Determine Which Graphics Card Your Mac Is Using

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hello mac video viewer and welcome to todays video on which graphics card you mac is currently using if you’ve got a nice fancy graphics
cards in a nice fancy macbook pro you’ll notice you can actually have to graphics
cards a built in chipset and a more powerful
dedicated graphics card the integrated graphics card is used for
everyday things and the more powerful dedicated one is useful when you need the horsepower for gaming or other
applications having two graphics cards you actually
save on performance and battery life how do we determine which graphics card we are using will go to the apple menu and select
about this mac press the more info button when prompted you will notice that under graphics it will tell you which graphics card you are using in my case and use it in amd radian hd graphics card, i know this is the dedicated graphics card for my macbook pro if it was the integrated one it will be along the lines of intel HD thousand i have an older mac that the one published on the website you can also go to the displays option and it will tell you which graphics card you are using if he decided that you don’t want to use
the inbuilt graphics card you can actually turn this off open up system preferences within your
applications folder go tot he energy saver pane you will notice there is this automatic graphics switching option if you uncheck this option it will only use the dedicated graphics card option this’ll be at the penalty of battery life
because the dedicated graphics card used more power i unchecked this for some time because I was sure there was a bug in the latest edition of my mac however it seems to have sorted itself you will notice considerable difference with automatic graphic switching on the
normal usage i get out three hours more battery life it certainly worth having this option on however if you always interested in what
graphics card you’re using the about this mac pane is very useful if you have enjoyed this video please subscribe for more


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    thanks fam

  3. Crumb says:

    weird i have a game called Total War: Warhammer and when i opened it on my MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2015) it said mac not supported. my brother has a MacBook air from like 2013 or 2014 and his general supporting thingymajingys are lower than mine (processor, RAM, graphics card) my mac has been performing well, except that the lag becomes incredible when I record my screen with QuickTime or OBS or whatever. Now this. i was wondering, because on another game when i set the graphics to high, it became black and white and seethrough with colored blue and red and green points spread out, so i thought is it my graphics card?

  4. ipyana mwaisekwa says:

    Thank you!!

  5. E. Rose says:

    HOW do you find this page!! You start the video with your page already open!! People come here to learn how to check the Graphics card, you start the tutorial 3 steps into the process!
    Great, now I know what to do after I figure out how to get to where you already are. sheesh

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