Design With Me! Ep.1

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what's up guys today I'm starting a new series called design with me and in these videos I'm just designing from scratch I don't have a plan or anything like that my goal is to give you guys some insight into how I do things as a designer and maybe you guys can learn something new who knows but nonetheless they should be pretty fun I hope you guys enjoy this first episode if you do enjoy it let me know in the comment section below and if you guys dig my channel make sure you guys are subscribed so you don't miss another video so in today's episode we're gonna be using Adobe Illustrator CC if you guys don't have illustrator do not worry you can use your favorite design software to follow along with me so without further ado let's go ahead and jump into illustrator and get started for the first episode I thought it'd be really fun to create a design for my clothing branch street dwellers and I had this design in mind basically using an old varsity type font kind of making it look like a high school or a college t-shirt and I think that would look really clean with the word creator so we're gonna work with that concept today I'm gonna be designing in black and white today and the reason why it's because I want to make sure I like the design before I add color right so I can work with different color palettes later on but I'm really keeping this simple today to make sure I like the designs and the concepts and again later on we can add color no problem at all the first thing I like to do is hit my T tool and just type out the word that I'm working with or whatever I'm working with so we're gonna type out creator I'm gonna put that off to the side and I'm gonna hold an option and duplicate it and we're gonna make it pretty big I already have fonts that I've pre installed for this project but if you guys want links to any of my design resources follow me on instagram at charlie pengus and I will send you guys some of my favorite design resource websites so I have Creator right here and the first thing I want to do is type in my font that I'm using which is called varsity so we're gonna type in varsity and I really want this to feel like a college shirt right that's kind of the vibe I'm going for for this one so we're going to type out crater I think a classic warp on this will look really good so we're gonna go up to effect I'm gonna go to warp and then I'm gonna add a arc lower and then we're gonna make sure previews checked and we're gonna change the vent to negative 16% this actually try negative 14% see what that looks like I think that looks much better so now what I want to do is make it much bigger so you guys can see it and then we're gonna type out Street dwellers I think Street Waller is under we'll look really really good so we're gonna type in Street dwellers and then we're just gonna resize it a little bit and make sure it's centered I think this is a solid concept so I'm gonna keep this on the board right here and move on to the next concepts so the next thing I want to do is kind of mess with this circle idea so obviously I need an ellipse for that so I'm gonna go to my lips and you could also just hit L on your keyboard and that will go to it as well from here what I want to do is actually go to my type on a path tool and we're gonna type out some text right here so we're gonna type in crater on the top we want to make sure it's centered which it is and we could take this little anchor point on the top here and Center it the anchor points on the path can be a little fickle at times but just keep playing with them and they will work for you I promise the next thing I want to do is just type out s and then D for Street dwellers right so we're gonna type out s pretty big and then we're gonna also duplicate it and type out D again these are just concepts guys that I can later fine tune in to final designs and that's kind of the fun of illustrator you can just really play with so many different ideas so fast so um this one is pretty cool we're just gonna outline the text right there and make sure it is centered I don't want to put anything at the bottom either so we're just gonna put crater SD I think this is pretty cool the logo might even look kind of cooler there as well so we already have two concepts in a matter of minutes I'm just by playing with different ideas right the next idea I want to work with is actually just typing out crater and a bold font and maybe adding a skew to it just keep it really basic so we're gonna type out crater or actually we already have it remember we duplicated it so we're gonna go up to our duplicate copy and we're gonna duplicate it one more time holding an option all I want to do is add some sort of share to this so we're just gonna click on it I'm gonna right click and then I'm gonna go down to transform shear and then we just want to mess with the shear angle so we're gonna suit this looks like again we're just creating this basic shear and then click OK I think that looks pretty cool we can even maybe add a box around it let's go and try that real quick and this has been done a million times so I don't think I'm gonna go with this idea but sometimes it's fun to play with this idea and see if it's something that you can work with you never know until you try it guys it's definitely good to just try something out and see if you like it now it's alright what I want to do is around the corners of the rectangle though they're a little too sharp for me now this isn't too too bad I think this is alright so we're just gonna keep this and put it off to the side and move on to our next idea I typed out crater in that varsity font and now I want to mess with some masking so we're gonna duplicate this one more time and then I'm gonna outline it and then we're gonna create this rectangle right above it so I'm gonna add a rectangle right above it and you guys are gonna see what I'm doing in a second here and we want to make it a different color just so it stands out so we can see what we're doing I want to select all of them when I want to make a mask and I want to invert that mask see how it's a little grey that's because of the red so we need to change that to black and now you can see that it is actually cropped and you can see it much better now with that black color so it's not so faded and what I want to do is actually select creator so I'm just changing my selection to the Creator thumbnail and then I can move this up and we can actually duplicate this a bunch of times if we wanted to so it's going to duplicate it one more time move it up a little bit so I duplicated it now what I want to do is just change the mask a little bit so I'm dragging the mask down selecting this black thumbnail right here on the transparency panel and then I moved it down so we are cutting more of krater off we're gonna move that up now so it kind of matches the same distance as the top part here overall I have some pretty solid concepts here that I can use for the relaunch of my brand I definitely want to fine-tune these I'm curious to see what you guys think about the designs let me know in the comment section below and if you guys like this design with me style of videos let me know as well because I'm curious to see if you guys are digging it so I can keep doing them that is it for this video guys thank you so much for watching keep creating keeping awesome I'll catch you guys in the next video peace


33 Replies to “Design With Me! Ep.1”

  1. Charley Pangus says:

    What did you think of Design With Me Episode 1?

  2. Cricket Live Network says:

    Hey Buddy! Please kindly make a video on Selling T-Shirts through Pinterest.

  3. saurav chakraborty says:

    Very interesting

  4. Megan Smith says:

    Great video! I LOVE the moody af lighting in this video

  5. James Fredrick says:

    Charley…you should think about producing 15 minute videos with designs that are a little more evolved…simple 6 minute designs are ok but…

  6. Serhii Semenovych says:

    Thanx ! Waiting for ep/2 )

  7. Mac McMillen says:

    The one with "SD" in it immediately makes me think of San Diego. Looking forward to more of these, as I'm in the process of redesigning my own logo.

  8. ti fa says:

    i like it

  9. Reagan Pillay says:

    Don’t stop guiding us man….. every video u make teach us something new abt designing.

  10. Andy Marshall says:

    Great to see your design video. Illustrator looks like a cool program. I use Adobe Draw for illustrating and really love it.

  11. MarQuita George says:

    love it, also love the haircut lol

  12. Raul Gonzalez says:

    Thanks for the video Charley, it's really informative!

  13. Adlinna Safiah says:

    Really like this new series! Also:
    1st design – reminds me of boxing
    2nd design – really screams the college feel
    3rd one – very much your style
    4th one – a nice blend of your college idea and your style
    Just my opinion 🤗

  14. Sketches to Designs says:

    Love the concept. I liked all the ideas that you had but the first one stood out the most. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see more videos from you!

  15. dirtychucktv says:

    That was Dope! Thanks keep the vids coming.

  16. Kris.K says:

    Hey Charley, this was a good video, your videos are always on top of the game, u got mad skills love the design, looking forward to the next episode.

  17. Afese Boris says:

    Happy to get you back dude pretty cool vidéo, i learn much from you

  18. EL amine says:

    I like your video

  19. Dharmender Singh says:

    I was waiting for this only on how to do it from scratch. Looking forward for more videos on tshirts design 👌👍

  20. RED MUD says:

    Thank you Charley.. I learn a lot from you.. I never took illustrator class but watching your videos and some other videos on YouTube. I have learned to make some basic t-shirts design's.

  21. David Scott Bowles says:

    Dope Charley Love this Video Thanks. my wife says she hates that your saying CRATER haha.

  22. Jamaal Montgomery says:

    That is dope!

  23. Hector Ramos says:

    Keep the videos coming! Thanks for all you do!

  24. lupe _A says:

    Awesome tips, like always! 🙌

  25. Junior says:

    Always appreciate your content. Has really helped with my illustrator learning curve thanks a million Charley

  26. Sultaan Ahmed says:

    it is very helpful learn to procedure of designing. I am beginner, it is so good.

  27. Thomas Robertson says:

    Like the video. Keep it up

  28. Jamar Jones says:

    I like the first design warped creator with “street dwellers” spelled out

  29. berny arellano says:

    super cool quick desinf

  30. AJ Reves says:

    This was dopeeeee, I like the rapid fire style but all of them are pretty good

  31. Robert Loyale says:

    Boss moves. Ideas: since all of your designs are in black and white (and your brand is a street brand), why don’t you set up guerrilla marketing and take black and white gritty pictures of street dwellers wearing your shirts? There’s power in having a strong photo album for your clothing line. Keep up the work bro! 💯

  32. King'a Gichuru says:

    let the games begin

  33. Joshua Panoy says:

    I love this concept of video. This is what i'm looking for

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