Colorful iGame GTX 1080 Ti Vulcan AD Review

July 30, 2019 posted by

So I don’t normally review PC tech on
this channel and this is my first GPU review thanks to colorful who sent me
this review unit here so it is the eye game at 1080 TI Vulcan AD, bit of a
mouthful but it’s another custom 1080 TI so i’ll be putting this card through its
paces here and my review i’ll cover some synthetic gaming benchmarks i will also
test out some games and compare their performance of this compared to my other
graphics cards that i own now my tests only testing out 4k gaming on the
highest setting so ultra I feel that most people if they bought a card like
this would probably be gaming in ultra wide or 4k all they want to always push
ultra settings and get the best visuals possible so in the box again a typical
instruction manual in Chinese and in English software and driver CD but you
download the latest Nvidia drivers anyway
you get this tiny little black pouch as well which contains some cable
management ties to anti-static installation gloves counts have seen
that before a little screwdriver for installation as well and then an eye
game keyring so the eye game logo there that to RGB you can customize that while
lighting with this software we’ve got three fans so similar to the wind force
or other graphics cards as well them custom ones you see out there and this
outer frame here that’s made out of metal so the two outer fans are nine
centimeters in diameter and then we have a slightly smaller 8 centimeter middle
fan with these cooling fins around the outside of it and this also has RGB
lighting to 8 pin power connectors so for ports on the back we have one DVI
port three display ports one HDMI 2.0 B spec port and you’ll notice that there’s
this little button here which I honestly feel they don’t need nets normal and
turbo modes but most people would just leave this always in turbo and like
pretty much every single custom 1080 TI there’s a metal backing plate on it so
the PCB shouldn’t warp and it’s very solid and of course you notice that
there’s the connector up the top there that’s for our sli bridge now for those
with small cases the length of this car it is not exactly the shortest card very
long and you’ll see you need around approximately 30 centimeters of space
inside your case so the card has in total ten copper cooling pipes heat
transfer pipes we’ve got four and one side is six on the other and that’s used
of course in conjunction with those cooling fins and the three fans to keep
things cool so the speaker PC I’m running for this test is an AMD rise in
1700 now I’ve overclocked it to 3.9 gigahertz really great CPU for the price
it’s an octa-core and I have that paired up with 32 gigabytes of a g.skill
trident ram which is running at 3 gigahertz now you see that the CPU is
water-cooled now this is a Corsair h-60 the motherboards rather cheap it’s Ana’s
OU’s prime be 350 plus and the power supply I have in this machine right here
– is a 650 watt one from EVGA which is the bare minimum really that you want to
be running with this type of card so what about fan noise and coil one
I’ll give you a sample here but you can hear some coil one differently when
you’ve got vsync disable when you enable vsync the coil one literally just
disappears but it give you sample of it now under full load now when it comes to
overclocking this card I can’t actually push it really that much higher without
touching the core voltage I’ve managed to get a stable plus 30 megahertz to the
core clock which is not a lot at all and a very decent 600 megahertz more on the
memory clock there so what this has done to the scores here so this is the
default factory turbo score here so six thousand nine hundred and seventy two
and once I overclocked that now firestrike ultra and 4k has now gone up
to seven thousand two hundred and ninety seven so it’s a very marginal increase
here and probably really not worth the hassle overclocking this particular card
or the core clock that is at least now I did test out what that little turbo
button does so what it does it changes the BIOS so we’ve got an overclock BIOS
and then a standard one and the difference between them and clocks you
can see here is quite significant so this right here is the button off so
when it’s pushed in and you can see here the maximum boost there is fifteen
hundred and eighty-two and then when you have that enabled which I personally
would just always leave it enabled I don’t know why it would want to actually
under clock it you’ve got a 1080 Ti you want maximum performance that’s what
you’re paying for then that clock of course goes now to 1709 which seems
fairly decent and I’m not gonna touch it I’m just gonna always leave it in that
turbo mode there now when it comes to thermals out of all of the games I have
tested in the whole time I’ve been benchmarking this card I have never seen
it go over 74 degrees and that was even with my minor little overclock of 30
megahertz so thermals are really good on this card never had a problem and the
fan noise quite good as well so there we go as you can see that this
is a super powerful card and a true 4k and ultra wide gaming card at that
because we had an average of over 60 frames per second on all of the games I
tested running in 4k with the ultra or highest possible settings there which is
really remarkable in something and you can see that this is a nice step up from
my 1080 that I have here so in terms of build quality it’s very good very solid
this card we do have the rear backing plate on there that I showed you at the
start middle frame around here to protect the fans and everything
now there’s plastic on my Zeus card here which isn’t that great but it is a
quality place that they have used on that one now it does have RGB lighting
that surround this fan here and in the I game logo on the top but unfortunately
the crappy software they have didn’t let me and run it properly or even install
it correctly so I could not show you that in this video here and I went on to
their official web site which is in an English colorful website and I could not
download any software for that from their website which hopefully will be
corrected soon there so we can at least control the lighting on here for those
of you that want to run for example this middle fan or the logo and blue to match
the rest of your theme of your system you have in at our PC now there is of
course that little switch on the side I believe that this is really just a
gimmick colorful don’t need to have this on here at all because everyone’s gonna
be running this in the turbo mode and not the standard mode because standard
modes a lot slower and who’s buying a 1080 TI to run it under clock door it’s
slower clocks no one is so that’s really just a pointless feature there so it
does retail for about 800 and for the year us but you must import it of course
from China which is a bit of a con there too that you have to bear in mind that
you may be subject to import taxes and if you do have a problem with it then it
needs to be sent back to China for repairs or replacement now my unit the
fan noise very good it gets up to around 50 decibels at maxie and the cooling
works really well did not go over 74 degrees Celsius now the coil whine is
only obvious in an issue really when you’re running
super high frames per second and I’m talking like running 300 frames per
second you will hear this coil whine that high-pitched noise from that sample
I gave you now the same happens on my 1080 as well that when I have vsync on
not a problem vsync on with this it’s not a problem either and if you do have
vsync off and the frame rate is under 100 frames per second around 150 coil
whine then is a non-issue but if you do plan to run counter-strike at say 300
frames per second or 250 then you’re going to hear some coil whine on this
and hopefully over time that will die down but it is not an issue on this card
here it was on this this is actually my second one I got because the first card
I had had a lot of really high pitch coil whine on this Zeus 1080 strip that
I have Strix so that one was replaced and this card is perfectly fine so a
really great card here and it only has those minor cons but the RGB lighting
and really these software support there with the website that you can’t download
that software on it but really good card amazing performance there so if you are
into 4k gaming or ultra wide gaming definitely look for a 1080 TI one like
this right here thanks so much for watching this view and I do have to see
you back in the channel soon with my typical reviews on tablets mobile phones
and various are they gadgets and things mostly from China


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