Cool Back to School Supplies That You’ll Want! How to Draw Lion King, SpiderMan, Dora The Explorer

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floo there it's me Natalie and this entire month literally my only priority has been going back to school shopping for you guys so hold up if you haven't watched my last video make sure you check it out because I'm literally doing the biggest back-to-school giveaway ever and you might just be missing out so more on that that's any in this video so I was going through the aisles of Target Walmart office fifo free which all the places that you can buy all the cutest back-to-school supplies ever this video a thumbs up if you love to go back to school shopping but you don't really want to go back to school because so me but before that be sure you click that subscribe button down below so I can do before Cole picks up to your door but I can't do that unless you're in my back or else the community or pizza you got five seconds still single alright let's get on to these cool schools class it's the very first cool school supply that we have going on try to say that three times it's a time twister cool school spy school school school is the unbreakable pencil so pretty much it's what it sounds like it's unbreakable I mean how many of you guys have had a pencil that is unreliable but in the back it pretty much says click once click twice click three times unbreakable place to provide a precise and enjoyable writing experience which hopefully we shall see so how are we testing this is comparing this to our normal mechanical pencil versus this and we're going to click the normal mechanical pencil three times to see if it breaks and then we're gonna do the same thing with this one so ain't nobody got time to see me drawing some stick figures up in here so today we're actually gonna be including some movies that are coming out and some nostalgia up in here so comment below which one you plan on watching spider-man Lion King or Dora the Explorer we have ourselves a little picture here that I'm gonna be testing out very sturdy very nice and like textured right here once twice three times it's never happening guys but here's an unreleased UV x natalie collaboration do you guys want to make that happen can you go tweet them so we're gonna be writing every letter of the alphabet but what is it sent a quick brown fox jumped over something like that oh my god wait natalie x UV it's awesome the lazy dog that's it now we're gonna be using our unbreakable net it does feel a little more sturdy though round but I personally prefer now I swear I didn't even do that on purpose oh my god it broke so I'm just gonna write normally oh let's look up close do you see what's going on oh you can't see it anymore you see how I kind of retracts yeah you see that that's wow that is really cool actually man yeah I goes in there we go Wow whoa that is really cool so I could see it working alright so now for the ultimate drawing test I'm gonna be drawing Simba oh my god this is actually hard it would be a fail Holy Grail not bad he has a really good hair Simba has really good hair this is what I got original versus mine what do you guys think is better please say Natalie did a good job King he has a lot of hair this was the original picture are you guys this is the world's first self sharpening pencil right there's actually a rotating mechanism in here that prevents also led breakage and it utilizes a diamond infused light like what does that even mean it rotates pretty much to prevent itself from breaking and it continues sharpening so crazy we are actually gonna be trying this on several different types of paper am I the only like stationery nerd up in here this is it oh I love the plate you have a little eraser here very nice oh my god it's so smooth oh it feels awesome but like what's going on like I think we have to zoom in closer wow really yeah I can see it I can't see it you see that little circle yeah as you write that Circle Jerks video oh that is cool oh alright so we're gonna put the salt repeting to the test by actually writing on sand paper oh my god it's like dying a little bit more so it has a little bit of an advantage oh my god just like all the light is just like going away dying on me next all right this next cool school gadget is sharpies that really writes on anything from oily surfaces too abrasive dusty surfaces to metal made it's perfect for the student that's like the artsy type that likes to write on wood or you just like to create beautiful things in your room really cool what am I gonna write on Dennis oh I love you have extra fine paper right here we're about to draw really rough sandpaper wood this is metal right cool but I feel like a normal Sharpie would write on this do you see me see it also writes so this is a fine paper test sandpaper which I also feel like sharpies would write on but it's really nice and smooth the tip is getting a little worn out but looking pretty good I just feel like sharpies are so dirty oh my god it got really message killed it I'm sorry sharp I didn't need to make you go through this that was unnecessary Wow and we're gonna draw spider-man love this one one shot oh my god this literally feels like paper wow wow wow it's really really really why is it coming out ping isn't it purple Troy that bad I don't think the wood is really affecting it that much yeah you're right all right final result so here we go and I'm gonna write something very special just for you guys wow this is whoosh it's using tissue paper I'm gonna see just removes itself it doesn't I guess the purple does come off more than the black one all right so we have ourselves a little pipe we're gonna write on this someone tattoo that on their arm and tag us don't do that guys and now let's try the purple final verdict this is a good product so this next cool school supply is these metallic Sharpie pens okay by the way while I'm removing this I've started to give a huge shout out to Evelina Evelina thank you so much for watching my videos if you want shot in right next video all you have to do is be sure to comment hashtag not a solution squad and be here in the first 30 minutes that every video goes lat all you're gonna do that of course is to be sure that you're subscribed and have that notification valve charge on that YouTube notifies you and you can be here in the first 30 minutes we have these oh my god they're so beautiful so I'm actually gonna be writing these on these really awesome transparent sticky note cards we actually tested this out in the last video if you guys are interested you should definitely check it out oh this is actually a good little drawing hat wow nice yeah oh my god they're so pretty her drying Dora the Explorer she's got some really cool hair on right now beautiful so pigmented she looks kind of creepy so pretty alright when I saw this school supply I literally like my jaw dropped and I was like Dennis oh my god come over here these are dual tip liquid highlighters I have never seen anything like this there's two and one which makes it that cool and then just the design is so incredible I take a look at that oh my goodness let's make her like when she passed Wendy because my new doesn't happen here hello Angie and here we have our Wendy Simba you guys can take a picture of this and send it to her and tag me on Instagram this is the point to smallest LED literally in the world when I first saw it I was like whoa this is really interesting very cool it could also be really great for a detail work or if you just want to write really nice and tidy and pretty notes so I'm really interested to try this out this one also says that it's anti Reiki actually has a sleeve covering over the wet you only click it once for it to work so we shall see oh my god and it has been literally the tiniest little eraser please do not advance the lead beyond this pipe as you can see there's no lead coming through that's just the pipe and that's how you're supposed to write with it it shows a little picture right there you can't take the light out wow that's not actually the lead the light is inside but that's how it's gonna be you see that the Dennis just gave me a challenge she's like you should trace this there's only Audi squad members know what this is if you want to join there's gonna be a link down below is there my custom little emojis it's so tiny Wow oh my god it's actually really smooth – Wow Wow okay I'm still gonna keep going until it's like not legible this is like a challenge in itself whoa and it's still so legible oh my god that is so cool oh I love this what the heck the hair is so much prettier than mine that's pretty much that so this one is called the dry erase tape a dry erase board on the go you can take it wherever you want it could be used to like organize your binders or your locker or it says that it works really great on class a dry erase board on a cup 2019 people hello there I'm a cup so super simple you just peel it place it on English class so you can label all of your stuff if you'd like alright so right here we have some sticky notes now they're not any kind of sticky notes they're the itched one these babies can withstand tornadoes hurricanes let's just say that you have to leave your mom a note and it's raining and you're rushing back home but you have to leave right off okay this doesn't feel like paper does it look like paper on camera because it's texture feels very sturdy I almost feel like let me try to break it whoa are you guys so I'm gonna blast this thing and see if it falls here we go hold it up pretty good it's really really dirty BAM comment below so by far this school supply that I have right here is one of the coolest things that I've ever seen Dennis actually had showed me this a long time ago the Fisher Space Pen think about this so this is a pen that pretty much is reliable right underwater with it that is so awesome take it up in space I mean astronauts and scientists use this all the time this pen can perform in temperatures that are negative 30 degrees up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit that is hot and pretty much just super super durable so we're really testing this out in water today it's kind of losing its ink being getting tough it's because the cartridge is under pressure all right now for the ultimate test we're doing a normal pen versus of the Fisher Space Pen on what let's see alright so I'm gonna try the normal pen for oh but it's not working so if I wrote for like a moment and then it said by now we're gonna try the Fisher space even going like that just write even little dog with them that is so awesome oh my goodness whoa [Laughter] and that actually shows that those sticky notes are pretty resilient as well make sure you give it a huge thumbs up and comment down below which of these items you enjoy so that I can send them your way and speaking of items to send your way I'm currently doing a huge massive incredible back-to-school giveaway that you guys don't want to miss if you want to check it out you can click this button right over here or the link down below in my description so on how to enter this giveaway is open internationally to all my beautiful subscribers so if you're not part of the family be sure to hit that subscribe and the notifications onto that you can enter the be sure that you follow me on instagram and a Delisle and the only thing you have to do is be sure that you comment on this specific picture right here what your dream job is and what grape you're going to be going into so I'm gonna be going through the comments and picking six lucky subscribers sure that you let me know which of these six giveaways you prefer best of luck I hope you guys have an amazing day if you haven't started school already you are lucky if you have and you will pull through because I'm about to send you all these amazing back-to-school supplies of you guys have an amazing day and as always don't forget to live weird or die no bye


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