Crawling with maggots dog rescued with huge wound (graphic content)

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  1. ashish prasad says:

    Please share name of powder used to kill maggots. Can we use this powder to kill maggots in navel ?

  2. shannon hernandez says:

    i fucking love dogs

  3. kimone francis says:


  4. hamdi hussein says:

    who gets goose bumps when u see maggots crawling

  5. Melchie Mandantes says:

    Gof bless you!!!!!

  6. ayşenur &jungkook says:

    Thank you❤

  7. wildandspicylife says:

    Awe I hate the maggots that were in his wound

  8. Susan N. says:

    You guys are great

  9. 멘도자작은 says:

    Why is this age restricted?

  10. Ayden Paul says:

    What how

  11. Science Lab says:

    really you are the true human with true humanity on this Earth. keep it up. i with you guys

  12. Sagar Kumar says:

    I can't donate because I am small. But I promise I will donate someday when I will earn.

  13. Hamza Jamal says:

    Uffff You guys having Big Big Hearts
    How you can Do It man .

  14. Music game says:

    Also this dog is so lucky his head is cracked open and showing his brain he should be called lucky the magnificent The luckiest dog that survived tons of maggots and flies and his skull and brain showing

  15. Music game says:

    0:32 this is one of the reasons why maggots and flies deserve to die

  16. Sophia's World TV says:

    You guys are angels
    Those maggots are demons

  17. Suffered Consequencez says:

    You guys are one of the nicest people in the whole entire Earth. 🌍➡️♥️🇮🇳

  18. MrSuperrajab says:

    i know it said graphic content but FUUUU*()(*c . that's burned my eyes

  19. Wonderland嘎查 says:

    Holy crap they were right about Graphic content!

  20. SIVEN TROYE says:

    得劲….希望人们能善待狗狗 既然养了就不要抛弃它们

  21. Kelly Lee says:


  22. Daylight 1 says:

    Thank you to those who cared enough to help. I will do my part! Again, blessings to those who care.

  23. Neha kumari says:

    Which powder you use to kill the maggots…pls help me my cat suffer from this injury I want to help him nd there is no any veterinarian pls help sir

  24. Mongo TV says:

    Omg i wish i could donate but Im not old enough (the People's WHO do this I HOPE YOU GUYS WIN 9999999999899999999999999999999999$

  25. gaming and role-play and scp s says:

    I like but when get close the maggot get close feel like crawling to me

  26. Unfaircat says:

    It almost ate his poor brain! This is amazing that you found him and helped him heal!

  27. Queen Tams says:

    Poor dog I know he couldn't rest with them caving in and out like that



  29. JOSHUA CLIFTON says:

    Gross but 😢 🤢🤮

  30. Ivan Rodriguez says:

    That’s sad

  31. x_B_l_e_e_d_x says:

    Poor doggy….

  32. Louisse Velasco says:


  33. Ruthchele Valloyas says:


  34. LORDSNIPE 99 says:

    I love this channel, but seeing INSIDE HIS HEAD, when it was FILLED WITH MAGGOTS
    was just too much

  35. nonplayerzealot4 says:

    By the way, debridement is pronounced de-breed-ment. Thank you for your daily lesson.

  36. nonplayerzealot4 says:

    This is one of the worst maggot scenes I've ever seen, but at least it's on a website instead of real world with disgusting odors that go along w/ maggots. The worst maggot scene I've ever seen was in June of 1994 right after I graduated HS. There was a plate of cat food by the side of my neighbor's house by her trash cans (she fed strays). No cat or animal got to it and it was mid June so it was hot and flies were abundant, so the cat food sat there collecting maggots and it looked like a scene out of a damn horror film. A huge pile, maybe up to a thousand. Imagine that. Huge pile of writhing maggots on a paper plate. It reeked, too. I had to take out the trash and both houses had our trash cans in the same place, so I was confronted with it. Eech. That was 25 years ago and I still can't "UN-see" that shit, haha.

  37. MsTatoule says:

    Bad magots

  38. XtremeHub says:

    Fucking maggots

  39. Aethxtic Vibes says:

    I feel so bad 😭😭😭

  40. Mehboulex x says:

    Love you guys !

  41. RAPIDZZ says:

    Why is it aged restricted

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