Creating Long Sleeve Tee Graphics – Design With Me Ep.2

July 27, 2019 posted by


18 Replies to “Creating Long Sleeve Tee Graphics – Design With Me Ep.2”

  1. Charley Pangus says:

    What did you think of episode 2? Want to see a tutorial breaking down the vector glitch effect?

  2. Muhammad Awais says:

    i love it and its very helpful to me, gratitude charley pangus

  3. Hafiz Roman says:

    Awesome.Can you send me full sleve mockup?

  4. Pyro44 says:

    I like that glitch design look. Definitely came out great!

  5. William garrow says:


  6. Matsuzaki Official says:

    Dope!! 🔥🔥

  7. Mang Pedro says:

    Can you also include Export Settings?

  8. phenatik123 says:

    Still doing practice on affinity always educational appreciate your effort and time

  9. Dez_ A1_ says:

    Amazing design. I kinda wanna use it lol

  10. The Lost Boyz says:

    Dude that…was..Awesome !!!!

  11. Brian Stolinski says:

    That design is really nice! Charley will you be selling that design?

  12. D'ARTLEX by AJ. Ramos says:

    OMG!!! I love this Ep. great job!!! You are the best!!!

  13. koora News says:

    thank you charley , Iam beginner on design , can you advice me 😘

  14. Tyton41 says:

    Thank you for the video😀😀

  15. Twelve Gone Apparel says:

    How did you change stroke color? Every time i try that it doesn't work

  16. jett0206 says:

    I love this and the previous episode it really helped me.

  17. Higham98 Gaming says:

    Amazing, started watching your vids as I'm at university, you helped me out alot, could you review my logo that I created.

  18. Willie’s Custom Design says:

    Look sick bro. Like it a lot.

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