Create A Basic Mobile Slide-In Menu // Responsive Web Design

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3 Replies to “Create A Basic Mobile Slide-In Menu // Responsive Web Design”

  1. doriomer says:

    Hello Brian, thank you for this vid but this time i'm sorry to tell you it's disappointing:
    Why didn't you use the same links and Dom structure from the first video? (bad practice for my opinion).
    The whole idea of responsiveness is to use the same content and only alternate the visuals with css/js/whatever…
    Sorry, but I couldn't understand this kind of Non logic and i'm frustrated because i spent time over the first part
    just to find out that in the 2nd video tut we will NOT use it. I stopped the video after 3 minutes – looking somewhere else to learn the professional way of responsiveness.

    Brian, Keep the good work I'm sure someone out there get the good out of this video 🙂
    Thank you anyway.

  2. Alan Kirke says:

    Hi Brian thanks for the videos…are you still active using mobirise

  3. Arsalan Shaikh says:

    Thanx for these 2 parts this is helpful

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