handed with something yeah but be blessed that somebody has built something for someone and it's making a difference like definition of self-made that's very true do you feel like there's this like level of jealousy about that maybe like maybe people feel like oh well you know they have billion dollars off their family and like they they totally can do it on the road like you think that like that for us I mean not going out you know this everyone's gonna be jealous everybody is going to be you know complaining that they were handed the same the same advantages that somebody else and this is part of human nature we can't stop that but instead of complaining and being jealous of what we don't have what you should do is help is start creating what you want right and focusing your mind set on that because listen doesn't mean there's always gonna be people that are gonna be jealous of yeah I remember you know you know there's a really successful talking to a really successful like business person multi-millionaire like doing like the most amazing things that you would ever think of and he was like man like Richard Branson he just got this like jet like you know you're always thinking you're always you're always like thinking like somebody else will always have something more you'll always be more jealous so it's like take that take that energy and just start creating things because we're all gonna die at some point anyway so yeah so it's like stop being so caught up in somebody else's success and start creating your own exactly and then you kind of flip it you realize that someone can easily be jealous of your lifestyle like not even the word jealous kind of is like a negative connotation but like just appreciative of the fact I think they see you working harder they see whatever you're doing they see that everything is surmounted and on that right and I kind of want to like take this and shift it over to maybe from the perspective of that maybe 21 and 23 year old student who just graduated and you know they see you and then they see how much success you've achieved in and everything you've done along the way and I want to kind of know where you could go back to that side and Sean of you saying you know go back to creating content and being fresh out of graduating what advice can you give that individual so that maybe they feel like they're going to have that differentiator a part of them yeah that's separates them from everyone else because to be honest man like I felt that I knew it in university now if I'm gonna get a guaranteed job right out of it if I'm gonna get experience if I don't want to be wanted by a company for that experience I want to have I'm gonna have things going on for myself this yeah that was another University students yeah so for these guys out there and big girls yeah what would advice could you give them to feel the game ready for real life yeah no I think it's a it's a really good question I think today the most important thing is how can you how can you fail like right we need that spotlight bro listen the light came out the light came up I'm gonna say this is that you know if people coming up today they have all the tools and technologies and partnerships at their fingertips and the people that will win in the future are not the people that will work harder necessarily but those who will learn faster those who will fail faster those are the people are gonna win and and it's not only learning faster but it's also unlearning faster you know there's so many things that we are taught within I I'm still like trying to remove some of those though the some of the mindset thinking that that has been ingrained in me since my childhood within organizations like working with leaders they taught me that there is a certain way of doing something I am still trying to unlearn it so I think for the firm if you're 23 years old you just graduated you know you're looking for a job you you're sitting in a job right now it's like how can I fail quicker doing the things that I love I always tell people that if they're working in an organization right now like try to get yourself fired tomorrow which basically means like try to take a risk in your career or with your organized today or tomorrow and what you'll see 99.999 and a hundred percent of the time is that you will actually do something that will fundamentally change your trajectory in your career or the trajectory of your business by actually taking a risk there's so many people that are strapped there they're hot pigs are like what if I lose my job what will happen if I take this risk it never happens it never happens you you anytime you do take a calculated risk it always proves to be it always works out and I think that's the skill set that we need to develop with you know with our younger generation is this idea of like how can we fail quicker let me tell this now mom I want to ask you a question you know a lot of people talk about Millennials I think that that discussion is like over now I've heard too much but now you have Jen what did Jen see what does Jen see Shunzhi there right now what was that what is that time period from like while of years old right now we're even younger to like 18 18 19 yeah because I have my little cousins for a turning 18 yeah high school there Jen see that their gen Z or is it a little bit older anyways it Gen X this is Jenna no I think is Gen Z Gen X's is is about me so so uh you know it's gonna be interesting to see this new era come up you know III heard a lot of things about Millennials that they were lazy and title blah blah like no I actually don't believe that III think that that 23 year old I'd say 18 to 23 24 year old age group is very interesting yeah to me what I'm seeing is that that age group they actually work hard they actually are a group that they they see the possibilities they see the opportunities and they want it and they work hard but the difference is that they want they want that endgame quicker than any other generation before I I remember hiring so many people you know and and and and we have them in our in our in our office and they work hard they were brilliant they they they were digital they were they think they they did everything that we wanted them to do and they they went above and beyond they weren't late hours or on their you know they're not slack they're there they're doing all this stuff but when it comes to the time when it comes to a promotion or a salary change they wanted immediately yeah I said listen I I put in all this work now I want my cake yeah and it's interesting it's interesting because like I'm not saying this wrong I'm not saying like listen maybe you maybe you deserve it I'm under the belief that you should get what you deserve but I think that what's happening today is that there is a group of people on everyone there's a group of people of a large group of people within that age group that they they think that they're gonna be CEO next you like it doesn't know it doesn't work like that I know you've worked hard you grinded you work 24/7 so has everybody else panicked and yeah there's a little bit of impatience I think it's wrong yeah and and and it's not deserve but it's like there's that expectations like no no no it it actually doesn't work like this yeah and so sometimes there's a gap there that's what I'm seeing III saw all time they want to they want something immediately even like as an influencer or something they're like I posted like Instagram I posted all these intertwined pictures it's not happening for my likes so yeah the thing is is it also I think has an effect when you're when you're young so when you're young and your parents give you everything when you get a participation trophy you know and you don't get that hard-hitting you know loss you know cuz your mom and dad don't give you any else you know they're just like it's okay you won – yeah right so when they actually go out in the real world their first year first year working and they're not CEO or they're not getting that ten or twenty thousand dollar bonus but why not my mom told me I'm supposed to be CEO my mom told me I was raised this way I have to be so then when they go into the real world and everyone else is the same way they just can't understand it right so I think that that partially plays a role it shouldn t like going into getting here getting a brick wall just hit what I don't want that race I was listen to another podcast and he said that this younger generation is soft no way but no I you know but I I'm actually I'm really bullish about the the younger generation like I said I think they work hard I think that you know I think they work hard I think that they see the possibilities I think people are now they're not they're not they want to actually do things that's a passion above they want to work for organizations that have a mission they they they want those are all good things it's just that there's a gap around expectations I I want to kind of like mix this into the equation here what I'm noticing is especially for maybe friends or colleagues out there who have parents that are business owners they kind of feel like they don't need to go that route of being an employee and working for an organization and they feel like right off the bat they can they can start their own business and then what ends up happening for the most part what I see is they do it and hey don't get me wrong some of them end up very successful others they lose hope very fast right and I'm wondering if you can kind of tie into Sean your experience working at Deloitte or the big four accounting and consulting firms and seeing how much maybe that has helped you where you were humbled by the experience of my okay it's large but okay I'm right here in the organization and I know there's gonna be a whole lot of climbing items we get out there and and maybe when you felt like that experience is worthwhile to start anything business you know it's it's a really great question I think if you're starting in business today you've got to be humbled like it's so hard every industry is so competitive every industry is getting disrupted like I work with some of the best companies the most established companies and they have the best people they're the smartest people working in there and yet there's still the most vulnerable to disruption it's still hard for them to challenge the status quo you know those young companies coming up that are hungry it's hard for them to they're competing with others they're competing on a global market every day like it's it is very difficult to start a business today without having a little bit of like holy like why am i starting this that's not a reason to start I actually think it's the greatest time to start something today it's just that you just have to have a little bit of I think confidence is important but I think you know what I learned and maybe maybe maybe that's not a good thing I mean that's one of the things that I have to unlearn you know is that yeah it's very hard to start a business it's very hard to sustain a business I saw so many companies you know you know we helped them with strategies and they just fall off well right and it has nothing to do with your talent it has nothing to do with your your your leadership it could be various factors it can be like your technology is no longer relevant it could be that your customers are no longer vibing what you're producing could be that you know there's a big company that came into your space that's now in you know in now in your market like there's so many variables tons there's tons of variables but I think the exciting thing about starting something today and the reason why I did is finding I'm a true believer in doing something that's disruptive disruption let me just paint this disruption is actually going into somebody's space and changing the status quo it's actually taking market share from somebody else and and and and you know changing the game there's another way of looking at business around creating your own market creating your own niche that nobody else almost you know your podcast you guys are doing 99.999% of the people that are doing podcasts they're just doing podcasts they don't have a video related to it but you guys are you you guys are creating video in a niche market and and doing something different so you so I would say that you're creating something new and a new form of content as opposed to doing something that everybody else is doing similar to what we were doing in silver were we're creating a new market using artificial intelligence around the language evaluation this is a problem that no one has ever solved before people have dabbled in it but nobody has really solved before and to me it was important because I want to I want to be in a space that has no competitors and it actually gives you a the freedom to iterate a little bit more slowly it gives you the time to think I think it gives you the time to work build partnerships with others and so where did we just started this process on this I don't know I mean who knows what's gonna happen with it right just like any other business that's starting today but to me it's like I didn't want to play in an area that is the most competitive area on the planet and and I wanted to create a new market so that's what we're doing with with you know in the language evaluation space and yeah we have a we have a great client that would be commercializing this product we're now gonna be way more involved in the artificial intelligence ecosystem here and it's it I mean we're third best in the world when it comes to add research here in Edmonton I think you know we just haven't had the companies that have come out of here everybody says over the third-best but there's no what are the companies right look I want to be one of those companies right I want to be one of them when they say a lot Alberta's Authority Alberta has a third best AI Research Institute in Canada great which companies are there I want to be one of those companies and I want to create a new market so that we can we can get in space so to me you know that's my whole thing it's like it's like every industry so competitive it's like how can you create something like a market creating innovation see there's so many polls there and when you say this it leads me to ask you where where are you not even that you know what I want to know you're the success story I don't know a success rate you have from this business that you have right is is with the client that you currently are dealing with in doing these certain innovations like is there anything you're willing to share you know without any confidential issues of course that like you felt truly impactful for for you where you get any that big difference it could be this one I could be related to it in other circumstances but like I'd like to hear me that her side because I love seeing the energy and how excited to meet yeah and I want to see and hear the benefit of about that business that ended up turning up with you guys or utilizing your services well you know the success is is still to be written basically what happened was the Bank Canada came to me they're the best client that you could have because their financial institution their their government their you know their established like it's better it's better than having make a candidate in Google or Facebook they they are everything you want in the client that they're secure their private you know everything you want so they came to me they they had a problem round this language valuation thing because I was in the voice technology space we were doing something else where we were integrating a lexan Google home to the existing systems like nothing to do with like deep machine learning P anything like that they said can you solve this problem around language value which is basically they have all these people within the organization that do language evaluation so if you want to work for the Bank of Canada or you want to work in the federal government you have to know French and English so you they actually have to you you actually do a test with them and every organization in the public sector across the world does this whether it's Spanish or Portuguese or whatnot so they came to me and they said can you do this not having a human involved but do language evaluation I actually said no because like I literally sent them an email saying here's all the other people that are trying to be in the space but we can't do this it's too difficult problem so they don't I said okay subsequently because there's so much activity here than AI e ecosystem I got connected with with with one of my now team members we had a call and say hey you know I got this team and we're looking at some cool problems around the artificial intelligence and language space like are you guys working on anything I'm like nah not really but there's this project that I have that I might you know that you know this client came to me with a problem do you want to work on it and he said yeah and then you know we started working on it pull the team together and yeah we're like really close to solving this like really tricky problem that nobody's really solved and yeah so to me like we're going to be commercializing the product we're gonna be scaling it out I to me it's a global and it's a global play because we're working with other you know we're gonna be expanding to different languages and yeah I think it's really exciting I think to me I want to do something that I'm passionate about so be but the voice space the AI space plus doing something global that is passion to me right it's not as sexy as starting like a new like you know head headphone company right but that's a very competitive space this space has no competitors so to me it's really exciting and somebody who works with organizational disruption and like it just makes sense for me to do something like this it's amazing yeah so just to make sure we're on the same page this language creation process that you're creating yeah certain companies or technology projects could you do something along the lines where let's just say for instance tell us for example is involved with creating a fault detection device yeah and they realize right now in its beginning stages of going out there it's an English that's in French right and let's just say they have a huge market to tap into in BC and Alberta and they realize it and they understand it's gonna come hopefully and the soon future as opposed to the late is having like the moment someone Falls and the monitor gets on home their Punjabi speaking or their Hindi speaking or yeah along the lines of those would you feel like you're right in that space we don't I just want to make sure if itself is yeah that's you know it's it's um it's it's not the problem that we're solving however its it's a problem that we need like in order to get there we need to solve this problem around evaluation and how to how to evaluate some of these language proficiency then I think we get to that that is like the next level yeah that's like next level hey you know some people are dabbling in that but doing it very well this is haven't done it yet I mean ideally you might be in a situation where you know the the most ideal situation is that I'm in Portugal and like now we can seamlessly talk to each other you know it you know I mean I'm speaking English somebody speaking me Portuguese and we can completely 100% understand each other at some point that's gonna happen that's good and but you need like I said like innovations although building things on top of each other right you need some sort of base infrastructure and so you know we're trying to build some of that and then you know hopefully we can get more into the language space there's there's other things that we have in a product roadmap that are pretty exciting yeah but um yeah that's what we're doing that's incredible yeah that's cool so how does I'm curious because home ec this is your full-time gig how does speaking play a part in to this one and where did speaking actually come in to play yeah yeah so speaking was you know you know for me to play in the innovation space I was working with a lot of organizations the innovation space a lot of people want to hear about what we were doing in the space so it started you know it started where I had a bunch of clients that were you know they want to hear about the work that we were doing you know expanded out to you know to conferences because there's clients there that were at conferences they wanted to hear about what was happening in the innovation space so it really started internally there was some stuff that I did publicly you know I didn't like you know I recorded my own like I we did some Deloitte the at Deloitte there were some presentations I recorded though of them and then um you know I got a keynote it was all linear like you get another you get one presentation then it somebody like that guy's great then you get another then you get another to me and it really only started like three I want to say maybe three years ago god I've always was speaking and doing talks but it didn't really pop until but two three years ago and then it went like a rocket ship because I knew very early on I don't know why but then I need to record it I mean this is what you guys are doing know that that I was putting all this effort into creating all this amazing content and then it just gonna disappear I'm just gonna do this talking isn't disappear I know I need to record this yeah so they can put it up and and so most of my talks are if I can if there's no client confidentiality are recorded and so what was sort of happening was I started posting those videos on on mostly on LinkedIn and and in other places you know YouTube Facebook I my own Facebook page and you know it started to grow right people wanted to hear about what disruption meant right and people didn't know what that meant so I was in a very niche space around disruption and then you know people just want to hear about it and the video really amplified it so so I built my speaking career on top of what you guys are doing right now which is video and that's how it kind of grew and you know in terms of the the skill set of speaking you know I had a little bit of advantage because I was in consulting in consulting your job it like for like the years that I was there is every day you get punched in the face because you're trying to convince somebody to or influence or convinced or engagements with groups of people in order to take a certain path right so you're constantly in front of people in workshops in interviews in presentations trying to sort of do that and so you have a lot of pride then I had a lot of practice a lot of reps doing in and then plus the presentation plus the I had a little bit of like my friends and I we don't create a film group so you know we would be comfortable in front of the camera like it's very comfortable to me to be in front of the camera also I develop you know my editing skills through there and and and learning a little bit about you I don't shoot any of my stuff but I reel off the odd time edit my own stuff and so that that's been a really big game changer for me so all these things that have combined throughout my career has really really like catapult to me in my speaking career and like now I'm one of the most booked speakers in Canada and hopefully you know in you know North America you know and I'm so building up but yeah it's been it's been wild and when you're speaking for those who maybe don't know what is what is the wrong mission that you have like the message that you're trying to bring across and in a short synopsis that you can share with us like is it relatively the same told every single booked conference your honor it's always there's always different because it's always tailored to the particular industry I mean there are stories that resonate you know with with you know the same clients right there's one story that my resonate with others I'm always coming up with new stuff to me to be honest at the end of the day my experience around innovation has always been around experimentation so when I when I get people to leave my presentation the has are like okay so how do we go off experiment how do we design experiments with our own organization how do we fund it how do we organize it and so you know there's stories of our disruption they're stories about how do you deal with disruption and then at the end of the day like what are those certain things that you can do to to really deal with it one thing is around experimentation teach people how to do that I actually don't sell anything I'm not there to speech them something I'm not there to sell a book or an e-book more like a more like my company I don't mention any of that yeah I am there to put on a show I'm there to teach them something and make that make it surprising and insightful and formed it so there's they go off saying what that was a wicked presentation I actually like learn something at it and and my like the the biggest treat that I have is that like six months later somebody comes up to me said yo like I came to your presentation but we took one of your ideas and then we did something with it like to me that's happening look if we get one person in the audience to go off and do something to me that's that's like you know and they can make a million bucks off that yeah maybe it's worth the price of admission to them yeah I actually remember one of your actually most most leaders these speeches have been memorable because you do something unique but I remember when you did hosted the Oscars okay did you okay I was there so and that's very different feeling like we're interacting yeah the screen so they were you like that was completely different the way you guys like went through the whole thing I was like man this is an awesome what it's completely different you know it's funny because like that is and that is also like I Whedon I never I never do that because it's not you know we did it for the monsters because you know we have a history with Moscow so we we we yeah we were emceeing or doing something goofy yeah most of the time I'm like you know I'm the keynote so I'm like the business guy delivering something but yeah I mean I love doing things like that one of my best buds Zeeshan you know we love just coming up with like comedic bits and you know part of what I do is is is there is comedic elements to what I do so na so you have to understand yeah you have to keep it real and just from a timing perspective but what we did there you I mean yeah yeah I mean people to get it but-but-but what we did was we pull-ups on his phone and then we we were able to see their phone and interact with their phone on the screen yeah and yeah so I appreciate that no no it was great I mean I was because I went I think you you'd spoken at either was at a TED Talks or or somewhere yeah and me and Roger actually in the audience we can use like all my buddies Sean my buddy Sean's coming up I'm like okay cool and most of the day was pretty there were probably like maybe one one guy was from the army was a Marine that was a really good speech but the rest were they were good and then when you came on the energy was just they cool like I woke up disrupted the whole room literally I was like man cuz I remember that I still remember your speech on both yeah I never remember meeting you that day now yes I remember meeting you there yeah yeah yeah you know that TEDx experience was like actually it was uh I wish I could have it back yeah because it wasn't my greatest if they actually the way that I got that they actually called me the month before usually with a TEDx they usually call you like like a month like months and months from renovation they call me the month before because somebody dropped out so I like I was like the ringer that came in and just like my mic drop down the slides didn't work it was just like a whole thing I wish I could have it back yeah but you know that TEDx was also very important for my speaking career in a very it was the most important in the unusual most unusual way possible I thought that when I had TEDx I'm like Oh amazing I'm gonna have like thousands of people watch this yeah it's gonna go it's gonna feel my speaking career I'm still I was waiting for it to drop I was waiting for it to draw so and I knew it wasn't great but I wanted to see how it was right and I knew the audience was good I think they were vibing with it and like so it was decent so the video drops on my a chopped it's gonna pop the pot and go is and I'm gonna watch this it's gonna go like game gangbusters crickets like nothing no fuse nothing I mean it was not well that well produced but it was not a also of not a great I mean I'm very consumer I need Mia in the audience it was a good talk but if you watch it on video because they cut out some of it didn't actually make sense because just to make sure it's article on it is this the one where you talk about what you wish to target oh yeah yeah you know that's the one yeah anyways it's okay it was crickets and what it actually taught me that moment was like why am I waiting for something to happen and I expect something magnificent to happen out of this and now I pump out video all the time with that pump out video every week and I'm never now I'm never like this video is gonna pop yeah this music this is going to make like there's thousands of people are gonna watch this I never do that and I just keep on pumping because you never know what's gonna pop you never know what's gonna resonate and that moment was like I'm never waiting for a full force and and hoping and praying that something is going to happen to the pot because 99% of the time it will do nothing for you yeah like you you people are like oh man I wish I once I get on Jimmy Fallon I'm gonna bet those moments that you wait for that you cherish you just they're not gonna do anything for you so though for me it's always been about like less I'm just going to pump out consistent content all the time if it pops great if it doesn't great like I'm just gonna do things that I love and I'm passionate above and not waiting for that one moment because then you'll get you will get hung on that moment and then you'll get paralyzed oh it didn't happen I've got a saw Yeah right people peak this is why people pull they they do one podcast they put up one podcast they put a one video like watch it yeah nobody watched it yeah you got to put in six years he's gonna watch it you know we didn't kill we didn't launch the podcast until we had ten episodes fully recorded edited and we got into the groove of things and I told these guys I was like don't even expect anything to happen yeah like don't even don't even the next two years don't even expect anyone to watch this yeah we just have to do what we need to do and that's what's gonna keep us loving it that's what's gonna make us realize why we did in the first place we didn't sit ourselves down and go dude we're gonna make a podcast and we're gonna make millions and we're gonna be like right there right next to like Bradley Cooper like no you know like yes we understand there's far-fetched long-term goals but before we even think about that what do we want to get done tomorrow right what do we hope to get done in a month that's like okay well you're gonna make some damn podcasts okay so we did 10 and we realized we loved it yeah well thank you well let's just do for the love of it and then along the way you know you build that traction you build that many exactly and then it starts to you start to be like you copied onto something exactly I'm not sure with you Sean same thing right maybe along the way a friend here you know you know cross paths with you and you guys want simple ways or or maybe there was someone who you looked up to and then you guys just went separate ways and in that regard same thing with us at first we didn't think it would just be him and I right and then when it came down to that woman and I looked at each other we didn't even hesitate yeah I said let's keep going we'll figure it out you know we both love this and it's it's the love that's gonna fuel this well what's gonna be remarkable because and in this has never been done you know in it's only been done in the social media era is that you're actually documenting your journey live right you're documenting you know your growth life it's like sanity yeah same thing with me and am i speaking like I just met with somebody this earlier this week he was that also a great guy from Deloitte he started pressed sandwiches he's got a company called love pizza yeah so he's been he's been super successful in here in Edmonton and he's a killer he's gonna he's gonna crush the entire restaurant ecosystem but he was like talking you know we were both saying like you know we we saw each other's journey like he's he saw my journey right he's like I saw you speaking to nobody – now you're doing all these keynotes right yeah like so it's like you're documenting all along the way if people don't see it it's transparent so I love what you're you guys are doing especially on IG is that you know you're gonna have me on the podcast like 20 in 2019 and now and then you know in 2025 you're gonna have like dude that's the thing it's like it's gonna be crazy it's when it's in 2025 and you do have that best-selling book that you're putting up Thursday yeah yeah so it's a mix of both expect listening and part of the reason why I want to come on this podcast is because you guys are doing some amazing things right I can see the pot I get asked to do a lot of podcast I'm not gonna to our home but I do and most of them I I'm kind of like yeah I want to see what I want to see how they do it I want to see you know their audience I want to see you know the vibe their energy around it what you guys are doing is different it is different thank you you know that it's different and you guys are gonna win because it's different and that's why I did it and you guys are you know you'reyou're of the culture and I wanted to also like take something from you so that I could you know yeah think about an exchange and absolute know how you made of any 100 I snap 100% you know what will last you one more question yeah I'm sort of elevator round which is just quick fine chomp yes and yeah I like maybe any genuine person we want to know about you one thing I was personally curious about I told him it to that we have to ask you is being such a content driven person yourself and being someone who I believe was a producer right you produce content yeah you produce stuff out there I want to know what your balance looks like personally of consumption and production especially for you when if you could allocate a percentage around okay how much do I consume and how much do I produce in terms of education or just in terms of really anything and and what you think is a healthy balance that everyone should have yeah especially one like is that you know that Millennials oh man a little grind you know convert the fifteen hours and try fare gonna like no like you know enjoy your life you need a healthy balance yeah that long time wake up the next day can wait and then consume stuff you know apps that favorite TV show or or watch those YouTube videos and then get back to it so you can kind of be able to get that creativity back or for me anyway when my dad would keep me waiting for an hour after the school bell rang and he's like so I'm just five minutes but five minutes thirty to an hour and I tap into my imagination if there wasn't no phone in that day but again it's that like consumption versus production and and I want to know from your end what that was like so you know I wish I could give like a really like like inspiring answer but you know to me consumption is actually very important to me like I'm I'm talking about innovation in the innovation ecosystem innovation is not just about technology it's about media it's about sports it's about entertainment it's about culture it's about politics for economics it's about everything if you want to be in the innovation ecosystem you have to have a pulse of what the culture is in it all in all realms and so for me like I love it I'm obsessed with it I'm always consuming content I'm reading things I'm looking up things you know I you know I've go to websites but then I like discover new podcasts audio is a big thing for me like I'm always consuming audio I have like 50 podcasts on the go audible I'm always consuming things I'm always learning I love right to me like audio is the best form of learning because you're constantly just like just getting hit right – you know a lot of people say a lot of people say you are like the five people and you strum you surround yourself there's no in this it I really believe in this era like you are actually because of podcasts and videos you can actually surround yourself with the best chefs like astronauts scientists researchers entrepreneurs creators on the planet it's pretty good I'm surrounding myself with the Tim Ferriss that our Stern's the the Neil Patel like that like just like the the the the pioneers in their in their own realms seeing what they're thinking about or hearing what they're thinking about because of podcast and all that it's an amazing time to be alive because now I don't have to just rely on just the people that I have relationships with my friends but I'm surrounding myself with all these people so I look at in a different way I probably consume a little bit more than I should the production side is very important to me so like my platform is mostly I post everywhere but mostly just LinkedIn I got Instagram I haven't really like for me it's been it's been a tussle for me because they've been mostly for my friends yeah and I don't know if they're wrong I don't know if they're as interested in my in my business stuff I would my own Facebook page as opposed to I have Twitter but LinkedIn has really been my thing and I and I'm not I'm not gaming it there's a lot of people game it I'm not I'm just posting content video one video every week and just just posting content and so you know that is very important to me so I with whatever I have going on during the week I know I got a pump a video out this week yeah and and yeah so that just now engrained me yeah because it's like last year yeah last year I was like okay every week got to do it now I'm like every week I got to do it so so you know production I probably should be producing more and consuming last so I'm probably not the best person to yeah to give you the best answer but yeah this was a great answer and thank you for that a good mix of both yeah all right so now you know what Shawn before we get to the Quickfire around yeah it'd be nice and quick I just want to take the time and to just recognize how much wealth of information you know about I'm not even just technology in the advancements of it is it is really just you do such a good job of mixing in your personality yeah what you know as what you're an expert in and I personally love that because myself along the way I've been told you know can you bring it down a notch and for you to see to see how damn successful you are if you'll your personality in what you do like Shawn you're somebody who is traveling around North America right now who's up there on stage yeah speaking about something that truly business owners and and just anybody in general should know about to keep up with the times it's really cool to see why I know I I appreciate that in any you know when I do my talks you know that's the one thing that people always tell me it's like I love how you infuse your and your own personal stories and your own you know I X with my wife and my daughter and like you know my own stories I mean at the end of the day like people want to they want to know they wanna they want to like you they want to trust you so you need to open up you need to be vulnerable and and you know it's just that's who I am exactly that's awesome man well here's a weird idea when you get into the next stage of a game fast we're calling this pretty much the segment where we elevate we appreciate you being on the second floor and we're going to see how you define that all right so it's just a little quick fire questions yeah go ahead and answer you take your time and we're gonna start off with question number one pretty much 100 interview going into it here question number one in Shawn's case how do you define being on the second floor and that's very about – metaphorically not actually about the outcast what did what is being on the second what it look like in life you know when you're taking that next step up and you're elevating you know what second floor of me is like is is actually just looking at the second floor because you're always on the steps you're always on the treadmill and second floor is just like that's like that's like when you make it that's when you get it but the magic actually happens on the steps when you're up on the second when you're getting to the second floor so I'm just happy that maybe the same floor the second floor is like you you know you you want to get there you're looking at it but you should also appreciate the steps along the way I love that great answer going not too much in depth with what your daily routine looks like but maybe to provide us a little synopsis what does that the day-to-day routine look like a typical day in a shop yeah I know yeah I knew you're gonna ask this cuz you yes yes some of the guys this too you know for me I'm the why need some advice from you guys cuz I'm the worst at this you know my day is is all over the place you know I'm usually traveling like I'm usually on a plane I'm usually in another city I mean I'm pretty lame when I'm traveling like I don't I don't really like I've friends and and all these different cities but I usually don't I usually don't go to see them I'm usually like prepping in my hotel room or working or like you know connecting with the people that I'm you know my client that I'm working with I'm pretty lame you know at home you know it's pretty basic like my my daughter wakes me up and you know I get her ready for school I can't go to the office we'll have meetings come back I got like today like came back home you know picked up a couple groceries made dinner my wife's pregnant right now so she's she's near-term so you know just trying to do as much as I can for her and you know get my daughter ready for bed so a lot of it is like right now like around my daughter and then you know what everybody's go goes to sleep this is why I was like I need to do this podcast late cuz my dog you know I just need to put my daughter to bed and and my dog and my wife's in bed so that's when you know some of the magic happens right like at night that's where the yeah that's where the writing happens that's where a lot of emails happen so I'm actually it's really bad like I I go I probably go to bed you know maybe like 12:00 1:00 o'clock and my daughter will wake up about 6 7 o'clock so that's usually those yeah I know Roger saying that he he watches like I love that but I have to I have the I have the advantage of like what about like when I'm sleeping I'm out yeah like I so it's so nice to get that perspective daddy next question if you could go back to telling your 23 year old self or whatever have you 2025 between that category of like you know there's someone's coming at you at once with what you know now what would you tell you know 23 year old child yeah I mean the 23 year old Shawn is exactly what you know these guys are doing today this is doing things that they're passionate about like working late hours loving what they're doing just experimenting with new ways of doing things connecting with people that you know you wouldn't connect with it's it's really pushing yourself out of the comfort zone and yeah I think you guys are a really great sort of example of that is just just doing things that you love and like doing it like late at night you know the beauty of being 23 years old you don't want you probably living at home you probably don't have a mortgage you probably don't have a kid you probably don't have a lot of the things that you burning a lot of you know older people and I really think that that is the time to just try as many things as you can and to push I love that it's a great answer yeah final two questions yeah who is your biggest inspiration and this could be someone in your personal life but this could be somebody who you just aspire to you've read every book about them yeah you've done everything you could to just just dissect their life and then they're just your hero who is your inspiration and why you know it's um there's not somebody that I that I that I want to you know I want their life I look at them every single day and I've read all their books there's certain piece of people that I admire um to me you know my wife is my biggest inspiration she's my biggest raw like man she's been with me for you know like 15 years and she literally is my competitive advantage like for me to do all the things that I'm able to do to travel to to to like spend all those nights to you know you have the failures that have had like you need somebody strong by your side yeah and that's not that's not very easy to get somebody who's completely understanding of your schedule of what you want in life your ambitions so you know she's not only my wife and you know and you know the mother of my children but she's like a business partner right and I'm always talking to her and you know she's always doing a whole bunch of things that all day long and she's she's really pushing to so you know she inspires me and she's like my competitive advantage I'd say she's very happy yeah I was coming in like this this week was kind of like because I'm not in town like the whole week this is the one week like in town for the whole week so I also try to get in things like while I'm here for the whole week so like over the last couple nights like as I put you know kids to bed and my daughter to bed and my wife is sleeping like like Monday my mother my lawyer Tuesday last night I we're doing something we're recording on these like French recordings with my with my film filmmaker like I'm doing all these things at night so tonight I was like like I'm gonna do this podcast thinking gone again for another night I'm like I'm like no when you see this podcast you know you'll love it final question Shawn for you you know you talk a lot about and you're an expert about disrupting innovation and looking into advancing technologies and and just being able to own that space and let's kind of take a step back and then let's look at yourself let's let's let's disrupt you as a person and let's really see what your future looks like and I'm gonna ask you and you know let's say by 2025 or even have in five years from now where do you see yourself and it could be very diverse it doesn't have to be just from your base but it could be with everything else going on in your life where do you want to be in that timeframe yeah especially with how much technology is going to be advanced by that point – yeah you're doing as a business owner yeah I mean 2025 you know to me I think it's it's just continuing to do things that I love and I'm passionate about I you know I I do have my own goals you know I I do really want to build a company that is meaningful to me that has a global impact that's really important to me and just like continuously doing something that I'm I that I really love and I'm passionate about and I'm hoping I'm hoping that at 2025 like I just continue to build things not only for myself but now for others where we're actually building something that but you know people want to work for or they're excited to others that they're working for you know to me that is it's not necessarily a I don't don't build a biggest company on the planet that's not important to me building a company that people want to work at and that they're passionate about working at that's important to me so I'm hoping that by 2025 that happens and I'm hoping by 2025 I'm back on the podcast yeah and you know we dropped some like you know some some knowledge bombs from here there and I'm gonna have but I know listen this if you have you if you if you made this far in the podcast I'm sure majority will listen you made it this far on a podcast subscribe on iTunes and on YouTube and wherever follow these guys on their handles where can they follow you guys yes thank you Sean oh my no is best yeah I mean we're gonna plug these in right right over here so yeah yeah exactly well you know what guys you can find us right over on youtube you can find us with Spotify you can find us on the Apple podcast you can find this one pretty much every streaming literally a lie or misery on the second floor plot except for Twitter yeah you're only this piece yeah ladies and gentlemen you know what I want you guys to listen to this whole podcast if you made it again thank you Sean here has given us a wealth of information so on thank you man for you know I think I was also know biggest thing I want everyone to understand is if you want to find Sean doing what he does great at you could find him at Sean can I go on LinkedIn as he mentioned that is the speaker that you're on for the most part you want to have you know fiddle away and see what he's doing up with this personal life the captain one Instagram Instagram handle yeah I just add something about max I'm gonna go everywhere I'm gonna go Twitter Facebook Twitter Instagram snapchat the LinkedIn lately didn't use my bathroom maybe six years or create a new social media application I don't think so but yeah but other than that thank you so much thank you thank you thank you so much thank you yeah that's a wrap guys thank you for tuning in in Florida that's a wrap twentieth episode


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