Computer Science and Graphic Design Undergraduate

July 30, 2019 posted by

Hi I’m Aaron, in a student here at
Iowa State University and I’m a double major in computer science and graphic design I
wanted to do both of those majors because I want to go into like human
computer interaction and make a really good software that people will want to
use my career goals I guess are to be and like a software developer and in
designer like I really like doing graphic design life but I also enjoy
programming and so I kind of like to marry those two and there’s a lot of
jobs that will allow me to do that I play the campanile that was pretty fun
I’ve gotten to work on this project where I’m actually making a game for
kids about carbon I’ve always had an interest in agriculture and farming and
so i’m glad that i can use my skills and kind of marry them with my interest. Make
sure that you do all your work but you also have this a time side for fun
because college is a really good place to experience whatever you want to and
so you should get get out there experience it live on a dorm floor make
friends go out do fun things join clubs you’ll learn a lot and you do a lot.

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