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>>“If you break this down,
it’s just a bunch of boxes, prisms and spheres and cylinders and things like that.”>>It’s limitless. I mean, you just
use your imagination to create up whatever you, you feel like and
you’re not really limited by the software either.>>You can go into movies,
video games, pretty much anything that involves computers and visual elements to it. You can go on into so many
different things with this degree; that’s what makes it so great!>>In the world of technology we need
to not be preparing for the jobs today; we need to be prepared for
the jobs two years, three years, a little ways down the road
and also give students a firm foundation if they’re going to not only going to get a
job but have a career through their lifetime. They need to have a certain
foundation of fundamental skills. So we’re looking at our kind
of standard graphics classes, like Photoshop and Illustrator,
but then we also integrated a lot of the newer things of
digital video, digital sound, animation. We have classes in 3DS using Automax.>>I chose Saint Paul College because
they have the best technical programs around. They have computers
available for students to use to do their homework and
create awesome things.>>One of the great attributes I
think of Saint Paul College is we’re very focused on student placement. So we have an internship
program that’s very vibrant and we also focus on a
portfolio class which at the end of their college career prepares
them to go out in the workforce and also prepares them for some
of the skills they’ll need throughout their career.>>What stands out most about
the teachers, to me, is their enthusiasm. They’re always so ready and willing
to give you all their experiences experiences that they’ve had so you
learn a lot from what they’ve learned. But if you like the idea of how
technology is constantly changing this is definitely the career field for you. [music outro]

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