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Journal Entry # 2 So I live in Jacarda, Indonesia, which means a lot of traffic, motorbikes, trash, cars, pollution, and the constant lack of fresh air. It's an extremely populated concrete jungle, that I am constantly feeling trapped in, surrounded by all the trash… the trash and the trash. BUT okay, enough sadness. I know this video has had a lot of mood swings so far, but I've got to hide a moral
somewhere in here. It's time to find the jungle, in the concrete. Despite what I said earlier, the city can always be viewed as an art show, and I'm tired of looking at my art show from my car window. (music playing and sound of rain) We have the humans
who can't seem to stop smiling. We have the animals, the nature, the art, the community, and the life. I now see the green over the gray, in my home.


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  1. Lauren Golden says:

    ya seriously

  2. It's Ritu says:

    How is she so white and born in Indonesia?

  3. OhMissBailey says:

    Whhheerrree do you get your music from? I am so inlove with the music mashed with your video❤🌿

  4. katie edmond says:

    Hey mix indo kids here?

  5. sydney charron says:

    you're an inspiration. you've inspired me to start writing again among other things, thank you for your voice! & putting things in a way that I can understand and put towards my life

  6. Hannah Liebman says:

    Her videos and her remind me so much of Me Earl and the Dying girl. Like her whole personality and the personality of the videos is just so similar to the beautiful feeling that movie gives you. Love her

  7. Hanandita Lestari says:

    As for someone who's been living in this crowded and chaotic city i tend to forget to find the beauty within. So i decided to explore Jakarta a bit more and i got myself lost in its beauty by wandering around with no destination instead of bitching about the traffic in the car 🙂

  8. Rolando F G Ramirez says:

    Nice! The green is stronger than the grey, maybe because your eyes are green? But why the grey is doing so well? The tomorrow`s soul is losing his colour… But we`ll always have green, sort of..

  9. subha khan says:

    I'm having a sosonia marthon! I am in love with her videos!

  10. elsa maylani says:

    i live in Jakarta too, so i know the feeling hahaha. traffic everywhere :)) hope i can meet u someday. i love ur videos ❤

  11. Qwerty Qaz says:

    Sonia please never stop making these, I'll cry if you do

  12. ShameOnLemon says:

    Anyone has the tracklist?

  13. Meg Igarashi says:

    This girl needs to make a movie <3 I would SO watch it 🙂

  14. Jenny Sommer says:

    why doesn't she have her own channel? this is awesome!

  15. Ulka Chandini Pendit says:

    Dear Sonia, thank you for a enlightening video. I am proud to see Jakarta is featured in one of the best channels in YouTube. Also, to see a beautiful, young and talented film maker like you.. Please keep up a good and amazing work ! x)


  16. Common Unity says:


  17. sci fi screenwriter says:

    What an incredibly talented young woman 🙂

  18. DreamCreations says:

    Hi I wish I could talk to you, face to face, you seem like my aspirations in life, I love to doodle, meet brand new people, and to be creative and close to nature, maybe one day I'll see you in the forests of Indonesia, or I might never see you, good luck in life Sonia………………..SimranXOXO

  19. Totally Not gutter gangly says:

    i wach this video every day

  20. Joaquin Javier says:

    I love how she really captures how it really is like, the good with the bad, living there for most of my life was pretty much that.

  21. Rara Mbol says:

    I live in this city!! It's so surprising to see Jakarta, Indonesia featured in SoulPancake because I've always been a fan of SoulPancake since around 2009 or so? I have a secret dream to work on SoulPancake too haha.. Sonia where do you work? Let's get to meet eachother and have a talk about the city.. about life, too, probably? ^_^ <3

  22. Rebecca Munroe says:

    Gorgeous little film. Sonia, you edit so beautifully! x

  23. Coconut Leaf Spine says:

    The rain always brings a lot of memories. Tapi semoga nggak kebanjiran ya mbak Sonia.

  24. Joseph Hardin says:

    what a wonderful film!

  25. Vincenzos Plate says:

    Really enjoyed this video.
    I would love to visit Jakarta

  26. Catalina Roldan says:

    Aww Yay! She is lovely.

  27. dixy pixy says:

    Apa khabar Sonia? 🙂

  28. kiwe1008 says:

    Thank you for this. I feel the same about my city as well. Beauty and life and love in the midst of all the hardship.

  29. Samy Dreamer says:

    thanks so much. For inspiring me through your videos. c:

  30. desiree dolenzo says:

    Is sonia just using older videos??

  31. Jessica Jayawiguna says:

    come to Bandung. Only few hours driving from Jakarta. And its much cleaner, less-traffic and a lot of fresh air! 🙂

  32. Lauren Linda says:

    Is she… Indonesian?

  33. Viola Permadi says:

    hey sonia, I'm Indonesian living in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for a beautiful portrait of my home country, though I was not come from Jakarta, but Bandung, the neighbour town 😛 but it is pretty similar

  34. Elena says:

    One of my all time favourite Sonia videos. Won't ever get over that lovely song ending.

  35. Ghanaperu says:

    Sonia, are you a TCK (Third Culture Kid)?

  36. Hazy Blue says:

    Sonia's videos are so beautiful I just can't

  37. Denise U. says:

    As a true Jakartan (If that's a word haha), thank you for the beautiful video! I'm currently living abroad, but as silly as it may sounds, I miss the traffic and those crazy motorbikes!

  38. Yumi Maes says:

    What pretty shots! Especially of the kids, playing around no matter what colour is surrounding them.

  39. Fabian Tiere says:

    Realllllyyyyy nice video!!!!!!!!!❤️

  40. Marina Rovere says:

    i love this video

  41. Maria Paula says:

    I love how artfully edited this video is!

  42. daisy says:

    I'm so glad I found your channel, your videos are really inspiring c:

  43. Zainah G says:

    I hope to meet you one day, Sonia! 🙂

  44. LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 says:

    Great first video Sonia ! Loved the smiling faces in the midst of a challenging urban environment.

  45. voice of dan says:

    Lovely video, speaks right to the heart. Ya'll are definitely my favorite channel, I get a lot of inspiration for my videos here. So artful. 🙂

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