Dasha Presents Update 0.8.8 | World of Warships

October 15, 2019 posted by

World of Warships is turning four! My congratulations to all our players! Update 0.8.8 brings tons of presents, a festive atmosphere,
and many other things. We’re four years old
and giving out presents to celebrate! In Update 0.8.8, get a supercontainer for your
first victory on Tier X ships; a Gift container carrying
five special signals for your first victory
on Tier VIII and IX ships; and the World of Warships
Anniversary camouflage for your first victory
on ships of other tiers— with a special symbol marking
applicable ships in the carousel. Any ships you purchase
or obtain in Update 0.8.8 will also have
the first victory bonus. Finally, if you complete
all the festive Directives, you’ll get three supercontainers and a container
with a Tier VI Premium ship. Apart from this, by completing
missions of the Directives, you can earn credits, Coal, up to 20 Gift containers,
and other rewards. o enhance your enjoyment
of these gifts, you can switch to a new special
Port—Designer’s Table. You can’t celebrate
a birthday without guests. Please welcome
our new Tier X battleships: British Thunderer and American Ohio. The British ship is an
alternative version of Conqueror with 457 mm guns. They cause more damage,
are more accurate, and have a faster reload time. However, she has
a smaller number of guns and her Repair Party consumable isn’t
as efficient as that of Conqueror, but this is compensated for
with an additional charge. Thunderer is available
in the Armory for 252,000 Coal. Ohio is a battleship
armed with eight 457 mm guns and a powerful secondary battery. Decent armor and anti-torpedo defenses, coupled with an accelerated
cooldown for Repair Party, will lift your spirits during
fire exchanges at medium distances. Ohio is available in the Research Bureau
for 62,000 Research Points. Finally, Mogador and Kléber can now be
researched and purchased by any player. Rogue Wave also returns
to the Armory for a short time, especially for Kléber, to give you the opportunity to mount
the Post-Apocalypse camouflage on her and assign a thermonuclear
Commander to stand at her helm. The same applies
to all other Tier X destroyers. While we’re on the subject
of the Armory. We’ve expanded its range of goods
for 24 Tier II—VIII Premium ships that you’re already familiar with! Of course, they come with a gift— a coupon with a 25% discount. Pay attention! For those who didn’t have time
to gather such collections as: American Cruisers,
3 Years of World of Warships, Royal Navy Destroyers, “In the Service of the Motherland,”
and Naval Aviation— you have a pleasant surprise waiting
for you in the Containers section. Our next gift is for all enthusiasts
of history and… cute cats! Bismarck, Cossack, and Ark Royal
have something in common— Unsinkable Sam—one the most
famous cats in naval history. You can install two new
camouflages on these ships: one showing them the way they looked
when Sam walked their decks, and the other displaying a picture
of the legendary cat himself. You can read a dedicated
article on our website to learn how to obtain
these camouflages. Now, great news
for fans of Ranked Battles— two seasons of 12-day Sprints! You can earn 500,000 credits, combat, economic, and special signals,
and up to 10,000 Coal in each of them! Clans also have
some fun activities ahead. Update 0.8.8 brings two Clan Brawls
in an unusual format— 3 versus 3 battles with a destroyer, cruiser, and battleship in each team; reduced engagement
areas on familiar maps; and many rewards. Don’t miss it,
it’s going to be interesting! To make all your battles
even more spectacular, we’ve updated a number of maps
and Ports with a new lighting model. The sky is now displayed with the help
of improved HDR technology. As a result, the graphics
will have great contrast and be more saturated
and realistic. The clouds on any of the
updated maps will cast shadows on the water, ships,
and land—wonderful! In addition to the updated graphics, we’ve also significantly
updated the audio system. The changes impact
all sounds in the game: ship engines now have different
sounds depending on their power; each gun caliber
has its own unique sound, and the thunder of a turret salvo
depends on the number of guns firing. New sounds and music have been added. We’ll continue our work
on improving the graphics and sounds of World of Warships. Here’s how the anniversary
of our game is set to look. Let’s celebrate it
together, Captains! – Are you spying on me again? – Commander Dariya,
stop being coquettish! Ok, tell me what you’re doing there. – Don’t you know we’re having a Birthday Global Ship Stream
this Friday, September 20? We discussed it with the team
and decided to invite players in person, so I’m signing the invitation cards. By the way, here’s your
card with my signature! Don’t miss the stream!
It will be… fantast-ship! The Birthday Global Stream
will take place this Friday at 16:00. Subscribe to our channel and hit
the bell icon so as not to miss it. In our video tomorrow,
we’ll open one of the presents! The content of this present
will depend on you! If we get 3,000
subscribers during the day, we’ll give you an Unsinkable
Sam container. Otherwise,
you’ll receive another present which will also be very
useful in battle, Commanders!


100 Replies to “Dasha Presents Update 0.8.8 | World of Warships”

  1. World of Warships Official Channel says:

    What do you think about the new Update?
    Will you help Dasha to get more subscribers? Be sure to watch this video up to the very end!:)

  2. gunnyjjc says:

    very nice. looking forward to another year.. swlgunny

  3. robert stoner says:

    dasha when are they going to make you a commander for are ships ramblinman us server I hope soon

  4. 駐屯騎士団 says:


  5. jiaoshou dududu says:

    I hate cat!

  6. tokMa says:

    Nice. German battleships (and cruisers kinda) are now officially dead so is my will to play this game any more. Thanks a lot.

  7. Henrik kürstein says:

    the new port looks great

  8. Drunk Squirrel says:

    what happened to the other ship girl?

  9. Tony Botts says:

    Only on PC not on console

  10. Tony Botts says:


  11. zibbi snarski says:

    Thanks for update, sad pert is I can't play game on my Mac, download just fine but can't stars game anybody can help,Thanks

  12. neki0 playz says:

    Uh oh

    ITS A TH0T

  13. James Serrano says:

    Ahhhh a cat in a shipppp

    Server: Asia

  14. Don Juan72 says:

    Nice legs Dasha.

  15. avg joe gaming says:

    Super containers are nice but the audio is broken af

  16. Kitekgaming says:

    Live stream during the 20th?? THATS WHEN THE RAID IS GOING ON (plz pick another date)

  17. DoctorLucky1 says:

    world of war ships is just like world of tank,s it makes no differance what tank you have if you dont buy any tank,s you are the target
    same with wows you can battle bot,s ,but if you dont buy any thing and try to play against player,s who do you are just the target for paying player,s !!!!!!

  18. R S says:

    So no changes to the godforsaken crap MM?

  19. steven crim says:

    wows sucks thats why i quit playing to many players cheat alot screw's the whole game up so i went back to playing arma3

  20. Sargent Waag says:

    Я люблю тебя, Даша. Captain_Waag NA.

  21. Emilio Moreno says:

    Bugs, bugs and more bugs. On the whole however it's a good update.

  22. ApexDevil says:


  23. Edy Zakaria Rifandy Pinem says:

    This poor Des Moines class, never completed being constructed :v
    make sure next update she can lay down to join her fellow sisters XD

  24. Dixie Normous says:

    why get rid of the national voice over for every nation? when i play german ships i wanna hear german. french with french ad so on….why do this?

  25. Lucifer Coeurdorage says:

    Have a good anniversary to all dev , Dasha xxx , and all captaine of the world , i am captaine Dr_Who and i love the game and update 0.8.8 🙂 see you on sea and SUK DE YAMATO AGAINE ( i love the YAMATO)

  26. Owl Hollowed says:

    Holy the destroyer are more powerful then the battle ships the battle ship is a cotton ball thrower against them lol

  27. michael er says:

    I can't wait for submarine update, i hope the submarines start at tier 5 though 😂😂

  28. mutt152 says:

    Thanks for the free stuff, but the new sounds are all jacked up

  29. mutt152 says:

    Why is the next ranked sprint the same Tier that we just finished with clans.

  30. NightShift127 says:

    this was a 6 min commercial it only took 9 seconds to say new sounds and new lighting..

  31. Izarn H says:

    vivement ce soir

  32. Tiger Cat says:

    In this patch WoWs "improved" the engine sound by adding repetitive bassy clunking sounds. When mixed with the music it sounds like spooky mushy garbage. And some ships are way worse than others. Fortunately you can turn off engine sounds (or music, whichever you prefer to keep) in settings to make the game sound better.

  33. TheFreaker86 says:

    Oh, by the way: What occured to me just now is that if I had reset a tech tree branch in the research bureau (which I likely wouldn't do anyway), I'd feel properly shafted for not getting a free super container.

  34. ROBLOX United States Armed Forces says:

    Plz add back the compatible for Iphone 6 s

  35. Batsu says:

    World of Sponsorship looks amazing.

  36. Hayden J.Powers says:

    I like that ships like how thunderer and Ohio introduce tier x ships that have familiar playing characteristics and styles to similar ships already available in tech trees by resources. After playing the game I did find the new audio effects of engines, guns and environment enriching in affect but somewhat distracting in other ways not that it is either right or wrong to include them.

  37. Cameron Barnes says:

    Wows birthday stream on my birthday!!

  38. Nicolae Daniel says:

    all is ok…but price for new ships is huuuuuge…coal is already too much, and research points same…can be dfficult to obtain these…in time this game will be just for no life game players, not for hobby players like me…

  39. selfatrophy says:

    I came back just to get a Smolensk and add to the toxic mess that is this game. Trollolololol

  40. Fun & Engaging says:


  41. Adam Vinzon says:

    Still not satisfied about the neww AA effects, the flak is sometimes not visible anymore and when the plane is at 3km, flak is not visible, the flak is making the game cinematic why remove it?

  42. Alaattin Sorgun says:

    Nerf smolenk. Omg. This ship f*cking OP ı hate

  43. Rikki Richardson says:

    happy birthday world of warships!

  44. Capitan Alkohol says:

    aircraft carriers still sux i happy as hell ….. 🙁

  45. Senad Cicak says:

    You get rid of that ugly Dasha and I might sub, otherwise, I'm gonna go paint dry it's more appealing than her.

  46. d_strobia says:

    The console update was absolutely trash 2 fps

  47. shinnidan says:

    Nothing for Coop players again….😒

  48. Sn Oo says:

    lol they'r trying to act like warthunder updating new sound effects

  49. twisted pivoter says:

    Looks like i won't je able to play the game yet…. Graphics are getting better and my FPS dropping even more…. I already couldn't play anymore but looks like they don't want me to play at all…. At least one WoT they try to optimize the game so that everyone can play

  50. Lady Ponfarr says:

    I saw the Thuderer but don't have a Research Bureau to get the Ohio

  51. Raging Doge says:

    thanks for this awesome i got my Kaga CV 😀

  52. Sven Johansson says:

    allredy like it and rang the bell and subscribe ,, looking at all news ,, What more ?? I have ships to take care of what more do u ask ,, lol .. Happy 4 years ,, // Greatings from Sweden 🙂 S294 echo

  53. Admiraal Graf Speeツ says:


  54. Domitius Severus says:

    Glad I get the chance to collect Naval Aviation and 3rd Anniversary containers. Great update. Panavius/Asia

  55. Time Bandit says:

    Wargaming reinvents what a gift is. Give them 75% of the cost of a ship using the gift coupon. Most of these are not gifts they should be described as offers.

  56. Mauricio Morais says:

    What a gorgeous young lady!

  57. krokodyl850 says:

    Jen tak dál,je to lepší než WOT

  58. I_like Tanks says:

    Sorry can't go to the livestream …
    The AREA 51 Raid is calling me the day 🙂

  59. Stephen Gordley says:

    Dps_gunner. Hook me up

  60. fullymetal14 says:

    Happy 4th birthday W.O.W.S! I love you & i wish you many more birthdays to come.

    Dang i wish my career is as successful as yours. I mean you are constantly progressing & earning more and more money. So keep it up, i wish it'll rub off on me haha.

  61. thaignome says:

    Great, I only have tier 7, oh well camo looks good!

  62. Bradley Folsom says:

    Love the new update to WOWS and cant wait to see what is to come next

  63. Jibster says:

    Yep the week my pc breaks down they give out free stuff gotta love my life

  64. Jimmy Knopfli says:

    This patch is joke… this game has still so many bugs and bad game designs and this patch just brings more bugs. Ridiculously! Who did the devolper hire as programmers, some kids?

  65. CDR- Traverzo says:

    Y’all better be giving console better graphics and better design in our ships. We also want Aircraft Carrier’s.

  66. kung NeXon says:

    Wtf 3vs3 in Clan battle whyyyy it was better 6vs6 ore 7vs7 zzzzzz why

  67. Furio Mil says:

    enable RESHADE !!

  68. ENtoPLgametranslator says:

    The usual. Quoting Leonard Cohen:

    The poor stay poor, the rich get rich

    That's how it goes

    Everybody knows

    That's how your rewards work. VII and lower get scraps, while IX+ get the sweet meat of criminally obesive PayToWin.

  69. Bat Bat says:

    Plis pongan el ara general general belgrano

  70. Willy Jimmy says:

    When do we get the Dasha commander?

  71. rolandhellmuth says:

    another great Update i will miss in this Game 🙂 3 months i play other Games and i have Fun, thats why we all play Games. Thx Wargaming for the right decisions and make me a better Player 🙂 Ironie OFF

  72. Sath Oon says:

    The sound improvement to larger calibres and salvo volume is probably one of the most significant BB changes.

    410-460mm guns actually sound heavy, and it's great.

  73. Shinigami X says:

    But the best news. The matchmaking will continue to fuck your life.

  74. Eric Kaesberg says:

    i got a email promising me Arizona free 1 week someone please tell me how

  75. Leon Greiner says:

    My viberet ship is the Hood im Nood so speaking english im german 👍👍👍

  76. Toekie van der Linde says:

    When can console get the same ships as PC…fanieboer1972

  77. ThePrimebeef says:

    Dasha go take a shit and record it

  78. skybuck2000 says:

    For me the new sound system is great ! It fixes a lot of stutter issues,
    everything sounds great now, even the planes. I do see lots of players
    complaining about the new sound system that kinda odd… I am using 7.0
    surround sound system though =D I hope after fixes it doesn't change to
    much… that would make me sad… My system can now actually play at
    ultra sound settings… amazing !

  79. skybuck2000 says:

    For me the new sound system is great ! It fixes a lot of stutter issues,
    everything sounds great now, even the planes. I do see lots of players
    complaining about the new sound system that kinda odd… I am using 7.0
    surround sound system though =D I hope after fixes it doesn't change to
    much… that would make me sad… My system can now actually play at
    ultra sound settings… amazing !

  80. Jacob Wilson says:

    yea … wish I could join but my laptop's CPU (or whatever on it that operates in the same compacity) shat itself when I picked it up, yea ik I said laptop, idk why it did

  81. Island Cat 97080 says:

    Hopefully they fix their new sounds soon….

  82. thirstytom says:


  83. Earl Bramley-Howard says:

    Great game – but – updates are ridiculously huge. And Microsoft Play store always has issues with the game.

  84. Mvelisto Inc says:

    IGN: Sa_destroyer084
    Server: NA

  85. олег бурдин says:

    No word about subs ? Strange

  86. giannisgt28rs says:

    fix plz the historical averof ship

  87. xatrag says:

    Not a big fan of the echoing horns…

  88. Peter Zhang says:

    You should make the flags/signals in the "Designer's Table" look like pieces of plastic or just frozen instead of fluttering in the nonexistent wind (everything else in the room, for example, dust, steam from the cup, all indicate no wind)

  89. mantas tattoo says:

    shit as always

  90. Epi mont mont49 says:

    Para a festa de aniversário ficou faltando a diminuição do preço para compra de vagas no estaleiro, não teve nenhum abatimento, e o som dos tiros na atualização não é boa totalmente fora da realidade de quando um navio iria ou der um tiro. No restante só parabenizar.

  91. Epi mont mont49 says:

    For the birthday party the price of yard parking was missing, there was no rebate, and the sound of the shots in the update is not entirely unrealistic when a ship would go or shoot. In the rest just congratulate.

  92. Susan Gaebler says:


  93. Gamer Vet says:

    NA server

  94. Afiq Sabtu says:

    update 0.8.8 is worst update,firing accuracy and dispersion is most worst what i've seen…..like fuck

  95. Yanantorn Saingam says:

    I am an old player. I would like to ask you to bring the Arpeggio of Blue Steel – Ars Nova back in Update 8.8.9. Please consider.I started playing in 2016 I want it back again please.

  96. Polish Factor says:

    Next patch and old total shit still exist!!! III and IV tier battleships practicly without any AA and I just found 6CV on map ?!?!? Unplayable shit and balance crime !!!!
    Stop it!!!!

  97. Franca Bracco says:

    Sorry research bureau?

  98. Dragos Gascu says:

    hay to ,yis very cool diss uptdate!

  99. Farhan Hafidzz says:

    Subcribe subcribe subcribe

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