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good morning so it's currently 9:08 a.m. i'm just sat in the living room of the union house so I'd usually be in the office of my placement at this time of the day I'd usually have just arrived but today is a bit different I'm working from home I'm probably going to be working on a range of projects which should be very fun so so far this morning I've woken up about quarter to 7:00 this is just because I usually get up at that time to get to the office for 9 with having eaten breakfast got ready everything like that sat down chilled for a bit so yeah I feel like today is going to be a very busy day let's get on with it so because it's gonna be such a busy day I don't normally do this but I think it'll probably be a good idea to plan out what I'm going to be doing [Laughter] so I've just had to move into my room just because there was builders next door yeah they're doing works at the house next door so they'll be a bit loud so I've come into my room to start the day off so I've got my little to-do list yeah so I've not really written it into a time schedule and that is because purely I don't really want to stick to a time schedule because as long as I get it done then that's all that matters really I keep you out of focus and I don't know why so with that being said let's commence this video and start some work I probably our breakfast quite soon but yeah I'll get to that when I'm hungry so yeah I hope you enjoy if you have any questions or anything else you'd like me to do with regards to how I get freelance work if you want me to show you around the office I'm working in what it's like to work so on and so forth just let me know and I can get them out to you okay so just a bit of background story behind this freelance work that I'm doing so it's for a company called trained by JP which is a company that's very big in the bodybuilding world and it is basically a nutrition supplement company and a clothing company and an online site which provides a lot of information to individuals wanting to better themselves within the bodybuilding industry very very very knowledgeable people and it's great to be a part of that and creating content for them so if you wanted to know any more about how I got that work then just let me know and I can do a video on that so yeah I'm just gonna carry on with this and try and finish off so it's now 20 plus 10 I've been working on that trimmer JP banner for a while now so I think I've finished so I've just sent it over to him see what he thinks about it and I'm gonna go grab some breakfast so I think I'm gonna have eggs on bagels so I'm gonna enjoy that [Applause] so breakfast has been devoured it is time for another coffee and then straight back to work so let's get it so I'm back at the desk now I'm gonna focus on the remedy roots work that I need to do for the day which is the majority of the work that I need to do because this is where I've got my placement currently yeah if you want to know more about that I can do a separate video on that but it would take too long to explain in this short segment and they also realized that I forgot one of the points I need to do so I'll add that on to it now as well so that is part of the remedy roots work done for the day I'm just kind of creating a inspiration board for the style of branding and colors used patterns all that kind of stuff to be used on their Instagram feed because we are kind of putting together a big campaign to kind of grow their mailing lists and it's going really well so yeah I need to get back on with that later however I'm just about to go and have some lunch and then maybe pop out and have my hair cut which would be a big chunk of my steps out of the way so yeah I'll check back when I've either when I've got my lunch or when I've got my haircut okay so I've literally just got back from the barbers guy did quite a good job I guess so now I think it's time to literally just have another coffee and then just get back to to work another thing to take off the list haircut done this is what I'm going to do now is sit and focus on working on a uni project that I've been asked to do which is a live reef which means that will be used in the real world which is to come up with a logo basically for a company called why lift so I'll just get some sketches and stuff down for that and then the ones I like our tournaments were digital file on Photoshop or illustrator and yeah I'll show you how I do that can you focus on they they can't focus you see my just as a quick side note if you did want to see any of my work that's gone into my portfolio first second year going into third year of University and I'll make a video on it so I've got a couple of ideas down now all onto Photoshop and I'm just putting them into illustrator and then I'm going to send them over to one of my tutors and then ya see where we can go from there because these are just concept ideas at the moment very basic but just to get a general idea of the direction of where it's going to be going so I think well it's almost 5:00 p.m. which is usually when my working day would be over at the placement however it won't end here as I've still got lots of things to tick off the list I think this would be a good time to end the video because the rest of the day will be training and eating which is not related to the video I'll probably do some more work and stuff later on I'll definitely be putting out more content like this so yeah I hope you enjoyed the video please drop a like and subscribe I'll see you hopefully [Applause]

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