Clean your Used Graphics Card! For Better Performance and Lower Temperatures!

July 31, 2019 posted by

alright so in this video I’ll be showing
you why it’s so important to clean your graphics card when buying used welcome
back to HardWirePC this is Pete so every time I buy a used graphics card I
always like to tear it down and pull it apart
now the reason why I do this is you don’t know what it’s been through
throughout the years especially something that over five years old like
this 6970 that I’ve just picked up now being a blower style caller you don’t
know how much dust has accumulated inside the card so it can potentially
choke it and you don’t know the state of the thermal paste or the thermal pads
which can definitely be detrimental and can actually cause very very high
temperatures so what we’re going to do is get this card torn down cleaned up
we’ll get the thermal paste changed and if need be we’ll also change the thermal
pads that will have a look at them if they’re pretty bad we’ll get them
changed too so firstly before I do this I’m going to put it on my little test
bench there and we’re going to give it a test and see what the temperatures are and after running this card for about 10
minutes on therm arc I see the temperatures have risen to about 92
degrees so it is pretty hot I mean the 6970 is generally a hot card especially
on its reference cooler but it’s running a little bit too hot so let’s go ahead
and tear this card down and get it all cleaned up all right so I’ve just torn down the
graphics card and you can see that the thermal paste is completely dried out
and these memory thermal pads are toast
so we will need to replace them all so lets get to it then all right now that the cards all nice
and clean let’s give it a run again and see what temperature’s we get okay so I
ran this fur mark test for about 10 minutes
same as last one and it’s going pretty well I mean look at here it’s ranging 64
to 65 degrees now that that’s amazing compared to about 92 degrees where the
previous test talked out on so definitely if you had a look at the
thermal pads they were pretty bad and the thermal place was very very dry so
that’s the reason why this card was performing so hot and now that the
thermal pads and thermal paste has been changed the temperatures are quite
normal which is excellent so I can definitely do some overclocking in the
near future but I also do want to point out that the ambient temperatures are
eighteen point five degrees so it’s in the middle of winter here in Australia
so that’s the reason why the temperatures are probably that low
anyway guys if you have any questions on the teardown and the clean live down in
the comments below like and subscribe to my videos and I will see you in the next


4 Replies to “Clean your Used Graphics Card! For Better Performance and Lower Temperatures!”

  1. Malik Mohamed says:

    what's the spray that used to clean the PCB?

  2. TombRaiderz says:

    When playing the Sims 4, my gpu goes up to 70-80 on max graphics.

    My gpu is AMD Radeon r7 370.

    Also I have no idea where my gpu is or what's what. Do pc shops clean them for you?

  3. The-X says:

    please like and subscribe back my channel thank u

  4. Sandro The Necromancer says:

    Ty now I will look for someone to clean my card, it is literally the same one you just cleaned, I am not confident enough to try and clean it by myself

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