Creo – Outlaw

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  1. F.B I says:

    Geometry dash players: sUnSEt sANdsToRm

  2. The Chill Potato says:

    Mustaché Demon

  3. GreenSylveon10 says:

    1:54 Sunset Sandstorm

  4. Pseudo Life says:

    When you crash in the first drop

    L SAD

  5. Hefilo GD says:

    Y'all better like this or walk on one foot for the rest of your life mates

  6. Eiffel_CJ says:

    My brain: Hold it, hold it, dammit just hold it in
    Me one second later: IT'S HIIIGGHHHH NOON

  7. David Rice says:

    I was listening to rodeo by Lil nas X and was super reminded of this song

  8. Werehog 89 says:

    My God you're underrated af, this is emotion, this is climax, this song is a hole universe, man u need a Grammy or something

  9. Kian Demonteverde says:

    Everyone make a cowboy phrase in this comment section lol

  10. [GD] TimeRealm says:

    It’s High Noon.

  11. Turtus says:

    M a s t a p i e c e.

  12. Hefilo GD says:

    The best song in the west

  13. VoltaixLux says:

    1:53 with fade in 😉

  14. acidmelon says:

    1:54 sunset sandstorm start

  15. Waffle Person says:

    hmm… I wonder what this landscape needs…
    Creo: I know, a s p h e r e

  16. Azure Flare says:

    Sunset Sandstorm?

  17. NOOB HERE says:

    actually when u hear it first time, its not really good but now i cant stop hearing it
    love u creo

  18. Emily Petsche says:

    This is lit! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. therealvlubz says:

    prepare for comments about "sunset sandstorm"

  20. Unprepared Zebra says:

    **SuNseT SandStOrm**

  21. Xebb says:

    bruh sandstrom

  22. daniel ferreira says:

    Oh sh**, that song just make me cry, I don't know why ;-; so beautiful

  23. [GD] jeffkiller36 says:

    S U N S E T S A N D S T O R M B Y C R O H N 4 4

  24. John Carlson says:

    I can deal with harmonica instead of sax

  25. GD Hank says:

    Sunset sandstorm 🌚

  26. CapMuffin says:

    3:07 my favorite part

  27. SєηKιTheKitty says:

    Every creo's song have to be used in a geometry dash level.

  28. [GD] WilliaM says:

    just my opinion

    sunset sandstorm is better than black blizzard

  29. Meti Phantos says:

    Thanks to KrmaL to show us your music, i mean, the guitar in 3:15 is lit af, you need more popularity

  30. The special FBI says:

    thinking of GD

    this is the opposite of black blizzard hahaahahaha

    but for real tho this sounds really badass

  31. Z3bula :v says:

    Literally cannot get enough of this song

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