CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Touch workflow

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Touch workflow We’ve optimized CorelDRAW Graphics Suite for touch-enabled devices, to help you create on the go and in the office. Make the most of your Microsoft Surface device, touch enabled all-in-one, and digitizer tablet. The following features are designed to improve your Touch Workflow: A new touch-friendly workspace. New gestures and performance improvements for a more responsive experience. And of course, native Microsoft Dial support. Let’s get started! Touch-friendly UI The new Touch workspace works well with Windows Tablet mode. Switching to the Touch workspace happens automatically when Windows is in Tablet Mode. To activate, go to the Action center and press Tablet mode, or simply detach the screen from the keyboard. Built with simplicity in mind, the Touch workspace is ideal for field work and sketching. It brings forward the tools you need most, and maximizes your work area. You’ll find an app-specific version of the Touch workspace in both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Here all the buttons are larger and touch-friendly. The toolbox is modified for quick edits and sketching. And familiar menu commands are stowed in the “Menu” flyout, conveniently located near your thumb. In the Touch workspace, all dockers are collapsed by default. To access frequently used dockers, Object Manager, Align and Distribute, and Object Properties use the dedicated toggle buttons located on the status bar. Hide the dockers by simply tapping their tabs. If you prefer the new streamlined Touch UI, you can select it manually. Simply pick Touch from the Window>Workspace menu. Find the Touch workspace settings in Window menu>Options>Workspace>Tablet Mode. Choose which workspace appears in Tablet mode and in Desktop mode. Gestures and performance In CorelDRAW, you can pan and zoom with a single gesture by simultaneously pinching in or out and dragging with two fingers. Plus, panning and zooming performance has been substantially improved, making the application more responsive to touch. Surface Dial Support Take advantage of the Touch workflow on Windows 10, with native support for Microsoft Surface Dial. Put aside your keyboard and mouse, switch to the Touch workspace, and begin working directly on screen by using gestures, stylus and the Surface Dial. With the keyboard away, use the Surface Dial to step through the undo and redo history. Check out the new Touch features yourself!

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10 Replies to “CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 Touch workflow”

  1. Nunyu Biznezz says:

    Another Corel tutorial that's a voiceless worthless cheesy piece of shit.

  2. KuttyJoe says:

    The scrolling is intensely slow. You'd think that in the age of iPads and super smooth apps like Procreate, Corel would be ashamed to actually make a video showing such terrible performance.

  3. Izabela Edmunds says:

    I have surface book and find that it crashes very often with free hand drawing on CorelDraw as the line goes sometimes infinity straight on its own. This does not happen with different vector software.

  4. Kevin Rush, AIA CSI says:

    The person doesn't seem to know what to do? He doesn't try to do anything creative. He actually throws his hands up a few times? He seems lost with a stylus in his hand? Let's see someone accomplishing something.

  5. Роман Любезнов says:

    ну на промо могли бы хоть сделать что бы не тормозила программа. стыдно товарищи!!!!

  6. GSFXMentor says:

    nice intro and nice tutorial 🙂

  7. yew soon fatt says:

    so laggy

  8. Andrew Patterson says:

    Watching this video literally sold me on buying an iPad Pro over a Surface Pro.

  9. Alexander Grimmus says:

    Compared to Photoshop and Illustrator, there is no real Surface Dial support. Only the basic Windows functions: zoom, undo and sound volume. They exist in any application. No brush size, no tool control.

  10. James Turner says:

    Worst video ever!

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