Colorful iGame GPUs? Is it a Brand You Can Trust?

July 31, 2019 posted by

so this is a GPU partner you may not
have heard before called colorful yeah it’s called colorful this is a Chinese
brand so it’s not that popular in the US market as you may have already noticed
but more importantly how does it perform and does it offer quality compared to
the everyday brands we usually hear of like gigabyte, ASUS, MSI and so on. If you
guys follow nerd on a budget you made a similar video about a week ago
discussing a similar topic for another Chinese brand called Yeston and if you
haven’t seen that video I highly suggest checking it out so let’s break this card
down and see if colorful is a Chinese brand you can put your money on also I’m
officially launching my own store with my own merchandise as usual but also my
own brand of tech art I make all the designs by myself so if you want to add
a minimalistic yet personalized touch to your setup with PC and tech enthusiasts
in mind I highly suggest checking it out the link will be in the description
below and I’ll probably pin it in the comment section what’s up guys is JD from JD tech here
and here are the timestamps for each section of the video in case you’re here
for only a specific part of the video otherwise sit back and relax and enjoy
the experience the GPU market right now is in turmoil but you can find
lower-tier cards like the 1050 TI for a price that isn’t grossly overpriced
they’re a little overpriced but if you absolutely need something and don’t mind
paying extra these are your only options besides going on to the used market and
even that’s overpaying first let’s go over some of the basic specs and
aesthetics the gtx 750ti came out a while ago so I’m not gonna go too far
into depth about its specifications the cards as statics fall into the black and
red theme but it’s not overdone and doesn’t look too aggressive there’s a
matte finish on the plastic shroud showing a stealthy color profile there’s
two 90 millimeter fans with nine blades in total the entire card takes up two
expansion slots there’s one DisplayPort one HDMI and one DVI port for output on
the back you’ll also notice a button and yes this is a button and it’s as cool as
it looks basically it loads a turbo profile to boost the memory in clock
speed nothing too crazy but enough to give you a little boost no more profile
is 1392 megahertz and the boost profile is 1493 megahertz well the one I was
monitoring gameplay and other graphically intensive applications the
clock frequency would go up to around 1700 megahertz there’s also a metal
matte-coated backplate included with this card a very nice aesthetic touch
and the design is minimal and not overly aggressive I really like to look at this
card it’s sleek and consume multiple color themes since the red accents
aren’t overly done even the aluminum fins on the cooler are black overall a
nice looking card and made with relatively good build quality looking
from the outside in we’ll get into the BRM a little later for the testbench
I pretty much gave you the best chances of performing at its maximum I’ve got an
80 600k clocked at 5 gigahertz and 16 gigs of ram clocked at 3200 megahertz
for anyone that wants to ask why I’m not using the 8700 K it’s because the 80 600
K and 8700 K clocked at the same frequency is basically the same in terms
of gaming performance for all the benchmarks the colourful gtx 750ti had
the turbo profile enabled i really liked the fact that for consumers not
comfortable with overclocking or any sort of boost performance you can easily
press a physical button and not have to worry about insane power draws or
overheating or actually killing your card so in order
to enable the different modes the PC must be restarted in order for those
changes to take effect also I have no other GPUs on hand that relatively
compare within the same price or performance tier so I’ll only be
comparing the colorful gtx 1050 TI by itself at different settings and the
benchmarks will be going over high settings ultra settings and ultra
settings again but with the manual overclock to around 1911 megahertz for
my overclock setting I was able to get a steady 1911 megahertz on the core 7500
80 megahertz on the memory with the power limit pushed to 120% and my core
voltage to plus 53% also for all the benchmarks anti-aliasing is off and post
filtering is set to low because honestly they don’t make much if any of a
difference to the visuals and it can severely degrade performance first we
have battlefield one at 1080p and the results are quite impressive both at
high and ultra settings we see steady frames over 60 fps there’s occasional
dips to around 55 to 57 fps with 1% low but the OC setting helps bring up the
average FPS and the occasional frame dips even the 0.1% lows are close to the
1% low showing that battlefield 1 plays nice and smoothly with this card
moving over to doom another well optimized game this card runs smoothly
over 60 fps at all times even the 0.1% lows with exception to the non OC ultra
setting doom really likes to overclock on this card pushing it to over 90 FPS
needless to say the game experience was fantastic and smooth all around
fortnight is again another well optimized game unlike its brother pub G
all game settings were well over 60 fps especially playing at high settings the
interesting thing here is that the overclock had a downgrade in performance
from the stock turbo profile some games don’t perform better with overclocked
while most do some don’t and this is an example of that playing at Ultra
settings had occasional dips to the 50s and high 40s but it was still very
smooth gaming experience lastly we have the infamous pub G surprising this car
can play 1080p at the high end settings relatively smoothly now PO G has gone
through some recent optimizations of whatnot but it’s still a relatively
challenging title to play smoothly the 1% and boy 1% low speak on that behalf
at high settings it’s pretty smooth averaging just above 60fps with the
occasional dip down to 49 frames but what this game is famously known for is
those dropped frames which is shown at the 0.1% low of 25 fps now
it is for the most part a pretty smooth experience even when it’s dipping down
to 49 frames led to offhand 25 FPS dip is still present during gameplay and is
pretty noticeable surprisingly the ultra setting fared a bit better in terms of
difference between average 1% and point 1 percent low and the overclock
definitely brought up some of those frames not by a huge margin but
noticeable I recommend playing at high settings for 1080p resolution but you
can definitely get away with ultra settings if that’s your preference
overall the gaming experience at 1080p is impressive and the card is great for
almost any title at 1080p with an average frame rate over 60 now let’s
move over onto synthetics thermal and noise performance first we have fire
strike I don’t have time spy because it would crash on the second graphic stats
completely avoiding my results so for fire strike we saw a graphics core of
8020 the stock turbo profile and a score of 8685
in the OC setting that’s a pretty decent boost in performance super position is
next with the following results at the stock turbo setting I got a score of
three thousand eight hundred eighty two average FPS at twenty nine and a max
temp is sixty degrees Celsius with the overclock it scored four thousand one
hundred and sixty nine which is a decent jump from three thousand eight hundred
eighty two average FPS was slightly better at thirty one point six FPS which
really isn’t much and the max temperature was sixty-four C lastly we
have fir mark I only have the stock turbo profile on the graph since for
mark kept crashing with the overclock but other applications and games ran
fine with the overclock nevertheless a stock turbo setting that provides a good
benchmark for the card at the stock fan curve the temperature plateaued at 68 C
which is pretty cool for this GPU melting application the total system
noise reach was forty one point eight decibels which is very very silent at 60
percent fan speed there was only a marginal difference in noise and
temperature but at 80 percent fans mean there was a more noticeable difference
45 decibels is still relatively quiet and kept the card cool for running
around 1600 to 1700 megahertz overall the cooler does very well
the 1050 Ti is a cool card to begin with but the cooler in this case is still
adequate and quiet with no coil whine or significant humming or buzzing it’s also
worth noting that during gameplay the card only reached around 62 C at a stock
fan curve while overclocked so both in a synthetic and a real world scenario this
cooler does its job well now let’s take a look at the VR M for anyone who is new
to the term vr m it me voltage regulator module which basically
controls the power going to the GPU cards with good components on the vrm
will tend to have better and more stable overclocking along with their longer
lifespan for a gtx 750ti you don’t need a beefy vrm to overclock it here we have
a 3-phase video ram phases are made of several components but essentially the
more phases you have on the vrm the better overclocking you will have phases
basically filter the power going to the GPU the more filtration the cleaner and
better the power delivery will be since this is a 1050 GI you won’t need a bunch
of phases gtx 1080p is typically have eight to ten phases even though there is
no true ten face design you can count phases by counting the
number of chokes which are those large squares phases are typically comprised
with a choke capacitor and a mosfet you can usually go off just counting the
number of chokes the MOSFETs are sm4 377 which are rated at 50 volts and 30 amps
and operate up to 150 degrees Celsius sm4 377 MOSFETs are typically considered
good quality and are found on higher-end GPUs the capacitors are FP 7/8 u b8 2 1
2 s which I couldn’t find anything in specific on them but they are a type of
capacitor labeled by FP FP capacitors are made by an itchy con they rated for
2000 hours of use from minus 55 to 100 degrees Celsius and from what I can tell
the vrm is made with good quality parts and should last you a long time even
with a high overclock profile looking at the cooler there’s two copper heat pipes
that run through the nickel-plated block and make contact to the die surface on
the GPU the die is that central square in the middle of the card the heatsink
is adequate for this cooler as proven with the thermal testing results at 1050
Ti is not a hot card to begin with but this cooler does a job and does it
quietly with the dual 90 millimeter fans on the shroud in conclusion this is a
solid competitor in terms of quality and performance in the 1050 Ti bracket GPU
prices are still crazy at the time of making this and this card is going for
around 280 dollars which is way too much normally it’s around 180 typically this
card is a little above MSRP compared to the other brands or at least from what I
have noticed and this may be due to the fact that the company’s consumer base is
primarily based in the eastern market aside from that this is a card that you
can depend on and is made with good quality parts from the outside and
internally it’s cool it’s quiet you can overclock it it has a turbo button for
the core clock it looks good without being overly
aggressive and a game as well for 1080p gaming for 60fps and above that in most
titles or Chinese card I have no bias but this card competes and his quality
how did the other cards in their lineup fare I don’t know I haven’t tested them
out but I would feel inclined to purchase one since I had a very good
experience with this card and sometimes I do notice that Chinese cards are more
available than your typical AIB partners like MSI gigabyte and so on but you have
to find them on Chinese based marketplaces like gearbest
thank you to gearbest for sending this card out it was a pleasure to benchmark
and test its value hope some of you find peace in this crazy PC market and maybe
this car can be of some service to that thank you all for watching I hope you
have found the review helpful especially the DRM part if you guys want me to go
more in depth about vrm analysis and what they actually mean let me know if
you enjoyed the video consider checking out the rest of the channel and
subscribing to see more videos like this one I’ll catch you in the next one


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    7:30 VRM & Cooler Analysis
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