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The ideal graphic design student is
going to be someone who is creative, interested in working collaboratively
and interested in working in projects that have potential that’s unlimited. I’ve
always been a fan of surf culture and skate and their graphics on t-shirts
and boards and posters. That’s kind of what brought me in. And then when I
started making my own shirts I started making a couple of bucks here
and there. I saw it as an opportunity to just keep on going. Our program really focuses on the
creative process, and I think that’s what makes us unique. We have a certificate program which
focuses just on developing skills in digital media, graphic design, motion
design, and is intended to move someone straight into industry. We have students
sometimes as young as 17 all the way up to students sometimes even with a PhD
that come back and decided to refocus their life. I feel the graphic arts
are very important because of the way we incorporate social media into our lives.
Whether your fashion designer, photographer, filmmaker, graphic artist or
fine artist you have to sell yourself to an audience. And being able to brand
yourself with a little bit of knowledge in graphic design can go a long way. If
you’re creatively minded we teach you how to get paid for doing the things you love
to do. That’s what I like about it.

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