Designing 5 random logos in 1 video (speedart)

July 27, 2019 posted by


9 Replies to “Designing 5 random logos in 1 video (speedart)”

  1. Graphic Vision says:

    You are very professional and you have great knowledge of this software. Keep going and these logos are amazing…

  2. griff I.T.H says:

    Was always pure art my friend

  3. IFSU BEATS says:

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 Man, now I want to revamp my logo now…….your so talented

  4. Next Session says:

    man, your colors and concepts are very good!

  5. Mason Rose Designs says:

    You have very clean designs and well thought out concepts. You must do a lot of mind mapping.

  6. SS COMPUTERS says:

    Lodge loans – what font is this br

  7. Statz Productions says:

    Fam.. You're an actual beast at designs. Nobody can finesse like you.

  8. hasnain Kha says:

    Great Effort !
    Hope to see more content in future!!!

  9. LR_*Лендер* says:

    Where is second season a-z logos?

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