Cyberpunk 2077 News – NEW City Image & Mike Pondsmith Talks Cyberpunk 2077, Red & 2020!

January 5, 2020 posted by

What is going on Neon Nation and welcome back
to The Neon Arcade for your Cyberpunk 2077 News Update! Today we will be talking about a new image
of Night City associated with a spin off, of a Cyberpunk product, a podcast featuring Mike Pondsmith
and what he has to say about Cyberpunk Red, the future of 2077, Robin Williams, The Bozos
a New Chromebook and more! First let’s jump into some images CD PROJEKT
RED & RTalsorian shared to celebrate to new year and the dark future of 2020. Time has caught up with the original Cyberpunk
2020 source material and thus the Countdown to The Dark future has finished, and RTalsorian
has shared this picture on their socials! We don’t have biomons and braindances but
atleast we have Cyberpunk 2077 coming out soon. CD PROJEKT RED has also shared this image of the
source material to usher in 2020 as well as this really cool image featuring what is likely
V or a mercenary on the Yaiba Kusanagi. This very Akira or Dredd styled illustration,
shared by CD PROJEKT RED Japan. Moving on we have news that Cyberpunk 2077
will get even more collectible figurines from Sideshow on top of the ones we discussed about
in last episode coming from both McFarlane and Totaku. There’s no teaser images of the actual figurines,
but we get do get something more interesting for those more focused on the video game,
and that is the cityscape in the background. This is very likely official art, as these
are officially licensed collectibles, and there is the CD PROJEKT RED logo on the bottom
right. I know there’s been a lot of chatter over
the size and scope of the map and discussions on if its too small or not wide enough, but
I absolutely love the verticality and everything we’ve seen from all the city images so far. I can’t wait to ride the Metro all the way
around, and explore all the floors of these megabuildings. This image has a very striking skyline. Next we have a fantastic podcast from BabyBeardMedia
featuring Mike Pondsmith. I’ll go over some of the more stand out
details, but I recommend you check out the link in the description and listen to the
podcast in it’s entirety. When asked what typically starts a new Cyberpunk
version, and how Red was initially conceptualized, Pondsmith mentions that at RTalsorian they
treat the Cyberpunk Universe as an ongoing story. comparing franchises,
he mentions that the original star wars would be Cyberpunk 2013, Empire strikes back would
be 2020, Red is a restart f the story line in some ways and that 2077 is more akin to
Return of the Jedi. Pondsmith mentions that the story typically serves the game SYSTEMS OF A table top RPG,
but the systems created illiuminate the story. What people are doing in specific time periods,
and how they are operating reflect into the systems. Regarding any supplemental books for Cyberpunk
Red, he also reveals Black Chrome, a chromebook that will feature in addition to all the cool
technology and cyberware that is apparent in the OG chromebooks, how to use the new
environment of Night City and the Cyberpunk world post bombing and post Red. It’s a time where oddy enough, food and
shelter is expensive, yet technology is cherap. Couple fun facts for you guys, Mike Pondsmith is actually an
amateur paleontologist, and that he found out Robin Williams actually played the original
Cyberpunk, when he left some of his sourvematerial books on the set of Good Will Hunting. Cyberpunk Red will have new gangs and evolutions
and Pondsmith mentions the Voodooboys of 2077 as having emigrated to Night City,
ousting the former Voodooboys from 2020 for knocking off their culture. He also seems to make reference to Bozos forming
larger communities in Red, something that may trickle into 2077. Finally, Mike mentions that in comparison to all other
Cyberpunk works from the genre, he thinks the version explored in his work and with
CD PROJEKT RED is more fun vs depressing and is a cyberpunk that hasn’t been done before. Thank you guys for tuning into this brief update, happy new year, I hope this year is great to all of you guys, and theres so much more coming So join Neon Nation by subscribing today, and I will see you in the next video!


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  2. Danny Seaton says:

    I would quite happily take a smaller map size if it means getting a more interactive, and fleshed out world, full of life, etc.

  3. Riley Y says:


  4. tigaol bitties says:

    So breathtaking

  5. N7 SapphireVirgo says:

    When you make a video Neon, it makes my day everytime! 😏👍

  6. Wes Hoolahan says:

    Robin williams😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. KimAckerman 21 says:

    I seriously can't wait to play this game!! Also happy new year🎉🎉

  8. Nick says:

    This is the year! I don’t remember a game ever putting this much emphasis on the maps verticality, or at all. I’ll take small, dense, vertical environments over spread out empty maps any day. Bigger doesn’t equal better. Cyberpunk is truly going to be something special. I don’t think people realize just what we’re in for come April.

  9. PHXNTXM says:

    If the Cyberpunk franchise holds similarities to the Star Wars franchise, then it would be cool if Johnny Silverhand’s raid on Arasaka was dubbed as “Revenge of the Samurai”. 💯💀🔥

  10. mr_wright_official_ says:

    If CDPR delivers even half of what they talk about, it will be the best game of the decade. I mean it has Keanu Reeves FFS

  11. Faith Star says:

    Serious question. As a physical collector who doesn’t patch there games and only updates there system when a PS4 disc has the update on it. How polished will Cyberpunk 2077 be?. I have played many many single player games on PS4 (including fallout 4, far cry 4 and 5, days gone. And a couple others all the way through without patches and only ever having maybe 1 to 2 game crashes at most. Will 2077 be playable from beginning to end on disc? I ask. Because as a collector these patches will no longer be available 20 years from now. And yes I know Cyberpunk will probably have a complete edition with all the DLC and patches on it. I’ll definitely just get that aswell when that comes out

  12. Akazummi says:

    We're close 😳

  13. Andrew Snow says:

    Idk how accurate this will be but I counted the floors of one of the megabuildings from an image and it looked like it was 100 stories tall! I know we wont be able to explore every part of every building but it looks so perfect like bladerunner or something. Can't wait for April

  14. 7 says:

    4 months away hope theres no delays

    but if so i wouldnt mind if it helps the devs

  15. Cezary J. says:

    Nice job with the intro👌

  16. Potting Soil says:

    Love the countdown timer in the bottom right, if that's not hype I don't know what is >_<
    In the wise words of Tyl Regor "I'm very excited now, the anticipation…. Oooooo!"

  17. Rickity Rick says:

    My eyes hurt and I'm sick, but I'm hype at the same time.. wow

  18. DadeDaFro __ says:

    The advertisements are gonna start skyrocketing as we’re getting closer to release

  19. Minute Repeater says:

    For f's sake, April hurry up and just skip Februari and March :). Im so thrilled Im living in The Netherlands where they rarely censor entertainment (LOL news is a different matter though), so I will be able to experience this upcoming masterpiece to the fullest:). In CD Projekt Red I Trust.

  20. ryan jackson says:

    Welcome to the dark future

  21. ryan jackson says:

    Can't wait to play the dark future game is looking pretty 100

  22. ryan jackson says:

    Cyberpunk 2077 looking 100% off the chain

  23. dansanga says:

    Thanks for the news, great as always for keeping the hype up and the imagination going.

  24. sol1d gh0st says:

    Yoo congrats on 30k

  25. 189wow says:

    1:28 that insane

  26. born to be gamer says:

    from hype to disappointment idk why anyone would be happier when cdpr are lazy to show new gameplay at gameaward instead a music award video wasting my time

  27. Farmer Frank says:

    Humanoid cats and superpowers? Elder Scrolls 2077

  28. Idris Elba's Ninja says:

    The advertisements for this game will be insane.

  29. Hadez43 says:

    Someone please freeze me in time and and unfreeze me on April 16th

  30. Madqueen Show says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m so busy with new content that I can’t check by myself 😅

  31. Hotgod 2000 says:

    I hope this game doesn’t flop like anthem plz

  32. Apiz says:

    Time is come.
    2020 is here.
    Cyberpunk 2077 is around the corner.

  33. zoodic says:

    cool intro!

  34. Jim Setinbocci says:

    I bought cyberpunk red because i was so excited

  35. Billy Sutherland says:

    I don't care if this game is coming out soon, just put me in cryosleep and wake me up when it's out!

  36. 박찬혁 says:

    R..robin? Really?

    And Happy New Year Neon!

  37. Ret 986 says:

    Games today with what is considered to be a small maps are even impressive these days and I think a map too big can hurt the pacing. I love traversing in open world games manually, my fav is Horizon Zero Dawn, fast travel wasn't free but I rarely ever used it because you'd miss out on the beautiful and very diverse map if you did. I think this is what they're going for.

  38. YOBOICHINA says:

    This is probably gonna be the best game of 2020

  39. Travis Bickle says:

    Let's hope the game is not an overhyped flop!

  40. Christian Davis says:

    Why do I feel like this is just going to be No Mans Sky, Fallout 76, and Anthem all over again

  41. RS Familia says:

    Do you think they'll have an elevated metro that you can ride throughout the city, allowing you view the lively streets through the metro train cart windows?

  42. Alex B says:

    This is gonna be a long 3 months.

  43. Neon arcade’s Biggest fan says:

    What's uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp

  44. Fable says:

    the city image looks like one where they try to show the diversity of the map, rather than a screenshot. it looks like a mashup pic

  45. Ronald Charan says:

    Witcher 3 had some of the best writing and storytelling I've ever seen. I cant wait to see how cdprojektred's work transfers here.

  46. TheKarkinos says:

    chahaha ya nation chahaha whats up ya bruhs chahaa shakkahh bruhhh my ya'sssss, shout out to all my yas out there bruh chaha

  47. Keion Browne says:

    See you in Night City cyberpunk….

  48. ToastedBuns says:


  49. Goodvillain 101 says:

    I hope we get to see some new gameplay soon because talks and details regarding the game feels dry. We've only has 2 CG trailers and gameplay demos each and they were released a year apart. Everything else has just been behind the scenes stuff. I'm not asking for a big showcase, just some small snippets of gameplay and show a glimpse new set pieces, abilities, enemies, or weapons. Compare it to FF7R where we seen a bunch of gameplay, trailers, story, and other details within months. I just want people to talk about this game again because it's coming in nearly 3 months and I'm tired of the subreddit just being cosplay of the same things.

  50. Ray Chargle says:

    Anybody else want cd project red to hold on the game because ps5 is coming out next year..? I hope they do please I hope they do!!

  51. Anthony Head says:

    Not looking forward to building an entirely new PC for Cp. The new AMD cards better have RTX cores.

  52. Tyler Cates says:

    Nice time to add some figures to my collection

  53. H N says:

    I really just want some uncut gameplay without a voiceover

  54. ZEPHRON7 says:

    I like your videos, no bullshit, straight to the point, few bonus info which makes them even more intetesting and the videos are short. Thank you for not wasting our time watching your videos.

  55. Peter Butts says:

    Oh man not long at all now lads! 4 months I can do! Or is it 3 months idk what math is tbh

  56. IWipeMyOwnAss 8D says:

    I guess it’s time to go into cryosleep… see everyone in 3 months!

  57. Luke Taylor says:

    I always get a kick out of the "Chrome Books" because both my laptops are Chromebooks. I like to imagine they're part of the lore. 😉

  58. Trey Jetter says:

    The hype is real. Cyberpunk 2077 is on #1 top seller and top wishlist on Steam. CD is very smart they don't reveal anything yet.

  59. uubbie Allen says:

    AWWWWW MAN can't CYBERPUNK 2077 come out soon enough so far LIT CYBERPUNK 2077 BANGERS out of nowhere

  60. Captain Low Price says:

    i know it ain't happenin but cyberpunk would be a nice game to look at from third person

  61. Billy Sutherland says:

    Sorry to add anothet comment but i must ask
    What are you most excited for in this game?

  62. The Neon Wolf says:

    Finally…it's coming out

  63. Tekkenbd26fan says:

    So unless CDPR , does a Suprise stream again.. if they do I'm hoping they show a little of the NOMAD life path ….. we all know we've been saturated with the Street Kid life path .. just my Hope's & opinion

  64. Jan Nanar says:

    I feel like it should be held back until the ps5 comes out. I feel the ps4 just won't handle the graphics and all sorts. Something like watch dogs. Don't wanna see cyberpunk get downgraded because of the ps4.

  65. Alexander says:

    Is 1:20 in game?

  66. brandon haarman says:

    can you make video why cyberpunk2077 will be cool tbat cyberpunk2077 going on stadia on april

  67. Mark Able says:

    Happy Twenty Twenty, Neon.

    It's only 104 days or less now. YaY!

  68. Jason L says:

    I hope CDPR do a Judge Dredd game next.

  69. Joe says:

    God damnit I really wished real life was high tech low life… It would add culture and reason in cultureless places like America.

  70. Goodfella Productions says:

    Remains to be seen though dont it? How many times have you heard the term…a living breating world…n its been anything but…loiks good but dont hold your breath huh

  71. Alper Kilci says:

    They should have created a travis scott character in cyberpunk. His image is a perfect match for the cyberpunk universe

  72. jh5kl says:

    lets all just stop and realize we need a sesame street total conversion mod for cyberpunk 2077



  74. Internet Mouse says:

    Hope we can buy a dog here so Keanu reeves will be our ally.


    To hear that Robin Williams was a fan, that’s just a pleasure to hear. What a Legend

  76. grape boi says:

    Just about a 100 more days boys

  77. golgari mana says:

    lmfao the graphics look horrendous WTF they should of stuck to the witcher

  78. kenshy10 says:

    I was hoping the bozos would be spaced out singularities. You go through the game picking fights with people and your level 13 in a low level safe area walking around at night. then BAM! Level 45 clown is chasing you through the streets! He could have one shot you but if you are 10 levels lower or something they try to kill you slowly. Thought that would fit them perfectly and give the night time this unseen danger about it

  79. Xynox says:

    Bro I counting down the days until cyberpunk 2077 I feel like this game is gonna change games from here

  80. Fantasy Guy says:

    3 months left

  81. CAPN CRUNCH U says:

    How does the map size compare to GTA 5? I found an article that said night city was like a compact form of GTA 5's map, but if I'm right, night city is just a section of the map. Correct me if I'm wrong on that. How does the entire map size compare to GTA 5?

  82. Black Male Gamer And Anime Fan says:

    Hey bro quick question do you think Cyberpunk will have online multiplayer post launch?

  83. Albert Enzian says:

    Happy New Year!

  84. Definitely not Alduin says:

    Can't wait to get it for my birthday.

  85. name says:

    I have no Christmas money left for this game I crying inside an out

  86. Baby Beard Media says:

    Great video!
    Glad you enjoyed the Mike Pondsmith interview!

  87. ONLYHVMAN says:

    No 3rd money…hope this shit tanks

  88. Deadhead says:

    What really bugs me about this open world is that we probably won't be able to jump on rooftops – from building to building and so on. At least that's what it looks like from all gameplay videos. I mean it isn't going to make any sense if game physics and mechanics won't let us jump freely in a vertical world. Plus, 1st person vertical traversing is weird. TheNeonArcade Any news on this?

  89. All Might says:

    Cannot and I mean cannot wait for you're playthroughs. We gonna be there when you first load the game???

  90. JD says:

    You have a new sub. Good work man.

  91. NephiLo Water God XVII says:

    So Juggalos may be a gang in Cyberpunk 2077…awesome.

  92. NephiLo Water God XVII says:

    Im super excited for the month of April. I keep anticipating and counting down the days, and also worrying about how upset my girlfriend will be once I binge play on release day lol

  93. MegaSupernewbie says:

    during this winter sale I bought CB77 for full price 😛

  94. blaise russo says:

    Chrome titiddies 😋😋😋😝😜😋

  95. HardWarUK says:

    What I like about TNA is if the info only needs 4 mins, he make a 4min video. Others will spend 15 minutes telling you this same information by including tons of information we already know about as "filler"!!

  96. Liberal ChubbyChaser says:

    Can't wait to check out the whore houses in 2077

  97. Scrotum Monster says:

    I personally don't care about anymore leak or rumor garbage. I just want the damn recommended requirements so that I know my new GPU can play the effin' game. Grrrrrr!!

  98. ArtistAnthony says:

    sees new intro
    SHXT! Our A.I. Overlord NeonArcade is here.

  99. matthew mcghin says:

    Is there biomods in-game

  100. LikeUh.Witch says:

    What I really want to know is will female V have different movement animations than male V, or will 2077 end up like every BioWare RPG ever made, with my female character walking and sitting like she’s got a package between her legs?

    Edit: I realize we won’t normally see V apart from in some cutscenes or in mirrors, but copying and pasting a female character onto clearly male animations is something that has always bothered me, and it will still bother me in 2077 even if I don’t see it very often.

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