Dishonored on super low graphics for low end computer

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Dishonored, a perfect mix of stealth, action
and steampunk.. I mean whalepunk… But if I want to play this comfortably on
my low end intelhd computer I have to really lower the graphics… nope, lower… a yes…
perfect. Do you want to know how to squeeze as much
performance on this game as possible? Keep watching. This is the LowSpecGamer where whalepunk aesthetics
become LowSpec aesthetics, half because we like it, half because we need it. So forget about all the graphical things,
because we are making this game run. Even tough Dishonored isseveral years old
you will likely run into some issues while trying to run this game on weaker hardware. Even with all the settings to the lowest and
a resolution of 1024×768 we get only to about 20 to 29. So, what secrets do the configuration file
hold? Dishonored is an Unreal Engine 3 game, and
one of the really twekeable ones. The user configuration file for Dishonored
is located at your Documents folder, My Games, Dishonored, DishonoredGame, Config and the
file is called DishonoredEngine.ini Inside the file go down to the System Settings
section. Disable StaticDecals and UnbatchedDecals to
get rid of some of the decals left by weapons and powers. Do not disable DynamicDecals, your game will
crash. You can start disabling lights and shadows
in this section, which will progressively make the game darker until… mmm… too much. Leave directional lightmaps on to avoid this
extreme case. After that you can disable all sorts of effects
suchs as Bloom, LightShafts, Distortion, SpeedTreeLeaves and Fronds, LensFlares, FogVolumes, and RadialBlur. If you really want to go to the extreme you
can go down here and change the level of detail of the textures by changing all the MinLOD
and MaxLOD sizes to lower numbers. I am going to go for 10 for all of this. An extra performance trick you can do involves
the DishonoredAI.ini file in the same folder. These two lines at the start control the amount
of enemy bodies that are rendered at any time. If you force it to 0 some… interesting things
happens. You will see. Let’s test it out. Are you trying to rob me? He’s trying to rob me. Nope. Ah-ah. Well that was… was quick. And no bodies, marvelous. Um, I need to get past this wall of light. Alright, that’s not going to be hard! Just give me- there you go! And just a little bit more… and we are up. Excellent. Jesus, look at this grass. That is amazing. It makes so much easier sneaking in this game,
it’s just the contrary from thief because you don’t have to hide in the shadows. It’s so much easier to see this way. Oh boy. Alright, that’s it for that. Vanish. It’s just so weird how they vanish when
I kill them. Wow. Good god. I’m not surprised about these graphics,
I’m surprised about that, that is the weirdest part. I can’t remember how I went through this
wall of light last time- oh! They have a- um… ok, new strategy, he has
a power source. If I can eliminate enough guards, to not be
seen… did I? Woah, woah, woah. What’s going on? Oh, a distraction! Well that’s perfect. Someone distracted the guards, that’s just
perfect for me. If that other guard doesn’t turn, I’m
golden. Never mind. Nope, don’t ring sh***. I have vanished you from this realm. This pistol makes people disappear. This is much more amusing than I thought it
would be. I could teleport over this guy and kill him,
but I don’t know if that will work. Oh well, never mind. Seriously. I’m doing superterribly lately. Well that worked fine in my favor, I’m not
even going to complain. I think I can make this quicker. Ah, interesting, disabling the body could
be called cheating because the enemies do not find them, keep that in mind if you disable
bodies for performance, you kinda are cheating, you’re kinda making the game easier. No wonder it has felt so much easier than
I was doing before. Oh, the bodies don’t disappear! So, bodies that are important for a mission
don’t disappear. Excellent. I can work with this. So, next step. Gonna equip lethal weapons and I need to get
him into an interrogation room. Now I put him into the interrogation thing
and then I just place the brand. Ooh, that must hurt. Well, it left no mark. The wonders of low graphics. Also, he’s an heretic so he has been neutralized. Oh boy, oh boy. So I need to carry him outside, place him
in a safe location and then escape the place and there are enemies all over the room. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck. No, no alarm now. Ok, this is- this is going to get bloody. I just need to dump him here. Target Rescued! Ok, one enemy, two enemies, none of them saw
me and I am out! Now, if I can just get around him. Oh, there’s so many guards, there’s so
much stuff. Nope. Now, I just need to be careful because there
are two more guards in this area and I could get caught. I might have done it! I might have done this mission! And we have done it! I’ve done it guys we have completed this
mission! So… wow! That is all for this video, I finally managed
to tackle this great game. Thank you to all people on Patreon that help
fund this video, little by little. I recently changed the structure for patreon,
and even started occasionally making extra vlogs You should check it out! Also, this gameplay is part of a multi part series I have been doing on my side channel If you want to explore super low Dunwall with me further. Check it out Now, a quick announcement regarding the LowSpecGamer
giveaway! Believe it or not I am actually getting closer
to running out of games to give. I am very thankful and impressed for all your
contributions. So, for some time I am going to go a bit slower
on the giveaways. There will be special videos every 2 or 3
weeks to announce the results of the last giveaway and the prizes of the next one. This will also help a bit with video creation
since, believe it or not adding giveaways is adding 2 or 3 more days of overhead to
every video. So, keep en eye out for those giveaway videos!


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